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Pure Body Extra Strength Detox Review (2023) Updated!


Are you looking for an all-in-one detox solution?  Something to cleanse your body from harmful toxins and heavy metals?  Well, if so then look no further – today we are going to take a look at Pure Body Extra Strength by Touchstone Essentials. 

This product is a Zeolite-based advanced cellular detox that helps cleanse your body from both harmful toxins and heavy metals. These include free radicals from air particulate matter (PM2.5) and the likes of cadmium, mercury, arsenic, and lead which are all detrimental to human health.

But are you aware that the human body can be subjected to these kinds of toxins even before we are born? It is true. In fact, many reports over the years have suggested that children who suffer from autism have been found to have high levels of toxins and heavy metals in their bodies.

The same is true for diabetics and those with metabolic diseases such as obesity. [R] Contamination from air-bound toxins and heavy metals is linked to gut inflammation. Alzheimer’s disease has also been linked to these substances coming into contact with us.

There definitely does seem to be a link and these are just some reasons to give Touchstone Essentials Pure Body Extra Zeolite Spray a try.

Need I say anymore?

touchstone essentials reviews PBX Zeolite Pure Body Extra Strength

Now, harmful toxins and heavy metals can be consumed from our food, cookware, water, and even through food packaging

They can wreak havoc on our hormones and are believed to be behind many unpleasant health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.  Just to name a few.  Even Autism in many youngsters today is believed to be a result of these harmful toxins. 

So, of course, a healthy diet is very important to cleanse the body given this situation. However, to really make the difference a Zeolite detox like Pure Body Extra could be just what you are looking for.

Exactly why products such as Touchstone Essentials Pure Body Extra Strength Detox have been formulated.  If you are in the market for a detox and cleanse supplement that is of the highest quality then you will definitely want to read more of today’s pure body extra zeolite review.

So, Let’s dive in and find out more about this extraordinary product ♥

Pure Body Extra Strength Detox Review UPDATED (APRIL 2023)

Product Name: Pure Body Extra Advanced Cellular Detox

Manufacturer: Touchstone Essentials

Owner of Company: Eddie Stone

Description: Colloidal Zeolite Advanced Daily Cellular Detox

Website: TheGoodInside.com

Pros: Organic Natural Ingredients, Made in the USA, Good Reviews

Cons: May Cause Acid Reflux

Rating: 5 Stars out of 5

My Verdict: Please keep reading

pure body extra strength review

FTC Disclosure:

Please note that throughout this review I will include affiliate links. If you use one of these links and it leads to you making a purchase then it is likely I will earn an affiliate commission. Please do not let this put you off. The price you pay will not be affected. You will not pay any more than usual.

Any questions please email me at; chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com

So just a quick introduction. Hope this gives you a bit more trust in regards to who I am and what I am about, but now this is out the way let’s continue with this review for Touchstone Essentials Pure Body Extra Strength… Let’s begin here…

Who Makes Pure Body Extra Strength?

Pure Body Extra Strength Zeolite Spray is made by one of Our Trusted Brands Touchstone Essentials. TSE started out in 2012 and they are highly regarded for using only clean, organic, and natural ingredients. Eddie Stone is the creator behind the Touchstone Essentials brand. Over the years Eddie has carefully crafted several organic but sustainable products including;

But back to Pure Body Extra Zeolite Spray, here is how using this product can help you…

Pure Body Extra Strength Benefits

i.) Detox from Harmful Toxins

Toxins such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic, can be,

  • Stored in your fat cells, this can make it harder for you to lose weight
  • Interfering with your memory, reducing your clarity as well as your focus
  • Interfering with the function of your immune system
  • Disrupting your endocrine system, which in turn affects your energy levels
  • Making it more difficult for you to fall asleep, or can cause poor quality of sleep
what toxins and heavy metals can pbx zeolite help you detox from

ii.) Improve All Round Health

By taking a decent zeolite detox supplement many different areas of your health may improve. For this pure body extra strength can help will all of the following things;

  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Helps to balance the body’s pH levels
  • Supports natural energy processes
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps the body to remove heavy metals and toxins such as Aluminium, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium,
  • Detox from Radioactive Metals, Nitrosamines, Bisphenol-A (BPAs), Toulene, Herbicides, Pesticides, and Benzene.

Very important if you want to really improve your all-around health.

The human body is too often attacked by unseen and unwelcome invaders. The main key to healthy living is to expel these substances which attack the organs and other body parts including the brain.

Pure Body Extra is specially designed for this and works in a way that has been repeatedly shown to give its users positive results.

How Do You Know If Your Body is Toxic?

Before considering something like an advanced cellular detox supplement you might wonder if your body is actually toxic. If you are curious to find out then an evaluation of symptoms and testing for heavy metal levels is a good idea.

Heavy metal tests are designed to work by searching for specific metals in urine, blood, or plasma.

Simply for example a blood sample can be used to check mercury levels or diagnose lead poisoning, for example.

This can be done at home by ordering a heavy metal detection test from eBay or Amazon.

Where Do Heavy Metals in the Body Come From?

Through our food and water, industrial chemicals, and even air pollution the human body can become contaminated with heavy metals. Although we actually need small amounts of some heavy metals to function normally — such as zinc, copper, chromium, iron, magnesium, and manganese — other metals such as mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and lead are highly toxic and poisonous.

Which Foods are High in Heavy Metals?

In regards to what foods are high in heavy metals, there are some examples to include. If you wish to take preventative measures to avoid heavy metal exposure here are four sources of heavy metals to look out for.

  • Mercury in fish.
  • Lead in bone broth. …
  • Arsenic in rice.
  • Mushrooms and Vegetables can also be contaminated.

However, trying to avoid these foods is NOT the answer. This simply is just too difficult to continue to do but quite simply instead finding the means to detox from heavy metals is a lot more effective.

Consuming the right nutrients can make all the difference. Pure Body Extra is a great product to try for this too. I don’t want to make this review one big sales pitch but if you’d like to find out more CLICK HERE <<

How Pure Body Extra Strength Works

how pure body extra strength really works  touchstone essentials australia

The best way to start detoxifying the body is by using natural zeolite. This is a volcanic mineral that is a natural detoxifier with a good deal of health benefits that binds to toxins, pollutants, and heavy metals in your body and removes them.

When nanosized, the natural zeolite can travel throughout the body, detoxing your cells, which is where most heavy metals are stored.

Pure Body Extra Strength is the ultimate solution for this. It works as an advanced cellular detox that helps purge the DNA of impurities and fight back against diseases before they are allowed to get any worse.

What Are The Ingredients

The crazy thing is for all of its great 5-star reviews Pure Body Extra Blend only contains 2 ingredients;

i.) Zeolite Clinoptilolite and ii.) Pure Distilled Water H2O

So Zeolites if you never heard of them before are porous minerals with high absorbency and ion-exchange capacity. On a molecular level, these consist of Aluminium and Silicon compounds that generate cavities where water, ions, or other polar molecules are inserted/exchanged.

Zeolite Clinoptilolite has shown high efficacy in various medical applications both in vitro and in vivo in just the last few decades alone.

Just the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of detoxing with ZC alone are incredible and the benefits of detoxing this way make products such as Pure Body Extra Strength really stand out from the rest.

If you are serious about detoxing and cleansing the body obviously detox foods are important such as Garlic, Leafy Greens, Cayenne Peppers, and Spices such as Ginger and Turmeric but for the added benefit Pure Body Extra Strength is a very interesting product.

pure body extra touchstone essentials ingredients and supplement facts

What Are the Health Benefits of Zeolite?

Generally speaking, supplementing with Zeolite is highly effective to bolster your overall health. Along with its ability to remove toxins, it is also known to help alkalize the body, improve mood, strengthen the immune system, and can even protect against harmful microbes.

Very much the reason why touchstone essentials pure body extra advanced cellular detox uses this ingredient and not something else.

Who Can Use It?

For anyone that is curious Pure Body Extra Strength can be taken by adults, but also has been granted a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status by the FDA so it can also be used by children.

The recommended dosage for Adults is 4 Sprays 3 times a day.

For children of school age, the recommended dosage is 2 sprays 3 times a day.

However, for those that are younger, the recommended dosage is 1 spray a day to start, but this can be increased to 1 spray 3 times a day.

It is recommended that you drink lots of water throughout the day whilst taking Pure Body Extra. Around 8-10, Glasses a day are recommended.

how to use pure body extra pbx


Can Zeolite be Harmful?

According to the FDA Zeolites are deemed 100% safe and non-toxic. They are by this logic not harmful and one thing to understand is that Zeolite compounds are rough-edged, with no positively charged fibrous particulates. This means that for anybody taking Zeolites, this can activate certain healthy physiological responses without any negative effects.

So this is of course one very good reason products such as Pure Body Extra Zeolite Spray are so popular.

How Does Zeolite Work in the Body?

When taking Zeolite Detox Supplements what happens is that Zeolite swaps between negatively charged minerals for positively charged contaminants on or inside your body. It basically takes away bad things like free radicals and heavy metals and replaces them with a much healthier environment for more beneficial substances to flourish.

Once this is done the other thing is Zeolite works further by safely removing these pollutants when you wash it off your skin.

What is Zeolite Clinoptilolite?

Hydrated Clinoptilolite Zeolite, is the type of Zeolite compound used in Pure Body Extra Strength. This is a sustainable and all-natural mineral that is often used for many different applications.

zeolite clinoptilolite

Zeolite Clinoptilolite is most commonly used in supplements to control moisture, capture odours, and of course for neutralizing any potentially harmful compounds. Clinoptilolite is a natural compound of a microporous arrangement of silica and alumina tetrahedra.

It has the complex formula (Na, K, Ca) 2–3Al. 3(Al, Si)

Is Clinoptilolite Zeolite Safe?

This is a question I kind of answered already above but yes Pure Body Extra Strength and Zeolite Clinoptilolite are definitely safe. Not just this but this can be used for consumption over a longer period of time without any risks.

In fact, it is not only important to reduce and control the material’s heavy metal content but also help to guarantee that the zeolite material designated for human consumption is devoid of any fibrous or acicular-shaped crystals.

The Pros and The Cons


  • Lab-tested for pureness
  • 3rd party tested
  • Touchstone Essentials is a BBB.org-accredited company
  • Organic natural ingredients
  • Colourless, odourless, and tasteless
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO and Preservative-free
  • All-natural and suitable for vegetarians
  • Can be used by Children
  • Made in the USA


  • Some users have reported that Pure Body Extra Strength causes acid reflux ( if this occurs, lower the dosage and drink more water)
  • The price is quite high, almost $80 for one bottle although you can either subscribe and save or purchase a multi-pack!
  • Not recommended to be taken alongside other vitamin and mineral supplements as these may counter the effects.
pbx detox reviews

Touchstone Essentials Delivery and Guarantees

Pure Body Extra Strength Ships worldwide and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

One bottle contains a 30-Day Supply if used at the recommended adult dosage.

Touchstone Essentials Pure Body Extra Reviews

Just in case you need further proof to justify the high cost of Pure Body Extra Strength on the Touchstone Essentials website you will find almost 20000 5-star reviews for these products.

Also, Touchstone Essentials is BBB [Better Business Bureau] Accredited with an A+ rating.

You can read the reviews for yourself by visiting the Pure Body Extra Reviews page here but I will also share a small selection below;

touchstone essentials pure body extra reviews

4.8 out of 5.0 star ratings left by 19.2 K customers

Verified Purchaser #1 :

“ Been using this for my Son who is (18 months old), he is showing an improvement. He has not been evaluated for Autism yet, but I can tell by his behaviour and speech delay that he may have this issue. He didn’t make eye contact nor give attention to his surroundings, after two weeks of using pure body extra strength I can see a little improvement. Believe it or not, Vaccines do contain Heavy Aluminum and Mercury that are over the percentages recommended. And one of the greatest side effects is Neurological. I hope this will continue removing heavy metals from his body. Thank you, J C Kay, for recommending this product. It is worth every cent spent. I Will update you later!!! Thank you for inventing this product.”

Verified Purchaser #2 :

“ Helps me to feel rested for the first time in years! I have been trying everything from natural supplements to doctor-prescribed medication and was still feeling like I had jet lag 24/7. Now I actually have lots more energy and feel rested and awake! ”

Verified Purchaser #3 :

“ I have been using this for a while and I found I was experiencing reflux so I have lowered the dosage.”

Clearly, PBX is a very popular product and with so many positive reviews available online it’s hard not to see why this is.

My Final Thoughts

Are you wondering where the toxins can come from? Drinking-Water, Processed Fruit Juices, Baby Food, Non-Organic Food, Brown Rice, Large Oily Fish, Cheap Spices, and Brewed teas are just a few examples.

These are very disturbing foods to find Lead, Arsenic, Pesticides, and other heavy metals in. Are You Surprised?

I know I was when I started to do the research for this article.

Pure Body Extra Strength is my number one recommendation to remove harmful toxins from your body.

Although another company that supplies Zeolite Clinoptilolite which is worth checking out is Helitropfen [Visit Their Website Here]

They are another company I definitely really trust but as I’ve said countless times throughout this post Touchstone Essentials Pure Body Extra is a product I’d definitely recommend to anyone who can afford it.

FAQs About Zeolite and PBX

Now, I realise this post I quite long already but as I came across quite a lot in my research I thought I would add to this a short FAQ.

What is PBX zeolite?

Pure Body Extra Strength or PBX for short is a nano zeolite which is a mined mineral with a honeycombed cage-like structure that binds to toxins with a positive charge (heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, mould, toxins, fluoride, etc.).

By taking PBX these toxins are neutralized and excreted approximately 6 hours after taking this product.

Which is Better Zeolite or Bentonite Clay?

One question often asked in relation to detoxing is what is better Bentonite or Zeolite? Both minerals are effective and work in the same way. However, the big difference really is that Zeolite powder can be stirred more easily and quickly in water.

What is Liquid Zeolite Used For?

Zeolites are minerals that contain mainly aluminium and silicon compounds. They are used as drying agents, in detergents, and in water and air purifiers. Besides this Zeolites are also marketed as dietary supplements to treat cancer, diarrhoea, autism, herpes, and hangover, and to balance pH and remove heavy metals from the body.

How do you Flush Heavy Metals out of your Body?

When we detox from the likes of heavy metals the main way these works is by a kind of binding process. Compounds inside our body will bind to the metals and thus remove them by sweating, urination or defecation.

Does Zeolite Detox the Liver?

Quite simply yes. Zeolite protects against liver-damaging aflatoxins. This antioxidant activity is essential for its ability to bind toxins and remove them from the body. Which helps relieve oxidative stress from the liver and assists in the role that it plays in the body’s waste management system.

Is Zeolite Good for Skin?

Given that Zeolite works to draw and remove impurities from our skin it most certainly can be a great supplement for skin care. This is a natural volcanic mineral that has a high negative charge and micro-porous structure which makes it incredibly powerful in helping to bind and remove toxins.

Does Zeolite Reduce Inflammation?

Yes, every species of zeolite has this ability, but the most widespread and studied is the naturally occurring zeolite clinoptilolite (ZC). ZC is an excellent detoxifying agent, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

How Long Does Zeolite Stay in the Body?

According to many sources, traces of zeolite are eliminated from the body within 8 hours without any residue. It, therefore, does not accumulate inside the body. Something which The FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the US) has given much credence to as Zeolite has been given a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) certification.

Where Does Zeolite Come From?

In the natural world, zeolites form on volcanic rocks as a consequence of a reaction between alkaline and groundwater. They can be found of course around the area of volcanos but also in shallow marine basins after forming for thousands or millions of years.

What is Zeolite Made of?

Often referred to as molecular sieves Zeolites are crystalline solids structures made of silicon, aluminium and oxygen. They form a framework with cavities and channels inside where cations, water and/or small molecules may reside.

What Comes Out of your Body when you Detox?

Numerous waste products such as urea, uric acid, creatinine, excess sebum, dead skin cells, and industrial toxins are removed from your body during detox. Signs you might need to detox include fatigue, poor sleep quality, infrequent bowel movements, and skin issues.

How do Heavy Metals Affect the Brain?

Heavy metals can affect attention, memory, behaviour, cognition, and even physical coordination. Toxins from heavy metals can increase the risk of neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s and dementia. Also, Autism is believed to be another cause as these commonly found toxins can seriously impair brain function and cause brain inflammation.

Is Pure Body Extra For Toddlers Safe?    

Yes, Pure Body Extra is safe for all ages including Children, Toddlers and Even Babies.

Your Feedback

On a final note, I wish to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this article.

If, you would like to share your thoughts questions or feedback then please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

I love to hear from you all and I will 100% get back to you. As soon as I can your readership is important.

If, you know anyone else who would benefit from reading this then please feel free to share it using the share buttons below, sharing is caring.

Take great care of yourself because you are worth it.

Alex B. Chivers

Contact us at chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com

This article does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

The information contained in this website is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a doctor or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or any health issues.

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  1. Hi Lisa, 

    I chanced upon your review and wanted to write in and tell you that it was a wealth of information about Pure Body Extra Strength. I have been wondering what this product is all about and I think you have convinced me that it is indeed useful. After all, it is your number one recommendation. The only problem is that it is a bit expensive. 

    But what the hell, I gotta try it someday. 

    Thanks for the information.



  2. However healthy we think we are because we eat healthy food.  Toxins that are harmful can still be in our body.  I have tried other detoxification options before,  I like this because it helps remove metals like Aluminum, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium, from the body.. I also love the fact that it can be taken by young adults like my little brother .  Great to know. 

  3. Pure Body Extra Strength Detox seems to be a very useful product that will be of great benefit to one’s health. Harmful toxins are very dangerous and can lead to serious health conditions that might be fatal or result in other complications. Knowing that such medical products like Pure Body Extra Strength Detox exist brings a great relief.

  4. You know, ironically the best thing for me from this article is to know the toxins that need to leave my body. Oddly enough, I knew very little about them only knew about some but after reading this article I have been enlightened with more knowledge than anticipated regarding toxins and how I can get rid of them. Nonetheless, I appreciate this review and the information you provided on Pure Body Extra Strength. Thank you so much

  5. I am aware that there are so many toxins around us so I try to do everything in my power to help my body get rid of it by eating the right foods and nutrients. Thank you for your review on Pure Body Extra Strength Detox. I have never heard of Clinoptilolite before. But I just love the fact that the supplements is easy to take. I am going to check it out. 

  6. Thank you for writing this review. I have not heard of this product before and it’s interesting to know that such a product is available for detox. It’s reassuring to know that the product is well researched and tested. It’s so hard to be safe these days when even drinking water, brewed tea or eating large oily fish and brown rice which are thought to be healthy can be causing us to be poisoned by heavy metals unknowingly.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read and learn.I thought eating these things were healthy as well.


  7. I find it is affordable. And I would really like to give it a try. One of the things that convinced me to try this Detox is that a 3rd party tested it. And another very important point, in my book is that it’s gluten free. I would like to start using it every day to see results. Thank you for this review.

    • Hello Ann,

      My husband is a coeliac so being Gluten Free is a big consideration for me. You cannot put a price on health especially when it comes to toxins in the body.

      Stay safe and well.


  8. I have used pure body extra strength in the last 3 months and I have gotten a lot of relieve from my usual feelings of tiredness. This was after a friend recommended it for me. I strongly recommend using it for detoxification. The body can store a lot of harmful substances, For me and my wife it has become one of our normal daily routines. 

    • Hey there Parameter,

      It is great to see you again. I love hearing from others who have tried the product. You are not the only person who has said they feel less tired after using it. That is an awesome feeling to achieve.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  9. One thing that I really liked about this product is the fact that is GMO free. I have been looking for alternatives to almost all vitamins and natural health care products but could not find the ones that were GMO free. That for me is extremely important. Also, the fact that is doctor recommended so you can feel a sense of relief knowing that a health care professional has gone through the product and came to the conclusion that it is safe to use; not only for adults but for children as well. 

    • Hello Stephanie,

      I’m with you, I look for things that are non GMO. I tend to research and recommend any I find. They are also based on personal experience or family and friends who take supplements in place of other medications.


  10. This is an important subject, especially in the days we live in. We use toxic products everyday and eat toxic food everyday. SO it is important that there be a way to detox from all the harmful chemicals . I have come across different ways of detoxing but never heard of pure-body-extra-strength-detox. It looks like it has far more advantages than disadvantages 

    • Hey, great to hear from you.

      I was very surprised to learn some of the things i thought were healthy alternatives were in fact harmful.


  11. Pure Body Extra Strength seems like an ideal detox product. I use several natural products and I will save this web page for future reference as I just may give the product a try. All the Best and thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Your welcome Joseph. This product review was written originally maybe just over a year ago but I’ve had a few customers buy this product through my page so thought I’d better update it. Honestly, I think it is a great product – only just learning about Zeolite but it’s very fascinating learning about these new minerals and how they work.

      If you do decide to try please let us know how you get on.

      Best regards;


  12. I believe that detoxing can do so much good to our bodies because of the number of foods and other things that we intake. So many people are having health issues and what they need is not to pop another pill from the doctor but go on a detox program. Thank you so much for sharing this insightful post.

  13. It’s disheartening to learn that so many of the basic products we use every day contain harmful toxins. Bottled water and even fresh foods are not free from dangerous chemicals. And processed foods and other products like shampoos, deodorants, etc. can contain known carcinogenic compounds.
    This makes consuming a quality detox product like Pure Body Extra Strength Detox almost necessary so we can maintain reasonable health. It’s good this product is GMO-free because the long-term damage caused by GMO products is still not really understood.

    Thanks for sharing this info.

    • Yes, I know what you mean Andrew since I started this website this has only become more and more apparent to me. Plastic use is particularly concerning and not only for waste. Cookware as well I really worry about it is so easy to not think about these things but yes I think the new year I want to pay £100 or something for a water purifier and probably look to buy some decent new cookware even if it’s used. Although, a lot of it does seem to be unavoidable so I do think something like this Zeolite Spray could be a good investment for people.

  14. Volcanic minerals are a very interesting concept. I have in my cupboard a similar product called Terramin Montmorillonite Clay, so called edible minerals, which is clay that you dissolve in water and drink for the detoxifying effect you described.

    Just a random thought that came to mind. What if you simply fast for 72 hours instead from time to time? I read that in doing so it can trigger stem cell production, create new immune cells, and reduce oxidative stress, something that is thought to help with preventing aging and diseases like cancer.

    Would a 72 hour fast however get rid of some heavy metals at the same time too or do you still think it is essential to consume a detoxifying product like Zeolite?

    • Hi Schalk, yes indeed. I want to look at volcanic minerals in another post because there are lots of fascinating claims about things like growing vegetables in the soil around volcanic areas. Even volcanic salt deposits in the sea they say are really healthy. I do actually wonder but anyhow I’ve heard of bentonite clay but not Montmorillonite Clay – possibly they work quite similar.

      So about fasting I did some research about intermittent fasting before – I know there are some possible health benefits you could be right but as for your question – do I think that using something like Pure Body Extra is essential to detoxify the body from heavy metals? Honestly, I think it depends on who is taking it but the results really do speak for themselves I think.

  15. Hi there,
    Thank you for sharing this helpful article, I found it very interesting!
    It never occurred to me to make the blood test to see if I am toxic. I am going to get this blood test on eBay because I don’t want to take a supplement if I don’t need it.
    However, lately, I have had sleep problems and that may be the reason. But there is something I don’t understand. You say that we need to drink a lot of water with this supplement but then at the end of the article, you mention that toxins come from drinking a lot of water, fish, brown rice, nonorganic food, etc. So I’m a little confused now. Are there certain types of water that are toxic to the body? Something else that would like to know if you don’t mind. Where should I store Zeolite? In the fridge or I can leave it outside?
    Thank you very much in advance!

    • Hi Daniella, The test I am on about is for heavy metals. If you are testing positive for any heavy metals choosing to try one of these tests might be able to help you find out whether you need something like Pure Body Extra or not. Although the other thing is that heavy metals are not the only thing – air particulate matter is another thing as it can cause oxidative stress. You also have pathogens, diseases, viruses etc.

      I mean I think this is a good product for anyone. However, you feel this should definitely nutrition-wise make you feel a lot healthier. Most people are actually toxic – people that consume so much rubbish that they don’t even remember what it is like to feel good, healthy and alive. Just taking this whoever you are should be beneficial – I do say about drinking water and good point. It is advised yes that you drink water and I also say water can contain heavy metals but it is basically down to sanitization. You should drink lots of water but obviously if its pure water this diminishes these risks. You can use a purifier to purify your water and then that is solved. Also not sure about your final question i will have to get back to you but yes to be safe you can do this I think.

  16. Hi Alex
    Detoxing the body is necessary given the world we live in today. The air we breath and the water we drink is contaminated. All these are natural resources we didn’t have to do anything to stay safe from them. It is sad the even the food that is suppose to nourish us if most full of toxins. Thank you for highlighting this. We need to do something as a human race. For now product like Zeolite Detox Supplements are very critical to healthy living.

    • Hi Angie, Yes it is a strange world. It is scary to think that everyday things contain toxins and heavy metals. I think with products such as Pure Body Extra I don’t think it is a case of whether you need to take it or not but rather if you want to flush your body of toxins and heavy metals that are very possibly there then this is something that can definitely help. I mean as you say hopefully there will be a time in the future that people don’t need to resort to products to detox with but till then as you say products like zeolite detox supplements are what make the difference.

  17. The price is right if it is quality. We spend so much money monthly on junk food, or just all sorts of unhealthy things, that really $80 isn’t too bad. I used to use another product that was about $150 a month. So, anyone who complains about price for a high quality that really works simply doesn’t value it. Of course as long as the company is pricing fairly and not using low grade quality and trying to say its high grade, or highly over pricing a product. But the price of this seems to be in line with what the reviews state, and the quality of product.

    • Hi Stephanie, Yes I totally agree. I’ve had a few customers come through me now and purchase this product. All seem to be very happy so far. Definitely worth the money I think and also some other great products by this company as well. There CBD is one to check out for as well in my opinion. Have reviewed here if you happen to be interested. Touchstone Essential Calm Premium CBD Review.


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