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HGH and Weight Loss – Investigated!

HGH and Weight Loss – The Human Growth Hormone Investigated!

HGH and Weight Loss Investigated

Hello guys, So I have done a few follow-up posts for my reviews now. This one about HGH and weight loss is a follow up to my review for Resurge. I didn’t actually write in that review too much about Resurge being for weight loss but this is actually a big part of what the product is marketed as.

What I did write about was how getting the right kind of sleep, to trigger the release of HGH was linked to many different health benefits. The main one being that the apparent effects of Resurge and sleeping well can extend your life span.

It is interesting actually because growing up I was always told about how important sleep is but until researching about resurge I never really understood quite why?

So, this actual post and the idea came to me because recently there was a few days where I was feeling quite restless.

I had slept but not well. It actually made me think about Resurge & HGH and when I did get the sleep I needed It was pretty much the first thing I thought about again the next morning. I needed to write a new article and this was actually pretty convenient.

Although the one thing that did slow me down a bit was deciding on the title for the article I finally came up with – HGH and Weight Loss – The Human Growth Hormone Investigated! and here it is.

HGH and Weight Loss – Index

Table of Contents

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HGH and Weight Loss Introduction

To begin with, the concept behind HGH (the human growth hormone) being able to help with weight loss is a strange one. One reason is that scientists believe a good nights sleep can help make you feel happier. As links have shown that when the brain produces the stress hormone cortisol it can lead to unhealthy weight gain.

The whole idea of stress causing people to get fat is only part of what this post is about but basically # lack of sleep + stress = putting on weight.  On the other side of this the right kind of sleep + happiness = weight loss.

This is kind of the main thing that Resurge is meant to help with but throughout this article, I will explore this a bit further.  How this product is unlike other HGH Supplements and can help target both Chronic Stress and Weight Loss.

Deep Sleep, HGH and Weight Loss

In my resurge article I discussed how there are 5 defined stages of sleep. The first 2 stages are called NREM sleep. Light sleep with NREM meaning non-rapid eye movement. Around 50% of time spent sleeping is said to be during these 2 stages with each one lasting around an hour and a half each.

Stages 3 & 4 are called Slow Wave Sleep or SWS and this is somewhere in the middle of both light and deep sleep. It is actually when around half of the human body’s HGH production occurs. This is followed by the final sleeping phase REM sleep – short for ‘Rapid Eye Movement! ‘

Each sleep cycle is important for your health for its own different reasons. All to do with different aspects of recovery, and maintenance of our biological systems. Processes such as cell regeneration and the regulation of hormones are vital to our survival. Now, I have mentioned Cortisol already but the 2 other important hormones closely related to unhealthy weight gain are Leptin and Ghrelin.

Leptin resistance I have written about before on this site. See my Leptitox review and it’s follow up post – Leptin Resistance Treatment for Weight Loss.  Both articles go into detail about how Leptin plays a crucial role in how weight we put on, as this is our appetite hormone.

Ghrelin is another important hormone as it tells us when we are hungry and when we are not

The reason I mention both of these is that these are both affected by HGH levels and also the other hormone that needs to regulated is the stress hormone cortisol as this also can interfere with insulin, Leptin and Ghrelin levels.

What is the Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone

The human growth hormone or HGH for short is the hormone which is released whilst we are asleep that helps our body recover and repair as well as maintain its vital functions. The hormone what make’s us sleep is called melatonin. This is also regulated by HGH. High melatonin levels can cause us to oversleep and should be balanced out by sleeping as the body clock is naturally programmed.

Also known as Somatotropin HGH is released by our pituitary glands mostly during SWS (Stages 3 & 4 of sleep).

The most important part of sleep is maybe the release of HGH. Throughout this article, I have said about Cortisol / Leptin / Ghrelin and Melatonin but HGH can also help with weight loss by the regulation of amino acids, starches and sugars. The human body is a complicated machine and the process of sleep and especially dreaming has a lot to be found out about.

Anyway, so what is the Human Growth Hormone? It is basically the thing that makes our bodies grow even our bones. It usually stops adults from growing once the growth plates in the bones (epiphyses) have fused. Although HGH still has an essential role for the whole human body.

How do HGH Supplements Work?

HGH and Weight Loss Investigated

Synthetic HGH supplements have been around since 1985 and are usually produced as a by-product of animal peptides. Whether they work is something that is not fully agreed upon within the scientific community but one thing is for sure it hasn’t stopped people from using them.

HGH supplements are taken for a number of reasons including weight loss but also medically for children with conditions such as chronic kidney failure, Prader Willi syndrome and HGH deficiency.

HGH is also given to adults as a treatment for short bowel syndrome and again HGH deficiency.

How these supplements work is debatable and actually are in some cases illegal.  It is claimed that HGH supplements work by increasing the body’s natural HGH levels.

Many companies like Resurge actually market the HGH proponent for things such as anti-ageing and to have a kind of fountain of youth effect but here is the thing.  Many HGH products actually contain animal growth hormones and not actual HGH.  These drugs called HGH Supplements are made from animal by-products so are very questionable.

Above are some examples of FDA approved medication but for let’s say an athlete who takes HGH as a performance enhancer as an example this is not FDA approved.  In fact, this is one way that an athlete could actually get themselves banned from the sport altogether. The medical use of HGH actually gives more question than answers.

*About Resurge please read the section after the next one as I have something to say in the defense of this product.

Are HGH Supplements Safe?

HGH and Weight Loss

So one of these questions you might be wondering, and this is an excellent point –

Are HGH supplements safe?

Well, here is the thing.  No, they are not safe.  Not really, and if some studies are shown to be true then taking any form of synthetic HGH including supplements has been found to have many adverse effects.

Maybe not the most attractive thing I can say for anybody looking to try Resurge, but we will get to this in a minute.

What I would suggest is that because HGH supplements are not really from humans they do not contain HGH.  The actual truth is that these do contain growth hormones but from animals…  This is essentially contaminating your DNA.

See the list below for potential side effects.

HGH Side Effects

More About Resurge

So, actually Resurge is not really an HGH supplement.  As it does not actually contain HGH.

Resurge is actually a herbal and probiotic blend with magnesium and zinc.

See label;

resurge ingredients label

Interestingly Resurge is more of a healthy living supplement than anything and whilst it does not contain HGH taking it is reported to increase HGH production. This, in turn, can help with weight loss by reducing cortisol levels and correcting Leptin and Ghrelin production.

It is created by a man called John Barban a nutritional supplements specialist with his own blog and also his own books that he has authored. Personally I think Resurge is a very attractive product because of this. It is also 100% vegan and is made in the USA in FDA and GNP approved laboratory.

Click this link if you would like to find out more; Resurge.com

Also below are the Scientific Resources list from the Resurge website. I wasn’t able to copy as text but these are all articles that support the use of the resurge supplement.

Scientific Resources

Scientific References

In Conclusion

HGH Supplements for weight loss do exist sure but these I would not advise.  Actually any product made with animal by-products people should be wary of.  Not just for ethical reasons either.  However, there are supplements such as Resurge called deep sleep supplements, and magnesium complex supplements.

The key here is to find all-natural ingredients and products that can help you sleep better.

Take Ashwagandha extract for example.  This is from a plant in India and is found in a lot of supplements.  Some I have reviewed here including Leptitox and Bioptimizers.  Basically, if you have weight issues and sleep problems consider looking at the sleep problems part over the weight issues.

If you have trouble sleeping then maybe give Resurge a try.

It is not exactly the cheapest way to remedy sleep issues but compared to say opiates prescribed by the doctors at least with Resurge it is a natural way of getting your brain to work how it should.

Your Feedback

Finally, before I go if you have any questions whatsoever, If you would like to leave comments or feedback then please do so in the comments section below.

If you could also please leave a like, share and subscribe to our email list then this is most welcome.

Best Wishes and all the best;


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  1. While reading the article, I felt so uneasy knowing that alteration of our hormone system beyond normal means has many possibilities and one of them is the alteration of the DNA which is the precursor of cancer problems. So, while reading the article, I was hoping that the author would suggest something that’s medically proven to not alter the normal system of the body leading to abnormal growth of cells. But then, thankful, that at the end of the article, the author diverted to a much better alternative which is Resurge which is a herbal and probiotic blend plus essential minerals like Magnesium and Zinc.

    I’d like to try Resurge but since there is lockdown everywhere, can you suggest of a faster route to acquire these supplements wherein the ordered pack is delivered faster than what these couriers are processing theirs these days?


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