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Leaky Gut Guardian Review – How To Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome


Are you wondering about How To Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome

Well, the idea behind a leaky gut is that the pathways between cells in the intestinal wall are not as secure as they really should be, and when this happens larger particles, bacteria, and pro-inflammatory matter can all leak out. 

Something that can become more serious the longer it is left untreated.

Its a condition with symptoms that can include; 

  • Eczema,
  • Acne,
  • Fatigue,
  • Bloating,
  • Headaches
  • and Brain Fog

However, It is a strange condition because no actual medical diagnosis exists for Leaky Gut apart from that for another condition called Intestinal permeability – which is basically just another name.

Although this does not mean Leaky Gut does not exist.  There is definitely a place on the market for products such as Leaky Gut Guardian By Bioptimizers, and for many people, Leaky Gut is of course a very real health issue.

In fact, for anyone that has what they suspect to be Leaky Gut or Intestinal Permeability, this is definitely something you will want to treat as soon as you can.  

This is because if left untreated Leaky Gut can cause further problems including widespread inflammation and immunodeficiency.  Something that can increase the risk of serious disease.

So finding a treatment that works for Leaky Gut is very important and this is one reason why Bioptimizers Leaky Gut Guardian might just be worth taking a look at.

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Now, let’s get started with this review…

Bioptimizers Leaky Gut Guardian Review (2023)

Bioptimizers Leaky Gut Guardian Review *New Name Biome Breakthrough
Product Name: Biome Breakthrough fka Leaky Gut Guardian
Manufactured By:Bioptimizers
Created By:Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant
Brief Description:Dietary Supplement For Repairing The Lining of the Gut
Ingredients:IgYMax, Lactobacillus Probiotics, Organic Inulin Prebiotic Fiber, and Bovine Bone Broth & Collagen (In The Carnivore Chocolate formula)
Dosage/ Directions For Use:
Things To Note:✅ Trusted Company
✅ Reputable Brand
✅ Vegetarian Option Available
✅ 365 Days Satisfaction Guarantee (1 Bottle)
Do I Recommend:YES if you are OK with the Ingredients (not suitable for Vegans)

FTC Disclosure

Please note that I am an affiliate of Bioptimizers.  This post contains my affiliate links and if you use one of these links and it leads to you making a purchase it is very likely I will receive a commission.  This will not make any difference to the price you will normally pay.

Please contact me at chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com if you’d like more information.

Health Disclaimer:   

Just to make this clear I am not a doctor or qualified medical professional.  Information shared within this post including my own views and opinions is based on my online research and not scientific facts.  This information should not replace that from professionals such as doctors or medical practitioners. 

What Is Leaky Gut Guardian?

Leaky Gut Guardian®
is a powerful combination of Immunized Egg Powder and a blend of Lactobacillus Probiotics with Organic Inulin Prebiotic Fiber. The superior blend also includes Bovine Broth and Collagen (Carnivore Chocolate) but you can also get a Vegetarian Vanilla option if you prefer.

Inside each can, you will find 150g of powder.

Combined together this supplement has been specially formulated to help repair the gut lining.  

It is synergistically designed to help weed out bad bacteria and reseed the good bacteria that are important for reinforcing the intestinal wall.  By taking Leaky Gut Guardian you can be guaranteed many possible health benefits.

These include;

  • Improvements in overall GI health
  • A solution for intestinal permeability
  • The elimination of bloating & gas
  • Better Immunity response
  • A way to remedy gut inflammation
  • Increased nutrient absorption
  • and Raised energy levels

But how about Leaky Gut Guardian?

As mentioned already there are two different flavors.  One for carnivores (meat-eaters) and one for vegetarians.  Just quickly I will summarize each below;

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i.) Leaky Gut Guardian Chocolate Carnivore

leaky gut guardian chocolate

So this first flavor is obviously Chocolate.  It is made with Ecuadorian Raw Cocoa.  Besides this, it is exactly the same as Vegetarian Vanilla but it contains 2 extra ingredients which are Bovine Collagen and Bovine Bone Broth.

I am not sure how much this version will work better compared to the Vegetarian Vanilla but just in case you’re wondering here is what it says on the Healthline.com website. 

Basically, “bovine bone broth is a rich source of essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals”.

Plus also Bioptimizers say this version has added benefits to the vegetarian one because bone broth is a natural source of glutamine and gelatin.  And Bovine Collagen can help to prevent damage to the intestinal lining.

(Find Out More About Leaky Gut Guardian Chocolate Flavour HERE<<<)

or if you prefer… let’s take a look at the alternative ▶

ii.) Leaky Gut Guardian Vanilla Vegetarian

bioptimzers leaky gut guardian vanilla vegetarian 150g

For anyone that doesn’t like the idea of drinking a shake or smoothie with bovine collagen and bone broth or even Chocolate flavor, this is the vegetarian alternative. 

Vegetarian Vanilla is not vegan as it still contains IgY Max hyper Immunized Egg powder but if you are vegetarian and you aren’t bothered about the egg powder then look no further. 

(Find Out More About Leaky Gut Guardian Vegetarian Vanilla Flavour HERE<<<)

Does It Really Work?

So at current Leaky Gut Guardian is still a fairly new product.  Not many reviews can be found although considering Bioptimizers’ track record for releasing good quality products it would appear this one is no different.  I am yet to see any disappointing products from the Bioptimizers brand and one thing worth mentioning is this company’s research into the evolution of probiotics.

If you look on the Bioptimizers website on the about page you can see that Bioptimizers has partnered with Burch University in Bosnia where they have multiple scientists with PhDs working in their probiotics lab.

bioptimizers backed by science

It certainly does help paint a very interesting picture.  Although, one of the big questions surrounding Leaky Gut Guardian is about one of its main ingredients IgYmax – which is a patented blend of Immunized Egg Powder.

This ‘kind of’ sounds a bit off-putting to me.  Mostly because I don’t like eggs but I’ve done some research on this and it’s actually something that has found itself to have quite a reputation for what it can do.

You may have heard of this ingredient before.  It’s been around for quite some time already and it’s definitely very popular amongst some that have used this. 

Especially for its effects on Immune health.  But… 

What Is Immunized Egg Powder?

I think this is a good point to discuss.  One of Leaky Gut Guardian’s main ingredients is a kind of egg powder created from Immunized Chicken Eggs.  If you do your research online you should find that Immunized Egg Powder like that which is added to Leaky Gut Guardian is a popular treatment for gut health problems.

It apparently is created by Immunizing Chickens (Hens) against an array of infectious diseases.   Then when the Hen lays its eggs IgY (Immunoglobin Y) antibodies are created which then can be found and extracted from the yolks inside the eggs.

These antibodies are what are used to make the egg powder used in Leaky Gut Guardian [Read More HERE].

What is IgY Max Immunized Egg Powder

To me this is quite strange really and who knows what these Immunizations are?  I personally am also a little put off by this as well.  From what I can deduce IgY hens are immunized against specific bacteria and diseases.  Personally, I would like to know which these immunizations are but regardless IgY egg powder is touted as a possible alternative to antibiotics.

Antibiotics are kind of like the enemy of probiotics.  They can be great for managing bacterial infections of course but they also kill off a lot of beneficial bacteria which can cause its own set of problems. 

Without coming across as too confusing the real trick to managing digestive health issues, such as a leaky gut, one thing that is key is establishing the right balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut biome.

Note:  One thing I found that IgY hens are possibly immunized against is Pseudomonas aeruginosa.  

I am not 100% on this but this and maybe E. Coli look like possible immunizations for these IgY hens.

 Really I don’t know but anyhow…

How Does Leaky Gut Guardian Work?

So, Leaky Gut Guardian is for anyone that is interested in finding a solution to improve your gut microbiome and helping to heal your gut lining.  

Bioptimizers describe Leaky Gut Guardian as a synergistic blend of probiotics and prebiotics alongside an egg powder formulation called IgYmax.

See the full list of ingredients for their Vegetarian Vanilla formula below;

Bioptimizers Leaky Gut Guardian ingredients label
  • IgYmax (Hyperimmunized Egg Powder) 2000mg
  • Lactobacillus Blend (10 Billion Colony Forming Units)
  • Organic Inulin, IOS (Vitafiber) ~ Prebiotics 
  • D-Ribose (sugar molecules)
  • Stevia Extract (sweetener), vanilla, or chocolate extract (depending on which you choose).

*Note: I have mentioned this already but the difference between the Vanilla Leaky Gut Guardian and Chocolate Leaky Gut Guardian is chocolate contains 2 extra ingredients – Bovine Broth and Bovine Collagen.

So, IgYmax is of course the main ingredient.  This works by triggering the immune system to replace unhealthy bacteria with beneficial bacteria (probiotics) and has been clinically shown to reduce the leaky gut marker Zonulin by 95%. 

*note Zonulin is a protein that affects intestinal permeability as it modulates the tight junctions between cells in the digestive tract.  Reducing Zonulin’s presence within the gut environment according to scientific data will go some way to fixing leaky guts.

Plus it is also worth mentioning that IgYmax can also improve the gut lining’s ability to break down histamine, which itself can be problematic given that it can cause gut inflammation.

Now, as well as this you also have probiotics and prebiotics.  Forming new colonies of these bacteria this works alongside the IgYmax to help the gut’s natural ability to cleanse itself of detrimental bacteria and pathogens.

The rest of the ingredients are really just there for the flavoring.  Stevia extract, vanilla/chocolate flavoring, etc.  These are really just for the taste.

Is Leaky Gut Guardian LEGIT?

For anyone in doubt, I think you can tell a lot about the legitimacy of Leaky Gut Guardian just by the background of Bioptimizers.  They are a company that was first established in 2004, they have helped thousands of people worldwide become healthier and there are plenty of reviews to back this up. Look up MassZymes and P3OM to see just some of these reviews.

If you look on Trustpilot this one place and also actually even though they never seem to ever have any products there in stock Bioptimizers have their own Amazon store which itself has plenty of reviews. 

Just look at Bioptimizers and all their other products.  The reviews are amazing and there are many happy repeat customers.  You also get a full 365-day satisfaction guarantee with every order.

The price is maybe not for everyone but you should find that Bioptimizers as a company is definitely LEGIT.

Although I think really the main question that needs to be asked before you decide to buy is this…

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How Do You Know If you Have a Leaky Gut?

I shared some of the symptoms of a Leaky Gut at the beginning of the article.  Skin conditions such as eczema, acne plus things like bloating, gas, and fatigue can all be signs that you have a leaky gut but just to elaborate further. 

Here are some of the indicators that you could have Leaky Gut Syndrome.

  1. Burning feeling like you have Stomach Ulcers.
  2. Diarrhoea
  3. Painful Indigestion.  This is caused by the loss of intestinal mucosa.
  4. Bloating/Gas.  From the fermentation of bacterial overgrowth.
  5. Loss of energy/fatigue.  As a result of fewer nutrients being absorbed.

There is no actual test for Leaky Gut Syndrome but for Intestinal Permeability some methods of testing that are thought to work include; 

  • By Taking a Blood or Urine Test,
  • Tissue Biopsy or 
  • Confocal Endomicroscopy

These are not definitive tests but if you really want to get technical this is what a doctor might suggest.

Although, the best way to decide whether a supplement like this is for you is probably by whether you have any of the symptoms in the 5 points above. 

However, another thing to note is that according to Bioptimizers most people have some degree of Leaky gut they just don’t realize it.

{Read More Here]


Is Bioptimizers Leaky Gut Guardian Really Worth It?

Gut health is a quite broad subject really.  Our digestive systems are very complex ecosystems.  Teeming with microorganisms that are all living inside of us.  Quite like the planet, we live on and just like the planet Earth, we need to protect the environment to sustain life within the gut biome in very much the same way.

So when we have digestive health trouble usually this is our gut telling us that it is not healthy.  We should all know these feelings and there is much that can be done to help remedy them. 

Nutrition is really the key here but more than anything else finding a way to deliver the right nutrients in the right way is essential.

The food we eat is always the first thing to consider.  Dairy products (yogurt, milk, cheese), pickles, and preserves are natural probiotics and also other foods high in fiber are prebiotics that helps nourish probiotics inside the body.

However, the thing about supplements such as Leaky Gut Guardian – they are tailor-made to treat these kinds of digestive issues.  The price is quite high compared to others but it’s definitely worth a try based on the guarantee that Bioptimizers give and because of the good reputation for quality that comes with the Bioptimizers brand.

You could of course try some of the other probiotic supplements on the market.  Seed Synbiotics I think look like a good one to try but of course, if you really suspect that Leaky Gut Syndrome is the problem then look no further…  

I would definitely recommend this and here is why…

Just to quickly summarise…

What Do You Get With Leaky Gut Guardian?

Let’s see.  So with each can of Leaky Gut Guardian or rather Biome Breakthrough as it is also known you will get 150g of powder.  This comes with a scoop and each scoop is 5g of powder.  You get in total 30 servings which is basically a 30-day supply.  

So content-wise this is pretty much it but besides this, you also get the Bioptimizers 365 Satisfaction Guarantee.  This does not include return shipping but then if Leaky Gut Guardian doesn’t work as intended you have plenty of time to claim a refund.

Also, about the actual product – with Biome Breakthrough you get a quality blend of ingredients that are both gluten and soy-free.  You get several other guarantees such as the fact that all Bioptimizers products are FDA & GMP Approved, Non-GMO, and 3rd Party Lab Tested. 

You can also get discounts and free shipping for multi-buy of more than one can. 

leaky gut guardian + discounts

*Note if you click on the image above you will be redirected to the Biome Breakthrough website where you can choose from the two different flavors.

*Don’t forget to use Discount Code 13586 at checkout for 10% off

Who Is Leaky Gut Guardian For?

Anyone with Leaky Gut Syndrome, Intestinal Permeability, or anyone that suspects they might have either condition should consider this product.  This is definitely coming from a company with a good reputation but also really anyone that just wants to maximize their gut health and to further reinforce their gut lining may also want to consider this product.

I will share some other products as well (please keep reading) but really anyone that wants a guaranteed solution for better gut health Bioptimizers Leaky Gut Guardian (Biome Breakthrough) really should be worth considering.

Although, like any dietary supplement, of course, it is advised to speak to a doctor first, or even if you really want to you can contact Bioptimizers through their website to speak to them about your gut health issues and they can tell you what they themselves recommend.

Other Leaky Gut Supplements For Sale

*Please note I have not researched any of these products. These are just some I have found online.

Product NamePriceVegan FriendlyIngredientsWhere To Buy
Amen Leaky Gut +N/AYes Glutamine, Zinc, Organic Turmeric, Licorice Root, and Marshmallow Root along with a blend of probiotics (10 Billion CFU)https://amzn.to/3bbE9nu
Dr. Amy Myers Leaky Gut Revive$54.99Not SureArabinogalactan, DGL Liquorice, Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark, L-Glutamine, Aloe Verahttps://amzn.to/3HNvO5V
Ancient Nutrition Leaky Gut$28.99YesOrganic Fermented Licorice Root, Astragalus, Marshmallow Root, Cardamom Seed, and L-Glutaminehttps://amzn.to/3NhyDx9
Gut Assist Leaky Gut SupportN/AYesGlutamine, Arabinogalactan, Licorice Root, Aloe Vera (3 flavors)https://amzn.to/3HKZ9xA

Final Word – Should You Try Leaky Gut Guardian?

Upon reading through the Bioptimizers Leaky Gut Guardian home page there are some points that I felt were quite interesting.

Like It says that “Harvard doctors say most people all have some degree of Leaky Gut Syndrome”. 

It kind of seems a bit crazy but then it continues to say that – processed food, contaminated tap water, too much sugar, antibiotics, gluten, casein, and heavy metals from food packaging can all worsen the gut lining.

Really it’s not hard to see why so many people are affected by conditions such as Leaky Gut because all the above are very real issues affecting the human race on a very large scale.  

Just gluten for instance – whether you are gluten intolerant or not this alone can spike zonulin levels.  Casein which is the protein in milk this too can cause leaks.  Mercury from dental fillings and seafood, arsenic from white rice, cadmium, and lead from air pollution…

and the list goes on.

So many things can cause gut problems and what the guys at Harvard say they are likely, not wrong. 

Many of us likely have some level of Leaky Gut and we don’t even realize it.

In fact, till we actually treat this condition we may not even notice until we actually take something like Leaky Gut Guardian and notice the difference afterward. 

It’s expensive yes but why not try Leaky Gut Guardian today and see for yourselves (Click Here To Save 10% OFF Every Order)?  *Use Code 13586

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6 thoughts on “Leaky Gut Guardian Review – How To Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome”

  1. Hi Alex,
    Thanks for this comprehensive review of Leaky Gut Guardian. So much is being said about leaky gut everyday, but it was really nice to read an article about it rather than the advertorial as that direct you to a 40 minute long video!! It is also good to know that there are tests for intestinal permeability because bloating and fatigue could be signs of other things as well.

    Still unsure about the method used for the egg powder- IgY hens are immunized against specific bacteria and diseases. As you rightly concluded, it would be good to have an idea of which bacteria and diseases. If the product is approved for sale on the market, I think it is probably safe. If I had to use this I would go with the chocolate flavor.


    • Hi Ceci, Yes so this is something I’ve wanted to cover for a while now. I’m glad you found it helpful. There are tests for intestinal permeability but I think the symptoms alone can be quite apparent. It is said that many of us suffer from some degree of leaky gut. Gluten and Casein people are always consuming and these are two of the most difficult proteins to digest. It is said that just this, people consuming too much wheat and dairy is one very common factor for leaky gut. Plus there surely are plenty others I would suspect – anything that causes GI Inflammation I think can be responsible.

      As for IGY Hens I still need to look into this further. I think IgY Max which is the patented blend of hyperimmunized egg powder inside Leaky Gut Guardian has its own website so maybe I can reach out to them there but I would guess e.coli s one of the main things – but then I have heard a lot of good things about it as an alternative to antibiotics because it doesn’t attack healthy gut bacteria. I mean for what its worth I think if it can solve digestive issues that are actually causing people problems then why not? I would also go with the chocolate flavour I think but then I would say vegan supplements always seem more appealing to me as they seem more natural.

  2. Hi Alex
    This is such a detailed review of Leaky Gut Guardian and well explained. A leaky gut can be a terrible disease and the symptoms are not pleasant at all. In our Clinic, we always encourage people to look into changing their diet as well which can be a good starting point as well as using supplements.

    It looks like the Leaky Gut Guardian has all the right ingredients. But how safe is it? can you buy over the counter?

    Cheers, Angee

    • Hi Angee, Thanks I’m glad you like it. Yes, Leaky Gut can be very troublesome in some cases this can lead to immunodeficiency which is the 3rd biggest killer in the world. In less serious cases it can be responsible for inflammation, bloating, gas and other digestive discomforts. Changing diet is important probiotic foods and prebiotic foods are good options to consider. Leaky Gut Guardian actually contains both. Also, you ask if this is safe. Yes it is definitely safe you just not to research the company to see that they will tell you this – a lot of care goes into making these products [CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE) – they have their own probiotics lab in Bosia university. You can not buy OTC only from the Bioptimizers website and on occasion from Amazon.

  3. HI Alex,
    I am not familiar with the leaky gut syndrome, and really didn’t know much about it until I read you review. It sounds like many people could be suffering from this problem and not even know it. Even in this day and age, the medical community does not have all the answers. I am sure their will be a test that confirms this diagnosis in the future.
    Like you, I am not a vegan, but I do like to avoid the non-vegan products because of some animals being destroyed to produce the products. In this case though, I would be ok with it being developed using eggs. But, I still have some concerns about the immunizations. Are they using antibiotics? If so, then that would be a problem with me. Thank you, for sharing such an in-depth review on Leaky Gut Guardian.

    • Hi Chas, Thanks for commenting. Yes, I never really knew much about what leaky gut is prior to researching this product but yes it is quite a widespread problem due to all the toxic shite that is in people’s food and drink. I think the test you are on about I’m not sure how it would work – I think maybe the only way to really check is with a microscope/x-ray to check the actual stomach lining for holes although generally there are quite a range of symptoms which might help you decide if you want to consider this as a treatment. I mean it is probably something that has the potential to help many people with digestive discomfort. It is something that probably wouldn’t be a waste even if you didn’t have a leaky gut as the probiotics and prebiotics inside would still be beneficial to overall gut health.

      Also definitely agree about the vegan part – it doesn’t bear thinking about what happens to animal for things like gelatin and collagen to be extracted. I could really go on here. As for the eggs and the hyperimmunized egg powder that is inside the supplements I will need to reach out to bioptimizers I think to see if they can tell me more.


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