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Is Quietum Plus Tinnitus Relief a Scam – Here Are The Facts

is quietum plus another tinnitus relief scam supplement

Is Quietum Plus Tinnitus Relief a Scam? In Case you are wondering – Before you Decide to Buy This – Here Are The Facts! If you are reading this now then perhaps you have heard of this Tinnitus Relief Supplement before. This is just one of the latest Hearing Health Supplements being sold online including  Sonovive and Tinnitus … Read more

Can Sonovive Help Restore Hearing Loss? – The Truth Revealed!

Sonovive review can this help restore hearing loss

Hearing loss is a part of getting older.  As we age this is, unfortunately, something that becomes a stark reality for many people.  If we don’t have experience of this first-hand it’s likely that we have seen this happen with older friends and family. I really DO NOT need to tell people this is how … Read more

Tinnitus with High Blood Pressure – How Are They Linked?

tinnitus with high blood pressure

Hi All,  Tinnitus with High Blood Pressure – How Are They Linked?  So this post I’ve decided to write after discovering a supplement called Alistrol.  This I noticed was very similar to a good number of tinnitus supplements that I’ve seen.  Except the only big difference is Alistrol is a Blood Pressure Supplement. So, what … Read more