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Anxiety and Gut Health – How, Probiotics May Be the Answer.


Hey everyone,  So I come across this idea because of one of the questions I was recently asked on Quora.  About Anxiety and Gut Health.  A concept that I briefly covered before in other posts, but I have to admit I didn’t think I really give this idea too much thought afterwards until I see this.  I mean I did kind of think about Probiotics.  For my own diet, I think this is very important but it was only really seeing this and going over two of my Bioptimizers reviews what made me want to write this post; 

See Links Below:

P3-OM Probiotics Review

Nootropic Probiotics – Cognibiotics Review

Anyway, so these 2 products are definitely related to this idea but about this question – I Will PUT MY HANDs UP and admit that since I answered this question on Quora (Can’t seem to find a link, wish I saved it) but a brief glimpse at the google search results for Anxiety and Gut Health and you really can see what I mean;

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Note:  Before I continue just to let you know that this post contains affiliate links.  So, if you click on and decide to make a purchase from any of these I may, or may not receive an affiliate commission;  Read my full affiliate disclosure here;

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Now, Anxiety and Gut Health –
How Probiotics May Be the Answer

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I myself find this a quite fascinating topic, but get your men in white coats ready for this is it is a little bit out there –
something I call the…

1# – The Planet of YOU ? (INSERT YOUR NAME HERE)

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So here is my theory.  It is a known scientific FACT that we as individuals are crawling with micro-organisms.  In every part of the body.  One very good example is sperm and ovum… and these actually create human beings.  It’s a little bit like the superhero Ant-Man when you think about it.  Size of an Ant and back to the size of human lol

But we are crawling with all sorts of germs and bacteria in every part of our body and this is the scary thing.  Really, this bacteria in a single cell could be itself covered in even smaller bacteria.  It is a strange notion I know but people are kind of like planets in this respect. 

Our planet Earth is like a living body that is inhabited by bacteria.  Trees create oxygen like our lungs that is a good analogy for one, but then water, a large percentage of our planet earth is water, 75% roughly and the same with our human body.  Also, both our body and the planet Earth share roughly 25% mass.  We also both share a huge problem with pollution.  

Without getting too complex and going any further down the rabbit hole – our guts are one of the most densely populated parts of our body.  You can maybe think of it as a landscape where different creatures all play there own wider part to create a healthy environment.  I didn’t start writing this post to go into metaphysics but this is an idea I quite like.

2# – Gut Health and Us…

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Imagine this.  The planet earth is alive – {ENTER NAME HERE}.  A bomb has hit a major capital city and because of this {YOUR NAME} is feeling very unwell.  So, the first thing is the emergency services come to clear up the mess and try their best to not make things any worse ~ Imagine that is your immune system, but let’s say the economy is bad and these emergency workers aren’t really available in the numbers that are really needed?  

What would have to happen is the work would need to be outsourced from other areas ~ volunteers, fundraising etc. to bring things back together.  This is what Probiotics are like for gut health. 

Beforehand your gut is a mess like somebody has driven a bulldozer through its very foundations and the good reliable citizens have all left to take their families to a more stable environment but then a convoy of coaches arrives after to clean up the mess and rebuild everything that has been damaged. 

It is like an allotment, where people grow their vegetables.  If it is looked after well then the soil will be good enough to grow whatever the landowner wants but if the soil is not looked after than the vegetables that grow will suffer as a result.

Putting this into perspective when we eat different types of foods this provides our biological system with the bacteria it either does or does not need.  Our diet can very much dictate how we feel.  Like, have you ever felt hungry and a bit down at the same time?  Anxiety can be caused by being hungry, and it can also be caused by malnutrition.

3# – How Probiotics May Be the Answer

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OK, now essentially Probiotics are living things.  Alive like both me and you.  This is a commonly accepted fact.

Bees? for example are one of the most important creatures fundamentally for pollination and helping to ensure that the plants we need can grow.  Although in recent years unfortunately a lot of Bees have started dying out because of things such as unhealthy environmental factors.  Why, In some places humans have had to take their place, with very poor results.?

China, I think is one such place but anyway interestingly to get around this problem people import Bees from overseas!

So, taking Probiotics is like importing Bees kind of.  The helpful organisms that you need that are absent naturally you replace externally.  Kind of like a blood transfusion but to a much lesser degree.  Or compost maybe if you want to think about my crazy idea above?

BUT WAIT, how do you import living organisms into a living human body?

hmm…  yes probiotics and these can be found in foods such as dairy products and other foods that go through the process of fermentation.

4# – Anxiety and Gut Health

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The most apparent thing here I would say is HUNGER.  People feel anxious when they are hungry, and more so when mentally they can’t comprehend the complex nature of social cues.  Healthy Gut, Healthy Mind is what they say!

Any food is good if you don’t eat but you can eat better and you can have better gut health.  I started this blog as a way to target readers interested in the healthy living niche and I must admit it has become less about flashing products in front of peoples face and more for suggesting real-life solutions.

<Check out this article here from Healthy.com for ideas for Probiotic foods>

Anyway, so I realise this might be untrue but one reason why that a probiotic-rich diet may not actually be as good as actual supplements is because of our body’s natural line of defence.  According to Bioptimizers creator Wade Lightheart unless we actually supplement Probiotics alongside the right type of amino acids they will, mostly, not actually survive our body’s natural response to foreign invaders.

Which I say because I want people to finish reading posts like this one and others to find a valid solution to their problems.

Anxiety such being the case.  I think the first thing here is to do with nutrition.

Everything you put into your body has biotics inside – antibiotics/biotics/probiotics;  maybe you can get my point – eat healthily, eat well.  Drink clean water and you are good but my message is the same in this post and the same as others I’ve written in the past.  You can never know unless you try for yourselves.  

One mans trash is another man’s treasure – some things might work for some but not for others…  Having a healthy hormonal balance plays an important role in a focused mental state.  This is something Probiotics can help with, same as a good diet but supplements are a good idea too I think. 

My two recommendations I will give below.  They are actually my second and third recommendations.  After eating properly but never-the-less these are 2 companies I’m fully behind.

Anxiety and Gut Health – How Probiotics May Be the Answer? 
#5 – My Top 2 Probiotic Supplements

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A# – Bioptimizers Probiotics P3-OM

Ok, well I choose this product because this is a brand THAT I trust, and I mean this MassZymes is basically the main product this company has been built upon but products such as this one are very good as well.  (And don’t think this from AMAZON has some very good reviews if you want to do your own research).

Now, I know I’m no expert, and I’m not a huge fan of the Amazon business model (truth be told) but for customer reviews, you can’t fault them.  Out of 164 ratings, they have 85% positive reviews of users that have given them 4 or 5 stars out of 5 stars.

If you have anxiety and want to try probiotics this is my choice, or Cognibiotics (also by Bioptimizers) but the only thing which I know must put a lot of people off Bioptimizers is their prices.  I mean It isn’t really a weakness because if you want good quality they will not disappoint and they offer a year’s warranty but anyway for my 2nd recommendation this one is not as highly rated but much cheaper (half the price actually*)

Read more about P3OM ==>>HERE

BUT As for the other product…

B# – Vitabalance Probiotics 40 Billion (USE CODE VTA25 for 25% OFF)


This one (click above if you’d like to find out more)  I don’t think is as good as P3-OM.  It doesn’t have it’s own legally patented probiotic formula like P3-OM but never the less I like this company for its affordable prices and that even though they are cheaper these products still maintain a certain quality.

I will let you decide.  My choice is – 1.) Healthy diet 2.) P3-OM/Cognibiotics and 3.) Vitabalnce Probiotics 40 Bn if you are looking for affordable.

My HONEST OPINION I like Vitapost they are transparent.  You can contact them with no issues ~ and they are cheap

PLUS they have a proper website, unlike some of the other scammy kind of products I’ve reviewed here already.

Warranty is available 60 days IF you take one of Vitapost/Vitabalance products and not get the results you want you can ask for a refund.  They are good like that but Bioptimizers, although they are more expensive offer 1-whole year.

They are my choice but who don’t want to save money.  We’re not all rich so definitely something to consider.

In Conclusion…

Personally, for me, anxiety boils down to a lot of things.  Personal hygiene for one I think can be a big factor, environment/people can be another, psychoactive drugs (for some people -no comment there) and whether you have had enough to eat is an important one a well.  

There are usually plenty of steps I can take myself to feel less anxious and supplements are not the answer I don’t think for everyone.  I do think though if you have both poor nutrition and anxiety there certainly could be a link there and for this reason, at least it might be worth trying supplements. 

To first see if you feel an improvement in your nutrition and second to see if you notice any change in your mind/mood.  

It’s interesting to me they call the gut the 2nd brain and actually sometimes you have a gut feeling.  Like if you don’t think someone is trustworthy.  It is amazing how a healthy gut can positively help you.  Much here for science to uncover but then maybe Probiotics may play a very important role here and that is what I like about this.  Lot’s of potential.


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Yours Sincerely

Alexander B. Chivers

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