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Meticore Customer Reviews Ratings: Is It Legit?


Hi Guys;  For today’s post – Meticore Customer Reviews Ratings:  Is it Legit?  This will be my Meticore Review for 2021.  Here I will be looking at the Meticore weight loss pills and whether or not I think they are legit!  This I will try my best to make sure is as unbiased and honest as possible.  

Either way, it should be an interesting read as Meticore actually makes some very interesting claims.

I have decided to review this product not really for just this reason but for the same reason as another recent review.  This was the Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic.  I decided to review that because a lot of people were recommending it to others on Facebook.  It was quite an interesting product.  Kind of like this one, but In the end, I gave a verdict of undecided.   

There was a lot of hype from people.  The same as with Meticore but that I could only surmise was because those people were all after the affiliate commissions.  More than because they thought of it is an effective treatment.  

Quite often this is the case with a lot of Facebook marketers.  So many people care more about if a product can make them money.  More than if it is actually something that works. 

Anyway, It doesn’t mean that these products don’t work but is it really hard to trust products like these when there are people out there that will say anything to get you to buy them.  This is my point

This is just how careless some people can be (I think).   However, for this review, I will give this product Meticore Nutrition a thorough look at it and let you know what I really think of it.  My totally honest opinion ????

FTC Disclosure:  Please note that I will be including affiliate links within this post.  Even if I recommend against buying a product these are there in case you do actually want to try the product out, and at the same time, I can be compensated for my time I take to write this.  It does not mean you will pay more you will get for the exact same price;

Meticore Customer Reviews Ratings

Meticore Customer Reviews Ratings: Is It Legit?

Table of Contents

  1. What Is Meticore Weight Loss?
  2. Core Body Temperature and Weight Loss
  3. How To Accurately Measure Body Core Temperature?
  4. Meticore Does It Work?
  5. Ingredients Meticore
  6. Customer Reviews for Meticore
  7. Pros and Cons
  8. Final Thoughts
  9. Your Feedback

1# – What Is Meticore Weight Loss?

what is meticore weight loss

Meticore Customer Reviews Ratings: Is It Legit?

Name: Meticore
Website: Meticore.com/Science
Price: $59 (1 bottle),  $49 each (if bought as 3 pack), $39 (6-pack) 
Owners:  Todd Something
Overall Rank: 73 out of 100

Meticore Weight Loss: Product Overview

Meticore is a dietary supplement made with a proprietary blend of 6 high-quality nutrients.  It is based on a recipe from the African Island of Madagascar.  How it works is by targeting low core body temperature that is touted as the cause for unexplained weight gain.  

By increasing the body’s core temperature Meticore then gets to work.  Once it is activated the metabolism is then switched on, and this is how it can help people with losing weight.


meticore scam legit

Meticore Customer Reviews Ratings:
2# – Core Body Temperature and Weight Loss

This is the interesting part for me.  Regardless of whether Meticore works or not there is something to this idea.  That low body core temperature is linked to weight gain and slow metabolism.  I hadn’t heard of this myself before.  Not going to lie but this was a wow moment for me.  These were the search results I got back on Bing;

core body temperature and weight loss

This is enough to convince me.  It doesn’t mean Meticore works.  This doesn’t really prove anything but if you are overweight – why not find out if you have a low core body temperature?  Finding a way to increase this could be your answer to finally losing the weight you haven’t been able to shift for years.    It may not be by taking the Meticore Supplement but why not see if this is something that can help.

Meticore Customer Reviews Ratings:
3# – How To Accurately Measure Body Core Temperature?

So, let’s just forget about Meticore for a moment.  What is core body temperature? There are many studies and other evidence that can be found that support the idea that low core body temperature has a negative impact on the body.  I actually believe this is true.

But, saying that.  If it is – 

how to measure accurately your own core body temperature?

If this is the cause of your belly fat etc.  How do you determine this?

It is not really that simple I would say.  There are a few ways with varying degrees of accuracy. From what I can gather. 

Of course, there are the usual mercury tip thermometers.  OK, for testing your peripheral temperature but here is the thing.  This is not your core temperature.  To measure this it usually involves being probed in different ways.  Each more unpleasant than the last.  To accurately test the only way that meets the gold standard is inserting a pulmonary artery catheter.  

Quite unpleasant but the other options of probing your oesophagus or rectum for your temperature are maybe just as bad. 

Fast Forward to 2021

Fortunately though in 2021, technology has come a long way.  There are now machines that can test core temperature.  Which involve no invasive probing.  The only trouble is really the price.  You might be able to go to the doctor for one of these tests but ideally, you would need to test yourself on different days.

One of these products you can buy is CORE by Greenteg.  See the video below.  The usual retail price is $199.99

Anyway,  it is probably cheaper to just try out Meticoreto see if it works or not!  Fancy gadgets are all good but what if you are buying just to find out your core temperature is totally fine.  I would only buy something like this if I was an athlete or a doctor.  Maybe you could buy and prescribe Meticore to your patients lol but…

Meticore Customer Reviews Ratings:
4# – Meticore Does It Work?

Seriously, I can neither confirm nor deny this but let’s take a look at what’s inside.  

The biggest claim made by Meticore is that the ingredients are what can fix low core temperature.  

But, are these ingredients really what’s inside and do they work?   

Let’s look at each one individually;

So first up we have…

i.)  Vitamin B12 as Cyanocobalamin

Cyanocobalamin is one of the most common manufactured forms of Vitamin B12.  It is unsurprisingly used to treat vitamin b12 deficiency and it is added to Meticore because Vitamin b12 is essential for metabolism.  For every cell in the body.

This is followed by…

ii.)  Chromium Picolinate

This ingredient is added and is most commonly used to treat Chromium deficiency.  It is said to be beneficial for the metabolism of carbohydrates, and also helps to regulate blood sugar.  Please just be aware that it is not recommended to take Chromium Picolinate if you have liver or kidney disease, you take insulin for diabetes or if you have a thyroid disorder.

iii.) Meticore Formula Blend

what are the ingredients in meticore

a.)  Turmeric Rhizome

Turmeric is in so many supplements today.  It’s most active ingredient curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory packed with antioxidants.  This is apparently organic turmeric which I think I see somewhere.  Its link to weight loss is because when inflammation is reduced it can help the metabolism function as normal.  It also may be worth noting that Inflammation may be a cause of low core body temperature.

b.)  African Mango Seed

This is another ingredient in so many supplements today.  It is added to improve the flavour of many weight loss products but also on its own it has many powerful functions.  For one it helps produce leptin and as well it helps to reduce C-Reactive Proteins (CRP).  Something I also discussed in my Okinawa Flat-Belly Tea Review.

c.)  Ginger Rhizome

Turmeric’s Sister spice.  Added to Meticore for many of the same reasons as Turmeric.  It reduces Inflammation and is packed full of powerful antioxidants.  Again I believe I see this is Organic Ginger and if so this is a very well placed ingredient.

d.)  Moringa Leaf

Moringa Oleifera is added because it melts fats.  Is packed full of useful vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  It is supposedly a useful treatment for high blood pressure.  Likely the reason it is added because added as blood pressure can affect core temperature.

e.)  Citrus Bioflavonoids

This set of ingredients is no surprise.  Citrus fruits were basically discovered to cure scurvy on ships during the past.  Countless lives were saved because of this.  Indeed Vitamin C is essential for health.  Why Meticore has added it within there ingredients doesn’t really need much explanation.

viii.)  Fucoxanthin

Extracted from Brown Seaweed.  Fucoxanthin has become popular in recent years because of its purported ability to target stubborn fat around the belly.  Many studies have been done to support this.  That the many vitamins and minerals inside brown seaweed are exactly what the body needs for energy and to speed up metabolism.

5# – Meticore Customer Reviews

Right well.  I am shocked.  Honestly, I didn’t think I’d have much good to say here.  The sales video (I think) is likely a load of hogwash.  Same old story by the makers of these supplements to get people on board with the idea of trying their product out.  I don’t base my reviews on those either way but getting to what information is actually out there.

Trustpilot has 38 reviews for Meticore at the time of writing this.  63% 5 Star Ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

meticore customer reviews ratings

They do have some negative reviews as well as positive ones.   A lot of these say that the customer service is really good but out of these 13 reviews, it also says that for these people Meticore never worked.  In one as well it warns that they trick you into buying their upsells.   If you do decide to try be careful which boxes you tick at Checkout.  Read all the small print!

6# – Meticore Pros and Cons✅❎


  1. It May help lose weight
  2. Reported to boost energy
  3. Discounts on 60 or 90 Day Supply
  4. Easy to Contact Meticore Support
  5. 60 Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee
  6. Ships Worldwide
  7. Made in FDA + GMP Certified Facility
  8. Organic Ingredients and GMO-Free


  1. Ships from Australia
  2. Do not take if you have Liver or Kidney Disease
  3. Not to be taken if you use Insulin or Thyroid Disorder
  4. Only 60 Days to claim a refund if it doesn’t work
  5. The price may be a bit high for some people.
  6. Not suitable for Vegetarians

Meticore Customer Reviews Ratings:  Final Thoughts

Well, I think there is definitely something to the idea of low core body temperature and slow metabolism.  Meticore does a good job to sell this idea.  There are positive reviews on Trustpilot and the Meticore website as well.  Which I must say does make this product seem like it could be a solution.  

If you are somebody that has struggled for years to lose weight this might be the perfect thing for you.

However, there is something I don’t like about Meticore given my first impressions.  It says on the website it is vegetarian friendly but is made with gelatin capsules.  I don’t get that part.  The other is it uses Turmeric without Piperine or Bioperine?  Last time I checked this was the thing needed to absorb Curcumin.  And it does not give any allergy warnings either or confirmation that this product is free of allergins.

Honestly;  I think this product has promise but if I was this company I’d get my facts straight on a few things.

Like, How do you make Vegetarian-Friendly Gelatin Capsules that’s what I want to know?

Anyway, if you’d like to find out more about Meticore check out this video below;

meticore customer reviews ratings


If you have read this far many thanks for your time.  Any questions or feedback you’d like to leave in regards to this content please refer to the comments section below.  Or alternatively, you can email me directly at alexc@dynamicideas4life.com

Otherwise, have you tried Meticore or anything else similar?  Please let us know about your experience either positive or negative it would be great to hear from you.  Also, do you know anyone this post might be helpful to…  Please share with them and anyone else that might be interested.

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Many thanks, and Take care 

because you are worth it …

Stay Dynamic x

Alex B. Chivers

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