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Sonus Complete Does it Work? Full Product Review 2020

Hi Guys,  For today’s post – Sonus Complete, Does it Work?  I have decided to write a review for this product because it came up in an ad I recently see whilst I was on Clickbank.  I chose to review this product because it was along the same lines as my two most recent posts that were also about Tinnitus

Sonus Complete Does it Work? – Full Product Review 2020

So, my last 2 posts if you missed them were;

1.) Does Tinnitus 911 Really Work? and
2.) How to Get Rid of Tinnitus at Home.

Now, to be truthful this product I am not really looking to promote in this post at all.  Honestly, I don’t think this is as good a deal as Tinnitus 911.  It is more or less the same product in my opinion but the warranty is only 60-Days.  Whereas Tinnitus 911 offers 90-Days.

I don’t know why this is, but without retreading the same ground again – Sonus Complete Does it Work?  This is the question I will be exploring today.

Not only this but also how this compares to Tinnitus 911 and if I think this is worth buying.

But before I do I would just like to share something with you quick.  My affiliate disclosure…

Read my full affiliate disclosure page here.

Anyway, moving on…

Sonus Complete Does it Work? Full Product Review 2020

Sonus Complete Does it Work

Name: Sonus Complete
Website: https://sonuscomplete.cc
Price: $69.99
Owners: Gregory Peters
Warranty:  60 Days
Overall Rank: 53 out of 100

Short Summary:  

Sonus Complete is a Tinnitus Supplement that claims to work by repairing the neural networks in the brain.  The idea behind this is that by doing so it can treat tinnitus and improve brain function in the process.

Much the same as Tinnitus 911 Sonus Complete is made with a selection of herbs, plants, vitamins and minerals that work together to fight back against the natural causes of Tinnitus, and unbearable ear ringing.

Sonus Complete Does it Work? Review 2021

Product Overview + Introduction

For anybody that doesn’t know about Tinnitus, this is a condition when our ears experience ringing or whooshing sounds from inside of the ear.  Usually in the absence of any external source of sound…   It is known medically to either be a sign of age-related hearing loss, injury to the ear, or circulatory problems.  Although, according to Sonus Complete the true cause maybe something else.

This I will explore throughout this article but first just a little summary of the sales page, and video;

First the sales page;  It begins by saying a little bit about hearing and the ways you can protect yourself from hearing damage.   Its claim then by the author is that after many trials this supplement was created with the help of friends that owned a small supplement company.

Then it starts going on about how good the value of this product is and how rare some of the ingredients are.

Seriously;  I don’t believe this I have seen 10 different products now for Tinnitus.  All the same ingredients.  I am not just saying this because I want to recommend some other product at the end.

Just check this out for yourself.

As for the Sales Video…

Watch it here.

This is something else.  It begins with Gregory Peters saying about how his Tinnitus got so bad that he was on the verge of committing suicide.  And that If it wasn’t for his family walking in the room he would have blown his own brains out ?. 

Not only that but he almost shot his wife by accident because of this.  Apparently, the bullet scraped by the side of her cheek ?  Which was his inspiration for looking up the ingredients that would eventually become Sonus Complete.  Very suspect I think but kind of entertaining.

And this is just the beginning.  As the story continues it says about how Gregory Peters and his wife spent a fortune on seeing doctors to no avail.  Then because he was so desperate for a cure he became obsessed with finding one.  Looking everywhere till he found 2 studies that said Tinnitus is not caused by the ears but damage to our brain networks. 

I can not actually discredit this but the next part is what gets me.   When Gregory meets with Dr Steven Campbell.

This is the crazy bit.  Dr Campbell is a high ranking member of MENSA and has a cure for Tinnitus.  A cure kept secret by elite groups such as MENSA and high government officials.  He decides to share with Gregory as he can no longer deal with the guilt.

Fascinating I think and you should definitely watch the video.  It would make a good movie I think.

Anyway, just before I move on.

On the Sonus Complete sales page if you scroll right down there is a link for scientific references;  https://sonuscomplete.cc/help/references.php

Now, I’m pretty sure this isn’t a scientific proof that Sonus Complete works.    However, it may be helpful to understand what else may work for you.

Sonus Complete Does it Work? – Pros + Cons

The Good & the Bad ??

The Good: ?

PRO #1 – May Remedy Tinnitus
PRO #2 – May Improve Memory and Brain Function
PRO #3 – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Bad: ?

CON #1 – Sales video sounds like bull sh*t!
CON #2 – Other very similar supplements could be made by the same people
CON #3 – Price is very expensive for something that may not work.

Sonus Complete Vs. Tinnitus 911

Sonus Complete Ingredients label

Above are both the ingredients labels for Tinnitus 911 and Sonus Complete.  This is just a bit suspicious I think as this is the exact same recipe – the only difference – is the packaging.

Also, 3 other supplements I have found out about; SynapseXt, Ear Clear Plus and Quiet Mind Plus are also the same.

I would say either they are all copying each other, or they are different masks on the same face.

Also, here is the funny thing about Sonus Complete and Tinnitus 911.  The sales page of both products has very similar stories.

Both include a sufferer of Tinnitus and a Doctor that helps come up with the formula.  What is strange is how could 2 different sets of people come up with the same mixture of ingredients?  This just proves to me there is some kind of fiction at play here but does this mean this product doesn’t work?

Well, I would say that it doesn’t really matter.  What does matter is if what is inside the supplement works and if it helps with Tinnitus or not? 

The best way to find this out is to actually try it out (I would say), and if it doesn’t work you can always request a refund.   This I will be happy to help with if you make a purchase.

If you would like to contact me you can do so at alexc@dynamicideas4life.com

Sonus Complete Refunds and Returns

Maybe one advantage of Sonus Complete is that it is sold Clickbank.  This is a good thing as you have a safety net if you want to claim a refund.  I am not so sure about other Tinnitus supplements but as I have personally dealt with the refund process on Clickbank from buyers that have requested a refund in the past I can attest that it is safe.

To find out more about claiming a refund through Clickbank see below.

Who is Sonus Complete For?

According to the information provided Sonus Complete is an ear-ringing formula for people that suffer from Tinnitus.  It is also said to be able to help with memory loss and impaired brain function.  But maybe the biggest claim they make is it can prevent brain conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

How to Contact Sonus Complete Support

To Contact Sonus Complete scroll down to the bottom of the page on the website and look for menu.  The contact tab is in between the Start Now and References tabs.

For refunds see the section above, or alternatively, you can also email at:


Sonus Complete Price + Discounts

To purchase Sonus Complete see the image below for prices.

Sonus Complete Multi-Pack

*A Shipping Charge also applies of $14.95 to countries outside the USA

My Final Verdict of Sonus Complete

Honestly, I have not tried Sonus Complete and I am not a bad sufferer of Tinnitus.  However in my opinion, if you are looking for a solution.  You could one of these supplements a go.  Your choice but only if you can really afford it,  and if you have the patience to claim back your money – if this does not work.

Although out the two I would actually go with Tinnitus 911 as basically these are both the same supplement and Tinnitus 911 offers 90 days instead of 60 for it’s a money-back guarantee.  Plus you also (apparently) have the chance to claim an extra $100 for leaving a review about your experience with the product.

Otherwise;  I would look at something else altogether.  Both DMSO and MSM I have heard may help with tinnitus.  Magnesium might do as well and finally Gingko Bilboa I see a lot of people recommend for tinnitus relief.

Sonus Complete at a Glance…

Summarized Overview

: Sonus Complete
:  https://sonuscomplete.cc
:  Gregory Peters and Dr Steven Campbell 
: $69.99 for 1 bottle.  Further discounts for multi-buy.
Overall Scam Rank
: 50 out of 100


I am still undecided whether this works, or not.  Mostly, from what I have heard is that Tinnitus supplements, in general, don’t work.  No mention of Sonus Complete but I would guess this fits the same criteria because of the ingredients.

I will update this review with any new information if I come across it.  But as for now, I would say only try this if you can really afford to lose the money.  It would not be my personal choice.  I would go with either DMSO or Gingko Bilboa.  


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Also if you would like to ask any questions or leave feedback please refer to the comments section below.  Or if you prefer you can also contact me directly at alexc@dynamicideas4life.com

Many thanks as always;

Stay Dynamic x

Best Regards


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12 thoughts on “Sonus Complete Does it Work? Full Product Review 2020”

  1. False information on the sales page is a big No for me, it completely makes me not trust anything else the product claim to achieve or restore. Im just wondering if there are genuine testimonies that support the claims they are making e.g help with memory loss, and impaired brain function, prevention of  brain conditions such as dementia and alzheimers?

    • Hi Bogadi,  You would be shocked if you see how many products use these tactics.  One way I find if you want to read honest reviews is to look the product up on Amazon.  Google is all good but many reviews are very biased towards affiliate marketers even negative ones as must the time you will find there is an affiliate link for another product at the bottom of the post.

  2. Wow… You are very observance and have noticed the same labeling of both products, Sonus Complete and Tinnitus 911. I have read both details and agreed they are exactly the same. 

    If Tinnitus 911 has cheaper price than Sonus Complete, I will go for Tinnitus 911 since the contents are the same. Why pay more if you are getting the same product?

    Note that you mentioned, one of the pros of Sonus Complete is improving brain function. Perhaps you can highlight what kind of brain function it help to improve? My daughter has Global Delayed per doctor advise and I am looking for supplement which help to improve brain function. If this product do help, I would like to consider it a try. Since there is money back guarantee, it provide some kind of protection to consumer like us.

    • Hi TYP,  If you are looking for a supplement to help with brain function I would try cognibioics by bioptimizers.  They offer a whole year warranty and the company by far has a much better reputation than this one.  I’m not saying it will not work but this is definitely a better option I think;


  3. I haven´t read the previous review you are referring to, Tinnitus 911. But from what you re writing about in this review I have become suspicious, like you have, that the product is the same as the other. There are too many coincidences between the two. 

    Nevertheless, the review itself is of interest to me as I have tinnitus. My tinnitus is a result of my profession as a helicopter pilot through almost 30 years. A work environment with loud noise every day does something to your hearing regardless of how well you are able to protect your hearing.

    The ingredients of the product are the same as you can find in blood pressure regulating herbal products as well, and that makes me suspicious of the effect of the product. But it could be interesting to try to see if it has any effect on my condition.

    Is there any scientific research behind the ingredients in the products you have reviewed? It there is it would be interesting to see what the research says about the effect on tinnitus.


    • Hi Roy,  It’s interesting you mentioned about this looking similar to blood pressure tablets as I was given a list of products to review and one of my next ones to do is called the blood pressure solution.  Anyway your final question there is this link here for scientific references.  Not sure how credible; 


  4. Hi Alex 

    As a suffer of tinnitus for a number of years, you can become desperate  for a cure or something  that with less it. It is a condition that can drive people out of the mind, as the noise is constantly there both night and day. You do not get the opportunity  to switch off. You hear so many different  devices and pills on offer that you wonder what they come up with next. Most are fraud and do not work and you become disheartened. 

    Yes most people will tinnitus do have some hearing loss but guess what some have no hearing loss. You come across miracle clues and you come to know that most will  ot do a thing. I see no different in  this treatment.



    • Hi Antonio,  Yes I am dubious about this myself.  I would only personally consider as I mentioned in the article as a trial and if it does not work ask for my money back.  I’ve looked a few different ideas for tinnitus and it seems to be a very difficult market as so many things do not help.

  5. Hi Alex, I agree with you, we should only give Sonus Complete a try if we have tried other products and they haven’t worked. I haven’t done that yet and will leave Sonus Complete as my last option. However it’s good to read your review about them and I would not disqualify this product yet. Yeah, it’s a bit pricey but I would still give it a try.

  6. Hello there, Everything inside its formulation is selected after going through hundreds of ingredients with proven health benefits. Also, there are no side effects of using Sonus Complete. Not only it relieves tinnitus symptoms but it also helps its user to perform well in brainy tasks. Thanks so much for sharing.


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