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Provanax by HFL – Anti-Depression Formula – Does It Work?


Are you someone that suffers from Depression or High Levels of Anxiety and Stress?

If so, if left untreated this can lead to a whole host of further problems including Insomnia, Panic Attacks, and Low Sex Drive. You may not want to admit this – that you feel down or you are not happy but one thing that might be of some comfort is that with the right nutrition, this can be treatable.

In fact, one such product Provanax by HFL Solutions and Dr. Sam Robbins claims to be able to help with exactly this.

Quickly Reduce Feelings of Worry, Nervousness and Sadness with Provanax

But, What Is Provanax? What makes THIS better than other similar products in this category that claim to help treat stress, anxiety, and depression? and why should you even consider taking something like this in the first place?

Let’s dive in and find out

Here is our review of HFL Solutions Provanax and what we think about whether you should try this product or not to help relieve your issues with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Keep reading about what we have to say and let us know what you think in the comments. About whether this product is worth people’s time and money or not?

I shall only offer my own unbiased, honest opinion (will let you make your own minds up) but with that said let’s get started with my…

Provanax by HFL Review (2023) – Stress, Anxiety, and Anti-Depression Formula – Does It Really Work?

HFL Health Fitness Longevity Solutions Dr Sam Robbins Provanax Review
Product Name:Provanax
Manufacturer:HFL Solutions
Owner of Company:Dr. Sam Robbins
Brief Description:Nutritional Supplement That Helps Induce Calmness & Relaxation Designed To Help Sufferers of Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
Ingredients:B-Vitamins, TRACCS Magnesium, Lemon Balm, L-Theanine, 5-HTP, GABA, Inositol, Valerian Root, Passionflower, St. Johns Wort, Lithium Orate, B. Bifidum, L. Plantarum, B. Longum
Things To Note:✅ Over 1100 Reviews on the website (mostly positive)
✅ Contains patented, organic, and non-GMO ingredients
✅ Fast Results and Long Term Benefits
✅ 356-Day Money Back Guarantee
✅ Superior Absorption and Bioavailability
Dosage/Directions For Use:GENERAL USE:  Take 2-3 capsules, 1-3 daily as needed, with 1 cup of water (preferably on an empty stomach).
INTENSE: For acute or “high stress” situations (emotional or physical), take 4-8 capsules at once for faster relief.
SLEEP: For improved restful sleep and relaxation, take 2-6 pills, 30-60 min before bed on an empty stomach.
It’s best to “cycle” this product and NOT to use it continuously, or your body may adapt and results will be reduced. Please see the below cycle options …
Side Effects:Some users have reported an upset tummy but otherwise, Provanax is 100% safe and non-habit forming
Do I Recommend?:YES, I think that whilst mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are psychological in nature surprisingly detrimental gut health can play a bigger role in this than a lot of people may be willing to accept. So its treatment can have very surprising results.

Affiliate Disclosure:

This article may contain affiliate links. This means I could make a commission if, you purchase anything using one of these links. The price you pay will not be affected. Also, I do not recommend every product I write about so please read carefully.

If you have any further questions please contact me directly at chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com

Do You Suffer From Stress, Anxiety, or Depression?

Maintaining our mental health in the best way is a very important aspect of our day-to-day lives. Stress, anxiety, and depression are very common mental health issues for more of us than we care to admit.

If left untreated these issues can manifest into much worse problems. Poor physical health, self-harm, and even suicide can be knock-on effects of these conditions if left untreated. So be sure to seek professional help if things really are this bad.

Reach out to friends and family members, whatever you are comfortable with, and let them know about how you feel. This might seem difficult to admit but if these are decent people you will feel much better for doing so. If they are not find somebody else.

Even calling the Samaritans or a similar anonymous phone line.

Medication might be what is recommended but if you have had bad experiences in the past with anti-depressants then here is how supplements like Provanax By HFL might be able to help.

So, What Is HFL Provanax ?

What is provanax supplement for anxiety and depression

HFL Solutions Provanax is a fast-acting nutritional supplement that promises to help relieve you of the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

It contains 100% natural ingredients that offer a safe way to improve your mood and make you feel better inside. It can also help to reduce insomnia, irritability, and panic attacks.

Users report feeling much happier and more at ease after taking this product.

According to Dr. Sam Robbins, the product creator of Provanax he first developed this formula with its original blend 20+ years ago when he was in med school. This he says was to help with his studies and to help regulate his negative thoughts, induce positive moods, as well as counter the stressful feelings he felt whilst he was studying for long hours. 

Whether this is really true I can not confirm but certainly what ingredients are contained within this formula do seem to give these claims some credibility.

Mostly because these Ingredients themselves (at least to some degree) are supported by science to help with some of the exact issues that Provanax claims to be used for.

Note: If HFL and Dr. Sam are to be believed Provanax Contains scientifically researched & patented ingredients designed to especially target feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression !!!

How Provanax works for anxiety, stress, and depression - 4 different ways.

*Now, I am not saying all of this is any guarantee of resolving such problems but what is for sure is that such problems do need to be taken care of. Whether this is with Provanax or not here is what you should know...

What Is Stress and Why Is It Essential To Banish It?

Stress is an emotional response that can make you feel anxious, angry, and frustrated. Lots of people feel stressed out for lots of different reasons.

It’s quite a normal feeling if you have a lot of big life changes going on. Some people suffer from acute stress which is the easier one to treat, others suffer from chronic stress which lasts much longer.

Chronic stress is the one you need to be most careful with. When left untreated, chronic stress can lead to much more severe health conditions. It has an effect on the psychological well-being of a person.

With chronic stress, you can also suffer from anxiety and depression. These conditions cause problems that make you feel helpless and very sad. If you are not getting stress-related problems under control this can lead to much worse scenarios and long term this is something you need to fix sooner rather than later.

Eliminate Stress related symptoms with Provanax by HFL Solution and Dr Sam Robbins Click Here To Try Provanax Today

HFL Solutions ProVanax activates these chemicals for better health and feelings of well-being.

  • Cortisol. The primary hormone for stress, aging, and stomach fat.
  • Dopamine. This chemical is associated with emotional pleasure and sexual drive.
  • Serotonin. This works well with dopamine because this chemical is linked to happiness and well-being.
  • Probiotics. The good bacteria in your gut help to improve your mood.
  • Neurotransmitters. These are youthful brain chemicals that control mood.
  • Oxytocin. It is known as the love hormone and a mood enhancer.

You can also get another product by HFL [HFL Stress and Cortisol] which is tailored more towards lowering cortisol but if you also struggle with depression Provanax might just be worth looking into.

Provanax Vs Prozac

Provanx vs Prozac for treating depression

Fluoxetine otherwise known as Prozac is a common medication given to sufferers of depression and other psychological disorders such as bulimia and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Taking Prozac for depression and stress-related issues is fairly common but in the same breath, users may report several unpleasant side effects. These include suicidal thoughts, impaired judgment, thinking, and motor skills.

Also, anti-depressants such as Prozac may seriously affect personality and cause aggressiveness toward others and violent outbursts.

It is also not safe to take alongside several other medications. [R]

So, I am not an advocate of anti-depression pharmaceuticals. In fact, I don’t have much good to say about any prescription medication really but still, I will never undermine the advice from trained healthcare professionals. I think Provanax is something worth looking into if you really need something else but please take care here – speak to your doctor before you take it and see at least what they have to say first.

Although of course, this is a product review so I shall continue. You can otherwise just go straight to the HFL Provanax website here but anyhow so regardless if you read on or not let’s continue…

HFL Provanax Benefits and Effects

hfl provanax benefits and features

Getting back to what I was saying HFL Provanax is quoted to be made from all-natural ingredients that are doctor-formulated and may be beneficial for all the following things.

  • Hormonal balance: Having high levels of cortisol in the body can result in a hormonal imbalance. To bring this back to where it should be, you need healthy hormones and neurotransmitters. This can be achieved by using this product.
  • Improved digestion. Feeling stressed may make you feel extremely uneasy. Sometimes this causes the wind to build up in the tummy. Your stomach feels uncomfortable and you feel sick. The probiotics contained in the Provanax formula promote a healthy belly so you don’t suffer from this feeling anymore.
  • Positive mood: Optimized levels of dopamine and serotonin help to make you feel happier, more motivated, and more positive. You become less irritable and everything looks brighter for you.
  • Emotional balance: Taking Provanax helps you to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, therefore, providing mind and body stability. Emotional balance promotes a feeling of well-being.
  • Stress relief. The combination of ingredients in Provanax works in such a way as to keep you calm. Your body responds to t by removing the feelings of anxiety and depression so you feel better about yourself.
  • Better sleep. When you feel more relaxed, it is much easier for you to go to sleep and stay asleep all night. Provanax helps with insomnia as it relaxes your body.

In this light, Provanaxs’ aim is to help its users feel better about themselves. Sure It is not a cure to treat extreme cases but for anyone that decides to give it a try, the results may just help you more than you might care to think.

I will not say that is guaranteed to work – of course, results will vary from person to person but for anyone that wants to know here is what you will find within the current Provanax by HFL formula…

Provanax By HFL – The Ingredients

Lemon Balm Leaves

Lemon balm is a herb from the mint family that enhances GABA neurotransmitter activity in the brain. The compounds in lemon balm, such as rosmarinic acid have been found to help inhibit the enzyme that normally degrades GABA.

This keeps GABA levels higher, to help support the natural healthy stress response and the precursors of anxiety.

Some researchers believe that lemon balm’s ability to increase GABA levels is due to its interaction with GABA receptors, leading to increased GABAergic signaling.

St Johns Wort Plant

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is a herb that has been traditionally used for its calming and relaxing properties and is commonly used as a natural remedy for stress, anxiety, and depression. Studies suggest that Valerian may be able to help with these conditions by increasing the levels of GABA in the brain, which can help by inhibiting nerve cell activity.

Additionally, valerian has been shown to have a mild sedative effect, which can help to promote sleep which of course, itself can be great for helping with these problems.

Plus it is also important to note that Valerian can have an impact on high cortisol levels which of course are a well-known trigger of stress. So Valerian is always something to look out for as a herbal remedy.

Valerian flower

St. John’s Wort is used by many as a remedy for depression and anxiety because of its effect on the brain’s neurotransmitters. Scientific studies have shown that the compounds inside St. John’s Wort may help to relieve symptoms of mild to moderate depression and anxiety by increasing the levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

All three of these brain chemicals can help improve mood and are shown to be beneficial for depression. By increasing the levels of these neurotransmitters, St. John’s Wort may help to improve mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Passion Flower plant

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) is a herb that has been traditionally used as a natural remedy for anxiety, stress, and depression. Scientific studies suggest that passion flowers may help to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress by increasing the levels of GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) in the brain, which is a neurotransmitter that has a calming effect by inhibiting nerve cell activity.

Supplements with Passion Flower may also have a mild sedative effect, which can help to promote relaxation and reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Additionally, some research suggests that passion flowers may help to reduce cortisol levels, which again another huge benefit for anyone that suffers from high levels of stress.

However, those mentioned above are not everything…

Also, Included in the HFL Provanax blend are;

5-HTP or 5-Hydroxytryptophan is known as oxitriptan. Oxitriptan is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps to reduce anxiety and depression by increasing the production of serotonin.

Inositol known as Myo-inositol is a carbocyclic sugar that is found in the brain. It affects dopamine and serotonin levels to prevent stress and anxiety.

L-Taurine is found naturally in the brain and reduces anxiety, as well as promotes a healthy body. It can be found in food such as meat and fish.

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a chemical messenger in the brain that inhibits certain brain signals such as adrenaline so you stay relaxed.

Magnesium is essential for the body to function properly. The right amount of magnesium helps in the calming of nerves, relaxing of muscles, and regulating blood pressure.

Other Important Ingredients :

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Lithium orotate
  • Bifidobacterium Bifidum
  • L-Tryptophan
  • Folic acidLactobacillus Plantarum
  • Bifidobacterium Bifidum

For the Full Ingredients List (As of February 2023) See below;

HFL Dr Sam Robbins Provanax Anti Depression Supplement Ingredients

OK, now firstly the B Vitamins and Magnesium can help boost energy levels. This alone can help with depression especially. You then have the Mood Optimizer blend which is several ingredients to help you feel calmer which is good for stress and anxiety. AND THEN you have the probiotics – this is the very interesting part.

This is because of the Gut-Brain connection and how improving the gut flora can actually calm down your body’s second-biggest nerve center (the gut). It might seem a bit farfetched but the link between probiotics and stress/anxiety is a proven fact.

Something I am sure Provanax has taken note of for their anti-stress and anxiety formula.

So perhaps I am dragging this on a bit now – I did write pros and cons of taking Provanax but ultimately I’ve decided to delete this. I am sure anything else you would like to know about Provanax you can find on their website.

I will leave that up to you but seriously if anyone is interested in Probiotics for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. Another product I would suggest…

Also check out: Cognibiotics Mind and Mood Probiotics

Product Summary – Here is what you get…

cognibiotics vs provanax which is better click here to learn more

This special mixture of probiotics, prebiotics, and a Chinese herbal blend can help in preventing stress, reduce anxiety, and with uplifting your mind and mood.  According to BiOptimizers, these supplements can help you to improve your daily life and cognitive functions, which allows you to feel happier and healthier.

What’s more, Cognibiotics can be helpful in repairing any damage that is caused by unhealthy nutrition.  Which can on top of this make you feel more energetic and productive.

Bioptimizers CogniBiotics® Supplement is designed to bring many healthy changes to your life.  Including the immune system, gut health, and digestive system

Or keep reading below to read Provanax Customer Reviews…

Dr Sam Robbins Provanax Customer Reviews

is provanax legit - provanax customer reviews

When considering Provanax as a possible remedy to your stress-related troubles you can get a lot of reassurance by reading about other customers’ positive experiences with using this dietary supplement.

Verified Customer 1 said; “

This product changed my life. Within the past 2 years, I lost my father, my aunt, my uncle, my cat, and my home. As a result, I fell into such a deep depression that my life had no meaning at all. Every day had no soul, no hope.

Seriously, I felt as low as I ever have and the intense anxiety I wish upon nobody. So I tried your product out of desperation and there is hope. My mood has improved significantly and the nervousness I felt has almost dissipated. Dr Sam Robbins is one of a kind because he doesn’t prescribe harsh chemicals and actually took the time to do something right.

Verified customer 2 said :

This was serious – I can’t walk around like that feeling all that unhappiness welled up in my heart. I stumbled upon ProVanax read the stories and figured well let me give it a try – I was desperate.

Well, I tried it – 2 tablets Monday morning Aug 22 – walked in that office felt a weight had been lifted off of my shoulder. I walked in pleasant, cool, calm & collected and the usual nonsense that got me in this predicament was there taking form – but I was poised and resolved I felt at ease – I felt in control of my emotions – I am a happy woman again.

The problems still persist but I am better able to cope and handle the intensity thanks to Provanax. I told my sister about it and she too will be using good old reliable Gabby. I believe this stuff is a godsend and wish more people would incorporate Provanax into their lives – the world actually might be a better place.

Where To Buy Provanax From?

The best place to purchase Provanax is through Dr. Sam’s official trusted HFL website. Here, you can find some great special offers if you buy more than 1 bottle. As well as many other amazing products.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Because the products contain 100% all-natural organic ingredients, The side effects that have been reported are on occasion an upset tummy but this does not affect everybody. A big selling point is that it is not addictive and is very safe to use.

If you suffer from depression you can take several tablets without the worry of overdosing. You can change the amount you take around to achieve the desired effect.

For some people, this can be achieved by taking just one tablet.

If you decide to stop taking the supplement, there will be no adverse withdrawal effects.

Recommended Dosage

1 Bottle contains 80 Tablets, they are an easy-to-swallow size. This is an estimated one-month supply on the basis that you take 2-3 capsules a day.

As with any new supplement you take, start off slowly to see how your body reacts. If you suffer from panic attacks 1 tablet should be enough for you. If you have more severe symptoms then you can safely take 2 or 3 tablets a day.

Other recommendations are to take it for 5 days and rest for 2, or take it for 3 weeks straight and rest for 1 week. You can experiment with it to see what works best for you.

If, you are taking prescription medications, make sure you speak to your doctor before taking any new supplements of any kind.

You do not need a prescription to purchase this product, it can be obtained safely from the HFL website.

Money Back Guarantee

provanax 1 year guarantee

One of the main benefits of the HFL brand without a doubt is you are Guaranteed for one year. This is because they stand fully behind their products. They have been producing these products since 1996 and are backed by clinical studies and scientific research.

If ProVanax doesn’t help improve neurotransmitter levels in only 30 days, you’ll receive a full refund + $100 cashback.

Check out the HFL website to find out more

My Final Thoughts

HFL ProVanax is a very safe option to try when you are searching for relief from the symptoms of stress, irritability, or anxiety. It has all organic natural ingredients that will not hurt you even if it is taken in large doses. It is made from an extra-strength formula of ingredients that work together to create a calming effect and it also includes a full 1-year money-back guarantee.

Also, Dr. Sam Robbins and Health, Fitness, and Longevity (HFL) are one of my Trusted Brands.

HFL Solutions Dr Sam Robbins Provanax Click here for the best price

Health Disclaimer

Please speak to a doctor before taking supplements of any kind. Everyone is different and what works well for one may not necessarily work for another. I am not a medical professional, This is intended as advice only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat you.

Your Feedback – Share Your Thoughts

I wish to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this article. If, you have a question or you wish to leave a comment, then please feel free to leave it below. I love to hear from you all and I will reply back to you.

When you have tried Provanax by HFL, it would be great for you to come back and let me know how great it worked for you.

If, you know anyone else who would benefit from reading this then please feel free to share it.

Take great care of yourself because you are worth it.

Alex B. Chivers

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HFL Provanax  Eliminate anxiety andstress related symptoms

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    This looks like a great product. I love that it is all natural and non-addictive, because I was at first a bit concerned that it might be addictive, but it’s good to know that its not. The ingredients are all excellent. I have no anxiety or a lot of stress, but lately I have been a little down, and I wonder if by taking this product it will be easier for me to deal with the blows that life sometimes gives us?

    • Hi Christine, 

      some of my friends use this product and i have started to take it as well. 

      My friends report that it does help you to feel more motivated and less

      emotional when life deals you a bad hand. Thanks for the great comment.


  2. I’ve struggled with anxiety issues for a few years now and I like to keep up to date with the different ways of managing my condition. It’s good to hear that Provanax is made of natural ingredients, because I worry about taking potentially harmful chemicals. I’m not too worried about the fact that it takes an hour to have an effect. Some medication takes weeks to build up enough in your system to feel the benefits. The pros seem to outweigh the cons significantly.

    • Thank you very much for stopping by. I like your point about how long it takes to work, Anti depressants take 3 weeks to work. I don’t suffer from anxiety but i do get depressed and this helps tremendously with that. 

      Thank you again Emma.

  3. Getting to know about Provanax for the first time, from reading this article, is quite an interesting experience for me and an added knowledge. This article has fully covered all what is needed to be known about the supplement, and the way it works I consider it to be very candid of you for providing all the information about Provanax in this article. In my opinion, Provanax is a credible pill that is worth buying, and the con don’t raise a red flag for me.

  4. I like everything natural and organic. Provanax is made out of natural organic ingredients and no lab chemicals. I support it 100%. Some of the ingredients have been used by the natives for a very long time and are well known for their effects like the valerian is well known to induce good quality sleep. I support this product.

  5. Very nice article.  I never heard of Provanax before.  I was looking at all the natural ingredients.  I think that this can benefit a lot of us right now, especially with what is going on in the world.  Do you ship worldwide?  I am very amazed that it can work very quickly!   Thank you for sharing

  6. With so many people suffering from depression, anxiety and many other mental disorders it is nice to see a natural product to help relieve these symptoms. Mental illness is real! And it causes all kinds if other health issues, especially in the gut. So the probiotics in Provanax ingredients will help assist with that. The fact that Provonax is natural, has very few side effects if any, and a money back guarantee makes it worth giving a try for anyone suffering from the disorders you mentioned. Thanks Lisa for such a helpful informative article!

    • Hello,

      many thanks for reading and leaving a valuable comment.

      Depression and anxiety are huge problems around the

      world at the moment. It really needs addressing.


  7. Thank you

    I really enjoyed reading your article on Provanax which I believe will help so many people right now throughout what is proving to be such difficult times. My brother is supposed to take anti depressants but dislikes doing this due to the affects so I am going to suggest this product for him. 

    I really appreciate you sharing.

    Such great information and organic too.


    • Hey Imelda,

      I suffer from depression and i prefer this to the anti depressants prescribed by the doctor.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope your brother feels better soon.


  8. I had not heard of Provanax before and the ingredients were surprising as I do have a couple different supplements in my cabinet for the same thing, and their ingredients are much different.  That being said, they work too but this supplement is much cheaper so definitely worth a try.  Thanks for the information!

    • You are very welcome Leahrae.

      different supplements use lots of ingredients that vary.

      I always try to choose products with all natural ingredients

      to write about.

      If you do give it a try, I would love to hear from you again.


  9. Hello,

    It’s the first time that I heard about Provanax and I must say that I had a good surprise with your article! This 100% natural product will help those who have chronic problems with stress and anxiety very much without the risk of addiction, like we can see with Prozac. I commend you on all the research you had to do to put this beautiful article together. Well done!

  10. Thank you for your review on Provanax. During this global pandemic a lot of us is definitely suffering from social distancing and also our finance. Oh wow, I did not know that it has been around this long! I love the fact that it has only the natural ingredients as well.  Hopefully the tablet is not going to smell bad from the Valerian Root lol. Will I feel dizzy from this supplements?

    • Hello Nuttanee,

      I value your questions and comments.

      No there have been no reports of it smelling bad 🙂

      There are no side effects, so you will not feel dizzy 

      from taking it. It has been around for over 20 years

      and people who use it say they have been off of anti depressants

      for years. 🙂


  11. Provanax looks like a great solution for people who have a stressful lifestyle. I notice that the only con is that it takes longer to work than conventional meds, but look at all the pros – non addictive, organic, gluten-free, and has no side effects, so what’s not to like.

    Most conventional meds that are prescribed for stress end up doing the body more harm than good with all the side effects they have. Thank you for enlightening us with this important information.

    Congratulations for overcoming all you have gone through in life. Would you say that you can take Provanax forever or for a little while at a time?

    • Hi Thank you very much for the comment and questions.

      It takes 40-50 minutes to feel the effects, which is a much lesser time than an anti depressant that can take 3 weeks before you feel any benefits.

      It is recommended that you take it on a cycle system, this means take it for 5 days and rest for 2 days. or take it for 3 weeks and rest for 1 week. It depends on how stressed or depressed and anxious you are, it is a bit of trial and error at the beginning to see which method works best for you. I have a friend who uses it and she has been off of anti depressants for 4 years. you can learn more by clicking here . Hope that answers your question? 


  12. Thank you.
    sounds very important and healthy building pill.
    wanted to know if it exists in Africa, specifically in the Ugandan market as it may be useful to the population, i personally have friends who are stress driven.
    I patiently read the article like any would do reading a health fact.

    • Hello Francis,
      Thank you very much for your question.
      I have just been on the official website
      and yes they do deliver to Uganda 🙂
      You can look at the website by clicking
      any of the links in the Article.
      Lisa 🙂

  13. Having something to take while someone is stressed is good but taking it too often will not be good for the system as the the body system may adjust to that particular drug and if someone doesn’t take the particular drug, the person may not be possible. The product provanax doesn’t seem so because it has 100 percent natural ingredients that helps to relieve stress and pain. I will try the drug.

  14. Nice provanax review. I was told about this products weeks ago, and about all the positive effects it has in someone’s life. I love the fact that it only contains natural ingredients. I don’t wanna have to deal with chemical stuffs. So, I ordered some and I’m excited to try it! So far mine hasn’t arrived yet. Still waiting, how long does it normally take for them to ship it and for it to arrive for you? 

    • Hey Warren 

      thanks for dropping by.

      They ship within 1 day. I live in Europe so

      it usually arrives with in a couple of weeks.

      Where are you located ?


  15. What I like about products like this is that it’s 100% natural ingredients. I’m not saying that they don’t have side effects, but they are way less compared to artificial ones. Looking at the history and the creator of this product, well, it may be worth the shot looking at the fact that it was solely created for this purpose and nothing more. Sometimes, I do have problems sleeping at night. I do get off eventually, but it takes time. Maybe it’s because of stress or something similar. Probably this product may be right for me. But is this applicable to all ages?

    • Hey James,

      many thanks for the comment.

      To answer your comment, as long

      as you are over 18 years old you can take it.


  16. Hi there! This is a beautiful write up and I must say I’m glad I came across it. The information contained in this article are dependable and recommended about the effectiveness of Provanax in the health system of our body. To do my part on taking this to a wider audience, I’m going to share with friends and family, so a larger audience can participate from this. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    • Hey Joshua,

      i appreciate you sharing this article with friends and family.

      Thanks for doing that and leaving a valid comment.


  17. Thanks very much for this information on Provanax by HFL Solutions and Dr Sam Robbins as I was not aware of this product. I much prefer natural health products. When I worked in the mental health rehab area over the years I was concerned by the psychotropic meds given to the clients because of their detrimental side effects. I saw them only as a temporary fix for immediate safety and functioning but not as a long-term strategy. It’s good to know about this product. Thank you.

    • Your welcome Joseph. I haven’t ever tried the medication you mentioned but I’ve seen plenty of people that have had unpleasant side effects. In my view if you can find an alternative it will be a much better solution long term. I think as one of the possible advantages of Provanax it is definitely something that is at least worth a try.

  18. Provanax seems to have a good reputation on people and having bad problems such as anxiety, high levels of stress. There are so many good things to say about Provanax it treats millions of people with different disorders. Your recommendation is a 5 stars and with this you do not give a five out of five to often, when we see this we know its going to be good.


    • Hi Matthew&Deloris,

      Yes I do feel this is a very good quality product. I’ve done a lot of research now into the HFL brand and the reviews are there to be seen. Over 700 for Provanax alone. I think 5 stars is not quite the overall score I’d give as there is a few reported problems but with the one year money back guarantee this does give it a lot of merit I think. Probably I would say 4.5 out of stars myself – I would definitely recommend to at least try for anyone that suffers from stress/anxiety etc.

  19. Great article. I never heard of Provanax before.
    I was looking at all the 100% natural ingredients. I think that this can benefit a lot of us right now, especially with what is going on in the world (especially us in “QC”) I’m going to have a good look at this product. I’ll bookmark your site to make sure I don’t lose it. Thank you for sharing

    • Thanks Lyne, Yes we are living in very depressing times. I really hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel soon and that people who are struggling mentally can just hang in there for however long is necessary. Honestly, I am not sure how much this can help people who are stressed due to the difficult circumstances of the COVID era but maybe it could help – from my understanding the key to this product working is by improving gut health issues.

      I think if you also have gut health issues as well as stress related issues then this could be a good solution.

  20. This is my first time hearing about this product and I find it to be a really good alternative to pharmaceutical product which many times contains chemical that do not agree with our body hence the unwanted side effects.

    I’ve tried to take anti-depressive in the past but could never complete the course due how it made me feel so knowing that there is something out there that can help and without the side effect is wonderful. I also like that it is natural made with nutrition that can also be obtained from food.

    • Thanks Milonaria,

      Yes I agree I think good nutrition is definitely a better alternative to medication. I know what you mean about anti-depressants they are often more trouble than their worth.


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