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Leptitox Holland and Barrett Review (2023) – Is This For Real?



Leptitox Holland and Barrett can you buy this here is probably the question that you probably are wondering right now.

Leptitox Nutrition is a dietary supplement that is made with around 22 ingredients that are claimed to help reverse a condition called Leptin Resistance. Something that affects the appetite and which makes us feel hungry a lot more than we should be.

This is actually very common with overweight individuals. They will actually not stop eating because their brain is telling them they are not satisfied. Even though they have had enough to eat still because their leptin hormones aren’t correctly signalling they will just want more to eat.

I have actually written a review for Leptitox already (you can read it here) or just visit their website (here) but anyway as there has been a considerable amount of hype around this product some people wonder if big chain health stores such as Holland and Barrett have this for sale.

It is a good question and I will definitely look to try and answer this soon but for now;

Is Leptitox Holland and Barrett for Real? 

leptitox before after

Name: Leptitox Nutrition

Website: https://leptitox.com

Price: $59.00 for one bottle, multi-buy discounts available

Owners:  Morgan Hurst and Sonja Rhodes

Manufactured In: USA

What I like: Can help detox the liver

What I Don’t Like: Morgan Hurst Isn’t a Real Person ?

Short Summary:

Leptitox is a detox supplement made with 22 powerful ingredients designed to target Leptin Resistance. These include Marian Thistle, Dandelion, Burdock Root, Yarrow and Chanca Piedra. Even if this doesn’t really help with weight loss these are still great ingredients to detox the liver. If for nothing else this is possibly Leptitoxs redeeming quality.

FTC Disclosure: 

Please be aware that this post contains affiliate links and anything that you may purchase as a result of clicking on these links I may receive an affiliate commission.  To find out more – you can read my full disclosure here but please note not every product I review I recommend so please read carefully.

Health Disclaimer:

leptitox health disclaimer

Now, for the main question…

Is Leptitox Holland and Barrett for Real? 

Cards on the table NO Leptitox Holland and Barrett ARE NOT A THING! If you really want to buy Leptitox you can only buy it HERE<<<

Sorry if this is a bit clickbaity – I see a lot of people new to this product were asking this online so thought I would answer.

But Anyway as you are already here…

“What Is Leptitox Appetite Control Supplement?

Leptitox Nutrition is a dietary supplement created by Morgan Hurst, and biochemist Sonya Rhodes.  It is a product sold by Clickbank and is one of their most popular products.  It is designed to treat Leptin Resistance and Leptin Sensitivity.  A very common condition that a lot of people can suffer from.

This is a known cause of obesity and poor health. It occurs when the hypothalamus part of the brain does not receive Leptin Signals as it normally should. The main effect of this condition is appetite control, and as a result, eating too much because our brain does not receive the signal to stop.

Leptitox Holland and Barrett – The Truth?

Holland and Barrett are a company that has been around for YEARS. The company was founded all the way back in 1870. It started out as a grocery and clothing store and after a couple of takeovers eventually, it became a health food store in the 1970s.

As of 2022 Holland and Barrett operate out of 16 countries with over 1300 stores! They currently do not sell Leptitox but of course who knows what the future holds. As laughable as the idea sounds H&B actually sell many similar products to Leptitox such as Vitabiotics Liverel and their own Artichoke and Milk Thistle Supplements.

However, let’s just circle back to Leptitox quickly;

What Are The Good and the Bad Points?

The Good:

PRO #1 – May help with losing weight.  Designed to naturally repair Leptin signals in the hypothalamus part of the brain.  The claim is that damage caused by endocrine-disrupting chemicals can be reversed by highly powerful detoxifying ingredients.

PRO #2
– Both FDA & GMP Approved.  Created within a safe laboratory environment. Also GMO-free and non-toxic.

FDA and GMP Approved

PRO #3 – Made with 22 herbal ingredients, and Vegan friendly.

Is Leptitox for Real or a Scam - leptitox label

PRO #4
– 60 Day Money-back Guarantee

60 day money back guarantee

~Note I would actually say this is a CON just as much as a PRO. This is 60 Days from the order date which includes the time you have to wait for the product to show up.

The Bad:

CON #1 – Might not work for everybody.  I think this is true for everything really. Some people may take this product and find out that they do not get the same results as other people that take it.  So this is not a 100% proven solution for losing weight although a good percentage of users have got results.

CON #2 – Creators Morgan Hurst and Sonya Rhodes may only be pen names to protect the real creator’s identity.  This is actually often the case with these kinds of products.  Leptitox is no different – it does not actually state this but LeptoConnect, for example, the other Leptin Resistance supplement on Clickbank if you read the small print says exactly this.

In contrast, my opinion of Leptitox is it has sold very well.  Even from my last review, I see people, who bought after reading, through my affiliate link.  I had I think maybe 11-12 orders and only 1 of these requested a return.

Other than this I spoke to a few people who tried this with good results.  Also, it has been one of the best selling products on Clickbank since my first review so I do believe it works.

Who is the Leptitox Holland and Barrett Supplement For?

Information regarding “who” the audience the product is targeted at and who will benefit from the product.

I would say that the Leptitox Supplement is for anybody that wants to lose weight.  People may wonder whether they even have a Resistance or Sensitivity to Leptin and if taking this product is a viable solution in the first place, but actually, anybody that has an unhealthy relationship with food or eats too much is very likely to have this condition.

It might well be the cause of unhealthy fat is something else entirely but according to my own research, it usually is to do with our hormones in one way or another.  For example, the stress hormone cortisol can cause interference with leptin signals as well as insulin production, and this is why unhappy people may turn to food for comfort.

Also, a lack of the right sleep can lead to low HGH production.  The human growth hormone amongst other things helps with the proper regulation of hormones such as Leptin.  Cortisol can again be found to affect the release of melatonin – the sleep hormone.

If you ever find yourself feeling tired after eating sometimes this is why because our bodies require certain nutrients and minerals for the release of Melatonin and HGH production.

Leptitox works by providing these nutrients and minerals which can be found in many different foods, and plants.  These ingredients come from a wide range of different places.  Marian Thistle, is just one example of a wild plant that most people would never even think of adding to their diets. 

Of course, you could try to brew alongside ginger and dandelion for a special type of tea, but the thing that makes the actual Leptitox Supplement superior is it contains another 19 ingredients with some not so available as the three I just mentioned.

Is Leptitox Holland and Barrett for Real or a Scam? 

One bottle of 60 capsules is recommended to be taken over a period of 1 month taking two capsules a day.  Directions for use from the label are that one capsule should be taken twice a day 30 minutes before a full meal and with a pint glass of water.  This is why in the adverting it is called the 60-second water hack!   For full details see the image below;

leptitox recommend use label

Leptitox Full Product And Billing Support

Leptitox support

For product support or any questions, you may want to ask the company directly please refer to the information in the image above.  Emails are usually answered fairly quickly I have found, but I have not tried calling them by phone.

Alternatively, I will also be happy to try and answer any questions you may have in the comments below.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Leptitox?

Currently, for one month’s supply of Leptitox which is one bottle of 60 capsules, it will cost you $59.  Not exactly cheap!!! but however, you can save money by buying more than one bottle.  If you buy 3 bottles you can save $10 on each one, and you also get a bonus product called Leptitox Colon Cleanse.

You can make further savings by buying 5 bottles which you can save $20 on each bottle.  Plus you will also receive as a bonus 2 bottles of Leptitox Colon Cleanse.  On top of this whether you buy one, three or five bottles by visiting the Leptitox sales page more often than not you will see a pop up with a voucher for 15% off.

See the image below for prices from Leptitox’s official website.

Leptitox holland and barrett 3 pack
*Note Usually before you get to the check out page Leptitox will also offer you a discount voucher for 15% off (I think it is)
leptitox holland and barrett buy it now

My Final Opinion of Leptitox

Since my original review of Leptitox not much has really changed regarding my opinion of this product.  I think that if you are looking to lose weight then it is still worth a go.

Is Leptitox for Real or a Scam? 

I do not believe that Leptitox is the only way for people to lose weight far from it, but  I think with what’s inside if you were to source each ingredient individually and add them to your diet I believe this would have a very positive impact on your health. 

Just by researching each ingredient on the label, I think you will find this out quite easily.

To me I think it is more cost-effective to actually buy this supplement but for anybody that is looking for inspiration for recipes to help lose weight try adding things in this supplement such as Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Red Raspberry, Ginger & Turmeric.

This is what really sells Leptitox Holland Barret for me as I know what some of these ingredients alone are capable of.

Leptitox at a Glance…

Name: Leptitox

Website: https://Leptitox.com
Owners: Morgan Hurst and Sonya Rhodes
Price: $59.00
Overall Scam Rank: 50 out of 100

The marketing seems fake to me but some people have said this works and it is a good product.

I will let you decide but just in case you are interested in some of my other reviews…


Honestly, I have seen fakes of this product before being sold on Amazon.  This to me really made me think that the official product may be worth it’s salt. In my experience, only good quality products get counterfeited. I think this screenshot really says it all for me.

Lepitox review

However, I can not really vouch for whether Morgan Hurst and Sonya Rhodes are the actual brains behind this operation, or for that matter even real people.  The sales video I think uses a paid actor and I do not believe this is really Morgan Hurst talking. 

I said about this in the Pros and Cons above.

They may very well be real people but personally any name attached to any Clickbank product within this niche I am very dubious. I have been ever since reading the small print on the LeptoConnect sales page where it says the creator is only ‘a pen name’ used to protect the real creator’s identity.

Final Thoughts On Leptitox Holland and Barrett

On a final note, I would actually say ‘yes’ give Leptitox a try.  Especially if you feel like you could benefit from a good liver cleanse.

Just make sure you buy the official product and not the fakes. If you are looking for something to help with losing weight then this I think is as good as you can get. 

Targeting Leptin Resistance / Leptin Sensitivity is something to think about definitely. 

You don’t need a supplement for this in all honesty, you just need to eat the right types of food, but obviously whilst shopping for fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs is an absolute must I think it isn’t always the most convenient thing.

Yes, maybe this is lazy thinking saving the time you would cooking or whatever but why not try both?  Just plan ahead enough so if you don’t feel like doing a whole load of cooking every night of the week you have that extra option there.  I have reviewed quite a lot of supplements now, and I think mostly they are the more convenient option, but not only this if you buy the right supplements they can also provide something extra.

Leptitox is packed solid with different ingredients.  Just think about how much effort this would take sourcing each ingredient individually?

25% of ingredients you could get quite easy in theory.  Dandelion and milk thistle you could pick from your garden these are basically weeds.  Ginger, & turmeric you may have anyway. Red Raspberry and Zinc you could probably get quite easy.  But other things here are a bit more exotic.  Chanca Piedra extracts for example.  This is a South American herb from Peru and not easily available – as a separate supplement you may find it will cost more than half of what it does for Leptitox.

So these are just thoughts anyway.  Any questions that you have I will be more than happy to answer.

…and if you have enjoyed reading this post or found this helpful please like and share if you would like to read more. You can also sign up for our email list for future posts, and to receive our exclusive email series.

Also if you would like to leave a comment or feedback you are more than welcome to do so.  You can also contact me directly at alexc@dynamicideas4life.com

Many thanks once again, and all the best;

from your friend

Alex B. Chivers

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  1. I see so many different pills and potions that promise weight loss, So many people are looking to a magical method to achieve their goal and hit a target weight. I haven’t tried this product but from the reviews it sounds good. Give it a try for a couple of months. If it works for you I would recommend buying in bulk and save some cash.

    • Yes, I agree.  I would also suggest if you have the money you could buy 3.  You would save $30 and if after 1 month you are not happy with the results you still have 1 month to claim your money back.

  2. Good article on a product that is unknown to me. But from the review you have done, I would not have any problems with trying out the product. It is selling well, has few returns, and is FDA and GMP approved. That is good enough for me. A healthy diet that also is taking into account not eating more calories than you are using is in my opinion a good way to reduce weight. If you make sure that you eat within your maximum calories during the day, and have the recommended amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat within the calorie number for the day, you will do great in reducing weight.

    Leptitox can be a great addition to such a diet program. Thank you for a great review.



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