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Going Sober for October – My Advice! To Try and Stop Drinking

going sober for October advice

Do you have a drinking problem?  Who doesn’t right?  Everyone that drinks alcohol suffers as a result in some way.  Exactly why going sober for October might not be such a bad idea. It might be an innocent embarrassing mistake or something that actually affects your physical health.  The word Alcohol comes from the word … Read more

“Am I Having A Panic Attack?” – What To Look For…

Are you having a panic attack

Hello Everyone, Today we are going to look at How To Know If You Are Having A Panic Attack?  Sure this might sound a bit daft because of course, you would know right?  If you are sat there on the floor feeling like you are going to die.  Gasping for breath and crying your eyes … Read more

Mastering Stress Naturally: By Using Sonic Pranic Energy⚡

How to master stress naturally

Hello All, today we are going to do a review on something a little different. Mastering Stress Naturally is an online training course that helps you out with the effects of stress. You download it and have lifetime access to it. It uses a technique called Sonic Pranic Energy Treatment. This is based on the … Read more

10 Foods That Fight Depression

10 foods that fight depression

Hello All, today we are going to look at 10 Foods That Fight Depression.  This will be another post in my mental health series, and also a follow-up to my last post 8 Foods that Reduce Stress and Anxiety. Do you or anybody you know suffer from Depression? It’s something I have had on and … Read more

HFL Stress and Cortisol Relief Review – Does This Really Work?

hfl stress and cortisol relief review 2021

Hello All, today we will be looking at Stress and Cortisol Relief.  This is a dietary supplement by HFL (Health, Fitness, and Longevity) and Dr Sam Robbins.  Stress and Cortisol Relief claims to reduce the symptoms of stress as well as other brain functions.  Also, it said to boost energy levels, improve your mood, focus … Read more

What Kratom is for Anxiety? Does This Controversial Drug Have Hidden Potential?

what kratom is for anxiety

Hello All, for today’s post.   What Kratom is for Anxiety?  If you don’t know about Kratom – in this post I will tell you.  This is a South-East Asian tropical evergreen plant.  It has quite a reputation – both good and bad but one thing that is reported is it is said amongst other things to help … Read more

Can Stress Weaken Your Immune System

can stress weaken the immune system

Hello All,  Firstly I’m pleased to see you here again.  Today we are going to look at how Can Stress Weaken Your Immune System. So, when stress gets out of control it can cause various different problems for our health.  It is a lot more than just feeling fed up at work ? One of … Read more

Does Bullying Affect Mental Health? The Sad Truth! ?

does bullying affect mental health

Hello All, today’s topic is Does Bullying Affect Mental Health.   Many of us will be or have been bullied at some point in our lives.  It could be in school (in the case of children), in the workplace (more common than people think) or online ( cyberbullying).  We might either suffer ourselves or we may … Read more

How Music Affects Mental Health?

how music affects mental health

Hello All, today we are going to look at How Music Affects Mental Health.  I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you this.  That Music is a great way to help with your mental health.  You may have seen such things advertised as relaxation music, or soothing, calm music for example but actually I … Read more

12 Signs of an Abusive Relationship

12 signs of an abusive relationship

Hello All, today we are going to look at the 12 Signs of an Abusive Relationship.  This can be by anyone we know.  By relationship, I don’t just mean your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend.  In contrast, this article is about all kinds of relationships even friendships and between family.  Business relationships, professional relationships etc. … Read more