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The Dangers of Junk Food – Here Is What You Should Know?!


Warning:  We have all heard about “the Dangers of Junk Food!”  Don’t eat this, don’t eat that etc. but how much of this is really true?  What are the true implications of NOT taking that little bit extra time to eat more healthy?

Hello All, We all must have heard of junk food or fast food before.  We probably think of things like crisps, chocolate bars, sweets (candy), and fizzy drinks.  Or what we might consume in our main meals such as burgers, french fries, fried chicken, noodles, onion rings, nuggets, and pizza.  Basically, all the things that people enjoy the most.    

And most of us will eat more junk than we care to admit, but how about this?

The definition of junk food is unhealthy foods that are high in sugar or fat (calories), with little else in terms of dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals, protein, or other essential forms of nutrition.

You could say that if anything they just don’t cut the mustard but truthfully speaking is eating the wrong kinds of food really that dangerous?  Of course, it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile and eat better but what’s wrong with the occasional Big Mac and a can of Pepsi ????.  Keep on reading to see what the dangers of fast food really are…

The Dangers of Junk Food – 

Here Is What You Should Know?!


what are the dangers of junk food



Why Do We Love Eating Trash?

Seriously,  what is wrong with people?  I remember in my town last year when McDonald’s closed due to COVID (I think it was).  When it reopened people on Facebook were going absolutely crazy because the whole road was filled up with cars of people desperate for Burgers and Fries.  Each person waiting in the queue for 45 mins to an hour just to get served.

I could not believe how desperate that these people were just to eat rubbish.  It didn’t go down very well when I said about COVID and people caring so much about that but not their diet.  I guess it is like telling an alcoholic not to drink alcohol.  People need to get their fix and what right do I have to criticise them about their life choices.

Although, if people only knew.  In one article I wrote here I shared how the Japanese ate so much more healthy compared to Americans.  How in the last century the Japanese Govt. introduced a nutrition plan for the benefit of their people whilst Americans progressively ate worse.  With, the main reason being because of the rising popularity of fast food.

I know fast-food restaurants aren’t the only culprit but to me, I do wonder.  If some people really are addicted to junk food.

And Why Might This Be?

Actually, it is a little bit more than a suspicion.  Fizzy drinks are just one example.  If you read the labels you will more often than not see both aspartame and acesulfame k.  Aspartame is added to drinks as a low sugar alternative.  Whilst acesulfame k is added to cover up its rancid taste.  

Aspartame is a neurotoxin that inhibits our pleasure chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin.  It has been shown to cause addiction-like effects, and this is the exact reason why in some countries (such as Germany) it has been banned.   

But, really this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Other sweeteners such as MSG (Mono-Sodium Glutamate) and diacetyl are also Neurotoxic.  Even refined sugar and even refined carbs such as white bread and pasta can have the same problem.  (1)

Unfortunately, the food and drink industry uses all sorts of these chemicals and many are synthetic (man-made) and toxic.  They are literally the same as illegal drugs.  They affect your neurotransmitters and cause you to want more.

And it doesn’t stop here another way we are exposed to so much junk is cooking with vegetable oils.  Corn oil, canola (rapeseed), cottonseed, sunflower, soybean, and safflower.  These are just as bad.  Margarine is another example because this is made with vegetable oils.   

If you read my post here you will see exactly what I mean about this problem. 

Just Look At The Last 50+ Years

This actually goes back even further.   The Crisco company was one the first to break the mainstream market for vegetable oils in the early part of the 20th Centuries.  How toxic this original cottonseed oil blend was I am not really sure but it would appear that from this point on for many cooks vegetable oils caught on like a wildfire.

This is very interesting.  Since the 1950s, especially in the western world, human health has suffered from all kinds of problems.  Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Alzheimer’s Disease and various other kinds of Mental and Physical Disabilities.  If you look at the charts they really are shocking and really this has to be more than coincidental.

USA Adult Obesity cases 1960-2010
diabetes cases in the USA 1958-2015

Many can argue that these are all things that have always been here but others will pinpoint that in modern times there has been a worrying trend.  Sure you could say the population has increased but something is causing these cases to rise.

Is it to do with our consumption of foods and drinks?  Well nobody really knows for sure but this definitely does seem to be the case.  The increased use of plastics might be another factor to consider.  As can our lifestyle choices (smoking, drinking, not exercising and all of the above).  GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides, air pollution and water contamination.  

Even medications and even some vaccinations can cause bodily harm.  God help us.

So sure we can’t just blame everything on the dangers of junk food, but this is well worth being educated about.  

The Dangers of Junk Food and What To Avoid

Yes, there is quite a list to go through, and how many of you will actually take notice I don’t know.  Sure you don’t have to give up on these things but remember this is for your own benefit.

So, first of all, AVOID using vegetable oils and margarine.  This is probably one of the easier one’s.  Swap for Animal Fats, healthier oils such as olive oil, coconut oil etc. and actual butter.  Always check the label to be sure.

On this tip – another thing to be aware of is foods that use these unhealthy oils.     Crisps or Potato Chips (for those of you in the US)  check the label you might be surprised.  Also, Takeaway Food – Do you know which oils are being used to cook your food?  Ask if your food is cooked with Vegetable Oils and bear this in mind for the next time you decide to eat out.

Next – what are you drinking?  

Fizzy Drinks, Energy Drinks, Orange Squash etc. – Check the label for Acesulfame K and Aspartame.  Instead drink more bottled water and if you are at home try out some different herbal teas.  Or use fresh fruit for flavoured water.  

Fruit Juice – Yes, unfortunately, this is bad as well because they are usually made with more sugar than you can shake a stick at.  Instead, get yourself a blender and make your own (homemade) with fresh fruit (without extra sugar).

Which, brings me to my next point…

Refined Sugars and Carbohydrates – White Sugar, Rice, Pasta, Bread and anything baked with White Flour.  Anything basically with white at the beginning.  Instead, switch for whole grain and brown sugar.  Even honey for tea and coffee.

You should also avoid… 

Processed foods such as Cheese Slices, Sandwich Meat (Ham, Turkey, Sausage Meat etc.), Salami, Paté.  Use proper Cheese and go to the Butchers for proper meat.  Just remember processed foods add chemicals to stop them from spoiling.  If you can eat fresh then make sure you do.

Finally,  just watch out for all the obvious.  If you have children tell them to grab a chocolate bar instead of other sweets.  Seriously when you are next in a shop pick up a few sweets and look at their labels.  You will see what I mean.

If you ever wondered why kids want to grow up and start taking drugs.  This is probably why.  All the neurotoxic shite with cartoon characters on the packaging.  I mean seriously that is how evil these businesses are. 

My Verdict – Just Be Mindful

So you should have a pretty good idea about what The Dangers of Junk Food are.  I mean at least why they are not very healthy.  I wouldn’t say that you need to cut out every single thing but see what changes you can make instead.

If it means going hungry make allowances.  I do.  Even I will sometimes have a Mcdonald’s or a sandwich with white bread and margarine.  Not when I’m at home but it is a necessary evil so I don’t have to go hungry.  I think actually that if you eat healthy things regularly enough this will help detox your body anyway but be mindful.

Prevention is the best medicine.  The best way not to become unhealthy is to be healthy.  Get out and exercise, avoid stress, stop smoking, cut down on alcohol and of course eat the right kinds of food.  Maybe you can treat yourself to a slice of cake every once in a while but the main thing – “look at the bigger picture”.    

It is health that is real wealth not pieces of gold and silver quote by gandhi

In Conclusion – I Will Finish Here

The Dangers of Junk Food?  Maybe I am over exaggerating a bit with this title.  I know but we all know people that are overweight right?  I mean in most counties anyway.  From this standpoint being overweight can be a danger to your health.  As can diabetes and heart disease. 

These I would say are probably the main things to worry about.

If you want a reason to be a bit more selective about your dietary choices let that be it.

Now, I will finish here.  If you have any questions, or if there is anything you feel I may have missed please do let me know in the comments.  Also if you know anyone that may benefit from reading this information please pass this on.

Many thanks and hope to see you all again soon.

Best regards;

Alex B. Chivers

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Alex.

    I have been eating too much processed food for months now and never have energy. It’s alot to do with having to share a kitchen. Sometimes people leave a mess and it puts me off cooking. Most of us are eating junk because we don’t make time for our bodies in our daily life.

    When I think about what you just wrote I wonder. How much time do you spend a day thinking about what you are going to eat, I bet very little unless you are broke and can’t buy food. If we think about what we are going to eat and how much it would benefit our bodies a little more we can see massive improvement in our physical and mental health. Sadly many are just about filling their belly including myself.

    • Hi Chris, Thanks for commenting. Yes its very difficult to avoid junk food completely. I’ve been keeping a closer eye on things like food packaging lately and it really is shocking rapeseed oil is in so many things. Chocolate bars, cookies, crisps and then battered chicken, fish I was thinking about white flour used for the batter so that is refined sugars. It really does open my eyes to home cooking more it seems the lazier you are at preparing your meals the more nutrition suffers as a result. Really I am hoping this article can help more people because junk is everywhere.


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