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Leptin Resistance Treatment for Weight Loss

Leptin Resistance Treatment for Weight Loss

For today’s post, I will be looking at Leptin Resistance Treatment for Weight Loss.  Something that has the potential to help many overweight and obese people.

This is actually my second post on the subject after my Leptitox Review.  This time around I will be exploring this topic in a little more depth.

For me, this is a very important issue.  Just the links between Leptin Resistance and things like pollution, diabetes and general health – this definitely makes me believe this is something that people need to be educated about.

Leptin Resistance Treatment for Weight Loss

Table of Contents:

  1. Leptin Resistance Treatment for Weight Loss
  2. What is Leptin?
  3. Where do you find Leptin?
  4. Leptin Information – What you Need to Know
  5. What is Leptin Resistance?
  6. Obesity and Leptin
  7. Effects of Leptin Resistance
  8. Are you Leptin Resistant?
  9. Leptin Resistance Cure
  10. Are there Leptin Supplements?
  11. Leptin Supplements Weight Loss Reviews
  12. Leptin Resistance Diet Plan
  13. Natural Leptin Resistance Treatment
  14. Leptin Resistance Diet Plan Continued…
  15. Final Thoughts / Your Feedback


Leptin Resistance Treatment for Weight Loss

What is Leptin Resistance Treatment?

Q: For starters good question but What is Leptin?

A: Leptin is derived from the Greek word “leptos”, which means thin.

It is a hormone produced by the fat cells (adipocytes) of our bodies. It works alongside another hormone called Ghrelin which both play a role in how our appetites work. When we are hungry (ghrelin) and when we’ve had enough to eat (Leptin). Some scientists call it the “satiety hormone” or “starvation hormone” for this reason.

Where do you find Leptin?

Q: Next question. Where do you find Leptin?

A:  Leptin can be located inside the small intestine and is created by the adipose cells and enterocytes. In some case’s it is also created by other tissues including the placenta in pregnant women.

Leptin Information – What You Need to Know?

How Leptin Works


The primary target of leptin is in the hypothalamus, a particular area of the brain. Leptin’s work by telling our brain about how much fat is stored and when our hunger levels are satisfied.

Other functions related to fertility, immunity, and brain functions are also included in the leptin hormone.

Its major role though is in the regulation of energy. It biologically calculates the number of calories in our body from what we eat and consume. As well as the quantity of fat stored.

This system works for us humans to stay protected from both starving and overeating.   Although sometimes the problem is that for some people Leptin does not work which can lead to all kinds of health issues.

What is Leptin Resistance?

Generally, people who are overweight, also have a very high level of leptin in their body because leptin is produced in proportion to their size by fat cells. Many of these people should naturally control their food eating habits if they have sufficient levels of leptin.  Although what is often the case for a lot of overweight people and those with obesity more so is that there may be issues with their leptin.

Leptin resistance is where certain biological factors prevent the correct distribution of Leptin.

What is Leptin Resistance

Obesity and Leptin

In other words, a healthy person their brains should get a message that they have stored a lot of energy in their body. However, if this signal does not work even though plenty of leptin is present in their body than this could mean their brains do not detect this leptin signal.

This situation is commonly known as leptin resistance. It is now recognized as one of the major biological causes of obesity.

Do you have unhealthy Leptin Levels or Leptin Resistance?

Effects of Leptin Resistance

The dangerous thing about Leptin Resistance is that your brain mistakenly thinks that your body is still hungry, even starving when it does not get a signal of leptin. Yet, this is not actually true because the energy stored in the body is already enough.

This condition then affects your brain by sending signals to get back your body fat.  Much like if you have missed a meal in a normal situation where your leptin levels would correctly tell you that you need to eat.

In essence, this means that:

  • You are eating more: Your brain thinks that you should avoid starvation so you must eat more.
  • You will have reduced expenditure of energy: Your brain reduces the energy level of your body and makes you burn fewer calories to preserve the energy of your body.

Thus, weight gain is not a reason for eating more and less exercising. But rather it is a possible effect of a hormonal flaw, leptin resistance.  Exactly why for many people who are struggling with leptin resistance, it is impossible to overcome the false signal of leptin driven starvation.

Are you Leptin Resistant?

Do you want to know, if you are leptin resistant?  How to tell if you are Leptin Resistant:

The best way is to look in the mirror. If you see plenty of body fat in your belly area, then you might know that you are almost absolutely a leptin resistant.  If you are overweight or obese this could very well be the cause.  More so if you notice that you are eating when you shouldn’t need to this could be a very clear way to tell.

Of course, if you visit your local GP then there is a leptin resistance test called the TSH test.

fix leptin resistance

Leptin Resistance Cure

Now the question is how can we reverse leptin resistance?

the method to reverse leptin resistance is still not entirely clear. But many researchers believe that we can reverse leptin resistance by decreasing diet-induced inflammation.

Another strategy that can be proved effective for reversing leptin resistance is focusing on an overall healthy lifestyle.

This can be done with a special diet of foods high in antioxidants, or products such as the one that I wrote about on this website before Leptitox.

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Are there Leptin Supplements?

Mostly, the leptin hormone is not included in any so-called leptin supplements.  Much the same with many hormone supplements.  What is known as these leptin hormone supplements or “leptin pills” mostly include a mixture of many nutrients to relieve inflammation and hence it gives rise to leptin sensitivity.

Some ingredients include green tea extract, soluble fibre, or linoleic acids such as fish oil and alpha-lipoic acid.

Read my review in the link above to see what I mean with Leptitox to get an idea of these ingredients.


Leptin Supplements Weight Loss Reviews

Many studies support leptin supplements for weight loss although their effect on starvation and improvement of leptin resistance is still undefined.

What some researchers have found is that the African mango, Irvingia gabonensis is sometimes useful when found in leptin weight loss pills.

Furthermore, some studies found these same leptin weight loss pills are useful for their positive effects on leptin resistance sensitivity and weight loss. They also found that it also produced a simple deduction in weight and belly circumference.

It is to be noted that only a few small studies are limited for leptin supplements weight loss. Yet, more research is required to conclude if leptin hormone supplements can cause an impact on leptin resistance.

Leptin Resistance Diet Plan

Leptin Resistance Diet Plan

The leptin diet is based on five rules:

  1. Eat foods that provide 20 to 30 grams of protein.
  2. Say no to food after dinner.
  3. Don’t eat anything for three hours before going to bed.
  4. Eat only three meals in one day.
  5. Decrease your intake of carbohydrates.
  6. Stop eating before you feel stuffed.

Natural Leptin Resistance Treatment

Several natural remedies can help remedy leptin resistance.  In my review post for Leptitox I discussed many natural ingredients such as Marian thistle.  It is actually a very interesting point what I discuss in this other post that Leptin Resistance may be caused by foreign compounds that we regularly come into contact with because of things like the microplastics from food packaging.

These are known as endocrine-disrupting chemicals or EDC’s.  How a natural plant-based high antioxidant diet may help is be detoxifying our biological mass from these chemicals and stopping Leptin resistance at its very roots.

Natural Leptin Resistance Treatments

Leptin Resistance Diet Plan Continued…

1. Avoid Processed Food:

Leptin resistance diet foods should be your first choice. You should avoid highly purified foods. Highly purified foods can risk the integrity of your stomach and can drive inflammation. You should eat foods that help to lower leptin resistance.

2. Eat Soluble Fiber:

Soluble fibre can help you to improve your stomach condition. Eating soluble fibre can also protect you from obesity.

3. Eat more Fish:

Many studies have shown that diets that are rich in anti-inflammatory foods like fish can be beneficial for leptin resistance. It may reduce the blood level of hormone. It can also improve leptin resistance sensitivity and can cause weight loss.

4. Exercise:

Obviously exercise is necessary for your health. By doing exercise, you can reverse leptin resistance.  Not to mention exercise also keeps the body fit and healthy.

5. Sleep:

Proper sleep is also a need of your body. Your body feels tired if you did not get enough sleep. Poor sleep can cause problems with leptin levels. So proper sleep is necessary for your health.

6. Reduce your triglycerides:

By reducing the intake of carbohydrates, the number of triglycerides can be reduced. A high amount of triglycerides in your body can prevent the leptin to move from your blood to the brain.

7. Eat Protein:

Protein is vital for your body. You should take protein daily. Intake of plenty of Protein can automatically reduce weight. It will result in an improvement in the sensitivity of leptin.

8. Limit consumption of fructose:

Fructose curbs your lepton receptors. The major convicts are purified goods because fructose is cheap. It is mostly used in sodas, cookies, and sweet snacks. The simplest way to remove fructose from your diet is by taking whole foods. Whole foods are the foods that almost resemble their normal state.

9. Absorb complex carbohydrates:

Say No to refined carbohydrates because they change the insulin levels. It leads to insulin resistance. Consume the intake of complex carbohydrates daily from fruits and vegetables. They contain a large amount of water and fibre and by eating this; your brain will alert you that you are full without the intake of calories.

10. Perform H.I.I.T:

Execute high-intensity interval training for quick stints. This exercise will enable the secretions of human development. Hormone. It stimulates fat-burning machines. It also regulates leptin levels.

11. Take Omega 3:

Boost your omega 3 fatty acid consumption. You can boost either through supplements or through foods with omega3 fatty acids. Foods that contain omega3 fatty acids are salmon and sardines.

Omega3 helps to boost leptin levels. It boosts leptin level by benefiting the inflammatory response. Omega3 also boosts the leptin sensitivity of the body by making it more conscious.

Though there are no proper and simple ways to reverse leptin resistance but you can eliminate leptin resistance by changing your lifestyle and by improving the integrity of life.

Final Thoughts

For anybody reading this that has weight issues I would definitely consider thinking about if you might have Leptin Resistance.  I think throughout this article I have given you plenty of things to consider.

My recommendation I have mentioned a few times here and there throughout this article.  This is the Leptitox supplement.  In essence, I think that the correct diet can go a long way to resolving weight problems but the thing is that this can be expensive to source certain ingredients altogether.  Why I would recommend this supplement is because it’s an all-in-one option I have found from the customers I’ve spoken to has been very well received.

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Your Feedback

Once again many thanks for taking the time to read this or if you are a new visitor to this website I hope this information has been helpful for you.  If you have any comments, feedback or questions you would like to leave please leave a comment below in the comments section or if you would prefer you can also contact me directly at alexc@dynamicideas4life.com

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