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So, from the day we first enter this world, until the day we leave it all behind (whenever this may turn out to be) we begin the process of living. 

During this time we can choose to live really however as we please.  

On one hand, we can try our best to maintain a healthy life or we can neglect ourselves to the point that we are not very healthy at all. 

We can drink 🍻, smoke 🚬, and eat unhealthy food like it doesn’t even matter.    This is our choice 💯 or…

We can resist these temptations, regularly exercise, and eat all the right things.   This is also our choice 😎

Although, it really does go without saying that living healthy is the better option of the two.  

Just the feeling of being energetic, lively, and feeling good about ourselves really is nice.  Once we begin to experience these moments we all know that is the best way to be alive.

I mean don’t get me wrong… going to parties, having a few drinks, and spending time with others is cool.  We should not ignore that socializing under these circumstances can be quite therapeutic itself. 

However, of course, we must also consider the other times when we must be more responsible.  Whatever the reason this might be.  There will be times when we need to be of sound mind and body.  Where feeling healthy and proactive is the only way we should be.  For not only the benefit of our health but also for our happiness.

how to live healthy and happy

So these are some things that we may be able to help you with on this website.  Our goal is to help you!  Whether it be with our already-published articles and product reviews or future work… ✅

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Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship where we can start helping you become a better person.

In this short Introduction we will cover a few ideas to get you started with a healthier lifestyle.   Many of these ideas will be further elaborated in other posts on this website but just to serve as a kind of introduction let’s begin here>>>

I.)  Practice Good Habits

developing good habits 4 steps


When we think about what we can do to progress forward on Our Healthy Living Journey a good place to start is to develop an organized routine.  With this we will want to wake up early – really as close to sunrise as possible I would say.  

We should then eat healthily – THIS goes without saying!  As does getting outdoors and exercising – this can be gentle exercises like walking or could be more physically demanding exercise such as jogging or cycling.

THEN besides this, it may be beneficial to practice meditation for a short period of the day, and also getting to bed at a good time is another thing that can help the body to heal and grow stronger.  

II.) Eat Healthy and Avoid Junk Food

eating healthy on our healthy living journey

Learning about Nutrition is very important for our healthy living journey.  Knowing more about our relationship with food is a key factor to consider for biologically optimizing our body to function in the best way.

We should know both what foods are good for us and what foods are not.  

The term junk food is one we most likely know but what do YOU consider junk food?  

You may actually be surprised about what is and what isn’t!  It really can fool the best of us.

Basically, vegetable oil is used for so many things and refined carbs in things like white bread are very bad as well.

 Fruit, vegetables, grains, and sources of vitamins and minerals are what we should focus on instead…

III.)  Manage Stress and Be Happy 

manage stress and be happy

So I could not put this short list together without mentioning Stress and How We Manage It.  Stress is our body’s natural reaction to situations where we feel under pressure or things are out of control.  When this happens our brain reacts by releasing hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine.

Of course these hormones are important in their own right but cortisol especially if we release too much of it can wreak havoc on our other hormones.  Something that can have many negative knock on effects on our health and wellness.

Why getting this under control is of the utmost importance but fortunately there are many ways we can bring stress under control.  Meditation, relaxation techniques, avoiding stressful situations and positive thinking are all things that can help.

Read more about Managing Stress at Mental Health.org ~   how-manage-and-reduce-stress

Also, next to managing Stress another important part of Our Healthy Living Journey is the following…

IV.)  Lose Weight and Work On Fitness

So now this is a big one.  Of course not everyone will be what they consider to be overweight.  Some people obviously will be overweight but generally there are a few things to look at.  Such as;  

    • Body Type (Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph) 


    • Muscle Mass


    • Water Weight


    • BMI  (check your BMI with the Calculator below).So, however  

Supplied by BMI Calculator UK

Enter here your Height, Weight, Age, and Gender to help determine whether you are a healthy weight for your age or this is something you need to work on to improve your health and wellness.

If it is recommended that you need to lose weight then really there are 3 main factors that you really must consider;

    1. Diet and Nutrition
    1. Lifestyle
    1. Exercise

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