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Leptitox Supplement Review 2020

Lepitox Weight Loss

Hello Guys, For today’s post we will be going over my Leptitox Supplement Review.  This is a product that I have been interested in since the start of the year.  For a few reasons actually, and I would say that learning about this product has been a real eye-opener.

If you have issues with obesity or are overweight then I would highly recommend you at least read this post. As what Leptitox says that the common cause for having these kinds of issues are is very interesting.   Also how it claims to remedy these issues is something you pay special attention to.

Actually out of all my reviews which I’ve written this is the one that has gotten me 100% the best responses. I have had people buy this product from my affiliate links that have come back again and that have contacted me personally about their good experiences with this product.

If you check my comments at the end of this post there are even more positive reviews here. There are more on Amazon and I think this is why this is one of Clickbanks most popular products.

Leptitox Supplement Review 2020

Product Name: Leptitox Nutrition

Creator:  Morgan Hurst and Sonya Rhodes

Website:  –>Click Here<–

Rating:  4.5/5 Stars

Price:  $33.89

Quick Summary:  Leptitox Nutrition is an all-natural weight loss remedy.  A homoeopathic supplement that targets Leptin resistance. It is one of many products for sale on ClickBank and although a lot of products on this website are a bit suspect this is definitely one of their better one’s.

Website:  -~~> https://www.lepitox-nutrition.com <~~

Leptitox Supplement Review 2020 Index

FTC Disclosure:  Just to let you know.  When you click on links on this site and buy products I may receive an affiliate commission.  You will not pay more by clicking my links.  When I suggest products it is because of research or personal experience has shown that they may be helpful. Read more (here).

Leptitox Supplement – Introduction

Leptitox Weight Loss

So about the Lepitox Supplement.  It’s an all-natural homoeopathic weight loss remedy that targets a condition called Leptin resistance.  It is taken as a capsule that contains 22 powerful herbal ingredients.

It is a Supplement that was developed by a man called Morgan Hurst, alongside medical researcher Sonya Rhodes. According to Hurst the idea for Leptitox comes from a secret recipe taught to him by the islanders of Langkawi.  An Island off the Malaysian West Coast.

The reason behind Hurst’s discovery was that his wife had suffered from serious health issues because of her weight.  If the sales page is to be believed then Hurst’s wife was in very serious danger of losing her life.

Apparently this is ultimately is what lead up to the conversation which as a result gave Hurst the information that would eventually be used to create the Leptitox Supplement. One of his work colleagues that were from Langkawi heard Hurst’s story about his wife, and happily shared with him the Langkawi Island remedy for the treatment of both Leptin Resistance and Obesity!

What is Leptin Resistance?

So after reading the last section you may wonder what Leptin Resistance is? Well, this a chemical process that occurs when our body develops a resistance to the hormone Leptin. 

Leptins are a hormone in our body created by the adipose cells and enterocytes in the small intestine.

How Leptin’s work, is they control our appetite and let us know when we’ve had enough to eat. When Leptin Resistance occurs it can cause people to eat more than what is necessary.  Leading to weight gain and problems such as being overweight and obesity.

How Leptin Resistance Works

*Note:  The hormone Ghrelin not to be confused with Leptins is what makes us hungry.  Leptins control appetite!

The Secret Recipe for Good Health

What Hurst was told is that this recipe for treating Leptin Resistance had been quietly hidden from the rest of the world for centuries, and this information was only shared with him because of his sick wife.

I actually wondered  If this was true or not.  What it sounded like to me this was that it was a little bit overdramatic.  A fabricated story to help sell this product. Whoever is talking in the video on the sales page I don’t think is Morgan Hurst but putting all this aside what is said about Leptitox is actually very interesting.

When I first started doing my research the first thing that caught my attention was what the ingredients for Leptitox actually are.

I have written a more detailed list below but if you look at the image you will get a good idea which is inside;

Leptitox Ingredients #1

Natural Homeopathic Weight Loss Remedy

Above is a very good summary of information for the Leptitox Supplement. It shows at the top the main benefits of taking Leptitox. The main ingredients and other important information such as that it is GMP & FDA registered. It is lab-tested, free of GMO and non-toxic.

For myself, the thing I find fascinating about Leptitox’s Ingredients is that it gives a good example of what the many plants in the natural world are capable of doing.  Compared to commercial medicine there is so much still to be revealed about what kind of properties some of these plants have.

This is a believable part for me. Every type of drug almost is derived from some kind of plant, and this has 22 different natural ingredients all with antioxidant properties.

Then the whole Leptin part and Leptin Resistance bit I also believe to be true.  That this condition could be behind becoming overweight, and that its treatment could help with weight loss.

In fact, I would really like to hear from any people that this has helped in the comments below.

Note:  If you want further proof this product is the real deal.  They are selling Fakes on Amazon!  Notice that it is called Lepitox, not Leptitox.  Only my view but only popular items get counterfeited.

What’s Inside the Leptitox Supplement?

Back to what I said about the ingredients, and why I think Leptitox is the real deal.  Some of the ingredients are listed in the image above but here is basically what I learned about each one.

#1 Marian Thistle or, Milk Thistle –
This is used to detoxify the body from something called EDC’s and an EDC known as BPA’s.  BPA’s are most commonly found in hard plastics such as water bottles, dental fillings, and sealants.  As well as many other common household items, and this toxin is also one that many people are most widely exposed to. From not only plastics etc. but also through both our food and water.

*EDC is short for Endocrine Disrupting Chemical

2#Apium Graveolens (Celery Seed)
To tackle DEHP’s. Another common EDC found in plastics.

#3 Grape Seed
for cleansing your body from the harmful EDC Cadmium.

#4 Jujube Fruit (Dates)-
for another endocrine disruptor known as ZEA.

The rest of the ingredients you can read more about soon but continuing on…

What Leptitox is Supposed to do?

Right, so if have read above you can see how these first 4 ingredients have been chosen to treat BPA’s and EDC’s.  You might wonder what this has to do with anything at all but as EDC’s essentially interfere with Leptin Signals that tell us to stop eating they actually have quite a lot to do with Leptin Resistance

Actually, if you think about the use of plastics since the 1950s and view the graph below you can see the correlation between Obesity since then and EDC exposure!

– See Graph Below –

Percentage of population with BMI 1950's to 2005

The Toxic Truth

Now, taking this data into account how common was it for people in the 1940’s and the 1950’s to drink out of plastic bottles?  Milk, for instance, is a good example.  Back then you would drink your milk and leave the empty bottles for the milkman to collect the next morning.  All glass.  Just one example.

Glass Bottles of Milk

In fact, all bottles of drink eg. coke, beer, and bottles of medicine were glass.  Whatever it was; if it was a liquid it would be in a glass bottle, and since the 1950’s – the use of plastic has only increased more and more.

What a coincidence, that ever since then there has been a rising problem with obesity!  I wrote about this also in my other article about the Halki diabetes remedy. How there has also been since this time a rising number of cases of diabetes.

This is maybe not the common mainstream idea, but isn’t it strange that since this time the human race has progressively been consuming more, and more toxic shite into our bodies?  Like, look at how the world has changed in 50 years, and how many adverse medical conditions have become more common.

What Makes Lepitox So Special?

Apart from being an all-natural homoeopathic remedy for somebody with bodyweight issues, Leptitox is 100% safe to try.  It’s both FDA and GDP approved and is a fully natural nutrition supplement.

see label below;

Leptitox Nutrition Label and Ingredients

As you can see there are 8 main ingredients, and a proprietary blend of a further 14 ingredients. This does not include the 30mg of Zinc, and the other compounds labelled above, but anyway without further ado here are the rest of Leptitox’s ingredients broken down.

Leptitox Supplement Ingredients continued…

#5 Alfalfa – A detoxifying flowering plant that replenishes vitamins and heals your liver.

#6 Chanca Piedra – Supports healthy inflammation responses, healthy kidney function, and digestive health. 

#7 Taraxacum (Dandelion) Leaves – High in Vitamin K.  Protects bone health and cleanses the liver.

#8 Brassicas (Purple Broccoli) – overflowing with Cysteine, a nutrient needed to create Glutathione,  One of the body’s most important antioxidants.

#9 Barberry a plant abundant with Berberine which not only prevents fat storage but also healthy cholesterol levels and brain function.

Others listed are;

#10 N-Acetyl Cysteine,
11# Burdock Root,
#12 Choline,
#13 Chicory Root,
#14 Methionine
#15 FeverFew,
#16 Ginger,
#17 Red Rasberry,
#18 Beet Root,
#19 Yarrow,
#20 Yellow Dock,
#21 Turmeric, #22 Zinc

but here is the big question I think.

Does Leptitox Really Work?

Final Thoughts

To be honest with you I think that is down to the consumer.  The product does offer a 60-day guarantee for anybody with their doubts.

It isn’t the only product on the market either, but…

If you have come this far then maybe just give this a try.  It’s on sale for a good price, and It comes with a 2nd product – Leptitox Colon Cleanse when bought as a pack of 3, or 6 absolutely free.

Leptitox Buy it Now

Website -~~> https://www.lepitox-nutrition.com <~~

For Purchase Link(Fast Order):

Click Here Button

Your Feedback

For anybody with any questions, or who would like to leave a comment or feedback about Leptitox and your experience with this product please write in the the comments section below. Also if you would like to discuss any topics in this article you may also do so in this section.

You may also contact me directly at alexc@dynamicideas4life.com

Finally if you have found this post helpful, or you have enjoyed reading please like, share and subscribe!

Many thanks and Stay Dynamic x;


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  1. When the body is too big, it takes a toll and adverse effects on one’s heart, it is better to be lighter and fitter to enable the heart perform well. Weight loss is important, keeping fit is very important to our health. Knowing what to eat and what not to eat and what makes us grow more fat is we should always consider. I have heard of this product before and now I am seeing this article about it, it’s description shows that it has a lot to offer. I have overweight nieces, I will surely recommend this for them. 

  2. This was an interesting, introductory article to something I have heard about but needed to learn much more, Leptin resistance.  You have given a lot of great detail about the composition of this supplement and the value of each ingredient.  I am very interested and will look into a bit more in terms of possible side affects, cost and FDA rating.  Thanks for this information.  Its a thorough easy to follow article that really has started me thinking that Leptitox might be a great supplement for me.

    • Hi Anastazja, about FDA rating I am not sure but this is definitely FDA registered.  The possible side effects I haven’t heard about and the cost I should maybe update the post here I think but I know they do a deal on 3 and 7 packs which also come with a free product called Leptitox Colon Cleanse. 

  3. I am concerned about my health . I need to lose Weight. I am trying so many products but it does not work. Recently I have been using this product and the result is amazing. I recommend you to buy this product if you want to lose weight. It works amazingly. Thank you very much for posting this important article. 


    Thank you

    • Hi Alan,  Excellent thank you for sharing this I was hoping to hear from a few people this has worked for so thank you for commenting.

  4. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with me and I am very aware of health .Some time ago I was overweight and it looked awful to me then I used Leptitox in your article to lose weight and I got amazing results. And it’s a good supplement for me I think. Also use this product if others want to lose weight I hope you get your desired results very quickly. I didn’t find it a side effect .

    Lastly, I hope everyone reading your article will benefit greatly and share their new experiences with you soon. Can I share your article on my social media?

  5. Wow! This product is amazing. I recently read about Leptitox supplement in my search for a good weight loosing supplements, what I admire about this product is that it is made with about 22 natural ingredients which works together to form the basis of a fat-fighting formula that has been placed under intense scrutiny. I love this product, can’t wait to place my order.

  6. Many of us continually struggle to lose weight and there are many solutions that we do not know or contain but definitely natural is the best and I think that these leptitox pills can be good starting with detoxifying the body and from there to reducing weight, I think that they can work.

    • Hi Hector,  No complaints so far I’ve had maybe 10 sales through my links.  I know it’s not a huge lot of people but all good so far.  They must have worked if they haven’t activated the 60 day guarantee 

  7. Amazing information I also promote promote some of the dieting that was on your site I didn’t have some of those recipes I thought that was a terrific Idea I would have never thought to do that awesome site and setup was so easy to find things and kept you interesting in wanting to read more. Amazing site and Information was outstanding.

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