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Is Blessed CBD The Best CBD Oil in the UK


Despite its meteoric rise in popularity one very big issue that affects CBD brands is locale. Many popular CBD brands that come up in Google searches for instance are USA companies that only ship to the USA. However, for people like me in the UK where does, this leave us?

For me, it has left me pondering one very big question – Is Blessed CBD The Best CBD Oil in the UK

So, as a resident of the UK myself, I have had my fair share of bad experiences like this. Finding a CBD product I want to order only to find out that they don’t ship to my country? WHICH sucks! Not just for myself but really anyone that relies on CBD for better health and wellness.

The many things that good quality CBD products can help treat are really quite impressive. Even serious conditions such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease are said to benefit from CBD’s many powerful healing effects.

However, to say that the CBD market is saturated with low-quality underwhelming products really is an understatement. And if that wasn’t bad enough the fact that proven CBD brands such as Charlottes Web, CBDMD, and Joy Organics are only available in America only makes finding good products harder.

Although, fear not – is Blessed CBD the Best CBD Oil in the UK?

That is what I will be looking to explore today.

This and a little bit more about the many benefits of CBD for health [See the infographic below]

Quite impressive, isn’t t? Could have done with finding this pin whilst researching my last CBD post (if only).  But nevermind –

So my last post by the way is actually what prompted me to look around to find the Best CBD Oil in the UK.

I came across a few different companies and all of them in terms of shipping were useless to me because none of them shipped to the UK.

Although definitely, after doing some digging about UK CBD Oil brands the one that stuck out the most for me was Blessed CBD

Check out this video below to find out more about the company I will be reviewing today.

Is This Best CBD in the UK for 2022 – Blessed CBD Review 

Brand Name: Blessed CBD
Founder and Owner:Vithurs Thiru (widely known as “V”)
Based In:London, UK
Short Description:A UK-based company that specializes in CBD products
Things To Note:Made Especially for UK Customers
High Quality and Organically Grown
Co2 Extracted
Full Spectrum CBD oil offers Maximum THC that is legally allowed
Directions For Use:Use according to what type you buy. Each is different.
Short Pros: Award-Winning CBD Company, 10% Discount for all customers
Short Cons:A UK-based company that specializes in CBD products
Do I Recommend:Yes, absolutely!

Affiliate Disclosure: 

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.  I do not have any kind of special relationship with this company and I do not work for them directly.  You will not pay any extra by using my links but if you do I may receive an affiliate commission.  Please think of this as a small reward for my time spent on this post if you have found this helpful.  Many thanks in Advance;  Alex  

Any questions please contact me at chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com

1.)  Is Blessed CBD The Best CBD Oil in the UK?

When I first searched for CBD in the UK I came across a few different companies. Not every list had Blessed CBD at the top but I would say the majority did, and others that didn’t have it as their #1 still had it in their top 10.

This was enough to tell me that Blessed CBD is a brand that is exceptionally popular with UK consumers. 

In fact, if you search online for a list of the best oil brands in the UK, you will find more than five articles listing Blessed CBD as their top pick.

Whether this really is the best that UK customers can buy – I’d say this is a matter of preference. Naturally, different people will have different uses for CBD oil and will experience different effects.

Although, Blessed CBD if you’d be willing to give their wide range of products a try… 

These include; 

  • CBD oils (tinctures)
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Gel Capsules
  • CBD for Skincare (topicals/salve)
  • CBD Vapes

2.)  Who Are Blessed CBD?

Blessed CBD Review 2023

So, you probably picked up on this already. The reason why I ask if Blessed CBD is the Best CBD Oil in the UK is that Blessed CBD is a UK-based company. 

They are based online and do not have a physical store where you can go and buy their products.  The founder and owner of Blessed CBD is an entrepreneur named Vithurs L Thiru (1).

Vithurs, or V for short, (as he likes to be called) explains on the website why he formed Blessed CBD.  His idea came to him apparently after his own bad experiences of trying to source quality CBD as a UK customer. What he noticed was that in the UK there was a severe lack of quality CBD oils.  

According to Vithurs back in 2017 when commercial CBD was first legalized the only way to get your hands on good quality CBD was by import from the USA.  Also, it was back then still very hard to get.  

Either because most CBD companies didn’t import or if they did it was just very expensive.  The other trouble was that the CBD available in those early years was either inconsistent with their quality or just not very good. So, Blessed CBD was formed for this reason.

To provide full-spectrum CBD made from the very best hemp plants for UK customers.  Carefully extracted with the highest potency they can legally offer.

3# – What Blessed CBD Products Are There?

Blessed CBD Premium CBD Oil

Blessed CBD as a general rule mostly sells 10ml tinctures with CBD content of 500mg or more. 

In their range of tinctures, they sell 3 types –

500MG, 1000MG, and their most potent type 1800MG

You can also buy them as CBD Gummies 750MG, CBD Capsules 900MG, and CBD Skin Cream!

Also, CBD Vapes and CBD Vape Juice can also be bought from Blessed CBD

Note:  The MG is how much CBD is inside not the actual weight or quantity of the product.

4# – Why Choose Blessed CBD

For starters – Blessed CBD undoubtedly provides good full-spectrum CBD oils that you may not find from any other brand.  All CBD oil products are available as both Full Spectrum which contains the maximum legal amount of THC (0.002%) and Broad Spectrum (zero THC).

Blessed CBD always lists at the top for Best CBD Oils in the UK.   I’ve found this to be the case for many lists now. I would suspect this is for good reason judging by Vithurs past experience with the CBD market.

Also, even if their products are entirely natural and high-quality, how about their prices? 

You can buy other CBD products at cheaper prices!  Sure but if you want to be certain about the quality of the product you are buying you need not look any further.

The best thing about Blessed CBD is their big claim is that cannabis plants and CBD may be new to the UK but not to them…?

How amazing is that! They are so sure of their products and quality services. It does make you wonder!

5# – Blessed CBD Online Reviews

Blessed CBD Reviews Trustpilot
*Here are the reviews for Blessed CBD on Trustpilot November 2022<<

So when you search Blessed CBD online, you will come across hundreds of positive reviews.  This by and large is review posts like this one hoping to capitalize on the Blessed CBD affiliate program.

However, one trusted source that I truly rate for reliable customer reviews is Trustpilot.  As you can see from the screenshot above consumers who have left reviews on TrustPilot have given this product a very high rating.

You can also find lots of positive reviews at places that don’t support affiliate links. 

Most are about the effectiveness of oils for muscle and joint pain; that’s what you can expect from a good CBD oil!

Such as Blessed CBD!

6# – Blessed CBD Taste and Quality

best cbd in the uk

Before moving on, let’s be clear!  Blessed CBD is not a completely worthless company.  Their oils are worthy and of high quality; it’s just their prices are very high! 

Many companies that claim to have the best oils in the UK or even overseas are not even 10% close to Blessed CBD. 

Blessed CBD provides 100% natural and full-spectrum oils along with good customer service.

It is often noticed that often full-spectrum and natural oils have a bit of bitterness and harsh taste. 

Well, Blessed CBD is somewhere in between, and it’s how realistic it should smell and taste. 

They are not so hard to take that you don’t feel like you have a mouth full of plants.  Although, we do have a minor issue with their 1800mg CBD oils.  This is because they claim it to be full-spectrum. 

But if you see their CBD lab report, there is zero THC and CBC. 

Otherwise, their profile is flashy and pretty good; some of the best pit there for sure!

In terms of strength, there’s nothing like Blessed CBD oils!  Many other well-known brands produce higher concentrated oils, but Blessed CBD indeed has some secret formula. 

Even the lowest concentration of Blessed CBD can be used to relieve mild pain.

7# – What Are the Pros and Cons

pros and cons

Since we have thoroughly researched and reviewed Blessed CBD, we are sure to say that there are a lot of pros and not many cons.  The only things that might put people off are that their products are often out of stock and obviously the prices. This is not totally a bad thing because of CBD Blessed’s quality. Anyhow just to summarise…

What Are The Pros

  • Quality UK Based CBD Supplier
  • Both Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum
  • Discounts Available for Blessed CBD Members
  • 5 Types of Products Available+

The Cons

  • Products Often Run Out of Stock
  • Limited Product Range Other Than CBD Oil
  • Prices May Put Some People Off

8# – Is Blessed CBD Safe?

To answer this question, the company has proved itself as a professional existence. They have a disclaimer note on their website that requests you not to use their products if you are under 18, pregnant, or a nursing mother.

Also, please consult your physician before you begin taking any kind of CBD.  Just to be safe. 

Customers have to accept this disclaimer before moving on!

You can see how much effort and work the brand puts into providing high-quality products.

However, certain information must be declared in the event of anything going wrong.

Usually, CBD including Blessed CBD is very safe and there are no real adverse side effects that can occur.

9# – Is Blessed CBD the Best CBD in the UK?

So, what’s the conclusion as we have reached the end of our Blessed CBD review?

Apart from the fact that you have to be on a waiting list to get your product as they usually sell out so fast, there is nothing wrong with Blessed CBD. They are definitely one of the best CBD brands in the UK.

The CBD oils will alleviate your pain the first time you use them, and they will still do the same even if you use them for the 10th time. The company produces oil in small batches to make sure that every product is up to the mark.

It is one of the reasons that the products are often out of stock!

The attention and focus that they provide to their customers, their fast and free delivery, and their dedication are reasons that determine the use to recommend Blessed CBD to you as one of the top CBD oils and creams providers!

Is Blessed CBD The Best CBD Oil in Germany

Another point worth noting is since the original publication of this review Blessed CBD is now available in Germany.

I will have to check and update this review regarding other countries in Europe but if you are from the UK or Germany Blessed CBD is available. Check the website BlessedCBD.De

Sources:  1.)  Vithurs, The UK-Based Entrepreneur Taking Over The CBD Industry – Forbes News

Why Should You Take CBD Oil?

Now, regardless of the product, CBD has been a game changer in the health and wellness industry. Ever since the story of then-young Charlotte Figi (around 2009) made headlines all across the USA for her use of CBD – to treat her seizures – the commercialization of CBD products has all over the world been phenomenal.

Many have experienced unbelievable cures and relief from cannabis oil. Numerous Scientific Studies and research papers have concluded exceptional results to prove the far-reaching health benefits of CBD.

If you are looking for something to help you sleep, keep digestive discomfort under control, and relieve stress, anxiety, and pain these are just some of the things that CBD can help you with. We actually have a part of our brain called the endo-cannabinoid system that regulates and controls many of our body’s vital functions. [R]

It definitely begs the question of why it is called this and if this is why CBD can be so good for us.

Share your thoughts below it will be great to hear from you…


Finally many thanks for your time.  If you have any questions or would like to leave me your feedback please do so in the comments section below.  Also, if you would like to share your experience as a UK customer of Blessed CBD or any other brands please do share.  You can again use the comments section or contact us directly at alexc@dynamicideas4life.com

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Many thanks ❤


from Alex B Chivers

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7 thoughts on “Is Blessed CBD The Best CBD Oil in the UK”

  1. Hi Alex, reading your article about the best CBD in the Uk, one of the categories of this product which intricate me is CBD skincare. You wrote here that the company offers Skin cream. Please can you inform me what is it about, or I can check searching this kind of product on their site? 

    thank you for this detailed information.



    • Hello,  So if you click on one of the hyperlinks for Blessed CBD you can visit the website for more information.

      It is 750MG of Premium CBD inside and it is for sore muscles and stiff joints.

  2. Hi Alex, thank you for this review, it is a piece of real knowledge. We have been thinking for a while to get CBD for our anxious baby furry to calm him down and as I’ve mentioned in my latest article, we did. Makes a huge difference.
    I really believe that in order to achieve the desire performance people should administer the CBD based on their age, disease, etc
    Thank you for this very helpful and well described… Have you tried?
    many blessings to you&family

    • Thanks, Ariana, Glad you like. I believe this is maybe one of the better CBD brands in the UK. Not sure about giving to a baby lol but I will check out your article. I’ve been fascinated by CBD for a while now. I read a bit back in the day about Cannabis Oil being used for Cancer treatment but I use to think this was only THC oil that had all these amazing benefits. Although I must admit the more I learn about CBD the more I wonder how it stacks up against different supplements etc. Have I tried? Not yet but may give the gummies OK soon I think as my mum wants to try these also.

  3. Thanks for this article. I have been looking into CBD oils and wanted to try some. the Blessed CBD seem to be good since they have a wide variety.
    However, Since I don’t live in UK can I be able to get these?

  4. Hi Alex,

    I’ve read several CDB product reviews and every time I got excited about finding something good it turned out that it was only available in the US and/or Canada … So, I’m glad to find a product that is available elsewhere too! 🙂
    I’m not sure which of the three types of CBD I should take, whether the 500, 1000, or 1800 mg. If you don’t take it all the time, let’s say a few times per week, would the 500 mg one be best?


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