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Steel Bite Pro Review Scam Exposed! The Honest Truth May Surprise You


Hi Guys,  something new to cover today.  Steel Bite Pro Review Scam Exposed! ~ The Honest Truth May Surprise YOU!
Read this before you buy – Here is what I’ve found out about Steel Bite Pro.  

You may have already heard of this product but if you haven’t this is an oral health supplement.  A herbal remedy for your teeth, mouth and gums. It contains 23 different ingredients and come’s in a bottle with 60 veggie capsules.

I actually have only covered this topic in one post on this website so far.  Which actually, came with my merger of healthymindhealthypeople.com.  I’m not actually the original author for this old post but anyway will probably put my own spin on this soon.  If you would like to check it out you can do so below;

9 Bad Breath Remedies

Anyway, back to my review…  It’s new ground for me actually to cover but I’ve seen a few of these supplements for Oral Health knocking about.  This one I’m not actually very well informed about.  I’ve NOT personally tried yet for myself.

I hope this doesn’t put you off reading this post but mostly this will be information I have been able to find out from others.

In this review, I will do my best to include both the good as well as the bad.  Whether I think this product is worth its salt, or not.

Now, I would guess that if you have bad breath, plaque, halitosis, or gum disease this might be the perfect product for you to buy but honestly, I do have a few concerns about this product I would like to share.

I will not use this review to totally slate off this product. I’ve read both bad and good reviews but from my own perspective I want this to come across as genuine as possible.

I hope this shows you that this is a 100% authentic review.  Please keep on reading below…

Or In the meantime, if you can’t be bothered to read here is a video review from a fellow blogger about their own experience with Steel Bite Pro.

Steel Bite Pro Review Scam Exposed!
The Honest Truth May Surprise You ?

steel bite pro review scam

Affiliate Disclosure:  Please note this post contains affiliate links!!!  I do not work for Steel Bite Pro and you will not pay any more or less by using my links.  The only thing is if you do I may receive a commission.  Please think of this as something that keeps me in coffee when I’m writing and researching for articles like this one.  Many thanks;  Alex 

steel bite pro clickbank

Steel Bite Pro Review Scam Exposed!
The Honest Truth May Surprise You ?

steel bite pro is it legit

1.)  Introduction

Studies state that every 1 out of 4 faces oral health issues. These issues might include tooth pain, bad breath, tooth decay, or bleeding gums. Oral hygiene is one of the most important elements of overall health care.

However, dental experts suggest brushing teeth twice a day, using dental floss, interdental brushes and getting regular check-ups with your local dentist.  For many though even brushing teeth twice a day is still quite hard to maintain.

Indeed, and once oral issues start, they are not easy to deal with.  What’s worse if you don’t act before it’s too late your oral health can end up costing you a fortune

So, is this you?  Are you suffering from bleeding gums, yellowish teeth, or tooth decay?

If yes, what do you need to do to maintain our oral health for the long haul?

Above all, losing teeth is the most embarrassing thing.  Just being able to smile with a full set of white teeth is one of life’s greatest treasures.  Even though most people won’t realise this until it’s too late.

So, You might want to know what can be the best cure for your oral health?   What can be done other than a bleak future of painful surgeries or cleaning treatment?

For this reason, we recommend investing in a product like the Steel Bite Pro supplement.  If not something else.  As I mentioned in the introduction this isn’t the only product of its kind.  However, within this review, we will see what this product – Steel Bite Pro ~ is all about.

2.)  What is Steel Bite Pro?

supplements for oral health

Steel Bite Pro is apparently a natural and nutrient-rich formula that strengthens your gums and teeth.  It’s created by a man called Thomas Spear.  A Chemistry teacher from the Bay Area of California and allegedly a longtime medical researcher.

His claim is that Steel Bite Pro is a procedure that destroys the bacteria that cause plaque and inflammation.   Thus helping people who suffer from tooth decay and gum problems. Their official website claims that all the ingredients used in the formula are natural and don’t contain any harmful effects on human health.

According to Spear ‘Steel Bite Pro is the perfect formula you can get for oral health.  Mostly because toothpaste only cleanses your teeth from the outside. Whilst Steel Bite Pro nourishes your teeth and gums from the inside.  This is because inside this blend you can find all the nutrients your teeth and gums need to fight off harmful bacteria.

Undoubtedly, Spear continues to say that over the past 50+ years Junk foods have put oral health at risk.  This is undeniable you have to admit.  More so because of this, it isn’t as easy to maintain oral health than it once was in the days before Junk food became so popular.

Surgeries and medical treatments are costly and painful.   That’s for sure.

Luckily, the researchers have produced self-sufficient supplements like SBP to maintain our oral health effortlessly.

Steel Bite Pro is advised to be taken at night for attaining optimal results.

But is all this information true?

3.)  Review Summary

oral health supplement review

As per the information on the official website, Steel Bite Pro reduces the risk of gum disease, tooth loss, and oral issues.

The company states that all the ingredients are extracted from plants and herbs. We do not recommend using a product without going through its elements, and fortunately

Steel Bite Pro is transparent about its formulas, ingredients, and dosage!

Many of the Steel Bite Pro ingredients are well known for anti-inflammatory benefits and anti-microbial effects. Most importantly, it is a US product which means that it follows FDA approval and GMP standards.

But, above all, how do we make sure that the supplement will improve our oral health?

4.)  How Does SBP Work?

We know that saliva is the only thing that reaches every corner of our mouth. This should be clear to most people out there. How Steel Bite Pro works supposedly is it turns our saliva into a kind of powerful disinfectant that kills bacteria. The same type that causes tartar and plaque. Inside Steel Bite Pro you can find 29 top and 100% effective ingredients.

Steel Bite Pro integrates six essential functions:

  • Breaks the Plaque
  • Rejuvenates teeth and gums
  • Tightens the loose gums and cement tooth roots
  • Fills minerals and vitamins in teeth crowns
  • Detoxifies the gut and balance mouth bacteria
  • Oral Rejuvenation

Consuming Steel Bit Pro daily will reduce the risk of swollen and bleeding gums. It also helps in preventing tooth pain. There are no such side effects of supplements. Therefore, you must not worry about negative results!

Please note this is according to Thomas Spear and SBP and is not my own evaluation.

5.)  My Evaluation of SBP Ingredients

Whilst we must pay attention to brushing our teeth, it is of utmost importance that we look after our oral health as a whole.  Certainly, we can use mouth wash, dental floss and everything else that our dentist recommends to us.  However, one thing that likely will never be recommended is that we consume the beneficial nutrients our teeth and gums require.

This is so that we can help to grow good bacteria.  This in turn ensures that we don’t build up plaque and tartar.

Of course, brushing our teeth daily is essential but also by consuming certain ingredients as well can really help us to achieve much better oral health.   Steel Bite Pro actually contains 23 different ingredients that supposedly help improving general teeth and gum health.

Now, let’s take a look at the ingredients present in Steel Bit Pro:

  • Berberine is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb that fights harmful microorganisms and viruses.
  • Turmeric is an anti-microbial herb that helps in removing plaque and inflammation.
  • Milk Thistle helps to treat damages caused by heavy metals.
    (This ingredient is effective in detoxifying both our mouth and body.  Esp. the Liver)
  • Beetroot helps in healing wounds and tooth decay. Also helps lower high BP
  • Alfalfa reduces sensitivity and strengthens the loose teeth.
  • Zinc fights the growth of bacteria and plaque.
  • Feverfew is natural pain relief and doesn’t have any side effects.

Apart from these essential ingredients, Steel Bite Pro also uses dandelion, jujube seed, celery seed, grape seed extract, and L cysteine. All these naturally extracted ingredients make Steel Bite Pro one of its kind!…

Not…  Sorry please examine these 2 images and let me know what you think;

steel bite pro ingredients
steel bite pro and leptitox

6.)  Should You Buy SBP?

Steel Bite Pro Review Scam Exposed! Honestly, I am yet to find any genuine positive reviews.  As much as I’d like to believe the girl in the video so far I’ve only found 6 reviews on Trustpilot that were all negative.  I see Amazon had some more positive reviews but also that some of these said this product was a fake.

Although more worrying is this Steel Bite Pro uses the exact same formula as another ClickBank product Leptitox.

A weight loss product that targets Leptin Resistance and helps detox the liver.    That I have recommended on this website because I have personally had customers that have had a good experience from using it but I know it doesn’t work for everyone and just like SBP, its 60-Day money-back guarantee starts from when you order not when you receive your order.

So NO you shouldn’t buy Steel Bite Pro.  If you really do want to give it go you may as save $20 and buy Leptitox.

I know it isn’t an Oral Health supplement but seriously I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the same company.

Maybe they discovered this recipe is good for Oral health as well as weight loss?  Then just decided to whack a different label on the bottle.   This does make me wonder actually how many other products and does this mean Leptitox is a scam?

7.)  Final Words

Steel Bite Pro is a dietary supplement. It is not a substitute for oral health, but it works as an additive preventive measure. Being a dietary supplement, there are no side effects of Steel Bite Pro. However, if you are certain health conditions, it is always better to consult your physician before consuming.

Oral health is very critical to maintaining; you cannot just preserve it by brushing and flossing. Your mouth requires additional nutrients – I am sorry to tell you this by SBP is very suspect.  Instead for your oral health ~ look for foods high in both calcium and phosphorous.  Milk, Cheese, Chicken, Pork and Nuts.  Plus other lactose-free options include Spinach and Broccoli.

Also, try to avoid sugar, cigarettes and if you have issues such as acid reflux get them treated.


Finally, any questions or feedback please let me know in the comments will be great to hear from you.  Also, if you have any experience of using Steel Bite Pro either negative or positive I would love to hear from you.

The other thing if you know anybody that might like to read this post, please share and help me to get this post out to as many people as possible.  If you can this is always very much appreciated.

Please like, share and subscribe ?

Many thanks and Stay Dynamic

To your good health ?


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4 thoughts on “Steel Bite Pro Review Scam Exposed! The Honest Truth May Surprise You”

  1. Interesting review… I think I’m on your side with this, too.  I guess it’s cool that it has lots of great ingredients, but you can get a lot of those in other foods and supplements anyway.  Is it uncool now to just plain brush and floss your teeth?  Lol.  😉

    Really though, I’m not sure I’m sold, especially after you mention there are lots of bad reviews.  I’m sure it’s not harmful to take these supplements, but there are probably better ones out there.  It’s kind of unusual that this one focuses on tooth and gum health.

    • Hi Max,  Yes I think this product is a bit suspicious.  More than a bit and honestly yes the ingredients are great but weird how they are a carbon copy of another clickbank product.   As for the bad reviews I only read like 6 not enough to really convince me this is a total con.  Amazon actually has a good number of positive reviews but the listing I think is for a counterfeit product.

  2. There are too many red flags concerning Steel Bite Pro! Initially I thought it was ‘a steal’ but now I-m realizing that they are the ones that probably will steal us. I really don’t like that about its 60-Day money-back guarantee starting from when we order and not when we receive our order as commonly one would expect.

    • Hi Ann,  I actually thought I was on to a winner when I first come across this product.  I am going to look at a couple other products for a review I think. I really like the idea of using herbal supplements for oral health. Even I do think a formula like this can work if it really can cleanse the liver but I think the only reason to be sure if this is legit to try it for yourself.


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