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Personally Customized Keto Diet Just for You

Personally Customized Keto Diet

Hi Guys, How have you been?  For today’s post, I will be again be covering healthy living.  Recently I covered 2 products Red Tea Detox and Flat Belly Fix.  These were 2/3 that I planned to write about.  For the 3rd one, I will be looking at how a Personally Customized Keto Diet can help with weight loss, and overcoming issues with body size.

Keto if people don’t know is short for Ketogenic.  A Ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate meal plan designed to trigger the metabolism of fat as ketone bodies rather than the usual process which converts carbohydrates into Glucose.

Custom Keto Diet

Personally Customized Keto Diet

Deception of “Nutritious” Food

The nutrition industry at present is highly competitive. In order to increase their profits and conquest their competition, most food brands give up the quality and actual nutrients in their products and advertise completely false information to draw more customers. The effects of this issue are apparent when we look at the statistics. 71% of Americans from age 20 upwards are overweight, more than half of them even reaching the obese category.

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be a tiresome journey of hunger and exhaustion. Just by avoiding some common mistakes, you make when it comes to weight loss, you can start your journey towards your dream.

Personally Customized Keto Diet:  Four Common Mistakes

Custom Keto Diet

#1: Not Being Calorie Deficit:

It’s simple. If you consume more calories than you burn, you’ll gain weight. Then on the other side of it, if you consume fewer calories than you burn, you’ll lose weight. This holds true even if you follow a diet of nothing but snacks and candy. Although I don’t recommend a diet like that. It’s still true that if the calories you take are fewer than what you burn, you will lose weight.

#2: Restricting Calories Severely:

It follows a logic that if you drastically cut your calories, you will lose weight faster.  But this method will only work as long as you are on the diet, and usually results in even more weight gain as soon as you start eating again.  This is because your body will react to eating food after starvation as if you were stranded without any. It will reduce the metabolism to sustain energy. So, it’s important that your diet plan is personally tailored to fit your body, situation, and goals.

#3: Thinking All Calories Are Created Equal:

If your goals are to look slimmer and be fitter, then the weight loss you are looking for is actually fat loss. For losing fat, how you set up the macronutrients you take in is very important. If your diet is carb-rich, the carbs spike insulin, called a fat-storage hormone because it delays fat loss as elevated insulin levels block the release of fat from your fat cells and cause the storage of energy found in your bloodstream to morph into body fat cells.

#4: Following an Unrealistic, Overly Restrictive Diet:

Very restrictive diets deplete your willpower, increase your cravings, and lead to binge-eating.  The worst part this leaves you right at where you started. So, it’s important to not make dieting even harder than it already is, as that approach might work at first, but it will crash as soon as your willpower runs out.

Personally Customized Keto Diet:  How Keto Diets Work

Custom Keto Diet

A keto diet contains almost no carbs, moderate amounts of protein, and high amounts of dietary fat. Very low carb intake leads to low levels of glucose and puts you into a state called “ketosis.” urging your liver to use ketones, which are produced in your liver when glucose is scarce.

When your body uses primarily ketones and fatty acids for fuel, you’re in ketosis, at which state your body will use up the stored fat, while you eat anything within your diet plan.

Personally Customized Keto Diet: Why Keto Diets Get Results

#1: Significantly increases fat burning:

Keto diets cause the insulin levels to drop, which in turn increases the fat burning within your body.

#2: It’s simple and easy to follow:

Keto diets are easy to follow as they are simple and contain tasty, high-fat foods that will reduce your appetite for carbs and make dieting an enjoyable experience.

#3: Hunger cravings will fade:

A diet plan that leaves you hungry will not work in the long run. Keto diets don’t require you to avoid food like plague. It gives you a plan to follow, based on your favourite food and snacks.

#4: You don’t have to exercise to reap the benefits:

Exercising is hard work for most of us, even more so when you feel lethargic. A keto diet will boost your energy levels drastically after a few days, which will make you feel energized and maybe exercise a little more. But this diet plan does not require exercising to work.

#5: It’s healthy and safe:

Keto diet is a healthy diet and reduces the risk of heart disease by elevating HDL cholesterol levels, decreasing blood triglycerides levels, and raising blood pressure. Research suggests that keto diet can boost mental health; reduce depression; act against various neurological conditions; prevent & manage type 2 diabetes and even fight against certain types of cancer.

#6: You’ll lose weight like clockwork

Keto diets show results within a significantly shorter period of time compared to other diets, and this will motivate you to keep dieting even more.

In Conclusion

The key to a successful diet plan is to make sure you enjoy what you eat and what you eat makes you feel content. What we offer you here is a custom diet plan, based on ketogenic diet principles, but tailored to match your specific circumstances and dietary preferences, helping you successfully plan and follow on the journey to get your ideal body.

To find out more about the Custom Keto Diet See Videos Below;

Video 1;

Video 2;

or take the Custom Keto Diet Quiz to see how Keo could work for you.


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4 thoughts on “Personally Customized Keto Diet Just for You”

  1. Back about 2 years ago, I did the Keto diet. It was the best thing I had ever done for myself.  But once I went off it to give my body a rest, I had a hard time getting on it again. It’s a real mental discipline. I know Keto works, but I think I will try this 8-week plan, maybe it can get me back into doing Keto again. 

    • Hi Eric,   Yes I’ve heard this can be a pretty strict regime.  Did you look at any of the other products in the links?

  2. I have heard and read a lot about Keto diet. I even met someone that was trying to go on a Keto journey. Your post explains it in a very easy to understand way. I particularly like number 3 and number 4 of the tips why Keto diet works. Cravings fade and you don’t need to exercise to loose weight! 

    • Hi Juliet,  There are a few of these products I’ve written about that says you don’t have to exercise to lose weight.  I think it helps but then it can be a chemical process to do with your metabolism.  I heard a long time ago that breakfast was the most important meal because it gets your metabolism up to the right speed in the morning.  Keto is a chemical process in itself I think.  It takes a bit of discipline not eating certain foods but I have heard it is safe.


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