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Nutravesta Proven Weight Loss Review 2023 – Does It Really Work?

Hi guys,  So today I’ve decided to look at this product here…  Nutravesta Proven Weight Loss Review 2021 – Does It Really Work?.  I have actually been meaning to write this one for a while now.  Since a couple of months back when I was away in Gibraltar.   I was sat at a pub called ‘The Lord Nelson’, and I see quite a lot of other people online at the time had written reviews for this. 

My thinking was that I would write my own honest review without all the bias opinions that I see in these other posts.  Actually, I originally finished this as a Nutravesta Proven Plus Review – Immune Support Formula.  I did not publish though as I could not actually find a website where to buy this.

So, I contacted Nutravesta for a purchase link, and amazingly they said they didn’t have one.   They no longer sell this product ?  I was stuck with this post reviewing a product that was not even for sale anymore…

So I did some thinking recently.   I decided to repurpose this article for the NutraVesta Naturals Proven (not Proven+) weight loss supplement.   It does not seem to be that different really.  Just a different bottle with same ingredients ? but…  Anyway…

I will be following the same concept here as my original plan.  By calling a spade a spade.  No bias opinions.  If I decide this supplement is a load of crap I will be sure to tell you.  

Nutravesta Proven Plus Review 2021
– Does It Really Work?

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Who Is NutraVesta…
  3. What is ProVen?
  4. Who Might ProVen Weight Loss Be for?
  5. What’s Inside Proven?
  6. Nutravesta ProVen – Pros and Cons⚖
  7. Customer Reviews
  8. My Verdict – YES or NO?
  9. Finally…

FTC Affiliate Disclosure;

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nutravesta proven affiliate program

Also,  I would just like to add that I do not work for Nutravesta or Proven and the views shared in this post are my own individual opinions and do not represent the Nutravesta naturals brand.

But WHAT actually what s Nutravesta Proven Weight Loss?

Nutravesta ProVen Weight Loss Review 2021 

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Proven Weight loss – Product Overview

Name: Proven Weight Loss Support
Owners: NutraVesta + Adrian Thomas
Website: https://getproven.net

Price: $67 (1 bottle), $57 each 3 bottles), $47 each 6 bottles)
Overall Rank: 42 out of 100
Price Rating: 
2/5 Stars ⭐⭐
Quality Rating
: 2/5 Stars ⭐⭐

Short Description; 

Nutravesta Naturals ProVen is a weight loss support, and detox formula.  It includes 18 different ingredients including an Essiac Tea Complex, and Asian Mushroom Complex.  It is aimed at anyone that has trouble with losing weight.  The product is said to be 19 years in the making and based on the principles of effective nutrition and detoxing from unwelcome toxins such as BPAs.

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Just quickly for anyone interested in trying something similar to ProVen Weight Loss check THIS out.  The Leptin Diet PDF EBook by Flora Jennings is a special set of recipes.  Designed especially for detoxing and follow many of the same ideas as Proven.  If Interested I am giving this away FREE to all my email subscribers;

Nutravesta ProVen Weight Loss Review 2021 

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1# – Who is NutraVesta Naturals, and What is ProVen?

nutravesta proven weight loss

So NutraVesta (NutraVesta Naturals), if you’ve never heard of them, is a health supplement company based in the USA.    It’s 2 main products (from what I know so far) are Proven and Proven+.   Besides this (at the time of writing this) I don’t know much else about the NutraVesta brand.  I have read the company is 20 years old, and this is one of their best products so far.  How true?  I don’t know.  

I would have thought a company with such a long history would have a proper website.  

More to update on this soon but if you have any questions of your own contact;  


I am eager to speak to them myself actually because on face value I either think this product is either amazing.  Something that can actually help those desperate to get back in shape.  Even a stress-free option to help you start burning fat without the hassle of exercise and strict dieting.  However, I do wonder if this is a scam as well. 

2# –  What is ProVen?    

By the looks of things, this is a supplement that fits into the same category as a Leptin Resistance Supplement.  Two I have previously covered here @ #Di4L are Leptitox and LeptoConnect.  Indeed you can find the ingredients are similar.  But, what this kind of supplement is supposed to do is detox.

The bogey man here is microplastics.  Endocrine Disrupting chemicals such as BPAs (Bisphenol A) that cause Leptin Resistance.  If you are overweight and have trouble controlling your hunger and appetite this is said to be a likely cause.  Toxic chemicals such as BPAs affect the ability of our brain to detect Leptin signals.  When these signals are not detected it can cause us to eat a lot more because we are fooled into thinking we are still hungry.

ProVen, and it’s ingredients (same as Leptitox) are designed to detox away BPAs and other EDCs.  Not forgetting heavy metals such as Cadmium, Arsenic and Lead as well.  From disrupting the correct regulation of our weight loss hormones and other important factors for a healthy body.

Indeed, how ProVen compares to Leptitox, and LeptoConnect is kind of interesting as it includes ingredients from both.  It altogether if you break down what’s inside the Asian Mushroom, and  Essiac Tea Complex is 22 Ingredients.  Although if you are Vegan or allergic to Soy THIS will not be for you.

3# – Who Might ProVen Weight Loss Be For?

nutravesta proven weight loss youtube

Anyone that isn’t allergic to soy and that isn’t vegan might be interested in ProVen.  If you are in the market for a weight loss supplement maybe consider why you have put this weight on, to begin with.  Ask yourself – how often do you go out?  Do you get enough exercise – EVEN are you physically active at all?  

Secondly, what is your diet like?  Do you eat whole foods (fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains etc.), or is it fast food, microwave meals, and fizzy drinks?  What is your appetite like – do you often feel hungry?  Do you feel you eat when you shouldn’t need to?  Do you eat at the right times?  

I would say if you think that you have Leptin Resistance or poor hormone regulation this supplement might be worth a try.

Any kind of detox diet plan actually could potentially help.  If you drink fizzy drinks or eat microwave meals.  Anything with plastic packaging this could mean you have come into contact with EDCs and BPAs – if you look through history when people used glass instead of plastic – there were fewer problems with obesity etc.

Coincidence or not?  You decide?   All I will say is you very well may need a detox…

and this is why ProVen might just be for you.

4# – What’s Inside NutraVesta Proven?

nutravesta proven ingredients
  1. Vitamin C + E
  2. Selenium
  3. Green Tea
  4. Red Raspberry
  5. Beta-Glucan
  6. Turmeric
  7. Pine Bark
  8. Essiac Tea Complex (Indian Rhubarb, Burdock, Sheep Sorrell, and Slippery Elm).
  9. Grape Seed
  10. Mushroom Complex (Maitake, Shiitake, and Reishi

Plus 12 more…

So, a lot to breakdown here and I won’t look at everything.  Here is some I know.  Starting with Green Tea.  Green Tea is in a lot of different supplements.  For good reason.  It helps improve liver function and helps expel dangerous free radicals.  Plus lot’s of other things.   Red Raspberry is packed full of antioxidants as well and is also very import for detoxing.

Turmeric is another found in a lot of different health products (again) and it’s inclusion I fully understand.  Curcumin the most active ingredient found inside HAS a vast amount of qualities that help with weight loss and detox.

Pomegranate, Olive Leaf, Cat’s Claw and Garlic
~ all ingredients I’ve come across in similar supplements.  Garlic is a source of DMSO – a powerful compound that absorbs free radicals (such as EDCs) and easily removed from the body.

Panax Ginseng is found in Nootropics and helps boost brain function.  Vitamin C + E – is well placed in any supplement.  Read up about sailors with scurvy pre-twentieth-century, and vitamin c and you will see (no pun intended).  Selenium is another important mineral for detox and it is added to improve the effects of these other ingredients. 

5# – Nutravesta ProVen – Pros and Cons⚖

nutravesta proven pros and cons

i.)  Pros ✅

  • May help effectively lose weight and detox the body.
  • Packed with powerful antioxidant ingredients.
  • Both FDA and GMP Approved.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

ii.)  Cons ❎

  • NutraVesta company doesn’t have its own website
  • Price is a little high compared to other products
  • No Reliable Customer Reviews
  • Contains Soy and NOT Vegan Friendly


6# – NutraVesta Customer Reviews ⭐

nutravesta proven customer reviews

On the ProVen website, you will find a lot of hype around this product.  Apparently, around 75k people have left reviews with before and after pictures.  Although on the website there is only 4 – all positive (funny enough).  Same as a lot of other weight loss products but come on let’s face it – surely they wouldn’t have negative reviews on their own website ?

So, outside of the ProVen website, we have both eBay + Amazon.  Nothing on Amazon but some for sale on eBay.  Although unfortunately no listings with reviews.  Also, looking on other product reviews for comments – nothing.  It seems this product is everywhere but hardly any customer reviews.

Except for one website, consumerhealthdigest.com has 3 reviews.  All, 1 out of 5 stars.  They honestly, all say that they ordered this product and after requesting a refund – none of these customers could get one.  

These are the only reviews I could find honestly.   So, I don’t know.  They could be fake review by the website to help sway readers to there recommended products.  They could be true – I think what’s (supposedly) inside ProVen are definitely ingredients you can look up.  You should see that if these active ingredients do indeed work than so might this supplement.

My Verdict on NutraVesta Naturals ProVen

does nutravesta proven really work

I am personally undecided.  The price is a little off-putting to me for starters.  It is something that I think has the potential to help with losing weight.  If you actually go through the scientific resources on the sales page it is interesting what it says about BPAs and all the plastics our body is constantly coming into contact with.  That part I believe is 100% true.

That EDCs such as Bisphenol A cause Leptin Resistance, and that Leptin Resistance is a HUGE cause of Obesity Worldwide!  Also, I do believe that the ingredients listed on the ProVen Ingredients label can help detox away all this crap such as the toxic chemicals that come from plastics, and other free radicals + heavy metals. 

The question for me though is – ARE these ingredients genuinely inside the ProVen supplement?

For this reason, I would instead CHOOSE Leptitox.  It isn’t perfect – NOT by a long shot but there are more reviews out there.  Even on Trust Pilot – some are not a pretty sight to read but there some good ones.  Also, I have sold maybe 12 orders of Leptitox through one of my reviews.  I had one return but the rest were all good.    

 Some comments have been pretty positive as well.  It isn’t the only weight loss/ detox formula out there but it is a safer bet than some others I would say (100%).  Also, it seems the refund process is a lot more straightforward than with ProVen.

If you need any help with this process – please contact me.  If you give me your details I will contact Clickbank on your behalf.  You might find some of these companies try to weasel there way out but this is why you don’t talk to the monkey.

Talk to the ORGAN GRINDER! lol


If you would like to try the Nutravesta ProVen Weight Loss Supplement…

Here are the current deals;

29678adaf97f394b5ca2823bc4b502d3 cropped

*IF you click on the BUY NOW buttons above this will take you directly to Nutravesta Proven’s website.

Anyway, so I would actually recommend trying Leptitox instead.  For the reasons, I’ve stated above.  As for one, it is more affordable and secondly, there is a bit more information out there.  However, if you are looking to detox based on the information in this review then I would also recommend this free EBOOK.  The Leptin Diet with Recipes by Flora Jennings.

If you are interested in this check out my download link below…


One last thing before I go.  If you have had any past experience with ProVen, Nutravesta, Leptitox, or any supplement; or diet that claims to reverse Leptin Resistance please let me know all about this in the comments.  Negative or positive will be great to hear from you.  You can also contact me privately at alexc@dynamicideas4life.com

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Many Thanks
and All the Best…

Alex B. Chivers

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