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Product Name: BiOptimizers HCL Breakthrough

Creator: Wade T Lightheart

Price: $29 (1 Bottle), $49 (2 bottles), $69 (3 bottles)

Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars

Website: HCLBreakthrough.com

Quick Summary: HCL Breakthrough is a Betaine Hydrochloric Acid Supplement. It is essentially a remedy for stomach acid deficiency. When our body for whatever reason doesn’t produce enough stomach acid. This can, as a result, cause several health issues including GERT, Indigestion, Heart Burn, and Acid Reflux.

Table of Content

  1. Introduction to HCL Breakthrough
  2. What is HCL Breakthrough?
  3. How HCL Breakthrough Works
  4. Ingredients And Side Effects
  5. Advantages of HCL Breakthrough
  6. Why Is It Better Than Other Supplements?
  7. In Conclusion

BiOptimizers HCL Breakthrough-Review

HCL Breakthrough Bottle

Introduction to HCL Breakthrough

HCL Breakthrough is as mentioned above a Hydrochloric Acid Betaine dietary supplement. Its design is for many people that are not able to enjoy their meals due to digestion issues like stomach pain, tummy troubles, and gas, etc. Not only this but also problems such as GERT, acid reflux, and indigestion. All of which can make people’s lives difficult socially and when they can’t enjoy their meals.

These are all digestive health issues, and there could be more problems. In summary, these problems include:

• Gas, burping or bloating after eating or drinking

• Heart-burn

• Bad Breathing

• Tasteless Meals

• Feeling exhausted after eating

• Abdominal pains

Plus there could be many more similar issues. If you have any of these symptoms, then it implies that there may likely be a shortage of stomach acid production in your body. But there is no need to worry because with all of these symptoms they can be cured. There are many stomach acid supplements available, and this includes HCL breakthrough.

A product which claims to be better than the rest. Why I will try to cover throughout this review.

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What is HCL Breakthrough?

What is HCL Breakthrough

This I’m sure you must have a rough idea about from what you’ve read already so far.  HCL breakthrough is a supplement that supports the digestive system of your body. There are several digestive enzymes present in our body that are used for the breakdown of food so that it is absorbed and utilized by our body.

As we grow older, the efficiency of enzymes eventually decreases, and as a result, we face several digestive issues.

HCL supplements, in general, benefit the digestive system and act as digestive enzymes. They help in the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into a simpler form so that they are easily absorbed and consumed by our bodies. It also helps you to get rid of stomach pain and other stomach related issues.

How HCL Breakthrough Works

To understand how HCL Breakthrough works we must first understand that our stomach produces hydrochloric acid for digestion purposes.  We need this stomach acid for digestion and most digestive problems are caused due to excessive (too much) or too little HCL acid.

It is often thought that it is most commonly excessive stomach acid that is the most common cause of digestive issues but here is the thing what many people don’t realize is it can also be the total opposite.  Low stomach acid levels.

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Exactly what a hydrochloric acid supplement can help you with balancing the amount of HCL acid in your body so that your stomach breaks down food properly and assimilates nutrients correctly.

So, if you are suffering from stomach or digestive problems, this premier HCl supplement can help you to get rid of these issues, and you can eat comfortably.

Purchase:  Here

Ingredients And Side Effects


All the ingredients used in this supplement are entirely natural, and you don’t have to worry about the side effects.

HCL breakthrough comes with betaine. Betaine HCL supplements help your body to use the nutrients of the food and remove toxins from your body. The supplement is produced with the help of an organic blend of nutrients, and it is free from any fillers, additives, or animal by-products, etc.

It contains; protease (2 types), lipase, amylase, and cellulase with a mineral blend for the breakdown of proteins and fats.

Also, one thing to note HCL Breakthrough does not contain Pepsin.  Something that some people are sensitive to and it comes from animals.  Most HCL supplements contain this enzyme and this is one good thing about HCL breakthrough it’s 100% vegan friendly, and plant-based.

Advantages of HCL Breakthrough


There are several advantages of this supplement, such as:

• Help soothe away acid reflux

• Enhances the ability of the stomach to digest foods.

• Stops harmful bacteria from infiltrating your intestines.

• Enhanced absorption of minerals and nutrients in your body.

• Relieves stomach pain

• Full night sleep without digestion issues.

Why Is It Better Than Other Supplements?

As BiOptimizers claims HCL Breakthrough is one of the best Betaine HCl supplements currently available.  This may not be the view of everyone.  These are just some of the others if anybody is interested;

  1. Now Betaine HCL
  2. Solaray High Potency HCL+ with Pepsin
  3. Dr. Clark Betaine HCL
  4. Best Naturals Betaine HCL
  5. Premier Research Labs Betaine HCL

Why HCL Breakthrough is supposedly better though?

Well, according to them because it is 100% safe to use. It is free from any additives, and unlike other supplements, there is 0% risk of developing addiction issues. You can stop taking it anytime when you feel that your digestive system is functioning correctly.

Not only that but it helps you to enhance your digestive system and also kills the harmful micro-organisms like unfriendly bacteria that you may develop due to a lack of protection from low levels of stomach acid.

In Conclusion

HCL breakthrough can help you in getting rid of many stomach related issues. It is made up of all-natural and organic ingredients that can help you to change your lifestyle and get rid of digestion problems.

Investing in this supplement will surely benefit you, and it won’t be a waste of money.  There are 2 ways to find out if your issues such as acid reflux, heartburn, or indigestion are caused by low levels of HCL acid.  #1 is the $350 Heidelberg Stomach Acid Test Protocol and #2 is try HCL Breakthrough (1 capsule) with a high protein meal and see how you feel after.  The best bit is there is a full 1 Year Warranty.  Just send your remaining unopened bottles for your money back.

Finally, I’m sure I’ve already given the purchase link out a few times throughout this article but to save you scrolling back;

Click Here Button

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  1. Very nice post about Bioptimizers HCL, I liked it a lot, especially from a dietist’s point of view – you can balance acid problems through food, but it is a rather very strict diet,and honestly I couldn’t do that kind of diet if I had acidic problems. Suplements are something I don’t encourage to reach after, but in this case,it is totally new to me, and it seems very promising. Nicely written article,


    Primoz P.

    • Hi Primoz,  This one is a safe supplement I would say it’s 100% vegetable-based made from beets.  I think is very promising.  

  2. I’ve been dealing with some of the issues that you mentioned, and in particular being bloated after eating and then having heart-burn. Sometimes it’s mild and I can get by without doing anything, but other times it can be really bad. So far my main strategy has been to stop eating the particular foods that caused the issue, but I think that using some sort of dietary supplement that deals with this might be a good idea.

    With HCL Breakthrough, is it something that should be taken with every meal or is it more along the lines of vitamin supplements where I just take one a day in the morning?

  3. This is exactly what I need. Thanks for sharing this amazing product with the members of the public. I have been Basically searching for an effective product to apply for chest burn. It normally occurs immediately I am done consuming some certain meals, I am so glad I am seeing this. I will really want to try it.

    • Hey Sheddy,  I’m glad you want to try I fully recommend this.  There are other products available obviously but this one has the 1 year warranty.  Lots of good reviews.  It is a little bit more expensive than others but I personally think this is fully justified with the quality of the product.  No additives, no unethical animal by-products (eg. animal pepsin) and as mentioned 1 year warranty as long as you don’t open more than 1 bottle.  Here is link again if you need it;  https://bit.ly/3bwfLbH  

  4. Bioptimizers HCL Breakthrough increases stomach acid and hydrochloric acid to support digestion and detoxification. It an all-natural source of betaine hydrochloric acid. It also contains 5 different types of enzymes. I know there are others like this one out there but i think this one is the best.thanks a lof for sharing this awesome article

  5. Treating stomach issues with natural organic remedies is the best so as to avoid any extra complication. it is necessary to invest in supplements like this. having a full year warranty gives a relief like no other.

    i would like to share this article with some of my friends. thank you very much

  6. Thank you very much for this insightful post. i must commend your website as the templates are lovely. this is a nice article on bioptimizers hcl breakthrough. i like the fact that you were explicit about the effects and side effects. i would like to share this article with some of my friends


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