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10 Reasons to Stay Fit Healthy and Happy


Hello All, today we are going to look at Why is it Important to Stay Healthy! 10 Reasons to Stay Fit for 2021.  This, I am writing about because looking after ourselves is very easy to do.  Yet there are many people out there who just don’t do it.

Whether it be because they lack education about it or possibly the motivation needed is not there.  I don’t know, and I am not perfect myself but still, I thought this would be a good topic to cover.   One may be that might help me when I have my own slip-ups, but as well one that can help other people like you.

What do you think?  Here is…

Why is it Important to Stay Healthy?
10 Reasons to Stay Healthy

1# – Better Mental Health

Why is it Important to Stay Healthy

Our mental health can be influenced by many factors. 

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues that people suffer from.

More studies are being conducted these days and they are finding that a nutritious diet (1) is not just good for the body, but is also good for brain health.

Our diet is possibly the most powerful intervention we have.  By helping people to change their diets, they can improve their mental health (2) and decrease the risk of psychiatric disorders.

Exercise can help you to concentrate better and for longer.  Thus enabling you to make better decisions.  Also helping you to chill out and relax easier, which aids with mental health disorders.

2# – Tips to Sleeping Better

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Being physically active requires you to use more energy.  This can help you to feel more tired and ready to sleep more easily at the end of the day.

Research shows that regular exercise can help you to sleep for a longer length of time.  As well as improving the quality of sleep, and helping the body to activate its restorative functions.

What you choose to eat and drink during the day affects how well you sleep at night.  Drinking Chamomile or Passionflower tea can be helpful. 

If you are not a tea drinker then you could have warm milk instead.  Also, eating foods rich in Magnesium and Zinc can help the release of the sleep hormones Melatonin, and Melanin.

Eating Almonds, and other nuts, seeds and legumes can help boost levels of these minerals.  As can Dark Chocolate, Bananas and Broccoli.  You can also try deep sleep dietary formulas if you really need to.  

3# – Live Longer

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As we go through life we tend to do certain things.  The vast majority of us have children and when they grow up they have kids of their own. 

By staying healthy you are adding years to your life.

This means you will have a better chance of seeing your children as they grow up, finish school, go to college, university, get a job, get married etc.

You will be around when your grandchildren and great-grandchildren come along as well.   

By eating healthy and by taking regular exercise you will still be able to run around with them and play.  This will be very enjoyable for you all. You may even see them get married and have their own children.

People who do not look after their well-being can still live to a ripe old age.  Don’t get me wrong but the difference being is the quality of life.  They may be on oxygen permanently, riddled with Arthritis, or worse still bed-bound.

There are no guarantees except taxes and death. Following the advice gives you a much better chance of being around and being able to enjoy it more.

4# – Avoid Disease And Illness

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If you follow Medical advice throughout the ages there are certain things that have not changed.   Exercise and eating a healthy diet.

A healthy lifestyle helps you to avoid hypertension (high blood pressure), promote healthy cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of diabetes, and keep your heart in good shape.

Another benefit is your skin will be a lot healthier with less chance of getting pimples or acne.

In my opinion, one of the best reasons to do exercise and practice healthy eating is it can help to reduce free radicals as well as promote the release of toxins associated with disease and infections. Meaning you feel healthier. 

There is nothing worse than feeling unwell on a regular basis.

5# – More Energy

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I’m pretty certain that when you are feeling tired, the last thing you want to do Is to exercise!  Even if all you do is go for a quick walk around the block it is better doing this than nothing.  Also, participating in a Zumba class or a gentle yoga class can give you the boost that is needed to keep going throughout the day.

The main reason for this is Exercise stimulates the release of the feel-good endorphins that not only make you feel better but also help boost your energy levels.

Eating more fruits and vegetables as opposed to sugary foods also boosts energy levels.

Another important factor is to keep yourself hydrated, preferably by drinking lots of water.

6# – Reduce Stress Levels

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By eating a diet to include complex carbohydrates, such As oats, barley, sweet potato, brown rice, black beans, green peas and fruits, can help you to reduce stress by encouraging the brain to increase serotonin production and stabilizing blood pressure.

Exercise as well as other physical activity’s produce endorphins which are chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers that help with the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress.

If you need something to help with managing Stress Levels Try this (Click HERE!)

7# – Lose Weight

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Eating a balanced diet and doing regular exercise helps to keep you at your ideal weight.

Not everyone eats healthy all the time or takes part in regular exercise.  If you don’t do these things you can gain weight.  It isn’t the only reason people pile on the pounds but it sure can help if you can.  As you get older it is much harder to lose weight as well, but don’t let this put you off it totally can be achieved.

If you need extra help visit a GP and another idea is to try a nutrition supplement to boost your body’s levels of important vitamins and minerals.  

Check out my post here if you’d like some help.

8# – Keep the Medical Bills Down

Living a healthy lifestyle means you are not visiting the Doctors on a regular basis.

Eating a healthy diet and partaking in regular exercise will lead to a much healthier lifestyle, therefore you will not be so susceptible to picking bugs and other common illnesses that are going around.

Studies have shown that Even if you live longer than someone who is clinically obese you will save money, because an obese individual is going to have a lot of health issues, therefore spending more time in the doctors or hospital.

9# – Inspire Others

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Younger people are often inspired by their grandparents, especially those who are still active physically and mentally.

Grandparents tend to spoil their grandchildren and they have more time than the parents to do fun activities with them.

Children love to hear stories and look at old photos, seeing their Nan or grandfather in different clothing styles and hearing about life at that time is fascinating as well as inspiring.

I loved dancing with my grandparents, being taught by them to waltz, foxtrot, jive, and do the Charleston.

10# – Better Sex Life

in a study carried out with 600 men, conducted by researchers at Boston University, it was found that walking for 2 miles per day can significantly reduce the risk of erectile deficiency (ED). Eating a healthy diet can also lead to a better sex drive.

For example, a diet rich in heart-healthy Omega-3’s (from fish and leafy green vegetables) and foods rich in L-Arginine, such as cashews, walnuts, root vegetables, garlic, ginseng, soybeans, chickpeas, and seeds can help boost circulation and therefore can improve erectile response.

My Final Thoughts

Staying healthy can help you in a myriad of different ways.

We have covered the 10 reasons to stay healthy, they certainly make you think about the way you live your life.

Exercise and diet play such a huge part in the physical and mental health of everyone as well as aiding you to live longer, having a better sex life, helping you to stay at a healthy weight or to lose weight, also giving you more energy, less stress, and improved mental health.

Living where I do pay for medical treatment is not required unless you wish to go private to speed up the process.

Do you need to pay for medical treatment where you live?

I wish to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this article. You can if you wish leave a comment or question below and I will be happy to get back to you.

If, you know anyone else who would benefit from reading this then please feel free to share it.

Take great care of yourself because you are worth it

Alex B. Chivers

Information Sources.

#1 https://www.webmd.com/diet/default.htm

#2 https://www.webmd.com/mental-health/default.htm

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14 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Stay Fit Healthy and Happy”

  1. Lisa, great post! Excellent information. As someone who owns a nutritional supplementation company and has been around the fitness and nutrition industry for over 25 years, you have nailed these 10 reasons to make your health and wellness a priority.  Unfortunately, as you know, most people have a very shortsighted approach to their lifestyle and typically do not think of the long-term benefits or effects of making their health a priority. 

    If it any point you would like to consider collaboration of some sort, please let me know. We are always looking to work with like-minded people to spread the word. Keep up the great work. Stay healthy. 

  2. I can totally relate to your post. Many years ago I was burned out because of stress and insomnia. It affected my whole life. It made me think how important our energy is. Without it we can not do much. To get energy you need to do all the advice you give in your post. You need sleep, exercise, healthy food, connecting with others to feel well and healthy. It can be difficult, but it is all a state of mind. A decision to be healthy. Great post.

    • Thank you very much for the comments. I hope you are not to stressed anymore.

      I agree it can be difficult but very necessary.

  3. Hello Lisa,
    This is a very engaging article you have written here and equally excellent 10 reasons you provide for all of us to be eating right and doing daily exercise and that as you rightly say are the most important two things we should do to obtain the benefits you enumerate. Unfortunately, this requires great will power on the exercise side and increasingly affordability on the diet side as food prices are increasing at a rapid rate. Hence the obesity levels around the world. If everyone listened to your kind advice then we would have happier people living more fulfilled lives. Great Article!


    • Hello. Rami

      Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment.
      It certainly does take a lot of willpower to exercise regularly.
      But the benefits far outweigh the efforts.

      Thank you again


  4. hello, what an amazing content you have here,  finding a very good article doesnt come easily so i must commend your effort in growing such a stunning and amazing site, i am really impressed with such great content your article holds, in all youve said i believe it all points to living a good life, staying healthy requires living a gpood life, thanks a lot for the information.

  5. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. Health is wealth, so therefore it is very Paramount for every individual to take good care of their well-being at all costs. Someone that eats the right meal that can help boost the immune system and fights against sickness and diseases coupled with a little exercise will definitely Payless visits to the hospital and will live healthier and happier

  6. I really am impressed with 10 reasons to stay healthy, and I shared your article with my friends and family.

    I really enjoyed my time on your website, and you can be sure I will return to read more of your helpful articles.


  7. Hi Alex and thank you for sharing these ideas.
    It is absolutely very important to stay healthy and fit, not just because this is what fancy people do, but also because it enables each of us simply feel better in our own skin. With feeling better our physical movements become easier and consequently our brains get to work better. With the brain working good we become more productive, more creative and from that point the sky becomes the limit.
    I think the reason why it is so difficult to maintain a training routine and keep investing time in our health it because it is so much easier to do the wrong thing. Think about it: after a long day of work it is way easier to crash on the couch watching TV while eating junk food rather than go for a walk outside and prepare yourself a nutritious salad.

    Thank you for bringing awareness.

    • Hi Tatiana, Yes fully agree. Staying healthy is very important. Especially if you are younger it is good to form better habits for later in life.

      I think with training routines and nutrition plans these are something you need to keep at. I think if you can maintain this over time it does become a lot easier. I like to think about things becoming second nature. I read that most people that drive can almost do it without even thinking – kind of like automatically because it is such a big part of their lives. I do wonder if the same could be true for other things as well. Maybe I would say you start off slow and build yourself up and get used to exercising and dieting over time. Also, about your last statement, I do think by eating right can definitely make you feel more energetic. I do think something we eat can make us more lethargic and perhaps after a long shift at work for some people it isn’t just the work they are tired from but also it may be to do with nutrition also. I could be wrong but this is a theory I’ve had.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Best regards;



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