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Is the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix a Scam? Updated Review for 2021

Is the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix a Scam?   This is a product sold on Clickbank by Todd Lamb.  I have written about this product before, and I was originally going to update my first post on this.  You can read this here

Instead, though I thought I would give my fresh take on this product for the new year.  After all, I have learnt quite a bit since my initial review.  Not just about this product but the general concept behind it.

I will try and get straight to the point.  Is 21 Day Flat Belly Fix a Scam?  Well, no.  Not really.  The concept is solid.  It’s a digital product with recipes and videos.  If you are the kind of person that will follow this guide properly it could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

I will tell you now that this idea is a proven thing.

The only problem is what the Flat Belly Fix doesn’t tell you right away is you either need to source the ingredients to make the recipes yourself or order their Flat-Belly Tea.   The Flat Belly Tea used to be branded as Flat Belly Fix Tea (see image)

is the 21 day flat belly fix a scam

It is now branded as Pure Life Organics Flat Belly Tea !!!  ==>Read My Review HERE<== Now, this information, in particular, is not exactly made available by the sales page either.  For most unsuspecting customers that just want to get thin, and lose weight after watching the 45-minute video they won’t think that there are any upwards costs to the flat-belly fix system

But truth be told this whole idea of getting a flat belly in 21 days is based around making, or buying the flat belly tea.   I haven’t bought the Flay Belly Fix digital product myself.  Really I should – since I’m writing this review but from what I can gather is this guide goes hand in hand with the pure life organics flat belly fix tea product. 

In fact, if you go to the flat-belly tea link you get a pop up for $10 off with bonuses.  This is for the tea supplement, the 21 day flat belly fix ebook and it’s 3 bonuses.  

Is the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix a Scam?
Updated Review for 2021

is the 21 day flat belly fix a scam

FTC Disclosure:

Hi Guys, Just a quick heads up.  I will be adding affiliate links in this post.  If you happen to use one of these links and end up purchasing as a result.  Just to let you know I may receive an affiliate commission, and also you will not have to pay anymore than the usual price as a resultRead more here.

is 21 day flat belly fix a scam

Update Since My Last Article

flat belly fix tea

Well,  I didn’t really know much about the Flat Belly Fix System when I published my first article.  I will honestly admit this.  At the time I was just trying to get whatever content together I could, and I paid somebody on Fiverr.  The article It wasn’t originally mine but over the months I made updates.  Each time I gathered a clearer picture of what this product was about.

The more I researched this product though one thing became apparent.  Other than the flat belly fix system there was another product – the flat belly tea.  My question after this was if you needed to buy the tea for the 21-day flat belly fix to actually work?  

My conclusion was it wasn’t.  You didn’t need to buy the flat belly fix tea but how long would you need to spend to source the ingredients for the 21 day flat belly fix tea recipes?  I wondered.  More so, would this be sufficient enough time to request your money back if things didn’t work out?

Indeed I really did get the impression that the best idea was to buy the flat belly fix tea with the link to get the flat belly fix program free.  At least this way you could try for 6 weeks and if you did end up having to claim a refund back you could keep the flat belly fix + its bonuses.
But then this poses another question does the flat belly tea actually Work?

==>Read my Review for Purelife Organics Flat Belly Tea HERE!<==

Now just to recap…

What is the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix Exactly?

So, sorry to drag this out.  The recipe is a turmeric blend.  It has other ingredients as well but basically, what flat belly fix instructs you to do is make a tea with Turmeric and Cayenne Peppers.  There is an exercise regime aspect as well but if you watch the sales video it mostly says about the capsaicin from the cayenne peppers.

To me, this indicates that this is added to increase absorption of the Curcumin from the Turmeric.  This has a long, long list of health benefits but to the human body, it does not exactly play very well.  Scientists say that no matter how much turmeric you eat only a small amount of curcumin will be absorbed into our bloodstream.  

Some of it does but not much basically…

However, if you add one of the active ingredients from Black or White Pepper to the mix called Piperine.  This works actively with your body to absorb the curcumin.  They are a very good mix to be sure.  Think of Peanut Butter and Jelly or Cheese and Toast.  If you actually look at what is inside a lot of these weight loss supplements you will see both turmeric and black pepper extract.  A bit like this Flat-Belly Fix Tea.

Anyway, if you have the patience to sit through the 30 minutes (or whatever it is) of the Flat Belly Fix video you will see they actually go on about Capsaicin.  This is the Cayenne Pepper counterpart to piperine.  I’m not sure if it does a better job at curcumin absorption than piperine but bare this in mind before you buy the tea.

pure life organics flat belly tea

Capsaicin is the active ingredient in Red Cayenne Peppers and Piperine is found in white and black pepper.

If you see supplements like the Flat Belly Fix Tea with both Turmeric and Black Pepper extract as the ingredients inside – this is why.   Piperine if you search it up is what helps absorb the CurcuminCapsaicin does apparently the same. Maybe even better…

Health Benefits of Capsaicin

benefits cayenne pepper weight loss

Well, this was the bit what fascinated me about the Flat Belly Fix Sales Video.  They said about Capsaicin and that it basically has the ability to turn your body into a fat-burning machine.  Not sure if this means with curcumin, or not but what it says is interesting.  Without copying from my other article completely it says that Capsaicin can prevent the development of mature fat cells.  Its function is apparently that it slows down the activity responsible for the synthesis of fat.

More so, it says Capsaicin can go as far as sabotaging the body’s ability to create mature fat cells completely.  Not sure how true but it says that how this works is quite amazing.  Capsaicin can turn unhealthy fat cells into powerful brown fat cells that burn away unwanted fat with no second thought and use the energy from that to further burn the other fat cells in the body.

Brown fat “uncouples” the calorie-burning processes of fat and sugar through regulating proteins called uncoupling proteins. When the brown fat mitochondria are uncoupled, your body can start to burn fat fast, without even moving a muscle.

My Problem with the Flat Belly Fix

Is the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix a Scam

Honestly,  the thing I don’t like is that the flat belly tea doesn’t actually contain capsaicin.  Fair enough Piperine or even Bioperine will do the job when it comes to Curcumin absorption.  You only need to do your research to find this out but the whole idea of flat belly fix is centred around cayenne peppers.

If you want to go this route then you need to follow the instructions.  Within the flat belly fix guide, you have to follow this information and prepare this tea for yourself.  It’s not really so straightforward in some respects.  You can follow the 21-day protocol but first, you need either the tea powder (or pills whatever it is) or the ingredients on the list from flat belly fix. 

  1. Turmeric + Ginger
  2. Black Pepper (Piperine) or Capsaicin extract
  3. Acacia Fiber
  4. and MCT Oil (from coconut)
  5. Cinnamon Bark
21 day flat belly tea recipe

I’m not even sure if it’s best to buy the tea and get flat belly fix free, or just flat belly fix on its own.  The concept I think is good Turmeric and Cayenne Peppers are well known to help with weight loss and a lot of other things.  Look up Turmeric for Ayurveda and how many supplements there are with Capsaicin

Anyway, the tea has a 60-day money-back guarantee and you can get $10 off and keep the Flat Belly Fix afterwards.

If I was you I would go for that.  Just a one-time fee – see what you think! If the flat belly fix + the 3 bonuses can help you after simple.  The Tea I can actually give you a huge discount on (if you like) without the flat belly fix digital products.   

Just please let me know in the comments and I will share a link. 

Otherwise… You Can Also Get This EBOOK Free for Signing Up to my Email List!

I have a few EBooks that I’m looking to give away to new subscribers.  Soon if you bookmark this site and come back you should see a new tab.  That will be a page for all the ebooks that I’m currently giving away.  One of these I will give you a link to now.  It is called Flat Belly Detox:  A Soothing Sip of Tea to Help You Lose Weight in 2 Weeks by Ciara Marks…

flat belly diet recipes free

Not sure how this stands up next to Todd Lamb’s 21-Day Flat Belly Fix but this is absolutely free.  The only thing I will ask you for is to sign up as a subscriber to my email list.   No hidden costs.  You will get other emails after with other offers and updates on my website etc. but this if you want it is all yours…

lose belly fat fast naturally


Finally,  if you have any more questions about the 21-Day flat-belly fix system.  Pure Life Organics Flat Belly Tea or you would like to share your experience of any of these products mentioned or anything similar it will be as always great to hear from you.  The comments section is down below, or if you’d like to contact me privately my address is alexc@dynamicideas4life.com 

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4 thoughts on “Is the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix a Scam? Updated Review for 2021”

  1. Haha thanks for the article my guy! To b completely honest, I actually found this article really helpful. Not so much for me, but I’ve been searching for great fat loss methods for my mom, as she’s been struggling as of late. I think the flat belly tea can really help with that. The only downside to this is she doesn’t like spicy stuff all that much, so she might not enjoy it. But I mean, with a 60 day money back guarantee, why not try it and return it if it doesn’t work?

    • Hello,  Yes I know what you mean but actually, if you are on about the tea it is not hot.  It doesn’t contain Capsaicin extract but black pepper extract plus the other ingredients such as the MCT oil take away the spicy aspect.  Maybe just try and if you don’t like the taste request a refund.  If you have any trouble with this message me and I can follow up for you.  My email address is alexc@dynamicideas4life.com

  2. The fact that there is such a wonderful content her won your site alone has given me so much to thankful for and I am really happy to be here seeing some really nice information. However, this really show how much you are willing to help us all. This is on site that I have sense a lot and people have been really covincimg about it. It makes so much smear to see all that there is to it

    • Thanks Sean.  I am trying to be as unbiased as I can.  There are a lot of articles online and it’s either one thing or another.  The best thing ever or the scam of the century.  Not quite sure how I monetize something like this but I think it’s all a bit generic otherwise.  I’m glad you like my approach as I plan to use this more going forward.


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