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Using DMSO for Pain Relief – Does This Really Work? Heiltrophen DMSO Review (2023)


When we look at Joint Pain and Inflammation Relief Remedies popular ones that people might mention include Glucosamine/Chondroitin, CBD, and Turmeric.   But how about DMSO for Pain Relief? What is this and how can it help? Please keep reading to find out more and what we recommend. 

So Joint pain is never pleasant and whatever the problem, whether it’s a bad back, a stiff knee, or something up with our shoulder blade we will very likely be looking for something that works quickly to provide relief. This is surely the same for anyone, with these ailments, and Joint Pain Relief Supplements, are maybe the first thing many people will consider besides the usual painkillers.

Although one thing many people will overlook is DMSO. Mostly because it is not FDA-approved and is not a mainstream health product but for anyone that cares to do the research this might surprise you.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of DMSO for Pain Relief and our top recommended company to buy DMSO from as well as many other incredible products. Now…

DMSO for Pain Relief + Helitrophen Review (2023)

helitropfen dmso review
Product Name:Heiltrophen DMSO 99.9%
Manufactured ByHeilotrophen
Based In:  United Kingdom (UK)
Short Description:Pharmaceutical Grade Liquid DMSO Solution
Pricing:16.30 Euros for 1 Bottle / 10% off for 2 / 20% off for 3
Things To Note: ✅ Established brand with lots of positive reviews
✅ Wide range of Great Detox Products
✅ German Company Based In the UK
✅ Many Possible Health Benefits
Directions For Use:Prepare a DMSO solution 70% DMSO to 30% Water. Add to spray bottle and spray affected areas 1-2 times.
Is It Safe?Yes although you should take precautions first before using
Do I Recommend?I will let you decide
*Please note the points shared above I will further elaborate on throughout this article!

FTC Disclosure:  

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.  If you happen to use one of these links to make a purchase I may receive a small commission as a reward for introducing people to this product.  The price you pay will not be affected.  If you have any questions you can contact me directly at chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com  

Health Disclaimer:  

“Disclaimer: Information in this article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a healthcare professional or a chemist before using DMSO, especially if you have any medical conditions or are taking medications. The use of DMSO can have potential side effects and risks and should be used with caution.

Also, the author and publisher of this article do not assume any liability for any loss, damage, or injury caused by the use of DMSO or the information provided in this article.”

Now, let’s begin here with an Introduction

Chronic Pain is a debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Many treatments are available but of course, some individuals may seek alternative options. DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide), is certainly one of these.

This is a powerful solvent with potential anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It has been used for decades in the medical field as a treatment for various conditions, including joint pain and Inflammation. In this article, we will explore the use of DMSO for pain relief, including its potential benefits, side effects, and proper usage. So, whether you suffer from chronic pain or are looking for a natural alternative to traditional pain relief methods, DMSO may be something worth considering.


Why Choose DMSO for Pain Relief?

what is dmso for pain relief

DMSO is an abbreviation for DiMethylSulfOxide.  This is an OrganoSulfur compound with the formula (CH₃)₂SO. For anyone just hearing about Using DMSO for Pain Relief, this is a solvent-based colorless liquid that easily absorbs into the skin. 

It was first discovered in Germany during the late 19th century as a by-product of the papermaking industry. It has been used for over 100 years in the USA and is derived from wood pulp.

Further to this scientists began to discover more about DMSO for Pain Relief during the 1960s.  Most notably because of the work of Dr. Stanley W. Jacobs and his team, who together spent several years researching DMSO for its possible health benefits.

The results were apparently very promising although the final decision by the FDA was not to approve DMSO for medical use.  This is still the case even now with the only exception being really the treatment of Bladder inflammation (interstitial cystitis). 

Although despite this many still recommend DMSO as a remedy for Joint Pain, Inflammation, and many other things. Including other health conditions such as;

  • Tinnitus,
  • Muscle Pain and even
  • Metabolic Syndrome.


Is DMSO Really Safe or a Danger To Health?

DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) is a powerful solvent that has been used for decades in the medical field to treat various conditions, including pain and inflammation. However, whilst many people have reported positive results from using DMSO, there are concerns about its safety and potential side effects.

Some experts have raised questions about the long-term effects of using DMSO and the potential risks associated with its use. Although, according to other sources DMSO is perfectly safe as long as you use it sensibly. For instance, only use 1-2 sprays to the affected area at a time and do not exceed this unless you are not seeing results after taking numerous times then you can try 3-4 sprays.

My Experience with DMSO

I first heard about DMSO after reviewing a product called Artic Blast.

Ever since then it kind of bugged me as I didn’t feel like this was the best DMSO product to promote.  Mostly, because DMSO wasn’t really the main ingredient in this supplement – it was menthol

However, It was still good to learn about DMSO for Pain Relief through this but honestly, this product wasn’t really something that gave me a lot of confidence.

I remember reading some reviews saying this product was rubbish but also others that said generally speaking using DMSO for Pain Relief was like a miracle cure.    However, with this product in particular it didn’t really seem to be a good thing to recommend even though it did list DMSO as one of its ingredients.

So, pretty much since then, I have wanted to find another better product to review that is more trustworthy.  It took me a while but I came across Heliotrophen and straight away I thought ‘This is the One’.

But is DMSO the miracle drug that people claim it is?  How safe is it? I think this YouTuber explains it well. He has had good results but he does advise caution – definitely check what he has to say.

About Helitropfen

Helitropfen logo supplier of dmso lugol and various minerals

My recommendation for where to buy DMSO is from Heiltrophen.com

Helitrophen is a German company based in London UK.  Their online store currently stocks over 50 different health supplements.  These include amongst their best sellers of course DMSO, Lugol, and Magnesium Oil.

They ship all across Europe and Worldwide with many apparent happy and returning customers.

According to Helitropfen, their products include a range of high-quality dietary supplements, cosmetics, and raw minerals.  Their company values are a focus on honesty, positivity, and long-term customer satisfaction. I think they look legit but…

Now, let’s continue…

The Argument Against The Safe Use of DMSO

Now, It should be noted as much as DMSO has been praised since its discovery – the reason why it was never approved by the FDA does bring into question whether or not it is really safe.

In 1965 the FDA banned all clinical trials following Dr. Stanley Jacobs’s work.  Mostly because it was found to cause changes in the refractive index of the lens in the eyes of a number of animals. And it was not until 1980 that this ban was actually lifted.

Although, despite this there just hasn’t been enough scientific interest to conclude Dr. Jacobs’s research.  So as of 2022, DMSO for pain relief is still not fully FDA approved with the reason said to be because of its possible interactions with common medications and impurities that may cause negative health effects. However…

The Arguments For The Safe Use of DMSO

As I have already said In the USA the medical use of DMSO in most cases is not FDA-approved.  Even though many NSAIDS (Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) are derived from the DMSO compound.  

These include the likes of;

  • Paracetamol,
  • Aspirin
  • Ibuprofen
  • Nurofen
  • Naproxen
  • Voltaren and…
  • Celebrex… amongst many others. 

This is perhaps one of the reasons that some may argue DMSO is not so bad.

As it said that these other NSAIDs that are actually FDA-approved are really dangerous (apparently). 

Here is a short excerpt from Mayoclinic.org about how NSAIDs may increase the risk of heart problems.

03ea6581390a8cbcce750ee3a8263b2a cropped optimized
They say that because you can’t patent DMSO as it is an organic compound (found in Garlic) these other pharmaceuticals are FDA approved because they are more marketable.  Each has its own patents and can not be copied making them all unique products.

However, they say because of all the tinkering to make them different compounds they are not as safe as DMSO.

In fact, other than heart attacks and strokes common side effects of FDA-approved NSAIDS include;

  • Gas.
  • Feeling bloated.
  • Heartburn.
  • Stomach pain.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea and/or constipation.
  • Even kidney failure and liver damage

Pretty shocking but that is the pharmaceutical industry for you.

Although there is another NSAID type of compound that doesn’t have these negative side effects.

This Is called MSM (MethylSulphonylMethane) but…

About MSM – Is It Safer Than DMSO?

Is MSM better than DMSO for pain relief?  A lot of people that take DMSO say it is not.  However, this does not have the negative effects of other NSAIDs and MSM is actually fully FDA-approved.

In fact, many joint health supplements list MSM as one of their main ingredients.  It works in a similar way to DMSO for Pain Relief but there are noticeable differences.

For instance, Sulphur is a mineral that is very important for the human body.  Although it is known to be highly poisonous in the wild it is essential in small amounts as Sulphur Oxide for things like our body’s natural waste management and for cellular function.  

It also helps with building new cells and repairing old ones.  If you ever get the chance to do some research on the sulfur cycle it’s very interesting.  Apparently, one reason why people are less healthy in this day and age is that there is less Sulphur in the food chain.

Something to do with farmers using chemical fertilizers instead of animal waste.  Both can be beneficial but the difference is that DMSO is an organosulfur compound that contains a sulfoxide functional group, while MSM is a naturally occurring organosulfur compound that contains a sulfone functional group.

In layman’s terms, the sulfoxide group is much more potent than the sulfone group.

DMSO Vs MSM – Which Sulfur Compound Wins?

Inside many joint pain supplements, especially today, you will notice that they say on their labels “With MSM”.  If they don’t say this then MSM will likely be there on the ingredients list. 

If you see the label below this is a good example. This is a Joint Pain Relief dietary supplement I reviewed called ProJoint Plus.  This is one of many that is made with not DMSO for pain relief but rather MSM instead.

vitapost projoint plus joint pain relief supplement contains 25mg of MSM

So MSM (MethylSulphonylMethane), I have read is the closest the manufacturers of dietary supplements can get to actually using DMSO without losing their FDA-approved badge.  Some will rubbish this off as nonsense but other scientists that know about DMSO will no doubt say otherwise.  

Possibly something along the lines of DMSO for Pain Relief being unmarketable!  I wrote about this above.

It’s the classic profits before health argument.  Although is MSM that bad itself?  It is certainly popular enough.  In fact, there are a few side effects that DMSO can cause that MSM doesn’t.  These include;


However, MSM although very similar to DMSO is generally considered a more watered-down substitute.  It just isn’t as effective in the same way as DMSO for pain relief and for this reason, it doesn’t really come close.

So in case, you’re wondering…

How To Safely Use DMSO for Pain Relief

Firstly, If you do decide to purchase a bottle of DMSO for Pain Relief make sure to use a trusted brand such as Helitrofen.  You could be putting yourself at risk by using an unreputable supplier. Same as with any health supplement. Make sure to do your research and read reviews first.

DMSO you will usually have to buy it as a liquid and you will have to make your own DMSO spray.  

You can buy DMSO as a spray but it is easy enough to make yourself.  

1.)  Add DMSO (99%) and Distilled Water to the spray bottle.
*Add 70% DMSO to 30% Water eg. 350ml DMSO 150ml Water

2.)  Make sure the affected area is clean before application. DMSO is a solvent so anything on your skin it will absorb and this is where it can be dangerous. Take a shower before you apply without soap or shower gel just hose yourself down. Use Isopropyl alcohol over where you plan to apply the DMSO for extra precaution.

3.)  Use 1-2 ‘sprays’ and apply liberally to clean skin by rubbing it all over your body
*(focussing on and around any injury or over a ‘problem area).

*If 1-2 sprays do not help try using more sprays next time you use it.

4.)  Use once daily but make sure your skin is completely clean.

5.)  When you apply you can either wipe off or leave for 10 minutes or longer.

*Use Discount Code: REFN57Ww1 for 5% Off your first order

DMSO for Tinnitus and Ear Ringing

One thing I have researched that has left me with a lot of questions is finding the best remedy for tinnitus and ear ringing.

Many supplements I have researched I’ve felt are quite suspect but certainly, there has been one thing that I have been very curious about… and this is using DMSO for tinnitus.

In one article I read a doctor claims that her patient’s debilitating Tinnitus was cured in one week.  That I found very interesting but actually there was a study taken in 1975 as well.  

*Note yes I know DMSO was banned from medical research until 1980 – I assume this was outside the USA so…

This is actually incredible (almost unbelievable) but yes apparently it really works. 

So in this study, 15 participants used DMSO integrated with anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory substances.   

As a result after being monitored for a 5-year period in 9 patients, their tinnitus completely disappeared.   The symptoms diminished in 2 cases and with the other 4, the symptoms became occasional. 

It’s incredible really but here is what one doctor claims to have witnessed from her patients using DMSO;

“As part of a nutritional healing wellness program, I’ve seen great results with my own eyes: individuals who came to us IN a wheelchair, literally walking out the door by the end of just one week; 

  • Debilitating tinnitus… gone in 1 week;
  • Pain medications drastically reduced;
  • Mobility drastically improved…….
  • Rapid wound healing;
  • Speedy tissue repair (e.g. frozen shoulders);
  • Elimination of headaches; 
  • Reduced arthritic pain;
  • Cured back pain;
  • Reduced edema;
  • Improved memory”.

So, very interesting right?  And of course, DMSO for pain relief is not the only thing I recommend Helitrofen for, but if you would like to buy some DMSO to try definitely check out the Helitropfen website.

On top of this, it is definitely worth checking out some of their other products as well.  For instance…



Another somewhat controversial product sold by Helitropfen that is consumed for its health benefits is ZEOLITE CLINOPTILOLITE

This is actually used for several different industrial uses.  That it is taken as a health supplement is kind of strange but yes apparently people do buy this product for detoxing and cleansing.

If you thought using DMSO for pain relief was a little odd this is a type of clay.  It’s a strange one but supplementing with this clay helps to purge the body of free radicals and heavy metals. It increases assimilation, helps balance pH Levels which is good for kidney health, and it can boost mineral absorption in the body such as Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, and Calcium.

In hindsight, Zeoline Clinopitilolite is great for cleansing the digestive tract and is completely safe for human consumption.

Related Post:  Pure Body Extra Strength Zeolite Spray Review

Now, I know this post is getting a bit long and I have covered the topic of DMSO for Pain Relief pretty well I think already but yes before I go I just want to share a bit more information about Heiltrophen and their other products…

Other Products By Heliotrophen

Currently in total Helitrophen have 54 different products ( think).   Could be more could be less. 

I will not list them all but here are some of their popular ones.

  • Multi-Vitamins
  • Liquid Vitamins
  • Lugol Iodine Solution
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Colloidal Magnesium
  • Bentonite Clay
  • Calcium Carbonite
  • Vitamin C Powder
  • B-Vitamin Complex
  • Moringa Leaf Powder

Definitely quite a range here and what I will say.  If you look on Amazon the reviews are very good.   The DMSO listing here has an Amazon Choice badge with 1,153 global ratings and 76% 5 Star ratings.

However, I would be very careful purchasing any health products from Amazon as it often has people selling fakes here.  One customer that bought Helitropfen DMSO said he was sure he received not DMSO but distilled water 😥

You can by all means take your chances but if you want to play it safe only buy directly from the actual Helitropfen website.

They are generally very good and ship to quite a number of countries worldwide…

Which Countries Does Heliotrophen Ship To?

Everywhere apparently.   Within reason I guess.

*Please note shipping fees may apply depending on location.

Orders are dispatched within 1-2 days after payment is received.

How To Contact Helitropfen

Contact Information

To ask questions or comment about this shipping and return policy and our privacy practices, please contact us at: support@heiltropfen.de.

Heiltropfen Lab. LLP
27 Old Gloucester street
WC1N 3AX London

My Verdict On DMSO – I like The Sound Of It!

After hearing about DMSO for Pain Relief for the first time during my review of Arctic Blast I thought it sounded amazing.  Although, one thing about DMSO is it apparently makes your breath smell like garlic. I’ve heard a lot of people say this but also many have managed to treat themselves with it successfully.

I would say still proceed with caution and if you have sensitive skin, fair hair, and blue eyes you may experience irritation. This was what the guy in the video I shared above said but yes anyway.

For me, I am so glad I found out about Helitropfen.  I think what one of the customers wrote on Amazon says it all for me lol;  “It’s DMSSOOO Good”? 😥

I haven’t even got around to looking at the other products yet, but their reviews also look very good so I would definitely recommend any product that this company has to offer.  I’m sure they will not disappoint.

*Use Code REFN57Ww1 for 5% Off

In Conclusion

So not just the products by Helitropfen but generally speaking using DMSO for Pain Relief wherever you can get it from does seem like a good shout.  Even if it is just to try but be warned there are some reported side effects.  

Nothing compared to the NSAIDs like Aspirin, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, etc. but skin irritation, bloating, headaches, nausea, and nasal congestion can all be caused by DMSO so just be aware of that.  

However, some of the reported results for using DMSO for Pain Relief truly are amazing.  If these stories are to be believed then this could be what makes all the difference.

I will leave this up to you but if you’d like to try DMSO or any other products by Helitropfen you can find a link above.

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Your Feedback

Have you tried DMSO for Pain Relief?  or actually any products from the Helitropfen brand?

How did you get on?  Also, what did you think of my blog post today?

Please leave your feedback and questions in the comments section below.

Many Thanks (if you have read this far)


All the Best xx

Alex B. Chivers

Contact Us at chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com

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Is DMSO safe to use topically?

DMSO can be safe when used topically, but it can also have potential side effects, such as skin irritation, redness, and a garlic-like taste in the mouth. For this reason, It’s important to follow the proper usage instructions and consult with a healthcare professional first.

*Note please be aware most health professionals will tell you to avoid DMSO completely as they could lose their license. Rather just make sure to be sensible and follow instructions carefully.

Can DMSO be used internally?

DMSO can be used internally, but it’s important to use it under the guidance of a healthcare professional. Internal use of DMSO can have potential side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, and it can also interact with certain medications.

Does DMSO have any potential benefits for arthritis?

DMSO has been studied for its potential benefits for arthritis, and some research suggests that it may have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. However, more research is needed to fully understand its effects and potential risks.

Is MSM a safer alternative to DMSO?

MSM is generally considered safe when taken in supplement form, but it’s important to follow the proper dosage instructions and consult with a healthcare professional before taking any new supplement. While MSM and DMSO are similar in some ways, they also have some differences in their effects and potential risks.

Can DMSO be used to treat other conditions besides pain?

DMSO has been studied for its potential benefits for a variety of conditions, including skin conditions, bladder inflammation, and interstitial cystitis. However, more research is needed to fully understand its effects and potential risks for these and other conditions.

Why is DMSO Not FDA Approved?

DMSO is actually approved by the FDA for certain medical uses, such as bladder inflammation and interstitial cystitis. However, it has not been approved for other uses, such as pain relief or arthritis. This may be due to a lack of sufficient evidence or clinical trials to support its safety and effectiveness for these uses.

Is DMSO bad for the liver?

Although there are some reports that say DMSO in high doses may cause liver damage other sources say that it can actually protect the liver from injury produced by a variety of hepatotoxicants when administered prior to or concomitant with the toxicants.

Is DMSO available in the UK?

Yes, Heiltrophen is a company based in the UK that supplies DMSO. This is pharmaceutical grade with many positive reviews. Visit their website here!

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