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Hello guys, today I will be reviewing the Cinderella Solution Flavor Pairing Guide.  A digital product designed especially for Females looking for a solution to help them lose weight. 

This guide is based on the Japanese Shoku Iku Flavor Pairing Rituals and contains a selection of recipes that can help you choose the best Cinderella Solution Food Pairings.

This, if you have never heard of it before, is when you match together carbohydrates with certain protein-based foods for the combined health benefits. 

I will describe this in further detail soon but for now more about this product…

FTC Disclosure:

Please note that this post contains affiliate links and if you make a purchase through one of these links because of the information provided in this article I may receive an affiliate commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

Also, note if I feel a product is NOT recommended I will be sure to let you know.

Cinderella Solution flavor pairings

Cinderella Solution Flavor Pairing Guide 2023 – Overview

Product Name: Cinderella Solution
Creator: Carly Donavon
$37.00 Plus Free Shipping (Digital Product)
Rating out of 100:  72/100
Warranty: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Recommended (Yes/No): Yes

Short Summary:   

Cinderella Solution by Carly Donavan is a digital recipe guide designed especially for women.  Based on Japanese Shoku-Iku recipes, this is a very special product for any female that needs a bit of extra help with losing weight.

Website: https://cinderellasolutionprogram.com

Introduction to Cinderella Solution

First of all, something I found quite interesting about this product.  It says on the sales page that when some Women gain unwanted weight it can be down to a gender-based fault line.  It half sounds as this is just to help sell the product but apparently it has something to do with a genetic malfunction that hardwires the female body to actually want to pile on the pounds.

Absurd I know, or is it?.  I kind of think why would any girl want to be overweight?  In fact why any man for that matter, but aside from this what the Cinderella Solution also says is that this is a process that occurs from 20 years old onwards.  Which can affect anything from 86% to 92% of all women.

Again, it seems a bit farfetched to me but still… The whole Shoku Iku diet concept is definitely worth learning about. In Japan, it has pretty much reshaped society and for all of the possible bulls**t that the sales video says about this product I know this part is 100% true.

The Weight Loss Doubling Molecule Exposed!

So apparently this genetic female-only fault line can be switched off by activating a dormant gene known as the ‘Weight Loss Doubling Molecule’.  Something all women are supposed to have (apparently). Sitting there dormant and just waiting to be activated.

It sounds a bit suspect. Possibly just to sell this product to people but I actually wonder if this is adiponectin. It doesn’t say it is but what it does is that once activated it can help an overweight woman begin to lose weight within a matter of weeks.

I think that this is a shoe that fits but the only thing is that adiponectin can be found in both sexes. So, I wonder if the part about this being more beneficial to women than men is actually true. As from my research adiponectin can be equally beneficial to either sex as it helps to speed up metabolism and raise the body’s basal temperature.

Still, this is a product marketed especially for Girls and I think that this can definitely help.

Cinderella Solution Flavour Pairing

What is the Weight Loss Doubling Molecule?

Now, I personally find this a little bit suspect, as I haven’t been able to quite find a source where this information comes from.   

Although I did find something that may be related – A study by Professor Damien Keating from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. 

It doesn’t seem to refer to just women but anyway what the Cinderella Solution sales page say’s is that once this gene has been activated it can help by stopping women from craving weight gain.

Sounds like rubbish right? A simple Google search for ‘Weight Loss Doubling Molecule’ and all I get is other affiliate pages trying to sell the ‘Cinderella Solution‘. 

Except the search I did to find the information above was “dormant gene that helps weight loss”.

This is something to go on almost I think but doesn’t exactly say anything about Japanese Flavor Pairing Rituals, or Macro Nutrients.  Although the video also says that the reason this kind of information is so hard to find, is because the Weight Loss Industry is worth so much money.

More on this shortly but back to the weight loss doubling molecule…

Here is a video that may explain things a bit better.


What the Weight Loss Industry Don’t Want You to Know

So, I have looked this up and it does make sense – the weight loss and dieting industry is a very big business.  As of 2019, It was worth a whopping ‘$72 Million in just the USA. In the past 50 years, the profits have gone up and up.

So, just think about how bad for business it would be if this managed to get out. That there is a way to lose weight without using all these costly products.

best weight loss for women

PS:  I know the Cinderella Solution isn’t exactly free but please keep reading;

So, just think, how far a big industry like the Weight Loss and Dieting Cartel would go to protect their own business interests?

Imagine a company like ‘Weight Watchers‘ if nobody was overweight.  How would they make their money?

They wouldn’t.  Weight Loss companies need overweight people.  If they just gave the overweight people a short term solution that worked that well then they would be out of business.

A very good point if you think about it but what makes the Cinderella Solution any better?

Shoku Iku Flavor Pairing Rituals

So what is Carly Donavon and ‘the Cinderella Solutions’ big claim?  What is the deal with this alleged weight-loss doubling molecule that can be triggered by an inactive gene?  Well, apparently you can activate this gene by an Ancient Japanese technique called ‘Shoku-Iku‘.

A technique which translates into English as ‘Nutrition Architecture‘ or ‘Food Education‘.

shoku iku food pairings weight loss

So the Shoku Iku diet – is a concept that was conceived originally alongside macrobiotics by the Japanese military leader Sagen Ishizuka in the late 1800s.  It became popular in Japan by the 1950s and ’60s, and actually became a part of a government program to make the nation healthier.   

All whilst, during the same period in the USA, the exact opposite was happening. People were beginning to eat less healthy and more and more people were becoming morbidly obese.

Sorry, McDonald’s and Fast Food but I blame you for this. Although, vegetable oil I think is just as guilty. This and a few other things actually – the use of plastics, the breakdown of the sulfur cycle and the rise of the couch potato ??

Kind of ironic really. Just as Shoku Iku really started to become popular in Japan the fast-food craze had taken over America.  Nowadays this can be seen by the increasing rate of health problems in the USA including obesity, and type-2 diabetes.  Something that in Japan is almost unheard of.

So How Does the Cinderella Solution Work?

Well, the actual basis of the ‘Cinderella Solution‘ is just a part of the Shoku-Iku Diet.  A simple set of guidelines broken down into what’s called ‘Japanese Flavor Pairing Rituals‘.

A routine with the primary goal of each ritual is to bring metabolic and hormonal balance. To promote good health, well-being, strength, and happiness from within. A safe friendly diet?

but what are ‘Shoku Iku Flavor Pairing Rituals‘?

shoku iku diet flavor pairing chart

Cinderella Solution Food Pairings Continued…

Right so basically a ‘Food and Flavour Pairing‘ is taking something like Chocolate and Celery. Which, usually shouldn’t go together and creating a more nutritional snack or meal. It’s more or less just making the foods you wouldn’t usually eat more appealing. Kind of like giving a child a treat if they eat their vegetables but instead for adults.

Which makes sense right? because what better way to lose weight than eating the right food. It’s obvious really but like I’ve said above healthy eating is not always appealing>

But getting back to the point – ‘food flavour pairing‘ is how you could make eating healthy to lose weight more appealing. The Cinderella Solution is actually in part a recipe book that includes many different ideas of how you can do this for yourself.

Cinderella Solution Shoku Iku Recipes

Suggestion #1 – Oatmeal, Cinnamon and Blueberries

For breakfast, you could try something like Oats or Porridge with Blueberries, and instead of Sugar use Cinnamon and Honey. I eat this myself 2-3 times a week but also with Almonds.

Now, I’ve heard of stranger things to be fair but on the basis of it eating a diet rich in high-fibre whole grains for a start according to researchers will help you shut off hunger and feel fuller for longer.

So let’s go with Oatmeal.  Top that off with Blueberries, which are rich in antioxidants like polyphenols.  Cinnamon which is said to be good for preventing Insulin resistance and sensitivity then you have a well-matched tasty and healthy breakfast. Add Almonds which are rich in both Zinc and Magnesium and Honey which itself is packed full of healthy antioxidants.

Suggestion #2 – Eggs and Avocado on Toast

Eggs and Avocado on ToastThen how about trying another food matching recipe for lunch.  ‘Eggs and Avocado on Toast’.

Not a huge lover of Eggs myself but let’s break this down – Eggs are a great source of protein (around 6g per Large Egg) and as Eggs contain the Amino Acid L-Arginine they are an excellent food for weight loss, and also improving blood flow.

As for Avocado, as well as several health benefits including lowering cholesterol and being good for the heart – studies have suggested that after eating avocados participants reportedly claimed to not feel hungry again after for up to 5 hours.

This is great but how about something else added to this already very healthy meal.

Suggestion #2.5 – Add Spinach!

Cinderella Solution Flavour Pairing

If you can find room on your plate another thing you can add to this recipe is – (Does anyone remember the cartoon Popeye?) Spinach! The source of Popeyes super human-like strength.

Spinach is high in both fibre and muscle-boosting Iron.   The green leaf membranes of Spinach called thylakoids research has shown help regulate appetite by lowering blood sugar levels and aid in weight loss by slowing down digestion.  So when you can add Spinach for added health benefits.

Now dinner. If breakfast is the most important meal of the day then this has to be a close second. For this final food pairing, I’m going to go with…

Suggestion #3 – Salmon and Sweet Potatoes

shoku iku recipes

Right, so Salmon! Wild salmon is one of the best choices because it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory and fat-burning properties.

Match this with a side of sweet potatoes. Slow carbs that make you feel fuller for longer.

Not to mention the powerful anti-oxidant carotenoids which help stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels. Sweet potatoes are a sensible choice for anyone looking to lose weight. Mix this with Broccoli which is another great food for lowering cholesterol, detoxifying your body and maximizing vitamin and mineral uptake.

Some great recipes there but what do you actually get with this product?

What Do You Get With The Cinderella Solution

If you are actually interested in purchasing this. Here is what you will get;

Book 1 – Getting Started

Part One: Weight Loss From The Inside Out

  1. Where and How to Get Started

Part Two: Weight Loss Rituals

  1. Food Coupling
  2. Flavor Pairing
  3. Nutrient Timing
  4. Movement Sequencing

Part Three: Cinderella’s 2-Phase Approach to Weight Loss

  1. Phase 1: The Ignite Phase
  2. Phase 2: The Launch Phase
  3. Cycling the Ignite and Launch Phases

Part Four: Macro Nutrients and Food Pairing Rituals

  1. PRIME Proteins
  2. ROYAL Fats
  3. Power Carbs
  4. Angel Carb

Part Five: Meal Times and Frequency

  1. Ignite: 3 Meals Daily
  2. Launch: 4 Meals Daily
  3. When To Eat

Book 2: DIY Meal Creator and Flavor Pairing

  1. 3 Step Instruction Guide
  2. Food Pairing Legends
  3. Portioning Options
  4. Portions and Serving Sizes

Book 3: Top 11 Flavor Pairs and Weight Loss Combination

On top of all this, you will also find the Quick Start Guide and the free bonuses:

  1. 21 Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide
  2. The Movement Sequencing Activity Guide
  3. 5 Minutes To Look Younger Best-Selling Workout DVD
  4. 72 Female Fat-Loss Dessert Recipes
  5. One Day Detox

So, quite a lot here but…

Is This Product Actually Legit?

Yes, what you see is what you get. This is a digital product, not a health supplement. Kind of the same in some respects though different customers have different results. I haven’t been able to find much in terms of reviews. It is quite different for digital products and physical products but for anybody actually interested I will say this.

IF anybody is hesitant about the legitimacy of this product you can actually try this pretty much risk-free. I would hope that people don’t take advantage of this company but the thing here is that you can claim a refund within 60 days of purchase if you feel that this is not working for you.

In Conclusion… My Final Thoughts

If you thought the recipe ideas were good above, then there are many more ideas just like these in the Cinderella Solution recipe guide. In fact, these are just some of my own and inside are all different ideas. Not only this but there are lots of lifestyle tips and exercises that you can try at home.

If you are a female looking to lose some weight then why not give this a try?

The product at the moment is on sale for $37 USD – reduced from apparently a massive $187! This is laughable really but I guess $37 USD is OK

Note: I have noticed that if you scroll to the bottom of the written sales page it also offers a further $10 Off which brings the price down to $27

Plus this also includes the Cinderella Accelerator, and there is the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

A good deal? I will let you decide. I would say personally that if you want to learn more about the Shoku Ike technique.  How it can help restore your health and happiness than even if it’s just for the 60 days and you return for the refund give it a go and see if it can help you.

If this is something you think will interest you then say…

cinderella solution flavour pairing

Now, I would say buy but if you don’t want to I totally get you. If you would like something for free instead – I highly recommend you subscribe to Carly Donavon’s Cinderella Solution Email List…

For Free Daily Emails from Carly About Various Weight Loss Tips, and Special Offers…

Your Feedback

Before I go… If you have any questions about the Cinderella Solution or the Shoku Iku Diet, or you would like to leave any other feedback please see the comments section below.

If you would prefer to contact me privately you can email me at alexc@dynamicideas4life.com

Otherwise, if you would like to help support #Di4L please like, share, and subscribe.

Look forward to seeing you all again.

Many thanks for reading;

Best regards;

Alex C

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  1. Weight loss is essential not just for women only, for men as well. Being on the bigger side is a risky business as it weighs too much on the heart and other vital organs. These therapies over the years have been yielding less effective results but weight loss solutions like the Cinderella solution flavor pairing solution is really essential because it is organic. Just get the pairing right and you will begin to lose weight before you know. I have a lady friend that is currently using this therapy and she is recording amazing results. 

  2. I know that this product works. I got friends who used it. It is a diet program seriously designed for women. I saw the results on my friends’ body. I recommend it to everyone to give it a try.thanks slot slot for sharing this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.

  3. I strongly concur with you, healthy eating is not appealing. What we want to eat many times are not healthy. They consist of junk food mostly. But Adding a little chocolate alongside celery will encourage us to eat our veggies for sure. Obviously, the Cinderella solution will not only improve our health but will save us money on the cost of medications and unnecessary supplements

    • Yes very good point what this product promotes is something that is very common in Japan and they have some of the healthiest people in the world.

  4. I accidentally gave you your post and I thought it was wonderful. A weight loss recipe without taking pills is magnificent. The ash curd is great. I don’t need it because I eat a little and healthy. It is said that this is what you eat. But this recipe will help a lot of women. He just has to change his diet. Thanks for this pos

  5. Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article and for giving you the opportunity to discuss something wonderful with this article. I was a girl of extra weight And I couldn’t figure out how to reduce my extra weight. And just then I read your article and found out about this product .So I think if I take the Cinderella Weight Loss package, my extras weight will be reduced very quickly. I want to buy this product now without delay and would like to share my experience with you very soon.

  6. Hey what a great idea, natural sweets which are good for you with foods that are good for you, but you may not be able to eat it due to the taste.
    Where is the good diet for us guys? Or do we sit down and eat this diet beside the Ladies? Which I would not mind.
    I like your article, well written, good contents which flows well with your media. Easy to follow. Good job.

    • Hi Laurence, Yes it is essentially recipes that encourage mixing high detoxifying foods with sweet foods. This doesn’t have to be only for women I would expect that it could show results for males also. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Best regards; Alex

  7. Really interesting to see that this product states that women gaining weight is something they crave and not just something that happens for whatever reasons. I see that you’re confused as well, so I’m guessing this has not been scientifically proven? Personally, I think it works different for every body type, not all women are the same. 

    • Hi Stephanie,  I think the part about the weight doubling molecule to be a bit strange.  I need to read through the scientific resources once I get the chance to see if this is true or it’s just something that is said by the creators to get people to buy the product.  Either way though the flavour pairing is 100% a thing in Japan that I have been able to deduce and just must admit the Japanese do age very well.  So the product if your interested it is a diet program – computer software which teaches a wide range of different recipes to help women lose weight.


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