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Are you looking for worthwhile solutions concerning your Health and Wellness?
Whatever your Healthy Living needs are we are here to help. At DynamicIdeas4Life.com we cover a wide variety of different areas that are integral to optimal health. Everything from Weight Loss to Sleep Support, Blood Sugar Control to Heart Health, as well as Nutrition, Fitness, Brain Health, Joint and Muscle Pain Relief, Digestion and Alternative Medicine. [Check out our categories here] If you have anything you'd like to contact me to discuss my email address is chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com Always happy to help anyone that needs my advice ❤ Alex

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Check out just a few questions and answers below!

Dynamic Ideas 4 Life is a concept that I came up with in December 2019. It was originally planned to be a blog dealing with a whole lot of different ideas. Not just healthy living. This included things like money-making ideas, meditation, business and marketing. Although in the end, I decided that it would be better to make this site more niche-specific. Mostly because some of my more popular posts were about health.

My name is Alexander Boyd Chivers.  I am a Man in my mid 30’s (if you haven’t guessed by my photo 😀).  Currently I live in a town called Letchworth GC, which is located in North Hertfordshire in England UK.  I am a keen writer and developed this website because of my interest in human health and wellness.  Something I hope can help myself and others in the years to come.

I would definitely say my goal for this website is maybe two main things; 1# ~ to educate others and 2# ~ to help others with their health and wellness.  My goal is to share my knowledge through my articles and product reviews.  From here I want to offer different solutions and helpful advice that may be able to really get people to where they want to be in terms of their physical and mental health.

Since I began with my concept of DynamicIdeas4Life I have written all sorts of articles and reviewed many different products.  A lot of these have been about supplements and digital products.  Things such as recipe guides. I’ve definitely written a lot about weight loss but this is not really something I want this website to be just about.

For example, in other posts I’ve written about blood pressure support, blood sugar support, organ health, brain health, and sleep support.  There are articles here about fitness, mental health, nutrition and really so many different things.

Then, as for choosing which products to review, or topics to write articles about ~  I like to try and cover the good and the bad and let people know, as much information as I can think of. To the best of my ability, whilst being as honest in my approach as possible.

So, first of all, besides the website visitors can also subscribe to my email list. This is used to notify subscribers when I publish a new post but also it includes my exclusive email series which includes extra content and free giveaways for things such as E-Books, reports and other cool free information.  Although, the main thing this website offers is quality and this is something I plan to maintain more and more as I go on.

To contact Dynamic Ideas 4 Life. Please send me an email to chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com. Or send me a message through skype @ https://join.skype.com/pjNNXdKXulpR or I am also on Facebook @ DynamicIdeas4Life.

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