Halki Diabetes Remedy Program Review 2020

Halki Diabetes Remedy Program Review 2020

Hi Guys,  Alex here and for today’s post I will be covering a brilliant recipe guide made especially for treating type-2 diabetes called the Halki Diabetes Remedy Program.

Based on a special set of recipes that originate from the Greek Island of Halki.  Amazingly, a place that apparently has no cases of diabetes.  Not sure how true this is but anyway.  This product is designed to lower blood sugar, target insulin resistance and as the name says remedy diabetes!

In this guide what it teaches is how you can develop a similar diet to these islanders from Halki Island Greece.

For this review, I will look into whether this is a product that is legitimate or is not!!!

Plus a little bit about what I think about these claims, and whether or not I think they could be true.  This will be an honest review.  I will include a link to buy this product at the end of the post but this is totally up to you.  The main purpose of this post will be to give the best information about this product possible so you can make an informed decision before making a purchase.


If you decide to purchase and use Halki Diabetes Remedy Program be careful if you’re on Medication, Blood Sugar Strips, or Insulin.  Please consult with GP first before discontinuing use. This product is by no means guaranteed to completely reverse Type 2 Diabetes. Please be safe.

Also if you decide to purchase I may receive a commission as an affiliate. Read more here

Product Name:  Halki Diabetes Remedy Program

Creator:  Eric Whitfield

Price:  $37.00

Rating:   3.8 Out of 5 Stars

              Website:  https://halkidiabetesremedyprogram.com

      Table of Contents:

What is Eric Whitfield Halki Diabetes Remedy?

To begin with, I was very unsure about this product when I first read about it.  After I watched the video on ClickBank I thought this guy – Eric Whitfield was making some pretty bold claims!!!

I thought wow really🙄 even that in a way that this could be dangerous for people, because what if say a diabetic person stopped taking their medication because of this product?

Like what if it gave them a false sense of hope?  Then they deliberately defied their doctor’s orders about taking their medication.  I am not one to always agree with doctors and the healthcare system but I know how dangerous diabetes can be.  Both my mum and older sister have this horrible condition!

Halki Diabetes Remedy Program

…after further research, and what I learned about this product it did make me think.  I’m not a diabetic myself but I know people that are.  For them, I haven’t yet suggested this product, but there are certain reasons I would maybe consider doing so.

Mostly because for a start there is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, and also for the fact, all this is really – is only a set of recipes etc..  Not exactly an unsafe supplement.

So you can try this product out and if it isn’t for you then you can request a refund.

That is one thing what I like about it.
It gives me the impression that it stands by what it says – and if this does not turn out to be the case you can easily request money back as mentioned above.

The other thing I will look to explore further throughout this post.

The Halki Diabetes Program: An Extra Option that is Safe.

Halki Diabetes Remedy Program

Personally, if I’m being honest, after reviewing the Halki Diabetes Program in some instances I did think it might ‘not’ be the real deal.  The story behind it to me did seem a little bit overdramatic and exaggerated.

Also, I found it to be very similar to another product for sale on Clickbank which I reviewed called Leptitox.  Although despite all this, on the other side of the coin, I found some information very intriguing.

This being what supposedly is the true cause of diabetes, and not only this but what the actual remedy is itself.

It is obviously down to the consumer at the end of the day but I think it is worth a try.  If you can source the ingredients recommended within this book and follow the recipe plans inside.  I don’t think there is actually too much harm in trying.  That being said – The secret ‘age-old recipe’ that has been hidden for centuries.  That part I thought sounded over-exaggerated and a little suspicious.

But what they say about the actual ingredients and what they are supposed to do.  I’m more inclined to believe.

Mostly because I believe that in the natural healing abilities of plants, and there are a lot of places all around the world that hold all different kinds of cures and remedies inside.

Halki’s Hidden Secret or Not?

Halki Greece

OK, so In general, these claims made by Eric Whitfield and the Halki Diabetes Remedy about the root cause of ‘type 2 diabetes’ say that it can be caused by a harmful unseen toxin.  Something that is known as Particulate Matter 2.5 or PM 2.5.  Which apparently works alongside other toxins and is in part responsible, if not solely, for insulin resistance.

These toxins in question are said to be absorbed every day from what we eat, and what we drink.  Even from how we prepare our food and from the air that we breathe.  Together they are said to all act as common factors towards the cause of type 2 diabetes, and problems related to inadequate blood sugar levels.

In hindsight to me, this is totally believable.  Pollution is after all a massive global problem.

If this could have something to do with health issues such as insulin, and leptin resistance, and conditions such as diabetes and obesity I think this could be true.

Also the part about an all-natural remedy for diabetes which involves a special diet of superfoods, this even more so.

How following a special meal plan twice daily in the form of Salad Dressings can help towards remedying diabetes.

Of course, I do find as I have said the sales pitch to be a bit suspect.  I would actually go further to say that Eric Whitfield may not actually be the real creator of the Halki Diabetes Remedy Program, but I really do believe these ingredients might be able to help.

Halki Diabetes Remedy Ingredients – What’s Inside

Ingredients for anyone that’s curious include;

#1 Kohlrabi
#2 Marjoram
#3 Broccoli Sprouts,

and a range of other Greek Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, and Seeds such as…

#4 Laurel (Bay) Leaves
#5 Jujube Dates and
#6 Bergamot Oranges.

Now if I talk about these ingredients. For starters, #1 Kohlrabi is a vegetable similar to a Cabbage which is abundant in two nutrients – Sulphoraphane and Glucoraphanin. These together can repair lung epithelial cells against oxidative damage caused by tiny ambient air particulate matter (PM 2.5).

Then #2 Marjoram as well as adding flavour to the dressings also protects the lungs and body against airborne toxins. One of its main nutrients is called Beta Carotene which is said to be good for digestive health and the heart.

For #3 Broccoli Sprouts – this is included for rapid and sustainable detoxification properties and is also highly productive in improving liver function from oxidative stress.  Not to mention that all of these are high in antioxidants well known for their ability to detoxify the body.

My Thoughts on Diabetes and PM 2.5 Pollution

I think if anything, whether the testimonials of this product are a big scam or not, then surely a healthy balanced diet can go a long way to relieving the health problems that diabetes may cause.  Not to mention that I really do believe there is something to all these antioxidant treatments.

For example, people detoxing eating raw garlic, or cabbage for instance.  It’s not quite the same thing I know but how many stories are there about people using plants to heal their ailments.  These recipes I think they are worth their salt to at least try.  It seems a safe enough idea I think – the biggest risk I would say is being out of pocket if this does not work.  Even then though you can claim a refund.

So at least trying a few of these recipes with what’s mentioned above I think could really be a benefit to somebody that suffers from Type 2 Diabetes.  For if nothing else the healthy diet which this encourages may have other health benefits.

I mean I think it pretty much says it all really – if diabetes is a condition caused by air particulate matter, or whatever toxins that are the cause of this then there must be something to flush these toxins out.

Water Splashing

It’s not exactly the Scientific Communities view I know. I think, to them, diabetes is a pancreatic condition caused by Insulin resistance that is passed on genetically, or largely from an unhealthy lifestyle.

But what about toxins like PM2.5?  My point is that if they can do the damage which Eric Whitfield says then does this not show at least that this might just be possible?  Inherent PM 2.5 damage perhaps?  Even the damage this can cause to a healthy person.  It does make me wonder.

If so what a coincidence this is, that our bodies have progressively consumed a lot more toxic shite over the past 50 years or so.  Not just from PM 2.5 pollution but in general –
does this not slightly correlate with the rise in diabetes over this time period?

My Personal Opinion of Halki Diabetes Remedy

My opinion, I think that if you have the money and you can be sure that any product claiming to remedy an adverse physical condition such as diabetes isn’t a danger to your health than why not be open-minded about it?

Myself personally I think natural homoeopathic remedies are very underrated. With this product, I would say it is worth trying at least.  Giving this a go and if it is not for you then you can request a refund.

The price is reasonable enough I think.  Especially with the discount applied.   I can not offer this personally but you should see an exit pop up on the main sales page for $20 off.

It is only my opinion of course but from what I have read about these ingredients they all seem to have their own therapeutic properties for detoxifying and repairing your body.  Plus these are just the one’s I know about because truth be told I have not actually purchased this product myself.

Although one other thing I found interesting about PM 2.5 pollution is it is believed to also be responsible for Cardiovascular disease (CVD). See here.  This I would guess would also mean that the recipes contained inside the Halki Diabetes Remedy Program may be able to help with this on top of everything else.

Probably not the only thing either.

My Final Thoughts

The price of the Halki Diabetes Remedy program is usually $37 USD, but you can get for $17 USD with the discount applied – it also comes with three other digital guides – 1.) Energy Multiplier, 2.) Achieve Your Goals, and 3.) Relaxed Mind Healthy Body which all include a 10-part video series.

This, if you can get for $17 USD, looks on the face of it I think to be a very good deal.  If nothing else at least this is taking action.  Whether the diabetes is completely reversible or not it is still a known fact that it is a condition that you can at least in some ways that you can recover from.

Also, about what I said about the 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee You could, in theory, try this twice for free.  This is because it is a 21-day program.  Take from it what you will but I think this has to be its main selling point if you are somebody that is seriously looking to find a diabetes remedy.

If so please check out the product link which is available further down to find out more…

Your Feedback

For anybody that has taken the time to read this post, you are most welcome to leave any feedback, comments or questions you have in the comments section below. Alternatively, you can also contact me directly at [email protected].

Finally, please like, share and subscribe and will hope to see you all again soon.

Many Thanks;

from your friend


To purchase Eric Whitfield Halki Diabetes Remedy see the following link;
Halki Diabetes Remedy Program

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30 thoughts on “Halki Diabetes Remedy Program Review 2020”

  1. As you indicated, many people have diabetes. My father also suffered a lot from it before he passed away three years ago. Maybe, I have a high chance of getting it, so this article caught my attention.
    When my father suffered from it, I heard that it is quite a cruel disease. If Halki Diabetes Remedy is effective, it will help a lot of people who are suffering from it in the world.
    The embedded YouTube video is quite convincing. I will have a temptation to try it out if I have diabetes. This program looks so good, but to be honest, I still have some suspicion if it really works. Here is my suggestion. In your next articles, can you show the following to give more confidence to your audience?
    1. How about linking or posting several success stories? Your audience will be more convinced.
    2. How about showing if the money-back guarantee is indeed exercised? Many programs say it in their advertisement. But, after the purchase is completed, they list all kinds of excuses not to give a refund.

    Supplying the above information will give your audience more confidence.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Jason,

      Thank you for commenting. I’m sorry to hear about your Father I know what a sad thing this is to happen. I think with this it is something you can do even if you don’t have this condition what it basically is it’s a program that teaches you about different foods that will help detoxify your body from dangerous chemicals. You could, in theory, use this to prevent yourself from ever developing diabetes even. About your questions 1.) I will see if I can find any testimonials to add to the content or even just a link. 2.) the money-back guarantee is 100% I made $450 last month and I see $55 get refunded for another product. This was on Clickbank

  2. Diabetes is a difficult ailment to manage not to talk of treat. It is a pandemic I must add. I have lost two siblings to this devourer. As for me I don’t mind what is needed to checkmate diabetes as long as it does curtail its effect. I have read about this halki diabetes remedy somewhere before, I think it’s effective. All one has to do is follow it as prescribed and hope it all goes well. There are several diabetes remedies on the market, some are just time and money wasting but I think this one works. My question is, how can one avoid diabetes if it is hereditary in the family? 

    • Hi Sami,  That is a difficult question I think it’s kind of along the lines of this product eating the right foods that will have a positive effect on your body.  This product I read can be used for prediabetes to prevent it.  The question is how true is it about this being caused by the PM 2.5 toxin.  I thought about this being linked with hypertension and hypertension being linked with diabetes.  It’s very difficult if only these people that were supposed to manage our health were honest with us.  There is is too many financial interests in this industry I think bigtime.

  3. There are many products out there that promise to cure, and maybe some may work for some and not for others, but I think one should never simply go off their medication before checking with their doctor, especially if it is chronic meds.

    It is always good to keep looking for alternative and healthier ways to cure yourself, but keep an open mind and be careful not to be too gullible when it comes to believing the many claims you may find.

    • Hi Michael,  Absolutely I wrote this article so I could give people an unbiased review of what I thought this product was.  I think something like this is definitely worth its salt though but of course only alongside usual treatments.  The recipe/ingredients are there within this product that can educate people about different plants etc. that can have different effects on the body.  It’s worth trying for the 60 day money back guarantee at least.

  4. Hi! I must admit that I was a bit skeptical the first time I heard about Halki diabetes remedy. Nowadays there are so many scams that one doesn’t know in what to believe. But what you’re explaining here makes sense to me. In the case this is not as effective as it’s promoted to be, the balanced diet can still help. I’ll give it a try.

    • Hi Abel, I think that to fully understand what this diet is you really need to buy the product.  There is a 60 day money-back guarantee though so if it doesn’t work you can always claim back your money.

  5. This article got me curious, when you say diabetes, are you referring to type 1 or type 2? My mom is type 2 and as much as I would like her to go on a natural remedy without having to rely on medication, I don’t think her physician would agree with the approach. It’s been known that most diabetic patients will need medication life-long, maybe do some food adjustment and I’ve not heard of any alternative remedy that has proven to be successful. 

    Do you know of anyone taking the Halki diabetic remedy at the moment? What is the outcome like after 2 weeks?

    • Hi Cathy,  If you read some of the other comments there is a couple of people that have commented that they have said they have successfully used this method.  it’s for type 2 its a recipe for salad dressings which is high in detoxifying ingredients that can help your body flush out invasive toxins.  What I would recommend is it is definitely worth trying but only alongside treatments that are being used already.

  6. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I have been suffering from diabetic problems for a long time.And then I started using the Halki diabetes product and from there my diabetes got under control.And this product is completely free of side effects .Halki diabetes is very important for people with diabetes if you want to try it out.After reading your registration, everyone will learn about mild diabetes and share new experiences with you.

  7. For me Halli remedy is the safest choice when it comes to type 2 diabetes and as we all know diabetes is a know common illness and also it hardly discriminate it. It affects both both the young and the old, And if not we’ll treated it can lead to further health damage and sometimes  lead to death so I like everyone to  try it out.

  8. Hello There! Thank you for this information on Halki diabetes remedy , though the video of Halki on YouTube was very captivating even I was intrigued by the claims on YouTube but I also have my doubt about the product reversing a type 2 diabetes. Thanks for reviewing this product!

    • Hi Evagreene,  Yes I understand type 2 Diabetes is curable if you look it up.  Unfortunately, it isn’t easily curable not by a long shot.  What this product is it’s a secret recipe for salad dressings high in detoxifying ingredients.   It’s worth trying I think but not as some miracle cure just to take alongside usual treatments.  

  9. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. diabetes can become really deadly especially when ignored or not quickly diagnosed. finding good remedies to this illness is something that sets us off balance. thanks for this review on halki remedy

  10. This is my first time to read about the Halki Diabetes Remedy but I am totally thrilled by the combination of natural foods and ingredients that would help push diabetes aside. Considering the fact that all the ingredients are natural and the contents have been proven to be healthy to humans, I think it’s not a risky diabetes remedy try out. The money back guarantee makes it even safer.

    I want to be sure:

    1) Is this remedy capable of curing diabetes?

    2) Is it 100% safe to take this remedy along side regular diabetes treatments?

    • Hi MrBizzy,  Thanks for taking the time to comment.  For the answer to your questions 

      1.)  I can’t give a definite answer but apparently so.  According to my research, it can at least improve the condition.
      2.)  Yes it is 100% safe it is in essence just a recipe for salad dressings there are no pills or anything involved so yes you could take alongside other treatments.  I would go as far as saying it’s a must.  Going against medical advice can be very dangerous. 

  11. The diabetes world would need this kind of alternate diet and exercise solutions for the reversal of diabetes. Although the video does not tell about what kind of exercise one would go with.

    As per scientific studies depending on the stages of the diabetes, you may need prescription medication. My next door neighbor has both of his kidney damaged because long time diabetes. Can he try these recipes?

    you have to be out of medications to try this protocol. What if this does not work?

    Money back guarantee is good testimonial for a product. But it possibly does not say it work. Are there any scientific evidences that shows toxins cause insulin resistance? The simple foods that is recommended may be grown with pesticides like the large % of produce in the market.

    I will think and see if I can buy this product.

    • Hi Anusuya,  I think this program can definitely be done whilst taking your usual diabetes treatment.  If anything these ingredients you could consult with a GP if they are safe to consume if you have diabetes but I would assume they are fine.  As for scientific studies yes there are some that do support this.  If you scroll down the bottom of my article I have included some links.

  12. Thanks for reading your valuable article post. I have not listen before this product Halki Diabetes remedy. I do believe that our healthy lifestyle activities may also envolve to cure any disease. such as regular morning exercise, healthy and nutritious food and stress free life may also reduce the causes of diabetes type – 2, Finally your products overview has impressed me due to its ingredients and curable process. 

  13. The Halki Diabetes remedy is something i was looking for as it helped a friend of mine who said it worked like gold so here i am looking at if it will help me by trying to fight of Diabetes more naturally than using syringes. The video made it seem easy and simple enough for me as well as your great explanation. I will be recommending this site to others thanks.

    • Thanks Taine that would be awesome.  I will be taking a look again at this article soon to put some finishing touches on, but glad you like.

  14. Sometimes, I always think that some of the products that they have on clickbank are not the read deal because of the way they usually work. Although there is a money back guarantee, the products are not usually very convincing enough and it just makes me think that I shouldn’t try them at all. You did a great post here and you’re review is very well detailed too. I’m not sure I can use this one it recommend it though.

    • Hi Jay,  Thanks for taking the time to comment.  Personally, my opinion honestly – with the seriousness of diabetes people should 100% consider eating more healthily.  I think $37 may be a bit pricey but then saying that the $20 discount is easy enough to come by.  I believe you can get just by being on the sales page for a long enough amount of time.  $17 I think is maybe worth it.

      At the very least this is taking action.  The first step and actually I do think there is something to this because of the types of food this encourages people to eat.  I think Eric Whitfield might be a fictional name as well as the story in the sales pitch but honestly, I think this does not mean this does not work it is just to increase sales.  It is actually quite common I have found it is to protect the identity of the real author.

  15. Type 2 Diabetes is certainly a good topic to discuss because this disease has affected countless people and continues to affect more people each year. I am not knowledgeable about Type 2 diabetes except that we have had 2 cats and 1 dog with diabetes.  I do not believe our pets lived as long as they should have because of their diabetes. I also am not sure if diabetes affects people in the same way, but perhaps it does. 

    I believe it was a good idea to offer this plan to people with Type 2 Diabetes. They must be looking for alternatives  for this disease and if there is nothing harmful about this program, type 2 diabetics, I do not understand why someone would not want to try almost any alternative for diabetes Type 2.

    I appreciate the fact that you brought this product to everyone’s attention, because it may be very helpful to those who actually could use this product. 


    • Hi Sandy,  Thanks for your comment.  Yes, totally agree.  I do believe this to be worth a try at least.  I think it seems to be safe.  It is just one idea for people to try – whether it works or not for everybody I don’t know but least it is something I suppose.


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