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Does Synogut Really Work? Can This Improve All-Round Gut Health?


Does Synogut Really Work?  Can this newly released Probiotics formula really make a difference?   If you suffer from poor gut health then this is a product that claims to be the answer to your problems.

Of course, you must take good care of your digestive system.  This is a rule that applies to everybody but for many, unfortunately, the damage is already done.  Exactly, why one might look to something like Synogut!

You can find thousands of supplements available online that promise gut health benefits; however, distinguishing genuine products from low-quality products in this day and age can be a challenge.

In this respect, SynoGut is described as an all-natural dietary supplement devoted to improving gut health.  According to their website, this supplement helps to treat indigestion, constipation, ulcers, and other gut-related issues.  This ensures that no further damage is done to the gut whilst making repairs to any damage that’s already been done. 

Also, since SynoGut is completely natural, there are very few side effects reported by users.  Yet, whether this is true or not I will look to explore further throughout this review.   Although, I will say I am kind of optimistic please keep reading to find out more.


Does Synogut Really Work?  (TOC)

synogut probiotics review 2023

Product Name:  Synogut 

Manufacturer:  Unknown 

Address:  37 Inverness Drive, East Suite, Englewood, Chicago, USA

Creator:  Samuel Bart

Website:  Synogut.com

Short Description:  Probiotics, Gut Health Nutritional Supplement

Warranty:  Only 60 Days

Rating:  3 Stars out of 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐

Do I Recommend it?  I like the look of the ingredients but I would feel better offering you something else more trustworthy. 

*Please keep reading to the end.

FTC Disclosure

Please note that if you purchase this product today via one of the hyperlinks in this post I may receive a commission.  The price you will not be affected.  This review will also not be biased for this reason and not all of the products I review are recommended.  Please read carefully. 

Any questions please feel free to contact me at chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com

So… What Are SynoGut Probiotics?

synogut probiotics

The human digestive system is a very complex organism that requires great care.  Our gut microbiota can either be one of two things beneficial or destructive.  For it to maintain a healthy environment it needs several things such as nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  

For this SynoGut claims to be a recently released nutritional formula designed to provide both helpful probiotics and the fibre (prebiotics) that the gut needs for creating a healthy environment for beneficial gut bacteria.

Furthermore, SynoGut contains detoxifying agents, which help your body eliminate toxins accumulated over time. 

Throughout this article, we shall delve into the specifics of SynoGut, its benefits, ingredients, and ultimately how this supplement works.   If you are looking for a worthwhile solution for all your digestive discomforts and gut health problems then please keep reading.

 Why Choose Synogut?

why choose synogut pills

SynoGut is an all-natural nutritional supplement designed to help improve digestive health. The SynoGut blend is effective for people of all ages that suffer from gut health and digestive system problems.  It is supposedly most effective for middle-aged people (40-60 Years old) at risk of developing detrimental gut health issues.

In addition to this and keeping the gut healthy, SynoGut can also help boost digestive performance.  Apparently, by taking just one capsule of SynoGut a day, you can alleviate issues related to the gut and digestive system, such as;

  • Constipation,
  • GERD,
  • Bloating, and
  • Gas (Gastrointestinal discomfort).

For this, a carefully chosen selection of natural extracts is used in the SynoGut formula.  Indeed, according to its creators, each ingredient is sourced from local cultivators to ensure that the purest crops are chosen. 

The manufacturer of Synogut promotes all-natural remedies for a plethora of modern health conditions. 

So, as a result of taking SynoGut every day, food is digested more easily and nutrients are absorbed more efficiently. 

Not forgetting that Synogut and its ingredients are 3rd Party tested and manufactured in a GMP and FDA-certified facility.

synogut probiotics gmp certified 100% organic

But, How Does SynoGut Work?

As mentioned above, SynoGut contains probiotics and prebiotics. Both prebiotics and probiotics are essential to maintaining the microbial balance in the gut, which is vital for improving gut health.  [R]

The main probiotic found in SynoGut is Lactobacillus Acidophilus, an essential probiotic that promotes gut health and aids digestion. Untreated, bloating and gastrointestinal problems can develop.

Constipation and stomach discomfort are directly linked to fibre deficiency; fibres are essential for efficient food transport inside the gut and the rectum. In addition to fibre, SynoGut ensures that food is effectively transported inside your gut.

Those suffering from stomach pain may find comfort in taking SynoGut, which contains natural laxatives. The digestive system is made more effective and seamless by extracts of Aloe Vera and Prunes.

All undesirable toxins inside SynoGut are flushed out of the body, and SynoGut cleanses it of everything harmful. In order to cleanse the body, detoxifying agents like Bentonite Clay are used. 

In a study conducted by the University of Michigan Medical School, a “high-fibre diet protects against infection by keeping gut microbes from eating the colon’s lining.”  [R]

Synogut Ingredients Summary

Inside the Synogut Nutrition, Gut Health Formula is 10 Ingredients.  

what's inside synogut - 10 ingredients

I briefly touched on a couple of these above but I thought I would share a bit more information.  

For each I will quickly summarise below;

synogut ingredients and supplement facts

i.)  Psyllium,

This is a prebiotic form of fibre taken from the Plantago ovata plant’s seeds.  It is also known as ispaghula.  For digestive health, Psyllium has many benefits.  Soaking water up in the gut helps to improve bowel movements and regularity.  Thus creating a better environment for healthy probiotics to thrive.  

Also, Psyllium is likewise beneficial for both the heart, pancreas, weight loss and diabetes.  [R]

ii.)  Bentonite Clay,

Not exactly something you would think of for the treatment of digestive issues but this fine, soft-textured clay has a long history of use by humans for a wide variety of ailments.  Notably, Bentonite Clay is thought to absorb things like toxins, and unhealthy gut bacteria which is then passed through the body then removed.

It is formed from Volcanic Ash.  The name Bentonite comes from Benton, Wyoming USA and as well as for treatment of digestive problems it is also very commonly found in skincare products. [R]  

iii.)  Black Walnut,

Studies have found that Walnuts are a type of Superfood that are not only high in Fibre (prebiotics) but are also rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Alpha-Lipoic-Acid (ALA) and Antioxidants.  Plus not only this but during these trials it was found that eating walnuts it increases the diversity of beneficial probiotics such as Lactobacillus. [R]

iv.)  Oats,

When it comes to dietary fibre one of the top foods that people will think of is Oats.  Not only are they gluten-free but they are also one of the healthiest grains on the planet.  Oats contains several different beneficial vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  These include and are not limited to Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium and B-Vitamins.

For digestive health Oats contain a powerful soluble fibre called Beta-Glucan.  This forms a soft gel-like solution in the digestive tract that helps nourish good bacteria and increase feelings of fullness.  [R]

v.)  Flaxseed,

Another ingredient high in fibre and considered to be a type of prebiotic is Flaxseed.   For digestive health, this is considered a superfood with many health benefits for cardiovascular health, decreased cancer risk and optimizing gut health. [R]

vi.)  Prune Extracts,

Next on the list of Synoguts Ingredients is Prunes.  Prunes are a rich source of Probiotics and Dietary Fibre.  They help regulate bowel movements and the bladder.  Plus they are also a natural laxative that is very effective in the treatment of constipation.  They are also packed full of important vitamins and minerals with several important health benefits [R]

vii.)  Aloe Vera,

Packed full of minerals and amino acids (39 in total) Aloe Vera is a rich source of prebiotics.  Like much of the other ingredients mentioned above Aloe Vera as a prebiotic when introduced to the digestive tract helps to nourish a beneficial gut biome.  It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory packed full of vitamin c, various b vitamins and electrolytes. [R] [R] [R]

viii.)  L. Acidophilus,

Actually, Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of the most common types of Probiotics.  It is quite often found in yoghurts, fermented foods and dietary supplements.  The chief reason it is so beneficial is that it helps to produce an enzyme called lactase which helps to break down the sugar Lactose.

Also, L. Acidophilus has been found to be beneficial for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), diarrhoea, yeast infections and gut health as it provides trillions of bacteria that are very good for the gut biome in general. [R] [R]

ix.)  Apple Pectin

Generally speaking, Pectin is a soluble fibre found in the cell walls of plants.  Apple Pectin has been found in many studies to be beneficial for lowering cholesterol and blood sugar.  For gut health, Apple Pectin is beneficial because it not only helps to grow healthy good gut bacteria but it also inhibits the growth of bad bacteria such as Clostridium and Bacteroides, in the digestive tract.  [R]

x.)  Glucomannan Root

Lastly, Glucomannan is a dietary fibre sourced from the root of the konjac plant.  Historically this has been a popular natural remedy within Asian cultures for centuries.  Used to treat both stomach and intestinal health problems.  [R]

My Thoughts On The Chosen Ingredients…

I think this seems to be a good choice of ingredients.  This doesn’t seem to be so much a probiotic supplement.  Most of the ingredients are prebiotics (fibre rich) these are great because they actually will help to promote a healthy environment.  This in turn can help the body nourish its own probiotics and help the added probiotics from this supplement to survive.

The only issues I think are these are not suitable if you are anaphylactic (allergic to nuts) and these are not made from veggie capsules.  I think this and the fact that other supplements are available that I think are better is the deal-breaker for me.

[See My Recommended Gut Health Supplement HERE]

I will discuss this again towards the end of the article but let’s continue.

Who Discovered SynoGut?

samuel bart synogut supplement

Researcher Samuel Bart, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, was the one who discovered SynoGut. According to the Synogut website he previously suffered from bloating, constipation, and gut-related diseases throughout the day.  Thus making his life “a living hell.”  So the Synogut formula was developed by Mr Bart for his own use before he decided to share this with others.

As somebody that searched for an all-natural solution to his problems, his research efforts led to the creation of Synogut. 

Although, why should somebody take Synogut and not something else.  Apparently, this is why…

Reported Benefits of SynoGut?

synogut customer reviews

Here are a few benefits of SynoGut:

  • The body’s gut health is improved
  • Enhances the body’s digestive system
  • Can help enhance the immune System 
  • The stomach is cured of inflammation
  • Enhances the body’s ability to absorb nutrients
  • It treats constipation, digestion problems, acid reflux, and bloating
  • Defending against gut diseases is made easier by it
  • Discomfort in the stomach is relieved by this remedy
  • Heals stomach ulcers
  • Ensures regular bowel movements and stomach movements
  • Provides relief from digestive discomfort
  • Ensures weight regulation

Ultimately, Several ingredients in SynoGut are essential for a healthy gut. There are numerous probiotics and prebiotics in it that help reduce gut pain, and inflammation, and assist with recovery from previous damage. 

These good bacteria also help ward off gut infections of all kinds. Fibres (prebiotics) provide a smooth interior lining of the gut, allowing everything to function smoothly. Additionally, it serves as a natural detox, helping your body get rid of toxins.

However, Is Synogut LEGIT?

This is the Million Dollar Question.   I would honestly say that because of the limited reviews online {I’ve checked TrustPilot, BBB.org, Reddit, Quora, Facebook].  Everything seems to be mostly biased to the affiliates promoting this product.  I am also an affiliate but I will tell you;

  • 1.)  There is no proof Samuel Bart Exists
  • 2.) The Website is very vague and doesn’t make me feel too confident about this product. 
  • 3.)  Only 60 Days Warranty from the order date is a HUGE red flag.

I think maybe given time there will be more reviews available online but as this is a new product there is none (I can find) at the moment.

The address I have googled.  2 companies I have found are also linked to this address;

The first is ShipOffers.com and the second is a company called RevitaFlex a Joint Health Supplement made by a company called Wellvea.  These do not offer any information about Synogut.

For these reasons, I would advise against ordering this product.  I like the ingredients they really do sound like they could help but the price of Synogut is $69.00 (for one bottle) and I do feel there are better alternatives to choose from. 

So, My Final Verdict

Does Synogut really work?  I would honestly say if the ingredients inside are what they say they are and of decent quality then YES this should be a great product.  The SynoGut supplement may be able to alleviate any symptoms you’re experiencing relating to your gut.   According to the company’s website, this supplement contains no preservatives or anything that is processed, making it a perfect complement for your gut and body.

If you would like to give this a try check out these deals below.

synogut price and discounts

I would recommend buying at least 3 bottles as what is usually the case with most supplements is that it is recommended to try for at least 90 days for effective results.  However please bear in mind that there is only a 60-Day window from ORDER DATE for returns and refunds.

Also, SYNOGUT is NOT Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and those with Allergies to Nuts (Anaphylaxis) must not take this supplement.  Neither should anybody under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding.  The same with most supplements – consult with a doctor before taking etc.

Now, Before I go – If You’d Like To See What Else Is Available!

Try These Products Instead

1.)  Biofit Weight Loss Probiotics

biofit probiotics blend

For me, I think this is a much better alternative to Synogut.  It has a few of the same issues really such as lack of reviews, limited information about the company etc. but the reason I recommend it is that it comes with a 6 Month Money Back Guarantee. If you are interested it’s apparently great for losing weight and can make years of difference to your Gut Biome.

2.)  Bioptimizers P3-OM Probiotics

bioptimizers P3-OM reviews from happy customers

This would probably be maybe my main pick over both Synogut and Biofit.  Mostly because I LOVE the Bioptimizers brand and that the price is much lower PLUS they offer a WHOLE YEAR money-back guarantee.

It is a quite different product I think from Biofit and Synogut so I wouldn’t totally write these off but this is definitely the most LEGIT company with the best reviews. They actually have around 14 Different supplements for different areas of Gut Health and Enzyme Support.

In Conclusion and Your Feedback

Many of us today eat rubbish food, drink alcohol, smoke and from a gut health perspective really suffer as a result.   Going to see the doctor, making important lifestyle changes and adding foods rich in probiotics to our diet are all smart choices.  

However, going down the supplement route can be a very good idea as well.  Exactly why supplements like Synogut Probiotics may be just what your body needs to start feeling great again.  

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with Synogut or any other Probiotics supplements please let us know in the comments section below.

Many thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this article.

All the best and #StayDynamic

Alex B. Chivers

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Anxiety and Depression best ways to lower blood sugar BiOptimizers blood pressure supplements blood sugar support supplements Digestive Enzymes Supplement digital products Dr Sam Robbins Exercise Gut Health Healthy Living heart health HFL how to lower blood sugar levels How To Lower Cholesterol insulin resistance joint health supplement Keto keto dieting Keto Diet Weight Loss leaky gut supplements leptin resistance list Magnesium deficiency Matt Gallant mental health multivitamins Nootropics nutrient supplements Probiotics Probiotic Supplements Prostate Health proteolytic enzymes reverse type 2 diabetes stress and anxiety stress relief Tinnitus vitabalance vitapost Wade Lightheart weight loss articles weight loss diet plans weight loss product reviews weight loss supplements weight loss tea

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  1. Hi Alex,
    Thanks for this review about SynoGut. I always seek out online reviews for a product. if I am interested in making a purchase and have found these reviews really helpful.

    I love that SyniGut Probiotic is a completely all-natural nutritional supplement and contains several ingredients known to enhance the body’s digestive system and reduce inflammation, however it is also stated that it is most effective for middle-aged folks. Can this product be recommended for seniors and tha elderly as this demographic typically suffer more from digestive issues?

    Thanks, Ceci

    • Hi Ceci, Glad you liked the review and very good question. I agree that it does sound like quite a promising product. The demographic of 40-60 does seem a bit pigeonholed. Surely as we get older we are more inclined to have worse digestive issues if they are not treated. I think I will have to write another post about this. I will follow this up when it is finished.

      Best regards;


  2. I lead a pretty busy lifestyle which often includes consuming fast food, soft drinks which take a toll on my digestive system.

    While I am already cutting down my bad habits of taking fast foods, it is also high time I include start taking healthy diets that have Probiotics.
    I have been reading the benefits of probiotics for quite some time now and your post is just a timely find for me.

    I am not much of a fan of supplementary products. But given this is a natural nutritional supplement product, I might give it a try!

    • Hi Jason, Yes I know what you mean you spend so much time at work and then you finish – you really don’t feel like cooking proper meals. I believe this is the case for many people in this day and age. We take the easy option because we feel like we don’t have the time or can’t be bothered. I think this way of thinking is something to work on to be fair. You mention fizzy drinks I think cutting those out alone can make a ton of difference but also having a healthy breakfast too.

      As for the supplements such as Synogut these I would say are either for one of two things as a supplement to a healthy diet or as a convenient means of nutrition if your lifestyle doesn’t otherwise allow you to get this nutrition by dietary means.

      Of course I would say eating the right food comes first but if you are interested also check out my review for P3-OM

  3. The unknown founder and the vague website are red flags for me, so we should choose the other two recommendations at the end of this review. I started paying more attention to my gut ten years ago, and I need a supplement to cleanse it after a feast. So your article provides me value. 🙂

    I like Biooptimizers P3-OM since it offers a whole-year money-back guarantee. Do you know what conditions are under this money-back guarantee? It helps if you can answer this.

    • Hi Matt, Thanks for your input. I agree about the red flags. The ingredients seem interesting but many scams are run this way. To rip as many people off in a short period of time as possible and then reinvest in a new product and do the same again. I think Clickbank is notorious for it to be fair but yes there are probiotic supplements out there which can help and my other 2 recommendations are much better I believe.

      Biofit has some of the same issues as Synogut. Same red flags but at least it does offer 6 Months instead of 60 Days. I think this is enough time to try the product to see if it works and if it doesn’t claim a refund.

      As for P3-OM yes the terms of the one year guarantee are that you must return the unused bottles. You can find out more via their website here

  4. There are so many health products out there that claim to provide you with what you need and then some but it is good to do research like what you have done to ensure you are getting the best for your dollar. I must admit that no product in my opinion will 100% help. No matter what the owners may claim or try to make it seem. However, you have researched this information well and hopefully, others can find this helpful. Thank you so much for your review.


    • Thanks Norman and yes no product like this is guaranteed to give results. You should try your best to incorporate a diet alongside this and be prepared to test the product to see what results you get. It isn’t my top pick but yes hopefully this info can be helpful for people.

      Best regards;


  5. Thanks for writing this article! I believe this will help many people make an informed decision. I’m all for probiotics and prebiotics as they are essential for the health of our gut and even impact things like our ability to lose weight. I do not believe though that taking probiotic supplements alone is sufficient to treat or improve the health of our intestine – it involves much more than that. I can see that Synogut only has one type of probiotic, I’m intrigued to know its strength. It also contains a few ingredients that although considered healthy are not functional for me as I’m intolerant to it (i.e. my body does not digest them properly) so things like psyllium, apple pectin and Walnut makes the IBS symptoms reappear for this reason I wouldn’t invest on this product.

    Thank you

    • Thanks Millionaria, great reply. I agree with you that taking supplements is best alongside a healthy diet.

      As for synogut yes there is just the one ingredient L. Acidophilus that can really be considered a probiotic. It is quite a common one and I don’t know the strength of it.

      Also, I knew Walnut was a problematic ingredient because of Anaphylaxis but not Psylium or Apple Pectin – thanks for bringing this too my attention.

      One good product I would recommend if you are looking for something else is P3-OM by Bioptimizers [Read My Review HERE]

      Many thanks


  6. Thanks for the info on Synogut. Based on your article I would prefer to go with Bioptimizers P3-OM Probiotics. I have tried a few other products related to probiotics over the years that I considered adequate but not outstanding. Synogut does not sound outstanding but Bioptimizers sound worth checking out.

    • Hi Joseph, Yes agreed. I would like to try Synogut to see what it it’s like. It seems to be an interesting blend of ingredients but of course there is nothing about this products marketing that I feel trusting about. Whilst P3-OM even though its a quite different blend of ingredients at least it comes from a reputable company with positive reviews.

  7. Hi Alex,

    I like that the supplement is all natural. Although I was a bit shocked to see Benthonite clay among the ingredients, cos I know earth drillers and engineers use that a lot.

    I believe there are many vague supplements out there, and people really should take time in studying before making these purchases. So I’m grateful for people like you that go all out to research and make comprehensive reviews.
    Thanks a bunch. And keep up the good work.

  8. Hi! I just finished reading your blog post, and I must say, it was excellent. Your ability to explain complicated concepts in a simple and engaging way is truly remarkable. Thank you for providing such valuable content. I can’t wait to read more from you in the future.

    • Thank you. My work here has taken a bit of a backseat recently but I am working on new content to redevelop this website with. Please keep checking back over the coming months. Thanks.


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