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KApex Keto Activator – Keto Optimizer for Low Energy and Indigestion

Hey Guys;  So for today’s post another review for a product by Bioptimizers.  KApex Keto Activator Digestive Enzymes Formula.  This is a dietary supplement kind of similar to other digestive enzymes such as MassZymes.  I say this because it contains the Tri-Phase protease for protein digestion found also inside.

However, the big difference with KApex is that this supplement is instead for keto, paleo and low carb dieters.  It’s labelled as a product that aids with digestion, boosting energy levels, and burning fat.  The other thing it says what this for is ketogenesis support. 

To better explain I would highly recommend watching the video below ⏬

FTC Disclosure:  Please note this post contains affiliate links.  I do not work for Bioptimizers and you will not be charged any extra.  Although if the links in this content do lead to you making a purchase I may receive a commission.  This does not mean you will pay more just that I may receive a small bonus for sharing this information.  Read my affiliate disclosure here.

KApex keto activator

Bioptimizers KApex Keto Activator Ketogenesis Optimizer Formula Review 2021

kapex keto optimizer

Product Name
kApex Keto Activator Digestive Enzymes Formula
Owners:  Bioptimizers
Creator:  Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart

Website: >>https://Kenergize.com/KApex<<

Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Summary:  kApex Keto Activator is a Digestive Enzymes Formula designed for remedying digestive health issues caused by either a Keto or Paleo diet.  It can also be used to increase energy during these diets.  Plus also help increase fat loss by a further 10-15%.

Table of Contents

1# – kApex Keto Activator Digestive Enzymes Formula

kApex Keto Activator label

For anybody looking to lose weight, there are many different diet plans available.  One of these that has become popular in recent years is the Ketogenic diet.  Which is essentially a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate meal plan.

People who follow the keto plan may start noticing some changes in their bodies during the diet.  Not surprisingly because the keto diet burns away fat and helps the person to lose weight. Although, if it is not done in a conventional way it can also have negative effects. 

The most common problems are indigestion and low energy. To cope up with these issues, KApex BiOptimizer is highly recommended.

2# – Who Should Use the KApex Keto Activator?

BiOptimizers kApex Keto Activator Bottle

Anybody that follows a Keto, Paleo or Low Carb diet plan will benefit from using Bioptimizers KApex.  What it does is boosts your body’s ability to turn both dietary and stored fat Into more energy.    This can help anyone that has digestion issues and low energy due to keto and similar low carb diets.

The Keto diet, for example, includes a high intake of fats. Which can in some cases cause issues such as constipation and diarrhoea. Bioptimizers KApex can solve these issues.  Such as any person whose energy level becomes low due to the low intake of carbs.

In fact for anybody that works out a lot, there are other benefits of taking the Kapex Keto Activator.  Mostly from other ingredients inside including Astrazyme, and Protease. 

Enzymes that are in the 2 previous other BiOptimizer products I reviewed as well.  These work by digesting protein to create extra amino acids to support muscle growth and faster recovery.

3# – Health Benefits of KApex Keto Activator

There are several metabolic activities taking place during the keto diet.  Activities which can lead to metabolic deficiencies. What the KApex BiOptimizer does is break down the fats that are taken usually in high amounts during either Keto or Paleo diets.  KApex highlights 3 specific 3 Metabolic Deficiencies that it can help with.

  • Digestion,
  • Energy metabolism
  • Fat loss

It helps the person to easily digest the small pieces of the fats, into important amino acids which help to break the fat down quickly, and it helps the person to digest the fat before it stores in the body.

It performs what other Keto Supplements don’t.  Boosters like exogenous ketones might work in the short term but what KAplex claims to be is the biggest Keto breakthrough since the diet itself.

KApex assists in the transport of those fatty acids to your liver and your mitochondria and burns them up at an accelerated rate.  It’s basically an enhanced version of fat digestion increasing from 15% to 45%.

4# – Advantages of using KApex Keto Activator

There are several benefits to using KApex Keto Optimizer.  Even if you don’t follow a Keto diet plan.  In summary, these are;

  1.  KApex is the best ketosis supplement as it helps in digestion and upgrading the energy level.
  2.  It helps to remove the lipase deficiency.  Includes LIP4TM a 4 Enzyme Lipase blend.
  3.  Prevents bloating and unnecessary weight gain.
  4.  Includes dandelion root, which is very helpful for the stimulation of bile production and the digestion of high-fat meals.
  5.  One of the best results of KApex by BiOptimizers is that it boosts cardiovascular health.
  6.  It helps to improve focus and mental clarity.
  7.  This Ketogenic supplement can also help to reduce unhealthy LDL cholesterol.
keto activate

5# – KApex Keto Activator Ingredients

kApex Ingredients

i.) Tri-Phase Protease + Astrazyme

As you can see from the ingredients above KApex is stacked with powerful ingredients all with their own special uses.  These include;  Tri-Phase Protease – Protease 3.0, Protease 4.5, Protease 6.0. These work by breaking down proteins.  Which works alongside the Astrazyme nutrient to transport up to 66% more amino acids through the intestinal tract.

ii.) Lipase Blend

Then Lipa4TM – A blend of 4 types of Lipase for breaking down fats to convert into easily burnable fatty acids.  Studies have shown that with even 1 type of Lipase where people ate high-fat food, patients who supplemented with lipase enzymes experienced significant reductions in bloating, gas, and fullness compared to those taking a placebo.

iii.) Betaine HCL

Another important ingredient is Betaine HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) which naturally decreases in people aged 30+.  As a result,lt a lack of the natural production of HCL can cause problems such as GERT and Heartburn.  It is important for this reason because if you want good digestion this must be fixed.

iv.) Dandelion Root

Increases Bile production, to emulsify fat.  This is what the dandelion root is for.  To stimulate the bile production needed to break down high-fat meals.

v.) Innoslim + 7 Keto DHEA

InnoSlim® increases GLUT4 levels and can do so by as much as 46% in muscles and 488% in fat cells. The other thing it does is boost adiponectin levels. A key fat burning hormone.

As for the 7 Keto DHEA. This is added purely for cell metabolism. Its derivatives help activate something called PPAR Alpha which helps both with burning fat and weight loss.

Then what else…  Find out more on the kApex website.

6# – Pros and Cons ✅❎





7# – KApex Customer Reviews

Usually, for these reviews, I post a section for customer reviews.  I will still cover these customer reviews but just to let you know. From the KApex website, there isn’t any. There is a lot of links to scientific studies but this is it. For the customer reviews, we need to look elsewhere.

So, first of all, Amazon. I can’t share any of these reviews due to their copyright policy but out of 68 reviews 72% (5 stars) are positive and 10% (1-star negative). 4.5 Stars is the overall rating and this also includes Amazon’s Choice badge.

If you would like to read customer reviews you can see what people are saying on Amazon but other than this there isn’t much else. However, if you are to look up instead of KApex Bioptimizers as a company you will see on Trustpilot the score is very high;

trust pilot bioptimizers

So, I think it’s quite easy to see that that product has merit. If you are after reviews from other customers before buying I would suggest Amazon (.com). Although to learn more about this product and it’s ingredients. Plus how this can help improve the negative side effects of Keto and other low carb diets.

See the KApex website for more details;  

In Conclusion

For anybody looking to lose weight, or that is following the Keto, Paleo or any other low carb diet plan this is definitely something worth looking at.  If you are dieting with any of these methods and experiencing problems affecting your digestive health this product is certainly worth taking a look at.

The research that has gone into creating this I’ve posted above makes a very bold statement to me, and what’s more, by going to the KApex website these are all hyperlinked.  There 42 different webpages here if you aren’t convinced enough to buy already. 

But even if you don’t want to read there is a 365 day 100% money-back guarantee from BiOptimizers.  This like the other products I’ve reviewed says it all for me.  You have a whole year to ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the product.  It is only void if you open more than one bottle.

But I will leave this up to you to find out more, and to purchase KApex Keto Activator…

keto activate

Any comments, questions or feedback please feel free to leave in the comments below,

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12 thoughts on “KApex Keto Activator – Keto Optimizer for Low Energy and Indigestion”

  1. Wow! I think with this, to reach my ketosis goal would become much more easier. I started following the keto lifestyle for 6months and it has been great but most times, relapses have been taking me off reaching ketosis. Hence, with this kapex keto activator, I’m sure I should be able to reach it easily since it essentially helps to burn fat and lose it for me. Thanks

    • Hi Ella,  Yes this would definitely help you.  I would say MassZymes the other product I reviewed would even help but this one is designed more for Keto so I would go with this one personally.

  2. Having a 3.5 star rating is fair and is a result of some of its good features. It helps to remove the lipase deficiency.  Includes LIP4TM a 4 Enzyme Lipase blend. It also Prevents bloating and unnecessary weight gain. There are other benefits but i will still consider before using it. thank you very much for this

  3. I consider the Kapex product a good one. It is good since it increases the body energy levels and also reduces and burns body fat at all same time.That’s awesome! But I would like to know if it will be very effective without engaging on physical exercise. Does it work well without exercises?

    • Hi Kenechi,  Yes it would it is largely designed for people on the keto, paleo and low carb diets.  However it can help with exercising as the protease and astrazyme nutrients can boost muscle growth by extra amino acids absorption

  4. I recently started keto diet and although i would not say that i am experiencing any sort of problems yet but it is better to be on the safe side.
    the review of KApex is awesome and i would like to get one of this. this could help my cousin too so i would like to forward this article to him. thank you very much

  5. The keto lifestyle has become so popular over the past few years that I am not surprised to find that there is now a supplement available for those that follow a keto diet or a low carb lifestyle.. 

    Are these ingredients natural or are they synthetically produced in a laboratory? Are the supplements FDA Approved? I would appreciate if you can please advise.

    • Hi Line,  Yes there are many supplements that are made for people on the Keto diet but I’ve not found any other like this.  I would even say that maybe this product could be used by others not on Keto etc.  but I think this could be especially helpful for those that get all the fatigue and stomach troubles from their low carb intake.

      As for your question – Yes all optimizers ingredients are natural.  They are also FDA approved and GMP certified.

  6. I know a lot of poeple are trying the Keto Lifestyle for weight loss and weight control. There are so many products out there to supplement the programs. Thanks for the review of this KETO optimizer. You have done a lot of work going through the product and I know many will benefit from your knowledge.  


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