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10 Supplements That Help Weight Loss for 2021

Hello All,  Are you looking to find Supplements That Help Weight Loss?  I know you may hear things like do they work?  Don’t they work?  Are they a scam?  There are a lot of review sites that will say totally opposing things.  One will give a product 5 stars and say it’s the best thing since sliced bread.  Whilst another will call a product a SCAM! in big red letters.

This is a simple marketing technique.  You either try to persuade someone that something is really good, or you say it is really bad and recommend something else.  I have tried both techniques myself in the past year.  HONEST truth but for me now I would rather not do this anymore.  Is no way to build an audience.  To me, my concept is now to try and base my reviews on actual reviews.

There are 4 things I typically look for.

a.)  If they are on TrustPilot and BBB.org
b.)  if they have a certain number of reviews on Amazon or even eBay
c.)  If they have a lot of reviews on their website.  Typically over 250.
d.)  If they have a Facebook Page

The more the better and I like to see both positive and negative.

Anyway, so bearing these factors in mind.  I can only surmise that if people are leaving positive reviews and are coming back to buy the product again then there must be supplements that help weight loss.

I have written about quite a lot of products now on this website.  From this data, I have identified 10 different types of supplements that I think might be able to help.  For each, I will also recommend a product;

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10 Supplements That Help Weight Loss for 2021

FTC Disclosure

1# – Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements

I have done I think 3 previous posts now about Apple Cider Vinegar.  What I have learned about it is that it’s quite bitter to drink, and it also stains the teeth.  Although you can buy both capsules and gummies.  Which solve both problems.

The health benefits are it lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.   It’s good for the heart, the skin and that it’s good for weight loss.

How it works for weight loss if you’re wondering is because inside it contains acetic acid.  A compound that has been shown in studies to make the liver and muscles absorb extra sugar.  This in essence is what it does, and in supplement form, it is certainly something to consider.  Just if have preexisting conditions be sure to speak to a GP first.

2# – Probiotics for Weight Loss

Next on the list.  I have added is Probiotics.  I’ve written a few posts on this topic now.  Most notably my review for Bioptimizers P3OM probiotics and Anxiety and Gut Health:  How Probiotics may be the answer.  So, for weight loss, there is a couple of reasons that supplementing the right probiotics product might help.

The first is if you have a lot of bad gut bacteria.  By replacing this with good gut bacteria you may find your digestive system works better as regaining better body function.

Another thing is that Probiotics may help to lower cortisol levels.  Healthy gut, healthy mind, and lower levels of this hormone which causes stress can help other important hormones do their job much better.  Including appetite control, blood sugar regulation, and melatonin release to help with sleep.

3# – Stress and Cortisol Relief Supplements 

Now, I know I’m kind of retreading the same ground here.  I just thought I would write a bit about these supplements here as they are more tailored to stress relief.  The main 2 supplements I’ve reviewed here so far are Cognibiotics and HFL’s Stress and Cortisol Relief Formula by Dr Sam Robbins.  Both are brands I can trust but if you are curious.

These are in essence Probiotics with Nootropic ingredients.  Designed to both improve gut health and brain function.  In the last section above I explained how these could help with weight loss.  Just to elaborate on this a bit more.  Cortisol is one of the main stress hormones.  Others include glucagon, adrenaline and GH (growth hormone).

These are what are know as counterproductive hormones.  They are required.  Even cortisol the body needs.  However correct regulation of these hormones is still a good thing.  Balancing out cortisol levels with other hormones is essential.  This is what can help lose weight because too much cortisol can affect the levels of other hormones such as leptin, ghrelin, insulin and melatonin.

4# – Deep Sleep and HGH Support Supplements

This is a very interesting concept to me.  What happens during sleep, and I’m not just on about dreams.  Those are fascinating to me as well but no what I mean is the body’s restoration process.  It’s funny because people do actually say “Get some rest”.  I never thought this before but ‘rest’ is short for restoration.

It is not very difficult to grasp this concept at all in my view.  How the body repairs itself whilst we are asleep.  We all know (I would assume) that when we don’t get the right kind of sleep we suffer because of it.

So, taking these supplements I think can help.  If you don’t sleep well then this can definitely cause you to put on weight because of things like your metabolism, blood sugar levels, and body core temperature.  These are things that might need kickstarting back into gear.  So, if you think there is a link here this is definitely something to try.

My recommendation is HFL’s Deep Sleep Formula by Dr Sam Robbins.   Another product is Resurge.  You can try this as well but the only thing I will say is this company doesn’t have the same reputation as HFL.  People have complained about late deliveries for one and poor customer support.  You can make your own mind up but for me, HFL is the better option.

5# – Raspberry Ketones

Not be confused with Exogenous Ketones which I have not included on this list because well.  I don’t really like the idea of recommending these for weight loss.  Too much negative hype.  Raspberry Ketones though are not the same.  These are the ketones found inside Raspberries.  Plus within these supplements, you also get a few other ingredients as well.

Such as Apple Cider Vinegar, African Mango, Grapeseed and Green Tea Extract.  I have only reviewed one of these products before but taking a look around on Amazon.  There is a couple of products that have sold well with good ratings.  Not the product I reviewed though that only has just a handful of reviews outside its own website.   Although an interesting product no doubts and quite affordable compared to some other products.

Read My Review Here:  Raspberry Ketone Plus Review 2021

6# – Flat Belly Tea Detox

Here is an interesting one.  So, when I first started with this website I reviewed a diet plan and exercise guide called the 21-Day Flat Belly Fix.  It, I’m still kind of on the fence about but after learning a bit more.  Especially about their flat belly tea.  I came across an interesting idea about the relationship between Turmeric, it’s most active component Curcumin, and Piperine.  An extract from Black Pepper.

So apparently, piperine or capsaicin which is found in Cayenne Peppers can help increase Curcumin Absorption.  This is apparently what makes supplements such as these ones so effective for weight loss.

Why this is though?  Curcumin is the key!  Once this ingredient is actually absorbed effectively it works by reducing inflammation.  Lowering blood sugar and LDL cholesterol.  Plus it’s packed full of antioxidants that help detox the body of free radicals and repair oxidative stress.

7# – Green Coffee Extract

Made from pure green coffee bean extract this type of supplement is one that has gained a lot of attention from health personalities on tv.  It’s a new one to me if I’m being honest but reading the reviews and some are quite impressive.

The way green coffee extract works for weight loss is to do with an ingredient inside called GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant).  Also known as chlorogenic acid.  It’s this which apparently helps to fight off oxidation and free radicals.  Both known causes of insulin sensitivity and leptin resistance.

8# – Garcinia Cambogia

This South-East Asian Pumpkin shaped fruit extract is one of the most discussed health supplements.  Its 2 main components are HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) and the trace mineral Chromium.

This interesting combination works in a few ways.  It is key to the effective biosynthesis of fatty acids.  Plus also the other thing is that Chromium helps boost metabolism and helps lower blood sugar.

9# – Leptin Resistance Detox Formula

There are quite a few of these products out there.  They claim to work by giving the consumer better control of their appetite.  Although, it can be very confusing seeing many ingredients that are different in different supplements.

For example Leptitox one of the first products I reviewed on this website includes things like milk thistle, dandelion leaves and burdock root.  This is typical for a liver detox supplement.  Whilst Leptoconnect once of its main competitors instead uses a blend of African Mushrooms, Saw Palmetto and Cat’s Claw.

These 2 as well as quite a few others offer a different solution for apparently the same problem.  It doesn’t really help someone that is specifically looking to curb their appetite because if they are all that different then how do they all do the same thing?

Honestly, Leptitox even though it’s sold on Clickbank is the only one I really trust in this respect.  It has its opponents but I think for its 22 different ingredients and Liver detox aspect it is maybe worth a look at.

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10# – Anthocyanins Formula

This I have seen in quite a few products.  Different ingredients that are rich in Anthocyanins.  For instance, Red Raspberries, Bilberry and Blueberries are both a source.  Any type of berries you can typically think of.  Blackcurrants, Blackberries, Cherries, Elderberries, grape seed and Strawberries are others.

So far I have only seen one product – The Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic – with all these ingredients inside.  Others I see are bilberry extract and blueberry extract but only OFBT has all these ingredients together.

The weight-loss benefits of anthocyanins have been studied extensively.  The reason they are believed to be so effective is because of their powerful antioxidant properties and how well they can target oxidative stress.  Which is a known cause of disturbance to hormone regulation and metabolic function.

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What Is a Supplement?

OK, so before I bring this article to a close I would just like to say that I am not a qualified doctor or nutritionist.  I will leave a disclaimer at the end of this article.  However, I do have a good degree of knowledge that I’ve picked up over the last couple of years.  Supplements I think are exactly what they say they are.  The word supplement in the dictionary means ‘Add’.

So in my mind, a supplement is something you add that isn’t already there.  I would also say buying a supplement, any kind, even if it doesn’t end up working is a commitment by you.  That in itself is a step in the right direction if you are looking to say lose weight.

Choosing the Right Supplement

If this is the reason though you should consider the root cause of the problem is.  Like one good example.  Do you have uncontrollable food cravings?  Like you actually feel hungry even at times when you shouldn’t be.  Well, that would possibly indicate Leptin Resistance.  So then maybe that is the type of Supplement for you.

Or do you have trouble sleeping as well as being overweight?  This could maybe help you with one of these types of supplements.  My advice here would actually be to look up magnesium deficiency.  If you also have other health problems such as heart palpitations and fatigue this could be why.

High levels of stress as well.  This can affect your weight.  As can digestive issues, your metabolism, blood sugar levels, your body’s core temperature.  It can even be because of your body type; Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph etc.

My advice would be to carefully observe what you eat, the time you sleep and how well, your stress levels and how you feel.  Speak to a GP if you feel this is helpful then choose the right supplement based on this.

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