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Intermittent Fasting How Does It Work? How To Eat Stop Eat


Intermittent Fasting How Does It Work?  Are you wondering about trying this out to lose weight?

I know this is a funny concept – a diet where you stop eating for prolonged periods. 

Crazy when we think that our primal instinct is survival – so why would we ever consider giving up food?

It’s a very strange one but of course, this is practiced by many people all over the world.

Ramadan is of course one very good example but many religions also practice fasting. Ta’anit is the period of Jewish fast days. Whilst even Roman Catholics practice intermittent fasting during lent. This is believed to be for spiritual reasons.

Although many that try intermittent fasting non-religiously do so as a cleansing ritual and a means of losing weight.

But does this really work? If we really want to burn a few lbs what effect can this have on the human body?

Is this really safe and how does this compare to other weight loss regimes – such as;

Will intermittent fasting really make a difference and why does it work?

Here I will try my very best to explain…

Intermittent Fasting How Does It Work?  How To Eat Stop Eat

Intermittent Fasting How Does It Work?

  • How To Eat Stop Eat For Effective Weight Loss and Healthy Living

This post is for anyone looking to find out more about Intermittent Fasting how does it work?

IF you are looking to try out this ritual to help lose weight or just to improve general health and well-being this will be my guide for everything you need to know – including my top recommended digital product.

*Please note I shall be linking to this product with my affiliate links throughout this post. This will not affect the price you normally pay and if you find today’s information helpful this is also a great way to help support my work.

Also, another thing to add is I am not a qualified health professional or doctor and any information shared within this post is not meant to replace that of qualified physicians and medical professionals.

I will discuss this in more detail further down but for now, let’s begin, shall we?

What is Intermittent Fasting How Does it Work?

what is intermittent fasting does it work

So funny enough – at the time of writing this article it is around a week since Ramadan finished. 

In Islam, this is a practice of intermittent fasting that takes place every year during the 9th month of the Islamic calendar.   

This is just one example of Intermittent fasting with many other religions that also carry out similar rituals.  

  • Such as Yom Kippur (Judaism),
  • Vrata (Hinduism), and
  • The Black Fast of Christianity (Catholicism).

The very notion of Intermittent fasting is to cycle between periods of eating and fasting. 

During Ramadan for example Muslims must not eat or drink from dawn till Sunset.  

It is an interesting example because studies taken on participants of religious fasting show that this can help with losing weight.  

A review of the metabolic effects of fasting showed that religious fasting proved to be beneficial in terms of “body weight and glycemia, cardiometabolic risk markers, and oxidative stress parameters”, whereas animals, in the study, that followed a diet regime consistent with that of religious fasting, were observed to have weight loss in addition to “lowered plasma levels of glucose, triacylglycerols, and insulin growth factor-1”

But Is Intermittent Fasting Safe?

Surely this must be a question on a lot of people’s minds. Anorexia is a health disorder that the sufferer does not ever eat and it is one that is very dangerous. You can not completely give up food and even during the Ramadan festival Muslims will still eat a meal once a day.

It is apparently worse not to sleep and there are some crazy stories about people that do not eat for years. I think there was one where a man only ever had communion crackers and wine every Sunday at church and that was it. He’d apparently done this for the past 4 years but seriously Intermittent fasting must be practiced with care.

In fact, some people such as pregnant women and diabetics should not practice this at all. It is something that you should speak to a doctor about first and there are certainly plenty of other factors to consider.

So Does It Work?

Does intermittent fasting work for weight loss? This will be a question on many people’s lips. As surely if eating too much is what causes weight gain then surely not eating at all can help you lose weight. You only have to look at some people to see that do not eat enough that this is true.

Although, intermittent fasting is when you stop eating for a period of time. Perhaps 12 hours at a time before you eat again. It’s not exactly the same as starving yourself till you lose weight. It is basically a diet plan and this is probably the best way to think about it.

Whether it works or not though is debatable. It would seem that for some people this does not work at all. Simply for some people burning fat just does not happen because of how their body has become over time.

Although, a systematic review of 40 studies found that intermittent fasting can be effective for weight loss, with a typical loss of 7-11 pounds over 10 weeks. [R] This would indicate that this does indeed work but in any case, Intermittent fasting should be carefully planned beforehand.

It is certainly recommended that you speak to a doctor first to check for other health issues which could this ritual unsafe.

Intermittent Fasting Vs. Calorie Restricted Diet

Intermittent Fasting or Calorie Restricted Diet - which is better for weight loss

Which is best? As I mentioned at the beginning of this post it is a lot to muster – to stop yourself from eating food. 

Even if it is only for xx hours at a time.  It is a lot to ask of yourself that is for sure.  Going hungry is not a good feeling so obviously the very notion of intermittent fasting must be quite off-putting for a lot of people.

However, one possible alternative is a calorie-restricted diet.  Rather than not eating for hours at a time you instead focus more on actually what you eat instead. So every meal or snack contains calories – fats, carbs, and proteins. By doing a bit of research and a bit of maths you can work out your calorie intake and what foods are contributing to this the most.

My Advice

To get started with a calorie-restricted diet take notes of your day-to-day eating habits.  See if you are consuming excess calories, and try and decide from there about things to avoid.  The usual idea is to try and keep below a calorie threshold (usually 2000 calories). 

By carefully monitoring what has what calories so you can easily decide which things to cut out.  

You can then try swapping things like white pasta and bread for whole grain.   Stop snacking on unhealthy snacks like crisps, chocolate bars, sweets, and fizzy drinks. Then from there see where you can bring this down even more. 

Just be very careful with other foods that might contain essential vitamins and minerals.  This can be a problem for all kinds of diets but this is one advantage of intermittent fasting.  When you are not fasting you do not need to obsess about what you should and should not be eating as much. 

Of course, I would say that cutting out sweets and fizzy drinks is an absolute must but most other things are OK.

Although, personally I am quite against artificial sweeteners and anything that use certain vegetable oils. 

Also, refined carbs such as white bread are not very high on my list and even gluten foods, in general, I’m quite skeptical about. I think unhealthy eating is maybe the biggest reason why people become overweight.

However, rather than taking the next step and obsessing about everything else you consume, I do think intermittent fasting may have the edge. 

“Just remember please consult with a doctor first to find out if fasting is safe before you begin”.  

How To Eat Stop Eat – Digital Product By Brad Pilon

Now, I really want to tread carefully here. As much as it might seem that I am recommending intermittent fasting throughout the course of this article I will say that it’s something I’m kind of wary of. This is basically forcing your body into a state of ketosis where the body switches from carbs to ketones as its main energy source. There are some sources of information that say this can be dangerous.

Especially if you are a pregnant woman or have diabetes. In fact, any kind of organ damage such as kidney, liver, or pancreatic problems probably isn’t a smart move. Be sure to talk to a doctor and other than this – this is why I am recommending this guide.

I am not an expert on Intermittent fasting but it definitely appears that Brad Pilon the author of Eat Stop Eat actually is. I’ve come across his work a few times now but anyway if you are actually interested in Intermittent Fasting this seems to be a good source of information.

So, with this guide, anybody looking to try Intermittent fasting has the added advantage of having proper instructions to follow.  Attempting something like this without the right ‘before’ and ‘aftercare can be dangerous so this is one of the main benefits.

Plus, this is Not Only a single diet plan that suggests when to eat and when not to eat it also offers a healthy nutrition plan and recommends the best exercises to do whilst you are actively practicing intermittent fasting.   

The basis behind Eat Stop Eat is based on proven science and for anybody with concerns about their health and safety following intermittent fasting, this should make for very good reading.

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My Verdict: Why You Should Try Eat Stop Eat

This is a big thing I never mentioned above.  The instructions for Eat Stop Eat recommend 1 or 2 sessions of intermittent fasting a week.  For 24 hours each time.  A whole entire day – once or twice a week with no food.  

It sounds too crazy to be true but yes this is what I read.  The thought kind of both petrifies me and makes me curious.

I know people do this, and it doesn’t just help with weight loss but apparently can help build leaner muscle as well. 

In fact, it is supposed to be one of the best ways of totally cleansing your whole body of toxins and other waste.  

So that is apparently why you should try Eat Stop Eat as these are clear instructions on how to do this successfully.

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In Conclusion / Where To Buy Eat Stop Eat?

Well, so I think if you are looking for a solution to lose weight and get back into shape by all means try this out. 

It is by no means the only diet plan that can help with weight loss but it is something to try at least.

So, I think that different things work for different people and if one or several things doesn’t work you should never give up. 

Always keep an open mind.

As for this method (Intermittent Fasting) if you wish to try just 2 pieces of advice;

Most importantly speak to a doctor about your plans and 2 do your research first.  I would even go as far as saying that is worth spending either $10 (for the digital product) or $19 (physical product) to get your own copy of Eat Stop Eat.

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…and yes I will (hopefully) make a commission if you purchase from one of the links on this page. This page DOES contain my affiliate links and at no extra cost to you from this I may receive a commission. Please do not let this put you off – affiliate links help to fund my blogging activities and as a result, help me to share this information with you. Hopefully for your own benefit to better health and wellness.

If you are interested

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Finally,  what do you think of today’s post?   Do you know anyone that you could share this with that would find this information helpful? 

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All the best and anything you need help with health-wise I will be glad to try and help.

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Many thanks and #StayDynamic


Alex B. Chivers

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  1. Yes, intermittent fasting is a good technique to shed some weight, and over time seems to be effective.
    Apart from weight loss, research shows that intermittent fasting helps to lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases.
    I like the title of this post, quite funny.

    • Hi Muslimah, Thanks for commenting. Yes, I have read as much. Not only that intermittent fasting can help lose weight but with other medical conditions as well. From one source I read it is a great way to purge your body of toxins. As for the title – the Eat Stop Eat part is a reference to a product called Eat Stop Eat which is an intermittent fasting diet plan by a guy called Brad Pillon.

  2. Intermittent fasting seems to be the best way to lose some weight in my personal experience. The Eat Stop Eat seems to be a great resource if one is thinking about losing weight for sure. This procedure does require disipline to be honest.

    • Hi Oliver, Yes totally. Intermittent fasting is a fascinating topic but as you say you must be very disciplined to do it. Although I think if you are looking to try it the eat stop eat program does seem to be a very good idea.


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