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Dream Optimizer By Bioptimizers and Nootopia Review (2023)

Nootopia Dream Optimizer review 2023

Too Much Melatonin May Be Bad For You!  This is the claim from Dream Optimizer By Bioptimizers and Nootopia.   According to their sales page, this new sleep support supplement is the ultimate sleep hack and the best alternative you will likely find for melatonin supplements.  Plus what’s more this new product has been specifically designed to … Read more

Nootopia Nootropics Review (2023) – How Do These Compare…?

Bioptimizers Nootopia Nootropics review all products

Nootropics, also known as “smart drugs,” are a class of supplements, drugs, and other substances that are claimed to enhance cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals.  These substances have become increasingly popular as a way to boost productivity and improve brain function, but are they safe and effective?  In … Read more

Magnesium Breakthrough Review – How Is This Better Than The Rest?

Bioptimizers Magnesium breakthrough review 2023 my own personal experience

So recently, you may have read another blog post of mine, which was a review for the Blood Pressure Optimizer Supplement by HFL Solutions [Read It Here].  In this post, I wrote about a recent experience I had of being taken to the hospital because of my high blood pressure. It was a kind of … Read more

Bioptimizers Herbal Parasite Guardian Review – What Does This Do?

A healthy gut is essential to feeling energized, balanced, and strong.  Studies have even shown links between a healthy microbiome and improved mental health.  So it’s no surprise that probiotic supplements are becoming an increasingly popular way of maintaining our gut health. But what if there were additional ways of supporting digestion?…  Well, Enter Herbal … Read more

Bioptimizers Nootopia Collagenius Review – What Is The Big Deal?

bioptimizers Nootopia Collagenius Review

When we hear of Collagen we may think of it as a treatment for skincare or even hair loss.  However, what might not be so clear is that Collagen is an essential protein needed for both the Brain and Central Nervous System (CNS) to function correctly.   For this Bioptimizers Nootopia Collagenius claims to be a … Read more

Is Gluten Guardian The Best Gluten Digestion Aid?

DPP-IV Digestive Enzymes Supplement

Do you suffer from Gluten Sensitivity or even Gluten Intolerance? Is your condition putting a dampener on your social life? Do you feel restricted by what you can and can’t eat? and if you do – have you heard of Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian before? So, Gluten Intolerance is unfortunately a very common condition which means … Read more

CBD Essence Review – Is This The Best CBD Oil in the USA?

cbd essence review is this the best cbd oil in the usa

What is the Best CBD Oil in the USA for 2022?   Just in case you’re wondering.  If you have looked online you might find yourself feeling a bit confused with so many CBD brands out there to choose from.  This is a huge industry that will only continue to grow bigger and anyone that has … Read more

CALM PREMIUM CBD OIL Review (2023) – How Does This Compare?

touchstone essentials calm premium cbd oil review

Are you looking for the Best Premium CBD Oil to buy?  Something that really lives up to the hype.  Well then CBD is firmly believed to work as a treatment for many health conditions.  The Cannabis plant as a whole is the subject of a lot of claims but CALM PREMIUM CBD OIL by Touchstone … Read more

Consticleanse Is Now Herbal Power Flush – What Has Changed?

bioptimizers herbal power flush review 2022

Do you suffer from constipation on a regular basis?  It is very embarrassing to talk about – I know but seriously…  if you do what have you tried?  As much as this is something that people would like to keep private – having to strain like you are trying to give birth several times a … Read more

BiOptimizers P3-OM Probiotics – Are These Good For Gut Health?

Bioptimizers P3-OM Proteolytic Probiotics Review 2022

Have you heard of Bioptimizers P3-OM Probiotics Yet?  If you haven’t then this might be something you’d like to read about.  Especially if you struggle with Gut Health problems or any kind of Digestive Discomfort.  There are many different products currently on the market that claim to help improve your Gut Bacteria but this one … Read more

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