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What Is Resurge? Sleep Better and Still Lose Weight!


Lose weight just by going to bed at night. No gym, no diet. Just weigh yourself, go to sleep and repeat this every day. If Resurge Deep Sleep Formula are really to be believed it is really this easy! Just take 2 Capsules a night and let them do the rest. Lose weight, look younger and feel more energetic… Keep reading to see how!

Resurge by John Barban, is a deep sleep formula that includes a unique blend of nutrients.  All of which can help with a wide range of different health problems.  Simply by helping the user get a better nights sleep?

Now, the idea behind taking Resurge is to help the consumer fall into a state of deep sleep.  It works by activating certain chemical processes. These include the increased production of the Human Growth Hormone (aka. HGH, or Somatropin).  A powerful type of hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland and is released during periods of deep sleep.   

Once released HGH works by activating the body’s most restorative functionality.  Hence why Resurge is called the pill to reverse ageing.  It is also known as the best HGH supplement for weight loss.  I am still not wholly convinced about whether this is all true but there is definitely something to this all.

The deep sleep part at the very least is very intriguing.

So, with this in mind keep reading my full Resurge Deep Sleep Formula below to learn more…

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Please note that links within this post are affiliate links. I may receive an affiliate commission if you make a purchase. The price you pay will not be affected. Also, I do not work for Resurge and this article is for informational purposes only. Any questions please feel free to contact me at chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com

Resurge Deep Sleep Formula by John Barban: Review 2021 [Updated]

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Product Name: Resurge Deep Sleep Formula
Manufactured By: Resurge™
Owner: John Barban
Description: For Anti Ageing and Weight Loss
Pros: I like how this company deals with its customers, John Barban is a real person…
Cons: Only 60 Days Return Policy, Some Bad Reviews, Reported Side Effects…
My Verdict: Keep reading to find out more…
Website: Resurge.com

Resurge Deep Sleep Formula:  A Pill to Reverse Ageing

resurge deep sleep formula:   a Pill To Reverse ageing and to help lose weight!

Resurge is known as ‘the Pill To Reverse Ageing’. This is because of its supposed ability to help the body fall into a deep sleep state. When this happens the human growth hormone is released which is essential for cellular regeneration and restoration. Plus building new cells.

Why Deep Sleep is Important!

Deep sleep is a more intensive phase of sleep that facilitates regeneration and restoration of the body. The amount of deep sleep you get has a major impact on your health and well-being. It can determine how fast you age, your body weight, your appearance and how well your body retains its most important functions.

Getting sleep of any kind is an absolute must but getting the right kind of sleep is vital.  Everyone will know and experience days when for whatever reason they haven’t had a good night’s sleep. 

The saying “got out of the wrong side of the bed” pretty much says it all. 

If someone hasn’t slept well they will let you know about it. Usually NOT in a very friendly way! 

wrong side of bed this morning

Still though understanding sleep from a scientific point of view still holds many mysteries.  One thing that has been understood though is the average person goes through 4-6 cycles of sleep.

These include;

NREM Sleep Stages 1,2 and 3, (Alpha, Theta, Delta)
and REM sleep.   

Deep sleep occurs during stage 3 #NREM (Delta) Stage 3. This is when the human growth hormone is released and the body gets to work with repairs and building new cells.

How the Human Body Reacts to Deep Sleep?

A person’s body naturally goes through an unparalleled restorative process during deep sleep. 

This is known as ‘metabolic regeneration’.

During this process, all the vital tissues of the body, including the brain are regenerated and proteins are cleaned out allowing us to retain memories and optimize cognitive functions.

So this is when the body releases the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This is known to increase metabolism and revitalize cells within the body.  HGH is considered to be the most important factor that facilitates anti-ageing regenerative functions throughout the body.

For example, it has the ability to remove fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, dark circles, and bags under the eyes.  Helping to restore elasticity and firmness of the skin.  As well as improving the thickness, colour, and texture of hair.

Furthermore, HGH can help you stay energetic and upbeat all day long.  Revive your libido, enhance your vision, and strengthen and tone lean muscles. Plus it can turbo boost metabolism and automatically melt your body fat. 

Resurge is very interesting just for this reason. [Find Out More HERE]

It apparently can be useful for anybody with sleep troubles but one condition it highlights is this…

What is Shallow Sleep Syndrome?

Not getting enough deep sleep daily can cause a condition called Shallow Sleep Syndrome. This causes the HGH production within the body to decrease, leading to premature ageing, rapid weight gain, and slow metabolism!

how to speed up slow metabolism with resurge deep sleep formula

At this stage, your weight gain will be resistant to exercise and dieting, and you will be vulnerable to a number of serious medical conditions.

Adding on to this, a lack of sleep can also release the stress hormone ‘Cortisol’, which converts food into the unhealthy form of visceral fat and stores it in the abdominal area.  Resulting in increased strain on your vital organs, which may lead to chronic health issues.

Other hormones are affected by the lack of deep sleep as well.  Insulin and Leptin are 2 which are very important ones.  Both play a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy body weight.  Although of course there are others as well. Find out more about Hormonal Balance in my post HERE

What Causes Shallow Sleep Syndrome?

What causes shallow sleep syndrome.  Why can't you stay asleep at night

Recent research shows that Shallow Sleep Syndrome may be the cause of serious health issues.  Most people over the age of 40, who are unable to lose weight even with a calorie-restricted diet and exercising are likely shallow sleepers. 

It is a widespread condition where sleeping normally for even 8 to 9 hours daily cannot guarantee that you get enough quality restful sleep.

Advancing age certainly may affect how much deep sleep you get.  As it can progressively get slower as you age, from higher values within your adolescent years to dropping within the 30s, 40s and beyond.  This will result in the characteristics related to advancing age and a slower metabolism.

The amount of deep sleep you get can also be affected by the kind of lifestyle you lead.  Recent technological and industrial advancements in society have generally been detrimental to our health.

The use of technology, a highly stressful life, and the hypo connectivity we associate with modern life can all have a major impact on reducing the amount of beneficial deep sleep we get each day. {Find Out How Resurge Can Help!]

What To Do If You Can Not Sleep?

If you think you could suffer from a shallow sleep condition you might wonder, what treatment is available? 

Of course, it is sensible to consult with your GP first. Just to see what they have to say but usually, this will be a prescription of Sleeping Pills (Opiates).  Which can be both addictive and dangerous. 

They are obviously helpful to some people but nothing beats getting the right kind of nutrition. A healthy diet should be your first port of call but of course, if you are looking for faster results you can try supplements.

Resurge is just one route you can go down but of course, there are other options available.

Here are just some that I have come across during my time as a health researcher. My top pick is the last one [Read My Review HERE]

Product NameCompanyIngredientsPriceWarrantyWebsite
Restful Sleep FormulaBrainMD5$39.9560 DaysBrainMD.com
Put Me To SleepBrainMD5$39.9560 DaysBrainMD.com
ResurgeResurge8$49.9560 DaysResurge.com
Sleep Slim TeaPure Life Organics14$59.9560 DaysClick Here
Pure SleepPure Life Organics6$49.9560 DaysN/A
Sleep Support PlusVitabalnce19$29.9560 DaysClick HERE
Night Slim ProNight Slim Pro4$69.0060 DaysClick Here
Deep Sleep FormulaHFL Solutions8$39.951-YearMyHFL.com

I haven’t researched all of these products yet but there are at least 1 or 2 of these I would recommend. Namely, BrainMD Restful Sleep and HFL’s Deep Sleep Supplement.

Otherwise, I would say to look at your natural levels of Magnesium and Zinc. These are 2 very important minerals for the production of melatonin.
You need melatonin to get you asleep (make you sleepy) and keep you asleep without waking up.

Resurge contains both Magnesium and Zinc for this reason plus a small amount of melatonin to ensure that you can get the deep sleep you need.

However, if you are interested in looking at something more specific for boosting your Magnesium levels…

See my top recommendation for Magnesium Complex Supplements here! 

Even though, I think deep sleep supplements such as Resurge might just do the job. This is certainly another option.

The reason why I think this I will go through in the next section with the Resurge Ingredients List;

Resurge Deep Sleep Formula: Ingredients list

ingredients resurge supplement:  magnesium, zinc, melatonin, l-arginine, l-lysine, l-theanine, ashwagandha, Griffonia Simplicfolia (5-HTP)

What’s Inside the Resurge HGH Sleep Supplement?

resurge ingredients label

Resurge can provide you with the perfect blend of nutrients that facilitates deep sleep with 100% natural ingredients every day. 

What Resurge Pills contain is a list of the following ingredients; 

50mg of Magnesium and 15mg of Zinc:

When taken with the other nutrients, it can significantly improve the quality of deep sleep. It can make it easier to fall asleep and increase morning alertness.

150mg of Ashwagandha plant:

Decreases release of the stress hormone cortisol, anxiety and promotes relaxation.

100mg Griffonia Simplicifolia (Hydroxytryptophan):

Can enhance the effects of Melatonin and improve the quality of deep sleep. Also known as 5-HTP

Metabolic Regeneration Matrix # 3 next ingredients;

200mg of L-Theanine:

Reduces anxiety, resting heart rate, and increases the duration of deep sleep.

1200mg of Arginine and 1200mg of Lysine:

When combined can increase the release of HGH by up to 695% during sleep.

10mg of Melatonin:

Melatonin is the hormone that naturally helps us fall asleep.  There is only 10mg of Melatonin inside of Resurge but with the other ingredients, these will help your body produce more melatonin on its own.

My Verdict: Should You Try Resurge?

Well, no one can deny this. Getting a good night’s sleep at the end of the day for all people is very important. 

There is going to bed and there is getting a good night’s rest!  They are not the same!

Just because you might go to bed early doesn’t mean you will sleep well.  I’m sure many will experience this.

For your body to recover itself at the end of the day it is essential that the desired process of sleep occurs.

The Resurge Deep Sleep Formula works by increasing the production of the sleep hormone Melatonin. This works through the chemical Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), which is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body. 

The Arginine and Lysine then work by increasing the release of HGH. 

This combines with the L-Theanine to increase the duration of deep sleep.   Which in turn allows the Resurge Supplement to rejuvenate the body.

This can help with both weight loss and anti-ageing.  Not to mention insomnia and best of all is free of addictive opiates. 

My verdict is that Resurge, amongst a handful of other deep sleep supplements, definitely should be considered.

You can check out their website by clicking below…

click here to buy resurge

But, What Do Others Have To Say…

Now, I think this is important to give people a bit more insight into the experience of other customers before they decide to purchase resurge.

Here are their reviews on TrustPilot…

resurge reviews trust pilot 2 out of 5 stars

After reading these reviews I can not in good conscience recommend this product to anyone. Not only are people reporting side effects such as heart palpitations but others have claimed this does not work at all. I like how the company follows up their complaints on sites such as bbb.org and TrustPilot BUT they should not have so many complaints…

One of such says that after finishing 2 bottles of Resurge they see no improvement in their sleep patterns. This should not be happening. Another Deep Sleep Supplement I reviewed BrainMD Restful Sleep Formula only takes a week to work. Work that one out.

There are fewer complaints with BrainMD as well but then again they don’t advertise their product as being for weight loss.

So, no for weight loss I don’t recommend Resurge. Check out some of my other reviews for weight loss products below;

In Conclusion – Should You Buy Resurge?

Now, despite all the negative reviews, I do believe in the science behind the resurge product. Your body definitely needs deep sleep. If you are not getting the right kind of kip it can make you age faster and it can affect your hormones. Including those that affect your metabolism and weight.

I like the idea behind the ingredients. Maybe they should add a couple more to perfect the formula. A bit more melatonin perhaps, and some GABA but I have seen enough. If anyone is reading this who wants to try and resolve their sleep problems and see if it helps to lose weight.

You can also try drinking a nice cup of Chamomile Tea. I would honestly give this a go before you try anything else. You might be pleasantly surprised. You should also save a good chunk of money as well! That is my advice…

I really hope this information helps and this has let you know everything you should about the resurge deep sleep formula by John Barban.


Now, before I go. Have you tried the resurge pill? How did it go for you? Have you found something better? 

Please share your experiences positive and negative in the comments section below. 

You can also contact me privately at chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com.  Will be great to hear from you.

Finally, if you have found this content helpful and you know anyone that might like to read please SHARE!

Many thanks and

Be sure to visit again and #StayDynamic

Best wishes x

Alex B. Chivers

PS: If you would like to be kept up to date with our future work…

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24 thoughts on “What Is Resurge? Sleep Better and Still Lose Weight!”

  1. Hi Alex!

    I think we became all skeptical about the idea of reversing the aging of our bodies after watching a lot of fiction and researches gone bad. But we still see people around us who look younger every year.

    And we all want to know their secret and we would like to imitate them. Getting a restorative sleep has always been listed as one solution to reverse aging. I am very glad that the resurge supplement can help us achieve that quality of sleep. Now is it a pill that will make me sleep longer than usual?


    • Hi Adyn,  Thanks for taking the time to comment.  Yes, I would say it would make you sleep longer as it will increase the amount of time you spend in stage NREM sleep.  It will help you get to sleep quicker also. 

  2. I must say that this is really an insightful post and i am very sure that the content of this article will be of so much help to many others, just as it has greatly helped me. This is a very detailed article on resurge supplement.some people do search for pills to reverse aging and i wish they could see this article.

    • Yes, I found this very interesting.  I was aware before about the cycles of sleep but never realized how much deep sleep works to regenerate your body.  Would this be something to interests you?

  3. An article of this quality takes a lot of time and energy to develop especially when it has to reach out to people with useful information. i also commend the beautiful website that you have created with nice templates. this is the first time that i am hearing about resurge supplement. this is really detailed.

    • Hello Benny,  Thank you for taking the time to comment.  Do you think Resurge might be something that interests you?

  4. I am 46 and I have indeed seen my quality of sleep decline. It is so frustrating!! I tried melatonin but it didn’t help much… maybe I need to take a higher dosage. Your product review of Resurge really comes at a good timing. It seems like an excellent alternative. Deep sleep is so important to recover and for growth hormone. Sleeplessness raises the cortisol. I feel so stressed out the next day and that can’t be good. I will consider resurge formula to help me get a great night sleep! 

    • Hi Barre,  Thanks for commenting yes I did read that as you grow older it does begin to affect the quality of your sleep.  By the sounds of things if melatonin is not helping with your sleep I think something else you should maybe try.  If you are dealing with a lot of stress this might mean you have high cortisol levels and this can affect your body’s natural ability to regulate melatonin.   I would probably suggest something to bring your cortisol levels down or something with some GABA in to calm down your brain at night.  For this I would suggest BrainMD Restful Sleep I think over Resurge.  Too many negative reviews about Resurge and I want to try and be honest about it.  I would rather hear back from you if you have positive results from something else rather than negative results with Resurge.  By all means, try it if you wish but if you’d like my recommendation to check out the other links in my post or contact me at chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com to discuss this further.

  5. Thanks so much for the thorough analysis of resurge. I know a lot of people who struggle with getting restful sleep. There are a lot of obvious ways to set yourself up for success with this, but sometimes no matter what, it’s still hard to fall asleep! It’s very helpful to know about minerals that help people sleep restfully and how these are used in supplements. I haven’t tried this yet but will keep you posted with results!

    • Hi Aly,  Thanks for commenting.  If you are looking to try Resurge all I will say is did you read on to where I said about the reviews.  I think this supplement has a good selection of ingredients but lots of complaints.  Possibly poor quality ingredients or something missing I don’t know but bottom line I think the right deep sleep supplement could be beneficial but I would say there are others such as HFL Solutions Deep Sleep Formula and BrainMD Restful Sleep that are likely better.  I mean I am just going off previous customer reviews if you do try Resurge and you find it works for you please do let me know.

      Many thanks


  6. Hi Alex
    I agree that getting good sleep is, of course, vital.
    Whenever I don’t get enough sleep at night, I will be less active throughout that day.
    I feel maintaining a healthy lifestyle will aid in having a good sleep.
    Just like you stated, most of these drugs have side effects.
    But for anyone with a sleep disorder, Resurge may be a good option.
    Thank you for the in-depth information.

    • Hi Muslimah, Yes I believe that getting a good nights sleep is key to productivity. The past week for me I’ve not slept well at all as for some reason I’ve been waking up several times in the night. I expect my body has been low on Magnesium but I will be looking into the matter further I think.

      As for drugs/supplements, I think sleeping pills from the doctor should be the last option. Supplements, especially of these kinds, can also have side effects I have noticed but the best port of call I believe is to look at the reviews from other customers to try and grasp an idea of what you are letting yourself in for.

      Resurge I wouldn’t personally recommend but with that being said I do believe that it probably does work for some people. Just not everyone.

  7. I am very sceptical of pills that promise weight loss. Pills or supplements that can help with deep sleep are definitely useful and much needed for many people, I think, but I am not sure if a pill can help with weight loss … The side effects such as heart palpitations are also something serious to consider. Is there another supplement that you recommend for getting a good night sleep?

    • Hi Christine, Yes totally agree the team behind resurge seem to just be making assumptions based on the effects of restful sleep. I do believe that if you can resolve sleep problems it can have a positive impact on your health. Which as a result can in turn help with weight loss and I would be inclined to believe this about Resurge if it actually helped with deep sleep in the first place. I mean I have read a handful of positive reviews but the majority on sites like trustpilot and bbb.org are not good at all. I think the science behind resurge is sound but yes I would recommend another supplement. Possibly BrainMD Restful Sleep or HFL Solution Deep Sleep Formula.

  8. I did not know the connection between HGH and deep sleep. I need to learn more about shallow sleep syndrome as well as my wife and I both have long term sleep issues and short sleep schedules. This could explain some of our trouble with weight as well. Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Tim, Yes HGH is released during deep sleep and it has many different important functions. These include hormone regulation and the building of new cells and the repair of old ones. Basically, from my understanding whilst we are awake as our brain is already very busy it doesn’t have the time to carry out certain tasks and only when our body is properly shut down can it get to work. Shallow sleep syndrome I will be honest with you. It appears to only be a term coined by the marketers behind resurge although it does appear to be a very real condition albeit with just a different name. Perhaps look into Magnesium deficiency I believe this is definitely linked.

  9. Thanks for sharing this in-depth review of Resurge deep sleep formula. I personally have no trouble with falling into a deep sleep and most of the mornings, I feel refreshed and recharged for the day ahead of me. That said, I do believe that some of these supplements could improve the quality of one’s sleep, but I also have a firm belief that healthy diets, exercise, and regular sleep can do the same. That’s my formula. Moreover, when I read reviews on TrustPilot, I get a feeling that this might not be the best solution to getting a good night’s sleep. In any case, I really appreciate your honest review here. It helps a lot to make a well-informed decision.

    • Hi Ivan, I must admit I kind of envy you. I managed to do this for a short while where I was getting up at the crack of dawn and getting to work. I Will need to knuckle down and try to get back to this soon I think. Anyway yes, I agree with what you are saying I think deep sleep supplements are some of the more effective products out there but they do not compare to a healthy diet and exercise. For me, the most important thing to consider if you are having trouble sleeping is that you are getting enough Magnesium and to a lesser degree Zinc and Potassium. Electrolytes basically you need for melatonin and melanin production so things like Almonds and other nuts, certain seeds, legumes and pulses people should look to include. Certain vegetables I think can help as well but can’t quite remember off the top of my head.

  10. Hi Alex,
    Your product review of Resurge comes at a good timing. Recently my quality of sleep has varied so much. I’m currently taking 1Mg of Pharmaceutical Grade Melatonin. I can see that Resurge has 10Mg which seems like a lot.
    The science that you have described behind Resurge all makes sense, BUT the negative reviews are a concern. I will look at your top recommended product for sleep instead.
    Thanks so much for this, John

    • Hi John, Yes my thoughts exactly. Maybe try 3mg of melatonin you can buy from eBay I think or yes my top recommended product is not too expensive either and comes with a 1-Year money-back guarantee if the product does not work. Not tried it myself but according to my research reviews are miles better than resurge.

  11. A great read Alex, I have a long term problem getting the correct type of sleep myself. As you say deep sleep is the type of sleep we should be aiming for. I don’t know if taking something like the resurge product is the way I want to go. It was good to read about the products out there for people with sleep problems.

    I like the way you also mentioned the downside to the resurge product like the heart palpitations and the fact people were complaining it did not work for them. It was good that you recommend a similar product that is working for people. Thanks again for a great read. Keep up the good work.


    • Thanks Frank, Yes I would say taking something like Resurge is a good idea but not actually resurge I don’t think. Just look at their reviews on Trustpilot. There are only like 52 or something but most of them are negative. I didn’t really look at the positive ones but I kind of felt like I had seen enough. So yes maybe it might work for some but rather I would recommend either the BrainMD product as they are a more trusted brand or the HFL solutions product as they have a full one year guarantee. I mean the information Resurge provides is totally true you do need proper deep restful sleep and you can help this process along by adding the right nutrients.

      I like they have added both Magnesium and Zinc to resurge but I wonder what quality the ingredients are. You hear about these supplements imported from China in blank white bottles they shove a label on them and voila they are marketed as the next best thing. I don’t know if this is the case but I actually wonder if people would be better off taking a magnesium complex supplement. There are all the other ingredients sure but if someone is suffering from shallow sleep in my view it is likely due to a magnesium deficiency affecting melatonin production.

      I always believe this is the cause of when I can’t sleep I’ve never tried any supplements but I guess for some people it must really help.

  12. For a person who constantly has insomnia, this article came right time for me. I am fascinated by the claim that it helps people fall into a state of deep sleep because I am a light sleeper, so I would love to try them as soon as I can.

    Although it has 100% natural ingredients and it’s science-backed, those negative reviews on TrustPilot and BBB changed my mind. I will choose other products listed in the table you provided, such as BrainMD Restful Sleep Formula or a cup of Chamomile Tea.

    Thanks a lot for reviewing on Resurge product and sharing other options for people who have sleep problems. I can see you are providing good value today. 🙂


    • Thank you Matt. Very kind of you to say. I would suggest for your sleep troubles try drinking Chamomile tea and if this doesn’t help then try maybe getting some melatonin or one of the products I recommended either BrainMD restful sleep or HFL solutions Deep sleep formula are my top 2.


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