What Are Bioptimizers? – Full Products Overview 2020

Hello, Alex here, and for this post – What Are Bioptimizers? – Full Products Overview 2020.

I have reviewed I think most of these products now at the time of writing this. Some I know I still have not written a review for yet but I fully plan to in the future.

Anyway, for anybody that does not know Bioptimizers is a company that specializes in digestive enzyme’s supplements. The main one I think that sticks out is MassZymes, which is designed to transform digested protein into muscle boosting enzyme’s. At the time of writing this Bioptimizers has 13+ different products in total.

What Are Bioptimizers? – Full Products Overview 2020

Name: Bioptimizers

Based in: United Kingdom

Creator: Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant

Price: Varies for each product

Overall Rating: 90/100

Warranty: 1-Year

Website: www.Bioptimizers.co.uk

Short Summary:

Bioptimizers is a health supplements company created by Wade Lightheart and his business partner Matt Gallant. It specializes in digestive enzyme’s, probiotics, and nutrition supplements. The company was started in 2014 although many other products were released by these 2 men prior including MassZymes which was introduced in 2006.

Table of Contents





HCL Breakthrough

Gluten Guardian

Magnesium Breakthrough


Herbal Parasite Cleanse



Leaky Gut Guardian-Chocolate

Leaky Gut Guardian-Vanilla

FTC Disclosure:

#1 – MassZymes Digestive Enzymes

First up on my list is MassZymes. A proteolytic enzyme’s formula containing a protease HUT level of 100’000 per capsule.

Designed for the high consumption of protein by high performance athletes and body builders. Currently this is the 3rd incarnation after version 1.0 and 2.0. It is a full spectrum enzyme’s dietary supplement that is intended to be taken alongside protein shakes and meals.

Ingredients label can be viewed above but in summary this contains both a tri-phase protease and a 12+ enzyme blend which includes AstraZyme®. A clinically proven type of proteolytic enzyme’s, created from the extracts of Astragalus membraneceus and Panax notoginseng.

How much does it cost?:

$69 for 1 bottle. Further discounts if bought in bulk.

$177 for 3 bottles. 26% off

$297 for 6 bottles. 38% off

Rating out of 100:  87/100  

Who is it for?: High performance athletes and body builders.

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#2 – P3-OM Proteolytic Probiotics

Next on my list of Bioptimizers products is P3-OM. This is a proteolytic probiotics supplement with it own patent #US 5895758. It contains it is own form of the probiotic Lactobacillus Plantarum OM, and works unlike any other probiotic because of it’s unique design. 

Other than the 250mg of Lactobacillius Plantarum the only other ingredient within this supplement is stabilized rice bran.  This does not include the veggie capsule which like other Bioptimizers products that is made from cellulase.

How Much does it cost?: $69 for 1 bottle. Further discounts if bought in bulk.

Rating:  73/100

Who is it for?: Anybody with digestive health issues.  Bloating, gas, indigestion.  Similar products are labeled as colon cleanse supplements.  Differs from digestive enzymes as this is more for adding healthy bacteria into your digestive system. 

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#3 – KApex Keto/Paleo Digestive Support

This product here kApex is another digestive enzyme’s dietary supplement but with an added blend of nutrients. It is marketed as a solution for weight loss support especially for those on a low carb diet such as keto or paleo. Although it can be used by anybody looking to boost energy levels and metabolism.

Ingredients listed above include a tri phase protease blend, a 4 phase lipase blend, as well as highly powerful weight loss support ingredients such as Innoslim and AstraZyme, as well as Betaine HCL.


How much does it cost:  $69 for 1 bottle 120 caps.  Further discounts available on multi pack.

Rating out of 100
:   67/100

Who is it for?: Anybody looking for extra weight loss support during low carb diets such as Keto, and Paleo.

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#4 – ConstiCleanse – Constipation Support

ConstiCleanse as the name implies is a dietary supplement for people that suffer from constipation. Made with a precise blend of tree, plant, and herb extracts as well as digestive enzyme’s to provide effective relief for constipation and promote healthy bowel movement.
Contains Psyllium Seed Husk, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Red Clover, Kelp plus digestive enzyme blend of Cellulase, Amylase, Phytase, Protease, and Lipase.

How much does it cost?:  $49 for 1 bottle of 120 caps.  Discounts available on multi pack.

Rating out of 100
:  75/100 

Who is it for?: Anyone that suffers from Constipation or Digestive Health Problems.
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#5 – HCL Breakthrough – Premium Betaine HCL 

Next up HCL Breakthrough is for anybody that suffers issues due to stomach acid. It works by increasing hydrocholric acid in the stomach and supports both digestion and detoxification. Unlike other betaine hcl supplements HCL Breakthrough is 100% vegetarian, pepsin free with no animal byproducts.

Other than Betaine HCL HCL Breakthrough also contains a blend of enzyme’s and other minerals including protease 3.0 & 4.5 plus Amylase, Lipase and Cellulase.


How Much Does it Cost?: 
$29 for 1 bottle for 120 caps.  Further discounts available on multi-pack.

Rating out of 100: 78/100

Who is it for?:
Anybody that suffers especially with issues related to stomach acid, such as acid reflux etc.

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#6 – Gluten Guardian – Gluten Relief Digestive Enzymes

A very special product now – Gluten Guardian. This supplement here is another digestive supplement but this one is designed especially for anybody with a gluten intolerance, or that suffer with any problems caused by the indigestion of foods containing gluten or casein

Contains a blend of 6 plant based proteolytic enzyme’s including Peptidase DPP-IV. Plus three enzyme’s to assist in the breakdown of starches and sugars.

How much does it cost?

Rating out of 10: ~~/10

Who is it for?:

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#7 Magnesium Breakthrough – Premium Magnesium Complex

Another very special product released by Bioptimizers is is Magnesium Breakthrough. This product here is a premium magnesium complex humic/fulvic monatomic blend. It works by increasing absorption of magnesium and also supports digestive health and more restful sleep.

It contains 7-types of Magnesium altogether all important for giving the body the right minerals it needs.
How much does it cost?:

Rating out of 100: ~~/100

Who is it for?:  

For anyone looking to boost their magnesium levels.  Can help with sleep problems and also weight loss.  Both health issues linked to magnesium deficiency. 

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#8 – CogniBiotics – Mind and Mood Enhancement Probiotics

Only introduced earler this year CogniBiotics is a special blend of herbs, probiotics and prebiotics combined as a supplement. It is kind of like a modified version of P3-OM and works by boosting your gut health, or second brain to enhance both mind and mood.

Quite a long list of ingredients here.


How Much Does it Cost?:  

$59.95 for 1 bottle.  Further discounts if bought in bulk. 
$147 for 3 bottles. 18% off 
$197 for 5 bottles. 34% off 

Rating out of 100: ~~/10

Who is it for?:  

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#9 – Herbal Parasite Cleanse – Parasite Digestive Aid

As, the name says Herbal Parasite Cleanse is a supplement designed for cleansing the digestive system of parasites.  Includes a blend of different plant, herb and tree extracts paired with a selection of proteolytic enzymes.

How Much Does it Cost?:  

$59.99 for 1 bottle.  Further discounts if bought in bulk. 

Rating out of 100: ~~/10

Who is it for?:  Anyone that has parasites.

#10 PrimerGen – Vitamin & Mineral Blend

a.) PrimerGen-V – Vitamin Blend

b.) PrimerGen-M – Mineral Blend

#11 Leaky Gut Guardian

a.) LGG Chocolate 

b.) LGG Vanilla

Final Thoughts

I have been affilated with Bioptimizers now for around 4 months now.  My opinion of this company overall is that these products do not seem to work for every customer but largely most customers seem to be happy with these products. 

My biggest criticism I would say is the price.  From a the majority of people I’ve spoken to who have tried bioptimizers they have said the products are good but they are just a bit expensive.  This to be fair is for good reason as these supplements do appear to be of a premium quality.   

Although I have not personally tried any of these products as of yet I think the biggest thing that should be consider is there is a whole year to claim a refund if you are not happy with the product.  Plenty of time to get your money back if your supplement doesn’t work, and I think as long as this is bought actually through the correct channels you should have no issue with getting hold of Bioptimizers support.

Your Feedback

Finally I hope this summary of Bioptimizers products you have found informative and maybe even helpful.  If so if you could please like and share.  Also, if you are interested check out this free course by bioptimizers.  This can help you with a whole range of health related issues including weight loss, body building and improving digestion.  See image below;

Also if you have any questions, or would like to leave comments or feedback – 

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