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Welcome to https://dynamicideas4life.com.  Your #No.1 place to go for everything that can improve your life, health and everything else that can make your life as great as possible!

Our goal of this site is to share with you what we believe are truly Dynamic Ideas 4 Your Life.

From lifestyle tips like Healthy Living, Wellness, Nutrition and Weight Loss.  Plus much more.

Basically, everything that I can think of what can help improve people’s lives, I will try and write about.

To help you be healthy, happy and bring you that one step closer towards your lifestyle goals.  Our plan is to introduce to you through our articles and product reviews the most helpful, understandable, relevant and useful information that we can find.

Topics included on this blog will be

  • Lifestyle and Fitness Guides and Secrets.
  • Healthy Living and Self Improvement
  • Nutrition and Dietary Ideas
  • Product Reviews and Articles
  • Our focus is the Healthy Living Niche so this what we will look to provide you information for.

A little bit about myself

My name is Alex Chivers.  and at the time of writing this, I am 34 years old.  I live in Hertfordshire, England (UK) and outside of Web Development, I am an eBay and Amazon trader by profession.

This is just to introduce myself I don’t really want to go into this here but if you’d like to find out more about me you can send me an email to alexc@dynamicideas4life.com

Now, I started this website for a number of reasons, but chief amongst these is that I’ve been interested in writing since I was very young.  I began publishing online quite a few years ago now.  I think it was 2011 that I created my first blog.  I still have actually but rarely use it nowadays.  It never really took off as I hoped back then and I can’t remember the exact reasons I stopped but apart from the odd post here it never really went any further.

Until last year… November 2019 when I started to think about getting back into blogging.

So from there NYE 2K19 I decided to stay in and my new blog was born.  I called this DynamicIdeasAndOpportunities.Blogspot

My first 5-10 posts I did were originally written here before I moved to this new website.

The reason I did this was that I discovered a better platform than blogger.com

I know this has nothing to do with healthy living but if your reading this and would like to build a website like me.

My #No.1 Recommendation for building your own website >>Click Here<<

This is for a platform called Wealthy Affiliate.com.  It was through here during my free trial period I created my first site Meditation24x7.com and then this site here #DynamicIdeas4Life.com

That was almost a year ago now.  Where has the time gone, and…

What more can I say?  This new project is here, and I hope to be able to help you all along the way.  And hopefully, you will all like what you read and you will return to read more in the future.

Till then look forward to seeing you again.

Best wishes from

– Dynamic Ideas 4 Life –

Alex B. Chivers


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