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Why Does Intermittent Fasting Work? How To Eat Stop Eat

Hi Guys,  For today’s post Why Does Intermittent Fasting Work?  – How To Eat Stop Eat!  I know this is a funny concept – a diet where you stop eating for prolonged periods.  As a human race, one of the fundamentals for survival is to eat.  I’ve always been a firm believer that you must eat and drink even if it’s not the best quality food or water. 

Because eating any food or drinking any water (to an extent) is better than nothing.  Of course, there are exceptions but I think you get my point.

Although if are carrying a lot of stored fat you may be seriously questioning this relationship you have with your food.  You may have heard of all sorts of ideas such as; 

Keto, Paleo, Carb Pairing,
Balancing Out Your Hormones,
Lowering Your Blood Sugar,
Exercise Plans,
Getting Better Nutrition 

but what is Intermittent fasting?

Here I will try my very best to explain…

What is Intermittent Fasting Does it Work?

Well, at the time of writing this it is around a week since Ramadan finished.  In Islam, this is a practice of intermittent fasting that takes place every year during the 9th month of the Islamic calendar.    This is just one example and many other religions also carry out similar rituals.  

Such as Yom Kippur (Judaism), Vrata (Hinduism), and The Black Fast of Christianity.

The idea of Intermittent fasting is to cycle between periods of eating and fasting.  During Ramadan for example Muslims must not eat or drink from dawn till Sunset.  

It is an interesting example because studies taken on participants of religious fasting show that this can help with losing weight.  

A review of the metabolic effects of fasting showed that religious fasting proved to be beneficial in terms of “bodyweight and glycemia, cardiometabolic risk markers, and oxidative stress parameters”, where animals, in the study, that followed a diet regime consistent with that of religious fasting, were observed to have weight loss in addition to “lowered plasma levels of glucose, triacylglycerols, and insulin growth factor-1”

Intermittent Fasting Vs. Calorie Restricted Diet

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post it is a lot to muster – stopping yourself from eating food.  Even if it is only for xx hours at a time.  It is a lot to ask of yourself that is for sure.  

Going hungry is not a good feeling but Is this the way around it though – a calorie-restricted diet?  

So this is probably one of the very first ideas that spring to mind when somebody wants to lose weight – consuming fewer calories.  I will admit in some ways it is a very good idea.  Indeed, this is maybe the most sensible thing you can do before anything else in some ways.  Especially if you want to get into better shape.

My Advice

To get started with a calorie-restricted diet take notes of your day-to-day eating habits.  See if you are consuming excess calories, and try and decide from there about things to avoid.  The usual idea is to try and keep below a calorie threshold (usually 2000 calories).  By carefully monitoring what has what calories you can easily decide which things to cut out.  

You can then try swapping things like white pasta and bread for whole grain.   Stop snacking on unhealthy snacks like crisps, chocolate bars, sweets, and fizzy drinks. Then from there see where you can bring this down even more. 

Just be very careful with other foods that might contain essential vitamins and minerals.  This can be a problem for all kinds of diets but this one advantage of intermittent fasting.  When you are not fasting you do not need to obsess about what you should and should not be eating.  Of course, I would say that cutting out sweets and fizzy drinks is an absolute must.

There is nothing good about artificial sweeteners and crisps fried in rapeseed oil.  However, rather than taking the next step and obsessing about everything else you consume I do think intermittent fasting may have the edge. 

“Just remember please consult with a doctor first to find out if fasting is safe before you begin”.  

How To Eat Stop Eat

With this guide, anybody looking to try Intermittent fasting has the added advantage of having proper instructions to follow.  Attempting something like this without the right before and aftercare can be dangerous so this is one of the main benefits.

Plus, this is Not Only a single diet plan that suggests when to eat and when not to eat it also offers a nutrition plan and recommends the best exercises.   

The basis behind Eat Stop Eat is a diet plan based on proven science and for anybody with concerns about their health and safety following intermittent fasting, this makes for very good reading.

What You Get With Eat Stop Eat

If you are interested in purchasing Eat Stop Eat then you have 2 different options.  You can either purchase for the cheaper price of $10 as a digital product (ebook) or for an extra $9 ($19) for the physical (actual book) product.  

The product also you will find is the latest version of –  Eat Stop Eat;  The New and Expanded Edition. 

You will also receive 2 Free Bonuses when you buy Eat Stop Eat as either the digital product or the physical book.

These 2 bonuses include;

1# –   The Eat Stop Eat Quick Start Guide.  For those that want to get a headstart once the product has been bought.

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and;  what’s more something else extra you can get if you are interested.

Another bonus…

3# – Especially for the readers of this article.  No purchase necessary, and this is another complimentary ebook –  Eat Stop Eat – The Zen Of Nutrition.  A short guide by Brad Pillion that anyone can read right now for absolutely nothing.  

It is essentially 50 pages of thought-provoking ideas to help you get in the right frame of mind before any diet.

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My Verdict

This is a big thing I never mentioned above.  The instructions for Eat Stop Eat recommends 1 or 2 sessions of intermittent fasting a week.  For 24 hours each time.  A whole entire day – once or twice a week with no food.  

It sounds too crazy to be true but yes this is what I read.  The thought kind of both petrifies me and makes me curious.

I know people do this, and it doesn’t just help with weight loss but apparently can help build leaner muscle as well.  In fact, it is supposed to be one perfect way of totally cleansing your whole body.  

I am actually even very tempted to try this myself but one thing I heard is this.  Whilst practicing intermittent fasting you should be drinking the most, purest, cleanest, water that you can find.

Even if you are not fasting one of the best investments you will ever make is a water distillation machine.  I have been obsessed with this idea for a while now.  Collecting rainwater and using one of these machines to make pure clean water.

In fact, I think if you do this with intermittent fasting I would actually love to see what the results are 

that is my thoughts on the matter.

In Conclusion

Well, so I think if you are looking for a solution to lose weight and get back into shape try this.  Or try something else on this website alone I have shared all sorts of ideas over the past 18 months (at the time of writing this).  I think that different things work for different people and if one or several things doesn’t work you should never give up.  Always keep an open mind.

As for this method (Intermittent Fasting) if you wish to try just 2 pieces of advice;

Most importantly speak to a doctor about your plans and 2 do your research first.  I would even go as far as saying that is worth spending either $10 (for the digital product) or $19 (physical product) to get your own copy of Eat Stop Eat.

…and yes I will (hopefully) make a commission if you purchase from one of the links within this page but genuinely Brad Pillion is a real person.  He has authored several different books on both Nutrition and Health.  

This is not some scam and this book is not only a good price but also offers a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. 

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All the best and anything you need help with health-wise I will be glad to try and help.

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Many thanks;

Alex C

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2 thoughts on “Why Does Intermittent Fasting Work? How To Eat Stop Eat”

  1. Yes, intermittent fasting is a good technique to shed some weight, and over time seems to be effective.
    Apart from weight loss, research shows that intermittent fasting helps to lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases.
    I like the title of this post, quite funny.

    • Hi Muslimah, Thanks for commenting. Yes, I have read as much. Not only that intermittent fasting can help lose weight but with other medical conditions as well. From one source I read it is a great way to purge your body of toxins. As for the title – the Eat Stop Eat part is a reference to a product called Eat Stop Eat which is an intermittent fasting diet plan by a guy called Brad Pillon.


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