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What Is The Ultimate Hangover Cure – If There Even Is One!


Hey Guys, So I have a confession to make! In a lot of my posts, I talk about ways to help people become more healthy. It is true that I want the best for the health of all my readers. But – What Is The Ultimate Hangover Cure?

I know right! Why am I making a post about drinking alcohol? Like the advice I give others is not exactly how I do things myself. I do not encourage this behaviour by the way but let’s face it. More adults seem to drink than those who do not.

Which I guess is the same for a lot of other people. Drinking alcohol in a lot of places is a quite popular cultural thing. Going to bars and restaurants in a lot of countries is considered an excuse for a social gathering.

For me, this is mostly why I drink. Just to get out and mingle amongst others. I have done this since before I was even legally allowed to buy alcohol. I don’t drink as much as I used to but still enough to wake up now and again feeling like ****

Now, I hope this reveal doesn’t turn too many of you (my readers) away. I actually advise against drinking alcohol for better health. It isn’t all bad I guess, it can be good (I think) for depression if you are drinking socially. I’d also go as far as saying if it gets you out in the sun this can also be a good thing.

Although, alcohol mostly is highly toxic and can cause serious damage. Which I know should put people off like me, maybe you and others but we still drink and get hangovers. Which is exactly what today’s post will be about.


What Is The Ultimate Hangover Cure?

If There Even Is One! ????

what is the ultimate hangover cure

Many will know what it feels like to suffer from a hangover. No energy, sore head, feeling sick, dizzy and basically like total **** The number of times I have found myself in this situation. Asking myself every time the same question “Why do I do this to myself?”. It’s crazy really and probably the worst part is the more I abstain the more I begin to miss it.

Even though it is expensive, more often than not embarrassing and worse still detrimental to both physical and mental health. Although, there the good times as well I suppose. When people get together and have an amazing time. For all its faults that is probably the one good thing about drinking alcohol – if nothing else.

Until the next morning and this is what I like to call time to pay the devil… but…

What Causes A Hangover?

Of course, we all know more or less that alcohol is what causes us to have hangovers.  This much is true. 


But on a more serious note… 

What is it that alcohol does to us, to make this happen? 

Of course, many of us will not think about this in too much detail.  Many just suffer the consequences, take a Paracetamol or Aspirin and say no more about it.  For the educated person though alcohol is a type of poison. When we are drunk they say we are intoxicated. 

 Simply because alcohol is a toxic substance – it is the toxic effects that it has on our body that makes us feel drunk.

Now, the thing to understand here is that our body has very little tolerance to these toxins. The reason that drunk people are frequently urinating an unbelievable amount of times is to flush these toxins out. 

 Which, is good really – it is better out than in but something else that people may not realise is that when they are urinating every 5-10 minutes or whatever they are also peeing away essential vitamins and minerals.

So, what actually causes a hangover is not actually the alcohol itself but mostly a vitamin and mineral deficiency.  Exactly why if you drink a bit too often you can develop serious health problems because of prolonged periods without the nutrients that we all need to stay healthy.

Which pretty much is the problem and the solution and exactly why I’m going to make this next point.

What Is The Ultimate Hangover Cure?

Don’t Drink In the First Place

I think this goes without saying really. The simplest way to cure a hangover is to not drink at all. 

 Prevention is the best cure but I’m pretty sure many reading this will know this already.  I’m sure many looking for this information will be looking for a way that they can still drink but at the same time under the best circumstances possible.

If this is you I would say the best precaution other than not actually drinking alcohol is this…

Eat Before You Start Drinking

Eat before drinking alcohol

This I think has to be the golden rule. Even though you might not be able to stop yourself peeing away and sweating out your natural supply of vitamins, minerals and nutrients you are definitely better off taking in what you can foodwise beforehand.  It is no guarantee that you won’t get a hangover but listen to people when they say this;

“Do not go out drinking on an empty stomach”.

Skipping meals is bad enough already but depleting your natural supply of vitamins and minerals even further is just asking for trouble. 

 Also, another tip…

Try to Eat When You Get Home

I think some people would dismiss this piece of advice but I think it is good. So, say you are out drinking with friends when it is time to come home try and eat something. I don’t mean a big massive Shish Kebab or Indian Takeaway – as full of nutrients that you are seriously lacking they may be – they’re not really something you want to be wolfing down before you go to bed. Each to our own but maybe just try having something like a sandwich or banana. 

Like just your typical midnight snack.


I will say no more but maybe the next day…


Eat a Big Breakfast

full english breakfast for a hangover

This is definitely part of the culture here in the UK and over in Ireland. After a night out on the town the next day (if you can stomach it) eat a fried breakfast. Beans, Tomato, Egg, Sausages, Bacon and maybe Mushrooms (if that’s your thing).

It isn’t the healthiest breakfast in the world but it can do wonders if your tank is feeling empty. I would say ditch the vegetable oil (read why I don’t like vegetable oil here) if you think this breakfast is too unhealthy.  Although, the most important thing is that you actually do eat.   

Even if it is just a couple of bits of toast.

It doesn’t have to be a fry up either. If you can stomach a bowl of porridge with an apple and banana do that instead.

Although, many will not feel like eating at all and this is another thing people might suggest…

 Hair Of The Dog

hair of the dog hangover cure

Potentially, this is a terrible idea. For me, I would say this is only delaying the inevitable but if you do have a bad hangover maybe have another drink. It is bad I know but this is the thing about alcohol it has a kind of parasitic effect on the body.

Microorganisms that feed off alcohol will still be in your body and looking for different sources of food since there is no alcohol there. You can either try what I said above or give them exactly what they want.  More Booze lol

PS: This is kind of just a theory of mine. Alcohol is produced as a by-product of the fermentation of rotting fruit. Naturally, there is a big microbial process happening and I believe this is still true even when these drinks are produced.

I actually think this is a big reason why people become alcoholics and can’t even stop drinking even if they want to.

It is just kind of the way the cookie crumbles but getting back to my point.  A good idea instead is to… 


Drink Plenty Of Water

drink plenty of water to cure your hangover

Actually, when we drink alcohol we don’t only become depleted in vitamins and minerals.  After spending the night or even the day urinating 10 times more than you usually would; (and not to mention waking up in a pool of sweat) it is no surprise that this can make us become dehydrated.  

Drinking plenty of water the next day will not only rehydrate the body but will also help repopulate it with vitamins and minerals within the water.  

Plus, it will also help as well to cleanse all the leftover toxins from the alcohol.  By giving us more fluid to urinate out and help to flush away what our body does not want.

Exactly, why water is very important and on the subject…  The Ultimate Hangover Cure


Next Morning, Take a Shower

Take a shower to remedy your hangover

Even if you have zero energy this can make a hell of a difference.  After spending the night sweating out by the bucket full, for the skin especially this will make you feel a whole lot better.  So, before you reach for your hair of the dog jump in the shower, get washed, dried and put some fresh clothes on.

Have something to eat as well and you should be on the mend in no time.  Just remember you have just spent the past 10 hours or whatever sweating and flushing out toxins.  

Freshening up is an absolute must but getting back to what I was saying before.

The Ultimate Hangover Cure – If there even is one… 


Replenish Vitamins and Minerals.

This is the main thing.   Many of us actually have vitamin and mineral deficiencies but we do not realise it.  Usually, this could be because we are not seriously deficient or it could be that we have just got used to feeling the way we do.

However, if we look at some of the knock-on effects from drinking too much alcohol we can easily identify these as a desperate need for replenishment.  For some reason, we do not usually notice this when we are still drinking like mad Irish men but the next day there are many signs we can usually quite easily notice.  Such as;

  • Low Magnesium can result in difficulty with sleeping, nerve function and give you headaches.
  • Being low in Iron and B Vitamins can make us feel lethargic and weak.
  • Not having enough Zinc can leave us vulnerable to other illnesses.
  • Having low Potassium can cause heart palpitations, nervous disposition and weakness.
  • A lack of Calcium can leave us with joint pain and weak bones
  • and a lack of Vitamins can affect us by making it harder to absorb the minerals which we need.

Read more:  12 Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies Explained Here

So, to recover it is most important to drink plenty of fluids, eat some food including fruit and vegetables

and even multivitamins may be useful if you have them handy.  

Check out My 2 Reviews>  Megafood Multivitamins For Men & Megafood Multivitamins For Women

You should also be prepared to wait for your body to absorb everything after but one trick you can try is eating raw garlic.  

I guess it is the last thing on peoples minds but #1 this is a natural Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory and 2# because of the Sulphur (DMSO) in Garlic it will help the body to absorb nutrients quickly and help it to detox more effectively.


In Conclusion

What Is The Ultimate Hangover Cure

If you don’t want a hangover don’t drink but if you do maybe these tips might be able to help you.  

I don’t have some magical concoction that I can give you the recipe for unfortunately but just be sensible I guess.  

IF you are reading this guide and you drink 5-10 pints a day after work I’m not sure what to say to you.  Fairplay, I guess – I bet a lot of people would love to know your secret but seriously after you drink give your body time to recuperate.

They call it the weekend for a reason lol  I mean I think weekly drinking sometimes can be good.  Some older guys I know, that live on their own going down the pub is literally all they have.  I actually think the world would be a better place with more pubs.  Obviously to the point where people are sensible but for all alcohols faults I don’t think it is as bad as depression.

If going out stops people from becoming depressed and actually gets people out in the sun I think it definitely has some redeeming qualities.  However, as this is a health blog I will definitely say always put your health first.



Is there anything that I missed?  Do you have any of your own hangover remedies?

What is your Ultimate Hangover Cure please let us know in the comments below… 

Oh, and before I go if you know anyone that might like to read this post please feel free to share

Try not to get too drunk and hopefully you can pass by again soon.

Many thanks;

Alex C

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4 thoughts on “What Is The Ultimate Hangover Cure – If There Even Is One!”

  1. The next morning cure is one of the reasons I don’t drink anymore. I used to get about 6 cans of beer just before the offlicence would close as I would not wake up shaking for another drink the next day. If I drank anymore I would drink for the rest of the week but I had a terrible habbit of not eating enough from the moment I started drinking.

    My friend who drinks quite alot but never at home always forces himself to drink a cup of tea or coffee eat something and shower. Food and sleep seem to be the best thing for a hangover in my opinion.

    • Hi Chris, Yes I think we are quite similar people in a way. I haven’t stopped drinking per se but I do make a habit of taking a few weeks off it here and there. As I think it is nice going out and seeing people but it is just too much money. I know you can buy cheaper from the off-license or supermarket but drinking on my own just don’t see the point really. Is not worth the hangover. I know I have written all these ideas above but my god waking up having a cup of tea. eating something and having a shower it’s a lot easier said than done I think.

  2. Now that all the pubs are starting to open here again in the UK these tips are really useful. I personally do not like the taste of alcohol to be honest, so I don’t really drink much myself, but there are occasions, although very rare, when I do give in to the notion in order to be social or when celebrating a friends’ birthday party.

    For this reason these tips will come in very handy when such occasions arise. Many thanks for sharing!


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