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What is ToxFlush Weight Loss Supplement?

Hi Guys,  So for today’s post I will be looking at a new product being sold on ClickBank.  It’s called ToxFlush and it’s a supplement very similar to 2 other products I’ve written about on this website before Leptitox and Leptoconnect.   But, What is ToxFlush Weight Loss Supplement? 

How does this compare to other products?  Is this just another typical ClickBank product, and is this product worth $67 a bottle, or not?  These will be some of the things I will be looking at today for this review. Basically, if Tox Flush is everything it’s owners say it is, and if it is worthwhile solution for losing unwanted fat.

Off the bat.  I hope I haven’t put you off already.  In hindsight, it isn’t that I already think this is another scam.  I don’t think any of the products I’ve reviewed here are.  Even the 2 Tinnitus Supplements I reviewed and Keto T-911 (those are some I really don’t recommend!). 

I say this because like any product on the market right now.  What might not work for one person may work for someone else.   

This one I actually like the sound of but it’s in the vein of some others I think like Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic (I think).  Sounds promising but  – I’ve not found the reviews – basically.  That already I’d say is the biggest con.

>>Read About Another Product with Trusted Positive Reviews HERE!<<

Or to find out more about the ToxFlush Detox Formula – keep on reading!

So, What is ToxFlush Weight Loss Supplement?

>> Visit the Tox Flush website HERE!<<

What Is ToxFlush Weight Loss Supplement

Table of Contents

  1. What is Tox Flush?
  2. 4 Ways to Target Fat Loss
    i.)  Blocking Fat Absorption
    ii.)  Shed Excess Water Weight
    iii.)  Balancing Out Ph Levels
    iv.)  Leptin Resistance
  3. Ingredients inside ToxFlush
    i.)  Graviola Leaf
    ii.)  Green Tea Extract
    iii.)  Red Raspberry Fruit
    iv.)  Beta Glucan
    v.)  Turmeric Rhizome
    vi.)  Pine Bark Extract
    vii.)  Essiac Tea Complex
    viii.)  Asian Mushroom Complex
    ix.)  Quercetin Dihydrate
    x.)  Olive Leaf
    xi.)  Panax Ginseng
    xii.)  Lycopene
  4. ToxFlush Pros and Cons
    i.)  Pros
    ii.)  Cons
  5. Tox Flush Q & A
    i.)  Who Is Tox Flush For?
    iii.)  Who Tox Flush is Not For?
    iii.)  Proof That Tox Flush Works
    iv.) How to Take Tox Flush
    v.)  Where To Buy Tox Flush
  6. Final Thoughts
  7. Your Feedback

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what is toxflush weight loss

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What is ToxFlush Weight Loss Supplement?  Review 2021

what is tox flush weight loss

1# – What is ToxFlush Weight Loss?

is a relatively new product.  Released in late 2020.  Its creator/owner is a guy called Matt Gregory who developed the recipe for ToxFlush to help his overweight wife lose weight. 

I know – NOT AGAIN lol!!!  Sorry!  Same old story. 
It makes you wonder if any of these supplements background stories have any merit at all ????

I would say they DON’T but I will say the same thing I say in every product review.  

When there is one of these sob stories attached – take it with a pinch of salt.  They could all be lies but it doesn’t mean the product does not work.  It is a simple marketing strategy that a lot of companies do.  

Any website that says a product is a scam because of one of these videos is probably trying to get you to buy something else.

matt gregory tox flush

Now, some of the claims made by Matt Gregory could actually be true are interesting…  These are;  

1#)  Taking ToxFlush CAN help shed 3lbs every 7 days (I suppose it’s possible).  

2#)  ToxFlush is made to target 4 different areas to help lose weight. (the interesting part!)  

3#)  To make ToxFlush work all you need to do is a ‘5 second, before breakfast, ritual’.  (hmm?…)

So I’m pretty sure this is the same with Leptitox.  They also have their own ‘5-second water hack’.  To be honest I would guess this is the same thing you do when taking any pills.  Drink a glass of water lol

Although it could be something else.  Maybe a mantra.  Or standing on one leg with your eyes closed by the kitchen sink???? 

I guess it is just taking the supplement at a similar time every day with the same methods.  I’m still in the dark about this part.  If anyone would care to elaborate I am all ears.

Continuing on though…

2# – 4 Ways to Target Fat Loss

So, here is the interesting part.  The 4 ways to Target Fat Loss that make ToxFlush work supposedly are as follows…   

Through its special blend of nutrients here are the different mechanisms that apparently come into action when you take this supplement.

1.)  The first is by Blocking Fat Absorption.  Stopping the calories from what you eat being turned into stored fat.  This I believe is to do with the metabolism.  Many products claim to help speed up metabolism but according to ToxFlush its formula helps to eliminate inflammation, and correct your body’s natural pathways to weight loss by doing so.

2.)  This I haven’t seen any other products say much about but helping to shed excess water weight.  This is because taking ToxFlush has a kind of sponge-like effect on bloated cells.  By its ability to filter out certain toxins out of the body water weight is one of the things which will disappear.

3.)  This is very appealing on the face of it.  ToxFlush can help to drop fat in hard to lose areas.  Hands, legs, abdomen, ankle and around the feet.  This is done apparently by lowering the body’s acid levels and balancing out it’s Ph Levels.   Which are their words not mine “stubborn fat flushed away”.

4.)  Now, here is where this supplement compares to LeptoConnect and Leptitox.  Although I would say the only one it is similar to.  To me, I would say LeptoConnect because it has the same ingredients.  I think personally Leptitox is more of liver detox.  Anyway, ToxFlush apparently also targets Leptin resistance.  As it helps trigger appetite suppressant, fat-burning hormones through its different ingredients.

>> Watch the Sales VIDEO HERE – a lot of it is BS but it does explain the 4 mechanisms quite well<<

3# – Ingredients inside ToxFlush

tox flush ingredients

Inside the ToxFlush blend is 26 different ingredients.  All with different health benefits for the 4 different mechanisms of the ToxFlush supplement.   These include;

Graviola (Leaf), 

This tropical ingredient is used to flush out unfriendly microbes and parasites.  It is also helpful for boosting immune health and helps to boost metabolism.  Which then can help stop the accumulation of unwanted fat.

Green Tea (Leaf),

Let’s face it in this day and age there aren’t many health supplements without Green Tea extract.  This is because Green Tea is jam-packed full of antioxidants which help to relieve oxidative stress and lower inflammation.

Red Raspberry (Fruit), 

A rich source of anthocyanins.  Raspberries are another ingredient packed full of antioxidants.  The Leptin Resistance component of this supplement is one ingredient that is added to aid hormone regulation.  As a result, this helps to suppress appetite, boost metabolism and burning off unnecessary stored fat.


This is added because it helps by making the body feel more full.  One example of foods containing Beta Glucan is Porridge Oats.  This ingredient is rich in fibre and is found in many supplements exactly for this reason.

Turmeric (Rhizome Powder):

Turmeric and its main compound Curcumin if properly absorbed is a powerful anti-inflammatory.  This ingredient has been traditionally used in Ayurveda for centuries for this reason.  By reducing inflammation like Turmeric does can activate fat burning and lower blood sugar levels amongst many other things.

Pycnogenol (Pine Bark Extract):

Again Pycnogenol is another ingredient that helps control blood sugar.  It is used to treat kidney patients because it helps improve metabolic function.

Essiac Tea Complex (Indian Rhubarb, Burdock, Sheep Sorrel and Slippery Elm):

Essiac Tea is believed to aid in detoxing the liver, stimulating immunity, and even is said to kill cancer cells!  Studies have shown mixed results which have been done on mice.  Yet there is still much promise and many Native American Tribes will attest to exactly this.

Mushroom Complex (from Shitake, Reishi, and Maitake):

This Chinese blend of Mushrooms helps by repairing leptin receptors.  It has also been shown in studies to boost immune health, and prevent fat accumulation and weight gain.

Quercetin Dihydrate (Seeds):

Quercetin is a flavanol.  A type of molecule that works as an antioxidant.  In recent years it has become very popular.  It is believed to lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and to help fight obesity.

Olive Leaf:

Olive Leaf is rich in both oleuropeins and phenolics.  It is known to be effective for both improving blood pressure and reducing unhealthy LDL cholesterol. 

Panax Ginseng (Root):

This is often used in nootropics and brain health supplements.  It’s an addition to Tox Flush is likely because like I mentioned with the Chinese Mushroom Blend above it helps recover the leptin receptors.

Lycopene (10%):

Is a powerful detoxifier that targets toxins and removes them from the body.  These toxins I have mentioned before are EDC’s, BPA’s, heavy metals and several more.  These affect leptin resistance, cause oxidative stress, and disturb the correct regulation of hormones.  Detoxing from these toxins can make a massive difference. 

Please note: These are only some of the ingredients.  The others are as follows; Garlic, Vitamin C + E, Cat’s Claw, Grape Seed, Garlic Extract, Arabinogalactan, Pomegranate Seed Hulls, and Selenium.

4# – ToxFlush Pros and Cons

tox flush pros and cons

i.)  Pros 

  • All-Natural Supplement
  • Detoxes the body and flushes out toxins
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • FDA and GMP Approved

ii.)  Cons

  • May Not Work for Everyone
  • It Might Not Work Right Away
  • You May Need More Than One Bottle
  • Contains Soy and Made with Gelatin Capsules

5# – Tox Flush Questions and Answers

i.)  Who Is Tox Flush For?

Anybody looking to lose weight that may feel a nutrient-rich detox may benefit from this supplement.  Tox Flush is designed to lower inflammation, boost metabolism, and activate dormant fat-burning molecules.

ii.)  Who Tox Flush is NOT for?

Tox Flush contains Soy and is made with Gelatin capsules.  Anyone that is allergic to Soy, Vegetarian or Vegan may want to give this product a miss as well  (See my recommendation for Vegan Friendly, Soy Free Weight Loss Supplement HERE<) Also, anyone under 18 years plus any pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should also NOT use ToxFlush!

iii.)  Is There Proof That Tox Flush Actually Works?

Whilst I have been unable to find proof that Tox Flush is effective.  For any of the things it says they are they do provide a list of scientific resources for each of their 26 ingredients.  Read the Full List HERE! 

iv.)  How To Take Tox Flush? (Directions for Use)

According to Tox Flush, the best way to take Tox Flush (the 5-second ritual) is to take 2 capsules each day before breakfast for 30 days per bottle.

v.)  How Much Does it Cost To Buy?

buy tox flush weight loss supplement

The regular price to buy Tox Flush is as follows;

1 Bottle:  $67 – 1 Month Supply
3 Bottles:  $171 – 3 Month Supply – $57 a Bottle!
6 Bottles:  $282 – 6 Months Supply – $47 a Bottle!  

>> Visit the Tox Flush Website HERE!<<

What Is ToxFlush Weight LossFinal Thoughts

What is ToxFlush Weight Loss?: I like the sound of ToxFlush I think it sounds very promising.  The same as with others I’ve recently reviewed ProVen, Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic and Meticore.  Although out of the 4 of these the only one with reliable reviews I found was Meticore.  Not saying this is better I don’t know but 

If you are in the market for a dietary supplement though I would only recommend Tox Flush if you are in a secure enough financial position to be able to afford it.  It is true that this company do offer a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee but if you need more than one bottle this may be a problem.  

If you do try and make an observation around 45 days to see if you think the supplement is working.

The other thing if you are overweight try and find out what you can about yourself before making one of these purchases.  Like do you have leptin resistance, do you have a slow metabolism?  Do you have trouble sleeping at night?  Are you often stressed out?  Do you have a low body core temperature?  Answering these questions may help you choose a better supplement for your condition.

Read More About this in my Recent Post:  10 Best Supplements for Weight Loss


Before I go.  Thanks for reading.  Whether you are a new reader here or a returning visitor.  If you have any questions or would like to leave feedback it would be great to hear from you.  Also, if you have tried Tox Flush before or anything similar please feel free to share your experiences below.  

Otherwise, if you have found this information helpful, or if you know someone that this might be able to help, please if you could share it with your friends and contacts on Social Media. 

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Many thanks

Stay Dynamic x 

Because you are worth it!

Alex B. Chivers

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4 thoughts on “What is ToxFlush Weight Loss Supplement?”

  1. Hey Alex. Another interesting post. I tried to loose weigh more then once trying different supplements and to be fair results were not stunning. ToxFlush seems interesting option with natural ingredients which shouldn’t affect health. Yet, lack of independent reviews and tests is quite concerning, and taking under consideration high price I wouldn’t buy it know. I will wait for some users opinions and if feedback will be positive then I will try and for now I will go with more tested supplements.

  2. Thanks for bringing this product to our attention.

    If my husband or wife spent days in the kitchen grinding and mixing and then asked me to take it, I’d tell them to take a run and jump.  And how on earth would anyone mix 26 different ingredients!  So I don’t buy the story lol.

    Surely if you put 26 different products together there would be so little of each that they wouldn’t be very effective!

    Hopefully they work for some people, as I would hate for people who are desperate to loose weight to spend their money on an ineffective product.  But if it has been brought to the market then it must have passed tests and I am just being pessimistic!

    I suppose the only people who will know for sure is those who have used them.

    • Hi Geoff,  Yes that is a good point.  How do so many ingredients work together?  Honestly,  I would say I agree with you but I’ve seen this with a few products now.  Even one’s with good reviews.  I think from what I learned about this product it is more like 4 groups of ingredients that each work together in their own way.  I will have to try and give this some thought for my next update I think.  Thanks anyway for commenting.  Kind regards;  Alex


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