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Do you suffer from Gluten Sensitivity or even Gluten Intolerance? Is your condition putting a dampener on your social life? Do you feel restricted by what you can and can’t eat? and if you do – have you heard of Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian before?

So, Gluten Intolerance is unfortunately a very common condition which means that the likes of Bread, Beer and Pasta are all off the menu. Luxuries such as dinner and drinks with friends are just not the simple worry-free affairs that they really should be.

However, taking Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian (a supplement that contains DPP-IV Enzymes – specially made for digesting gluten proteins) could be the break that you have been looking for.

As Gluten Guardian is a mixture of enzymes that not only include DPP4 but also several other enzymatic ingredients. These include 4 kinds of Protease for Protein Digestion and 3 kinds of Amylase for Carb Digestion. Plus AstraZyme is another kind of protease that helps to absorb more nutrients.

All-round Gluten Guardian is a supplement for anyone that has issues with coming into contact with gluten.  For anybody that might face those unavoidable situations where the food they eat poses this kind of issue. Even for those that actually WANT a beer, a slice of pizza or a few pieces of bread – this could be the thing that changes everything. The key to safely being able to consume gluten foods.

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DPP-IV Enzymes Supplement

Is This The Best Gluten Digestion Aid For 2022 – Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian Review…

Product name: BiOptimizers Gluten Guardian.
Made By: Bioptimizers
Owner: Wade Lightheart + Matt Gallant
Official Website:    https://bioptimizers.co.uk/gluten-guardian
Short Pros: Potentially this can be a life-changing treatment.
Short Cons: Gluten Guardian is not always available in stock.

Price Rating:  3/5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐
Quality Rating: 4.5/5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Trust Rating:  5/5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Summary:  Gluten Guardian is a Gluten Digestive Enzymes Supplement that contains the DPP-IV Enzyme.  This formula is designed for extra protection when coming into contact with gluten.

Note: Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV (DPP4) or (CD26) is said to be the only enzyme capable of breaking down Gluten.  Hence why this is added as one of GG’s main ingredients.

What’s more Gluten Guardian contains a further seven plant-based proteolytic enzymes including four that break down starches and sugars (carbohydrates).  

Find out more in the video below ⏬

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DPP-IV Enzyme Supplements

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Now let’s begin, shall we?

1# – Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian: DPP-IV Enzymes Supplement Overview

what the meaning of gluten

I.)  Gluten is Everywhere!!!

For many people whether we choose to consume it or not Gluten is everywhere we look.  It is found naturally within grains such as wheat, barley, and rye, and can be found in many common grain-rich foods such as bread, beer, bakery items and pasta.

At a molecular level, it is found as a group of proteins called glutamates.  These naturally help these foods to maintain their shape.

Although, the problem with gluten is that it DOES NOT digest like other proteins and carbs. It is much more difficult and it is these undigested leftovers from gluten that can lead to further issues. Such as those related to the immune system.

So many people actually suffer from gluten sensitivity. Definitely, some of us suffer a lot worse than others.  Just take auto-immune diseases such as Celiac and Lupus for instance – these can be quite dangerous, and even lethal.  But even for those of us that don’t have these rare diseases gluten can still have a negative effect on our health just by its very nature.

Exactly why there is such a big market for gluten-free foods. As Gluten can make people very ill – even without conditions such as Coeliac. Gluten is everywhere and even for those of us trying our best to avoid it, this can often be a very difficult task.

Places like restaurants and dining establishments that DO NOT separate gluten foods from non-gluten are one good example of this. But even factory-packaged food and even food that is labelled as gluten-free can sometimes get cross-contaminated.  

All it takes is one breadcrumb… or even a bit of flour to fall into the wrong place.  It really can be this unavoidable and this is exactly why Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian may be able to help.

ii.)  So, What Does Gluten Guardian Do?

Gluten Guardian works by breaking down Gluten proteins into amino acids.  This works by using gluten digesting DPP-IV enzymes alongside enzymes such as protease and amylase for digesting any rogue carbs or proteins trapped inside the gut.

From here these will then be released as amino acids and energy which can then be beneficial for a number of other things including weight loss and building muscle.

Plus not only this but Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian also contains Astrazyme – a patented enzyme to help increase nutrient absorption. Something that will help boost energy levels and all-around wellness.

So, you should find that taking this supplement can definitely really make a difference. Just looking at the reviews you should see this and what’s more Gluten Guardian has several other good things about it. It’s vegan friendly, obv. gluten-free, soy-free, GMO-Free, and comes with a full-year money-back guarantee.

But of course, still, you might wonder…

2# – What are DPP-IV Enzymes?

If you have never heard of DPP-IV or dipeptidyl peptidase IV – which is its full name – this is a form of Protease that works especially well for breaking down gluten and casein proteins.

These are enzymes that are extremely effective even in the acidic environment of the stomach.

For those that lack sufficient DPP-IV activity the most common issue is gluten indigestion. This can lead to a whole plethora of different gut health issues – with GI Inflammation possibly being the worst.

So Gluten proteins can only be described like that of a baseball – a ball of yarn with a tight leather casing.

Enzymes like DPP4 are essential to help break down this casing that surrounds these gluten proteins.

In fact, even the yarn-like substance inside Gluten proteins can be difficult to digest and this is another benefit of Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian. Being able to break down all the layers of gluten proteins.

…And speaking of Casein

– no pun intended – this is another quite troublesome protein that is found within milk and other dairy products that can be very difficult to digest. Many that DO NOT have Gluten Sensitivity can instead suffer here Instead with Casein sensitivity – although fortunately, Gluten Guardian can help with this as well.

It really is a remarkable formula and definitely a very worthwhile investment for a healthier gut environment. If you know – you know – health issues caused by gluten and casein or no laughing matter.

This I will explore in a bit more detail below ⏬

Why Is Gluten So Dangerous?

Undigested Gluten is basically toxic waste. As this sits inside your gut after everything else has managed to pass. Bloating, Gas and Constipation are definitely symptoms. GI Inflammation is usually the biggest problem but further to this a spike in zonulin levels can cause a leaky gut (intestinal permeability).

This can then itself lead to autoimmune disorders such as Coeliac and Lupus. And even to a lesser degree, a weakened immune system can make it a lot easier to catch viruses and other illnesses – Which is the scary part as Immunodeficiency is said to be the third leading cause of death in the world.

So DPP4 enzymes are a possible solution to help prevent this. These are ubiquitous, membrane-bound enzymes that play roles in nutrition, metabolism, and even the immune and endocrine systems.

However, the body does not naturally produce DPP-IV in sufficient amounts so most people can use DPP-IV Enzyme Supplements such as Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian for extra protection.

What Else Is In Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian?

By no means is Gluten Guardian the only DPP-IV enzyme supplement on the market. However, for its special blend with other enzymes including Amylase (3 types), and AstraZyme it does seem to be one of the best products out there.

Although, for anybody, interested in other DPP4 gluten products see the following list.

Natures Best Digestizyme® – Natural Supporthttps://www.naturesbest.co.uk/digestive-aids-fibre/digestizyme/
Enzymedica Gluten Ease with DPP-IV Activityhttps://amzn.to/3czjquN
Gluten Relief Premium Digestive FormulaN/A
Kirkman Enzym-Complete/DPP-IV II, with Isogesthttps://amzn.to/3v6FaEG

There are definitely others as you can see but let’s not get it twisted here. There are no other supplements quite like Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian and I will share the full list of ingredients below;

3# – What’s Inside: Gluten Guardian: DPP-IV Enzymes Supplement Ingredients

DPP-IV enzyme supplement

Above is a glimpse of what is on the bottle of Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian. The full ingredients can be found enlarged in the next image. They include as mentioned already Peptidase DPP-IV, AstraZyme, 4 other types of Protease, 3 kinds of Amylase for carb digestion, and a blend of Trace Minerals.

Gluten Guardian DPP-IV Enzymes Supplement Ingredients label

*Note Vegetarian capsules are made from vegetable cellulose, rice extract and water. These are non-GMO, non-soy, and non-dairy. It says as much in the images above but anyhow…

What Are The Health Benefits of Gluten Guardian

To begin to understand the health benefits of a product such as Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian then it’s important to understand what the actual dangers of gluten are.

Dr Alessio Fasano of Harvard says that;

“No one can fully digest gluten. This makes it toxic to everyone. And sadly, gluten is everywhere—hidden in many normal ingredients, spices, and contaminated restaurant foods. It’s unavoidable”.

Worse still Gluten has been linked to a wide array of auto-immune diseases including Celiac, Lupus, Alzheimer s, and Type-1 Diabetes. Plus many other related health conditions which collectively are said to be the 3rd biggest cause of deaths worldwide, behind only Cancer and Heart Disease.

Further studies show how the consumption of wheat and other gluten-rich grains is responsible for chronic inflammation and increased intestinal permeability. Which initiates a pro-inflammatory immune response.

The health benefits of remedying these problems are clear to see.

Not only has Gluten been linked with over 55 different diseases but by tackling Intestinal permeability, also known as ‘leaky gut, and the release of the hormone zonulin you are essentially preventing further issues that can affect the whole body.

So as a means of prevention Gluten Guardian by Bioptimizers really is a special kind of product.

You can see some of the many benefits of taking this supplement in the infographic below;

does gluten cause leaky gut

So as you can see, helping the body to digest gluten more efficiently can help prevent many health problems. Brain health, joint health, skin health, thyroid function, adrenal function, digestive health and brain health can all be affected by Gluten – so helping to digest it better can be very beneficial.

Also, the other great thing is if you are somebody that already has to avoid gluten (or casein) by taking this supplement you may just find you can have a cheat day or even an extra safeguard against contamination.

Plus Gluten Guardian is specifically designed to take care of digestive health issues directly related to both casein and gluten and supports the absorption of foods from proteins into amino acids – Acting as a powerful relief from fatigue, post-meal gas, bloating, and indigestion.

5# – What Others Are Saying About Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian

So just looking at the Gluten Guardian webpage there aren’t any reviews here except for a few endorsements from the likes of Paul Chek and a few others below…

Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian Reviews

So all positive but I would say they are perhaps a bit biased just to make the sales copy look good. It would be a shame if these were the only reviews but fortunately, these are not.

There are a couple of places to find reviews for Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian.

So Trustpilot. You will have to go through them – as this is for Bioptimizers as a company, not for the individual product but you will see there is a rating of 4 out of 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐.  Out of just over 500 reviews. This will no doubt only continue to go up but at the time of writing this here is a screenshot.

trustpilot reviews bioptimizers

This is one good place to look I would say but also Amazon has their own reviews for this product.

As does the Bioptimizers website which you can check out along with the rest of Bioptimizer’s other products such as MassZymes and Magnesium Breakthrough [CHECK THEM OUT HERE].

6# – Gluten Guardian Pros and Cons

Gluten Guardian Pros and Cons





What I Like About Gluten Guardian

Personally, I have suffered from issues like IBS for years and it has always been quite apparent that eating pasta and drinking beer has triggered flare-ups. I am not quite sure where I stand on the gluten sensitivity scale but I have definitely looked into the likes of gluten-free bread etc. and thought about taking a break from gluten foods to see how it affects my health.

Although, it is easier said than done and this is certainly one thing I like about Gluten Guardian. As it offers a win-win situation where I can consume gluten foods without all the digestive issues. I am yet to try this before a night out on the beer but definitely eager to see what happens.

I often think the next day if it is the alcohol or gluten which makes me feel so ill so this will be a good experiment. It’s kind of abuse of this product I know but then saying that I think if it can help with this then the potential for others with more serious conditions is incredible.

Plus having a one-year money-back guarantee is definitely the icing on the cake. Although…

What I Don’t Like

There isn’t really much I can fault about Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian. It’s unique, has good reviews and has a very generous return policy but I guess the price is not something everyone will be able to afford. That is one thing but I do understand that this does reflect the quality of the product.

Then besides this, I think that maybe there could be a certain danger for people with serious conditions. Like I do worry about some people that might get a false sense of security from taking this. Even though at the same time I am very optimistic about what this product can actually do.

I mean it is down to the individual but I would say just be careful as I would assume that results vary.

7# – Other Things You Should Know FAQ

Now, for the average person just hearing about Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian I would guess there would be a few questions. These I will look to cover before I bring this review to a close;

Are gluten digestive enzymes effective?

Unfortunately, No Proof Exists That Digestive Enzymes Prevent Gluten Sensitivity

Digestive enzymes such as Gluten Guardian are formulated and marketed specifically to help people digest gluten more efficiently.

These products base their science on the concept that symptoms of gluten intolerance occur when the body fails to break down the gluten protein properly.

Which is all good. There certainly is a lot of potential here but considering it only takes a very small amount of gluten to cause an allergic reaction the real question is how much gluten can these products really manage to digest?

What digestive enzyme helps with gluten?

DPP-IV (Dipeptidyl peptidase-IV) is an enzyme well known for its ability to break down gluten proteins. Products such as Gluten Guardian that contain DPP4 may help reduce the onset of symptoms associated with gluten intolerance.

Can gluten digestive enzymes help celiac disease?

Digestive Enzymes cannot treat or cure Celiac Disease.

This is because, unlike gluten intolerance, Celiac Disease is a severe autoimmune disorder. You can try something like Gluten Guardian to prepare for situations where gluten foods may contaminate other foods against your wishes but really avoidance of gluten and gliadin are the best treatments for both of these conditions.

In the case of celiac disease, a gluten-free diet is non-negotiable.

Should celiacs take digestive enzymes?

Digestive enzymes are not intended as a treatment for celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Although, many may try these supplements as a means of relief from gluten ingestion whether intentional or not. This is not a bad thing as it may quite possibly help but in any case, for anybody on the gluten spectrum, this should be taken under the behest of a strict gluten-free diet.

How Many Capsules of Gluten Guardian Should You Take?

Each bottle of Gluten Guardian contains 90 capsules. This is intended to be a single months supply. So 3 Gluten Guardian capsules a day is the recommended dosage. One capsule before each meal with a glass of water.

Is Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian Safe?

So it is stated on the website that Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian is not safe for under 18’s or pregnant and nursing mothers. This is more of a precaution for the company than anything else but otherwise, I would say it is quite a safe thing to take.

Unless you are consuming gluten purposely with the idea that Gluten Guardian will make it OK. This might be the case for some people but those with severe gluten allergies should not ever have this notion.

Anyone that has been on the wrong side of consuming gluten should know this all too well. Definitely use your common sense and if in doubt speak to a doctor first.

What Are The Conditions of Gluten Guardians’ Refund Policy?

I think this is an important part of purchasing any health supplement – understanding the terms and conditions of their return policy. So the first thing to understand is the 365-day money-back guarantee only applies for orders of one bottle and only for your first order. Used bottles must also be returned for a refund to be processed.

As for bundles of more than one bottle or stacks that include other products the actual refund policy is 14 days from the date of purchase and all products must be still sealed and unopened. Also, you must contact the Bioptimizers Sales team.

How To Contact Bioptimizers?

You can contact Bioptimizers at Sales@Bioptimizers.com or .co.uk depending on where you have placed your order. Just be sure to keep your order details handy.

In Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Another BiOptimizers product review is finished and I definitely get a good feeling about what this company has to offer.  This kind of reminds me of the MassZymes protein digestive enzymes product.  Just a few tweaks to make this more geared towards those on the gluten intolerance spectrum.

If you look at both labels they don’t contain all the same ingredients but definitely the main ones.  The big difference I think is the DPP-IV and there being fewer ingredients in this one. 

I’m pretty sure this is for a good reason but anyway.

So I knew that gluten can be dangerous to people.  I think most people know this, but never did I realize just how toxic it could be and to what extent. 

So, I think a product like this if you have the money could be hugely beneficial. If it means that you can have more choices about what you can eat, and be healthier then surely it is worth every penny.

Whether this is the best product for Gluten Digestion or not though? – I would not be able to say. As I haven’t really looked at many others.  Although what the website claims is that Gluten Guardian is ‘The Most Powerful Gluten Fighter on the Planet’…

and just from the inclusion of AstraZyme alone, you can get;

  • 95% Complete protein digestion,
  • 41% Increase in absorption of peptides,
  • 31% Faster absorption of peptides, and
  • 60% Increase in absorption of amino acids. 

A lot of big claims but this is for people to try and find out.

Let me know your thoughts, questions, and feedback in the comments below;

Plus if you would like to share on Social Media please go ahead.  I would actually appreciate it if you can, and anybody you know that this article might be able to help please share a link with them.

I really hope this helps and

⏬ If you would like to give Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian a go ⏬

gluten guardian order

Also if you are interested in some of my other Bioptimizers Reviews check out my links below;

And just on a final note if you have read this far thanks for your time and I hope to you all again soon.

#StayDynamic because you’re worth it ♥

Alex B. Chivers


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  1. Gluten Guardian seems perfect for me. I had a colon resection, and one thing my body can’t do anymore is break down gluten. Which means constipation plays a very large role in my life. Since my colon is shorter, there is less travel time. So things which contain gluten get stuck. Thanks for the review, I will be purchasing it right away. 

    • Excellent.  I am glad to help.  Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.  Best regards;  Alex

  2. Thank you for this article! The review is concise and well-detailed. You even included all the benefits, compositions, the supplemental values of the product, clinical studies, other reviews and why gluten is dangerous. This article made me very interested in the product and other similar products. If it means I can have more choices on what I eat, and still be healthier, this is certainly an appealing option.

  3. This looks like a great option for anyone who may be trying to avoid gluten in an almost unavoidable world of it. Not only that, but it seems it can reduce the effects of gluten for those who knowingly and regularly eat it too. I hadn’t known that it was linked to so many different problems, so it was good to read this and become more aware. Thanks so much for providing this solution!

  4. Alex, nice review. My wife is gluten intolerant so the gluten guardian supplement is something to check out. I see that the supplements contain no fillers, GMO, preservatives etc which is good to know. My wife is always finding difficulty finding gluten free products and when she does they are often a lot more expensive than the gluten versions and not as tasty! So gluten guardian supplements could well be the way to go!

    • Hi James,  Yes I think so.  There seems to be a big difference between Gluten Guardian and other products on the market I think because it contains other enzymes to break down other proteins with such as AstraZyme and Amylase.  Also, there is a year warranty – if you try and find it isn’t for you then you can send the remaining caps back in the bottle for a refund.  As far as I can gather this is only voided if you buy more than one and you open more than one bottle.

  5. Thank you for this review, gluten guardian is a far better option than abstaining from it. Like you rightly mentioned, no matter how you consciously avoid gluten, their is a probability of coming in contact with it in some other diet or food intake. The best is having it broken down into amino acids by the gluten digestive enzymes contained in the gluten guardian.

    • Yes, for sure.  It is worth a try at least in my opinion.  Bioptimizers actually offer a 1 year money back guarantee,  They are very sure of themselves that all I can say.

  6. I don’t have a problem with gluten myself, but I know quite a few people with that do, so I think supplements like this are great. I read this review with interest and will recommend Gluten Guardian to a few of these people I know to see what they think. Thank you for the excellent presentation and all the comprehensive information, I will provide a link to this page to my friends who know English. It is best that they read the entire review by themselves and get first-hand information.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Thanks, Nina,  I appreciate you taking the time to read, and by all means please share with your friends.  This would be very helpful cheers.

  7. I have never heard of gluten guardian, so found this post to be very interesting and helpful. I have a friend who suffers from celiac, and she always has to be super careful when she goes to a restaurant, that she does not get any gluten in her meal. I will certainly be sharing this with her as I am sure she will find it very useful. 

    • Thank you Line,  Yes I believe this would be good to share with her.  I think even if you really don’t want to take the purposeful risk of consuming gluten this at least is a safeguard.  Plus the best thing about it is if it doesn’t work for the consumer the company Bioptimizers offers a whole year money-back guarantee.

  8. Amazon Stars




    Health Benefits


    Customer Service


    Product Information


    It’s always frustrating when one’s digestive system can’t tolerate a food that’s otherwise so nutritious and delicious. For those with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, dining out can be particularly challenging. Even trace amounts of gluten can cause symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, and fatigue.

    It doesn’t help either that there are a lot of products on the market that claim to help with digesting gluten, but not all of them work as well as they claim.

    That’s why I like this very detailed review on Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian, a product that actually works.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Ceci, Yes I know Gluten is such a weird one. I do wonder if there is something unnatural that goes into the cultivation of these crops or something but either way having a gluten sensitivity definitely sucks. I still eat gluten foods I seem to be fine with some of them like whole grain bread but white pasta can go straight through me and if I eat too soon before bed it really is hell waking back up. I would dare not think about how this would affect someone with celiac or lupus that only need a very small amount of gluten to have a severe reaction.

      As for the supplement I think it actually might go the extra mile compared to some of the other supplements. My recommendation would be to buy one bottle so you are covered under the one year refund policy and see if it helps and if it doesn’t contact the company for your money back.

  9. Thank you for this post. I am glad that Gluten Guardian is vegan friendly which is a huge plus for me as I am vegan.
    I also like the full year money back guarantee as it gives people a full year of using it with no risk. Not many products are like that

    • Hi Thabo, Yes this is definitely a vegan product. I agree this is a good quality. The full year guarantee is good but just bear in mind this is only for one bottle and you must return bottle for refund. If you buy multiple bottles or a bundle these rules are different you must return within a month and you must provide a good reason. They are a great company to deal with though in my own experience.

  10. We are all about gluten free products and if this does work like the video then we are bought instantly. Sure glad that we watched the video to witness the best of bioptimizers gluten free. The guardian review is a new article that we have not seen before.
    Glad to see that you have invested much time to write this for all of us that want to know about what we eat.

    • Thanks, Matthew N Deloris, Glad you liked it. I’m trying to make my reviews more expansive so glad you have noticed the extra work that has gone into this. To be honest I want to add a bit more to this once I have some more info. about the hyper-immune egg powder – it sounds promising but very mysterious I think.

  11. Hey,

    This is an excellent article. My mother suffers with digestion issues and could use something like this. I am going to share this article with my Dad and brothers and see what their thoughts are. I will let you know what they think and if I am going to invest in this product.

    Thank you for sharing such an informative article, keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom, Thank you I do appreciate it as a lot of work went into writing this. I would appreciate you sharing this and I hope this can help. I mean I think it’s a good product personally but I will say if your mother suffers from any serious gluten allergies then this does not mean she can consume gluten just because she has taken this product. Really this product is more for the average person for more optimized health because gluten is so difficult to digest. Although definitely, this can be very helpful for anyone that worries about the risk of cross-contamination when eating out. For these people, this is definitely a great product too.


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