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Tinnitus with High Blood Pressure – How Are They Linked?


Hi All,  Tinnitus with High Blood Pressure – How Are They Linked?  So this post I’ve decided to write after discovering a supplement called Alistrol.  This I noticed was very similar to a good number of tinnitus supplements that I’ve seen. 

Except the only big difference is Alistrol is a Blood Pressure Supplement.

So, what I noticed about this product was something very familiar. That the core of the ingredients is very similar to those within tinnitus supplements, such as Sonus Complete.  

This (Sonus Complete) I use an example because it’s maybe the main product that springs to mind when I think of tinnitus.   Though if you read this review there is a long list of tinnitus supplements that are all very much the same.

These collectively I haven’t actually been able to get to the bottom of whether they are an effective treatment or not
but actually before when I shared my Sonus Complete Review I first heard about this.  

One customer I spoke to said he developed Tinnitus from his time as a USAF pilot and what he said was that Sonus Complete was similar to other blood pressure supplements he had seen.  

Although till recently I never really see this for myself.

It crossed my mind but I would say it wasn’t till after doing my alistrol review that I thought about exploring this further.

So, what I did was ask around amongst other tinnitus sufferers online.  I only spoke to a few people but a good number of them said the same thing that they had both tinnitus and high or low blood pressure.

So, with that in mind Tinnitus with High Blood Pressure – How Are They Linked…

Tinnitus with High Blood Pressure – How Are They Linked?

tinnitus with high blood pressure

Please note:  Within this post, I have included affiliate links.  If you click on one of these links and end up making a purchase as a result I may receive an affiliate commission.  This doesn’t mean the price will be affected in any way just that I may receive a small bonus for my time.

blood pressure and tinnitus

Tinnitus with High Blood Pressure – How Are They Linked?

To begin with, truth be told I’ve been wanting to find a reliable product that can treat tinnitus for a while now.  I’m still waiting lol So many companies these days are looking to make a quick buck of desperate people. None of the tinnitus supplements I’ve come across so far I would touch with a barge pole. 

Although giving it some thought I think using a good blood pressure supplement might just do the trick. I know some people have tried other supplements such as Nootropics, and Ginko Bilboa. Not sure if they worked but I did read that using DMSO has helped people. I suspect that this is the reason Garlic is added to these supplements. DMSO is found naturally in Garlic!

Anyway, Between Tinnitus and Irregular Blood Pressure.  I know It isn’t the only possible cause.  In the next section below I will try and cover these the best that I can. As Scientific proof goes there is a very interesting article that was shared with me by a reader of this blog. They make the point that actually it could be the other way round.

That hypertension could be caused by the psychological impact of suffering from tinnitus (1)

1.) Frontiers in Neurology: Positive Association between Tinnitus and Arterial Hypertension

1# – What Is Tinnitus Caused By?

There are a number of things Tinnitus is believed to be caused by.  The condition is a quite mysterious one.

It is not really a disease or illness they say but more of a symptom of other underlying conditions.  For instance exposure to loud noises.  Such as the case with the ex USAF pilot that I spoke to.  Other suspected causes include excessive ear wax, a perforated eardrum and high levels of stress.

These are the few that are mentioned in the video above but if you keep watching this man he also mentions anxiety, diabetes, and exactly what I wanted him to say – High Blood Pressure!

Although, I’ve also spoken to a couple of people now that have said they have both tinnitus and low blood pressure (hypotension).  Both women and what I was able to deduce was this last woman I spoke to had a certain type of Tinnitus.

A type known as Pulsatile Tinnitus and it’s this which seems to be the kind that is linked with Blood Pressure.

2# –  What Are the Different Types of Tinnitus?

Now, I didn’t write about this in my last tinnitus article.  This is because I didn’t know about it. 

This is how there are 3 different types of Tinnitus 

  1. Subjective, 
  2. Objective 
  3. Pulsatile.  

1.)  ‘Subjective’ is when it’s only you that you can hear the ringing.  2.)  ‘Objective’ is incredibly when the source of the ringing can be heard faintly by others.  Then 3.)  Pulsatile is when Tinnitus seems to follow the rhythm of your pulse.

I know it’s crazy but this is the one that I think could be associated with high (and low) blood pressure.

My reason being is because Pulsatile Tinnitus is linked with blood flow.  Blood flow restriction is a cause of high blood pressure.  Low blood pressure may also be another issue caused by Blood flow.  In fact, when I was asking around the tinnitus support group on Facebook one Lady as I mentioned above said that she felt her tinnitus was linked to low blood pressure.  

So, what I suspect is this is the reason so many tinnitus supplements target improving blood flow.  As it is one of the things most associated with Pulsatile Tinnitus.  Basically, and somebody else said this in the support group ~ these tinnitus supplement manufacturers hope that the customer has Tinnitus linked to high or low blood pressure.

It actually makes sense to me in a way because what I’ve learnt is when people have tinnitus bad it can be to do with the stereocilia in the inner ear.  These are the mechanosensing organelles that are found on the inner ear hair cells. From one source of information, I read (2) it says that when blood flow is restricted fewer stereocilia are grown.

The result is is less protection from the noise of tinnitus. 

Crazy I know – is this noise inside you really that loud?  Is it even a noise?

Here is my source:  

2.) How High Fever, High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure Can Impact Your Hearing – Listen 2 Life Hearing Center (listen-2-life.com)

3# – Using Blood Pressure Supplements for Tinnitus

blood pressure supplements and tinnitus

OK, so there are a few things to consider here.  What type of tinnitus do you have?  Could it be caused by high blood pressure?  Low blood pressure? and may this be down to poor circulation?  Or is it down to something else –

Stress would definitely be high on the list. Anxiety may be as well. Even diabetes can be linked to tinnitus.

There are many underlying health issues that it could be caused by.  It may not be high blood pressure. A lot of tinnitus sufferers actually have low blood pressure. My point being though is this.

If you do have high or low blood pressure ~ instead of buying one of these labelled Tinnitus supplements see if you can find a good product that can help with improving blood flow, and circulation. 

Both high and low blood pressure can be because of restricted blood flow (3).

Source 3: Poor Circulation and High Blood Pressure Connection ~ Highbloodpressureinfo

I mentioned above.  This is what made me think of this idea but I’m still on the fence about this.  I’ve found only a handful of reviews on Amazon and maybe half of these are negative. 

However, there is another product that looks to fit the bill.  A heart health supplement called L-Arginine Plus

This has a lot of positive reviews ~ and it has the ‘Amazon’s Choice badge. You might want to check it out first but on the face of it, I think it could definitely be a solution. 

Of course, exercise and the right diet should be your first port of call but maybe this might help ❤

Now, moving on…

4# – How To Know If You Have High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Most people they say will not notice if they have high blood pressure (hypertension).  For this reason, it is sometimes called a silent disease.  Although, there are some telltale signs which include tinnitus. 

Other symptoms include blood spots in your eyes, dizziness and facial flushing (red face).  

Indeed, if you have any of these signs or symptoms you should definitely speak to a doctor.  Or if you have a blood pressure monitor, or know someone else that has one then take a test.  You can actually use an online calculator to find out what your results mean.  I actually shared this in another post (check it out here). 

I should really share again here but it should be easy enough for you to find.

Anyway, if you do take a test and find that you have high BP make sure you do not leave it to go untreated.  You will feel a lot better for one but also untreated high BP can lead to more severe health problems like heart disease.  

5# – Low Blood Pressure and Tinnitus

So, maybe some people might read this article that instead has low blood pressure (hypotension).  This is interesting for me actually because of the people I spoke to on the tinnitus support group.  Especially those that said they had low BP rather than high BP.  This can be equally dangerous because it can mean not enough blood is getting to your organs and brain.

Common symptoms of low BP include; 

  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Fatigue
  • Blurry Vision
  • Lightheadedness
  • Heart Palpitations  

Again if you have access to a Blood Pressure monitor take a test and use the online calculator I linked to above.

You can also find it on this website here<<

Visit a doctor if you don’t have access to a BP monitor or if you think you might have symptoms.  If you have tinnitus remember this could be one of them.  Please just bear this in mind.

6# – In Summary

So, My conclusion is the combination of Hawthorn Berries, Holly Leaf and Garlic Extract at least in blood pressure and tinnitus supplements don’t work.  Garlic I know is a prime source of DMSO – a Sulphur compound that helps reduce inflammation.

Inflammation can cause problems with your blood pressure. This I am 100% curious about trying.

As for the rest if you are considering a supplement rather than a healthy diet and exercise be diligent. Have a good look around for reviews and see what other customers really have to say.

L-Arginine Plus is definitely my choice… It’s not advertised as a tinnitus supplement but many reviews mention taking this to maintain healthy blood pressure. This for sure has a lot more merit.  The reviews really do speak for themself.  1100 reviews on Amazon 75% positive.

Plus I think even for people with low blood pressure, this might be able to help as well.  I still need to carry a bit more research out but the reason I think this is because L-Arginine can help with both blood flow and circulation.

It does concern me that it is used for lowering blood pressure.  Like if you have low blood pressure already surely you don’t want to lower it any further.  This is what I really need to find out but my theory is it can work both ways.

My Final Thoughts

So, I would guess if you are reading this you might be somebody that has tinnitus.  If you are reading this article because you are looking for effective treatment – Here Is My Advice!

First, try and determine what your tinnitus is caused by, and if you have hearing loss don’t assume it is because of this.  The reason being is hearing loss is not a cause of tinnitus but merely an amplifier.  Mostly, because if you have hearing loss there are fewer cilia inside your inner ear.  Without these tinnitus can seem a lot worse. As there is less protection from the noise.

Also, if you have diabetes get your blood pressure checked as well because this could still be your underlying problem.

Finally, my tip as long as you are the legal age ‘buy a bottle of red wine’.   Don’t drink any other alcohol and only a glass or even half a night.  I personally just have half a cup.  See if this helps with your blood pressure. 

If it doesn’t buy a supplement with a good reputation that can help.

>> See My Recommendation HERE<<

PS: I am not a qualified doctor, and any questions you have before seeking treatment should be consulted by them. Please take any advice from this article with caution. As much as I don’t want to seem unprofessional with my advice I would rather that you stay safe and healthy.



Finally thanks for taking the time to visit my website.  If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts or experience with tinnitus, High BP, Low BP, or any successful treatment you have taken please do share in the comments below.  Also, if you have found this content helpful or know anyone who might help, please share.

This would be awesome – also if you would like to be kept up to date with more articles like this one please sign up for our email list.

Many thanks and take care of yourself ❤

Stay Dynamic x

Best Wishes


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6 thoughts on “Tinnitus with High Blood Pressure – How Are They Linked?”

  1. I never would have made a connection between tinnitus and high blood pressure, but it is good to learn that it may be a sign of it.  My dad has high blood pressure, so I wonder if he experiences the symptoms of tinnitus as well.  I do not know what he takes to keep it under control, but I do like your idea of a little red wine a day.  He is more of a beer guy, and unfortunately there is no changing that!  Sometimes keeping it simple is better instead of experimenting with a bunch of different supplements.

    • Hi Max,  Thanks for taking the time to comment.  About your dad if he suffers from both tinnitus maybe you could share this article with him.  I think it could really help.  Also,  I am a beer guy but I still like to have a small glass of red before bed.  I don’t know if it is as helpful as they say – maybe I need to give it time but there is certainly the research out there to support this idea.

  2. Thank you very much for this informative article! My friend has a Tinnitus since years ago and it’s really annoying since he can ‘hear’ his own pulse (so I guess it fall under the Pulsated Tinnitus). If I remember correctly, he has high blood pressure, so I can recommend he try treating his BP. Hopefully, it can reduce the Tinnitus effect.

    • Hi Alblue,  Yes sounds this is very likely the issue.  If you tell him about this and even if you could pass on this article I would really appreciate it.

  3. Good article Alex. When I asked my GP if there was a connection between tinnitus and high blood pressure he said no. I subsequently went to an ENT specialist, and he said yes it was highly likely. So if you have pulsatile tinnitus, it’s worth getting your blood pressure checked out. There are various medications to get your blood pressure under control. But be aware that some medications (eg, ramipril) may actually increase the tinnitus. So don’t expect instant miracles. I know that when my blood pressure is normal there is a noticeable decrease in the tinnitus. If my tinnitus is off the chart, my BP is usually spiking. Pulsatile tinnitus can also be a by-product of poor blood circulation in your head, neck and shoulders, so be aware of that too. And worth a medical check to see if you have any potential heart problems. I’m basically saying don’t put up with it – see a professional.


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