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Why Do We Get Headaches? – and How To Find the Right Treatment!

why do we get headaches symptoms explained

Hello All, today we are going to look at the Different Types of Headaches and Their Causes.  Why Do We Get Headaches? – Symptoms Explained! A headache can be caused by a myriad of different reasons.  Most are not of serious concern.  Although, sometimes, on the other hand, they also can be caused by very … Read more

HFL Stress and Cortisol Relief Review – Does This Really Work?

hfl stress and cortisol relief review 2021

Hello All, today we will be looking at Stress and Cortisol Relief.  This is a dietary supplement by HFL (Health, Fitness, and Longevity) and Dr Sam Robbins.  Stress and Cortisol Relief claims to reduce the symptoms of stress as well as other brain functions.  Also, it said to boost energy levels, improve your mood, focus … Read more

Tinnitus with High Blood Pressure – How Are They Linked?

tinnitus with high blood pressure

Hi All,  Tinnitus with High Blood Pressure – How Are They Linked?  So this post I’ve decided to write after discovering a supplement called Alistrol.  This I noticed was very similar to a good number of tinnitus supplements that I’ve seen.  Except the only big difference is Alistrol is a Blood Pressure Supplement. So, what … Read more

CogniBiotics Nootropic Probiotics – Do These Help Improve Mood & Mind?

Cognibiotics review 2021 mind and mood enhancing probiotics

Hi Guys,  How are you doing?  I’ve covered most of the BiOptimizers product range now in this blog.  I am not a partner of this company I would just like to add.  However, I am a huge fan and today I wanted to talk about one of Bioptimizers newest products called CogniBiotics Nootropic Probiotics.   It … Read more

How to Improve Cardiovascular Health – L-Arginine Plus Review 2021

how to improve cardiovascular health

Hello All, today we are going to be looking at Heart Health Problems and How to Improve Cardiovascular Health.  This article will also coincide with a review for a product called L-Arginine Plus by a company called Elements of Health Care.  A dietary supplement manufacturer based in the USA. Now, so we all must understand … Read more

What Can Cause Brain Fog? ~ NeuroActive6 ~ Improve Brain Health!

what causes brain fog

Hello All,  Today we are going to discuss What Can Cause Brain Fog? ~ This will be my NeuroActiv6 Review for 2021. So, do you suffer from brain fog? A feeling of woolly-headedness. Problems with concentration, and do you have trouble focusing? OK, but what is brain fog?  Is it age-related?  Who does it affect? … Read more