Best Weight Loss Diets for Women 2020

Best Weight Loss Diets for Women 2020

Hey Everyone,  Today I am going to discuss some of the Best Weight Loss Diets for Women 2020. This I have decided to write as a follow up to another post I wrote on this website Cinderella Solution Review 2020.  In this post, I wrote about a fantastic weight loss program especially made for females.  This I will discuss again later in this article.

Before I do though let’s take a look at what some of these weight loss ideas are.

Best Weight Loss Diets for Women

Best Weight Loss Diets for Women Introduction

Best Weight Loss Ideas for Women 2020

Want to lose weight? Then the answer is simple. There is no need to starve yourself or run yourself into the ground on a treadmill. Instead, think about this for an idea – it’s not about how much you eat but rather what you are eating.

This is clear to a certain degree. They do not call it “Junk food” for nothing but let’s look at this a little bit more closely shall we, and take a look at what these so-called Best Weight Loss Diets for Women 2020 are.

Best Weight Loss Diets for Women 2020

Keto vs Paleo Diets

best weight loss diets for women keto vs paleo diets

The Keto diet is something I have discussed here at in 2 posts so far. Custom Keto Diet Plan Review and BiOptimizers KaPex Review. It is essentially a high protein based carbohydrate-free meal plan. Where you avoid such foods as potatoes, rice and pasta.

Paleo is another diet where the dieter sticks to a meal plan based on that what prehistoric man is believed to have eaten. Things like meat, fish, vegetables and avoiding foods that wouldn’t have been around for early humans. Such as dairy products (milk, cheese and yoghurts), cereals and processed foods.

Both diets are very popular to both sexes in the weight loss industry and are both worth looking into. Although they also both have their opponents and are by no means the only way to tackle being unhappily overweight.

Weight Loss Teas that Work

Best weight loss diets for women Weight Loss Teas that Work

i. Green Tea Weight Loss Benefits

Green tea is the most popular beverage in Japan – one of the healthiest countries in the world. It is full of anti-oxidants that remove excess fat and may protect against diseases, including cancer. There are many types of green tea and certainly too many to list here in this small section but studies have shown that this unfermented type of tea may help weight loss by reducing harmful belly fat.

The Chinese and Japanese have many different types of Green Tea but aside this you can also find Black Tea, White Tea, Yellow Tea, and Red Tea. All which are known for having many different health benefits.

ii. South African Red Tea Weight Loss

Another weight loss program that I reviewed here is the Red Tea Detox by Liz Swann Miller. What this is? A diet plan based around Rooibos Red Tea, a South African Caffeine-free tea that has long been speculated to have many health benefits.

As opposed to Green Tea Red Tea is just different. It comes from another continent it has a much sweeter flavour and is also known to help people with weight loss by boosting anti-oxidant levels.

Diet Plan Meal Ideas

best weight loss diets for women 2020

i. Eat Plenty of Vegetables

A traditional diet full of loads of vegetables can surely help with weight loss. Vegetables of any kind are packed with antioxidants that may prevent ailments, boost health and nutrition.

Basically, this type of diet has the advantage mainly because of high consumption of nutrient-dense cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage, etc. Such ingredients contain high levels of Vitamin C, nutrients and fibre, all which assist with health and weight loss.

ii. Seafood Diet for Weight Loss

Most of us would understand that this kind of diet is related to consuming various types of seafood, especially fish, and in large quantities. Fish and other seafood are high in omega-3 fatty acids and protein.

As an example, omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce fat from the body, improve health and cognitive function. Also consuming this type of diet can help improve the health of your skin and hair in the follicles, boosting depth and lustre while flakes soothing dryness which is known to cause hair loss.

iii. Smaller Food Portions

In Japan, food is served on small plates and bowls rather than one scale. Studies have proven that you are inclined to eat what you are served – even if it is more than your appetite requires. In reality, scientists from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign found that people eat around 45 per cent more food when served larger portions.

This custom of eating this way in Japan until you are around 80 per cent full is a practice that is taught to children from a young age and is popular amongst the whole population. As mentioned above Japan is one of the healthiest countries in the world and this is just one of many ideas that can be utilised for maintaining a healthy figure.

Japanese Flavour Pairing Rituals

Japanese Flavour Pairing Rituals

Japanese flavour pairing or carb pairing is something that I have discussed before here at dynamic ideas 4 life in my review of the Cinderella Solution program by Carly Lightheart. This I would highly recommend for any women looking to lose weight. It is a fantastic recipe guide with many different carb pairing recipe ideas, and also comes with a 2nd product absolutely free called Cinderella Accelerator which is a very helpful exercise and fitness program.

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Flavour Pairing Meal Ideas

Best Weight Loss Diets for women 2020

So what flavour pairing/carb pairing is this is where you combine 2 sweet and savoury flavours together. Usually protein with carbohydrates. For example sweet potatoes and avocado, or oatmeal and blueberries.

The trick is to actually make a delicious meal with high antioxidant ingredients. Antioxidants I can’t stress enough about how powerful they are and several posts now I have written about these types of diets. Carb pairing is no different and definitely is a great way for helping both females and males to get in shape.

Below I will include some of these recipe ideas for you to try at home.

5a. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches

Peanut butter and banana

For this recipe, the peanut butter is the source of the protein and the banana contains around 35g carbs to 100g of calories. With this recipe use wholemeal bread preferably with seeds. If you can help it only use peanut butter on its own. You may also add cinnamon for extra flavour.

This type of meal is especially good for the digestion of sugars and maintaining healthy blood sugar. If you have diabetes this might just be the perfect way to start the day.

5b. Spinach and Lemon Smoothie

Spinach Lemon Smoothie

Do not be put off by the thought of drinking a spinach and lemon smoothie. This may sound like an odd mixture but healthwise the benefits here are well documented. Lemons are a high source of Vitamin C and Spinach is pack full of Iron. The taste really might not be as bad as you might think. Better than somethings people are forced to consume during diets.

On top of this add fresh Mint leaves also for extra flavour and to boost antioxidant levels. Mint actually has a whole host of benefits of its own as it can improve digestive health, remedy IBS and cleanse your blood.

5c. Bell Pepper Omelette with Bananas

Bell Pepper Omelette

Grab a couple of eggs and a banana, and get cracking’! This powerful duo is guaranteed to assist you to fit into your jeans. Eggs contain a nutrient called choline, and peppers are a great source of vitamin C.

Getting an adequate amount of the nutrient can help fight off cortisol. A hormone commonly linked with depression and weight loss. So why not give this a try? Get some bell peppers, chop up a banana, throw them into a pan with a cracked egg .and make your omelette.

5d. Oatmeal and Blueberries

oatmeal and blueberries

Oatmeal and blueberries are a good carb pairing mix if you are trying to drop weight. What makes the duo so strong? Both contain fibre that, according to researchers, promotes high levels of ghrelin.

Additionally, blueberries contain polyphenols that help weight loss and may stop from forming fat. Adding this meal is guaranteed to help you see yours. And, believe us, the cooking time is well worth it.

Add Banana or Cinnamon for extra flavour and added benefits.

5e. Natural Yoghurt and Cinnamon

You’ve almost reached your weight loss goal, but those last few pounds seem to be holding on for dear life. A Nutrition Journal study found that diets can decrease the amount of fat the body absorbs and stores. Why should you add your container and a sprinkle of Cinnamon, you ask?

Not only does it taste great, but it also contains powerful antioxidants that improve insulin sensitivity and body composition. Animal studies have also found that consuming Cinnamon can ward off the accumulation of belly chub. This tasty duo as an afternoon snack or a fast breakfast.

Add almonds for extra iron to boost your weight loss more quickly.

Final Thoughts

Most well-known diets recommend low GI (sugar), low carbohydrates, and ‘0’ fat foods, but it isn’t clear whether they are beneficial in preventing weight gain. What some of these diets do not tell you is that consuming the right calories may help weight reduction to be kept by individuals.

Research to discover strategies in weight management are necessary. Above we have discussed some of the Best Weight Loss Diets for Women in 2020.  If you have any problem related to this, you can easily check it out and select which one is more suitable for you.

Best of Luck!

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