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What Are Exogenous Ketones ~ And Do They Really Work?


What Are Exogenous Ketones And Do They Really Work? BHB Salts & similar products are Artificial Ketone Minerals that claim to help lose weight. Many people claim these products are effective weight management treatments that can help with conditions such as obesity although many will say that this is not really true.

So I wanted to write this after my previous post to make more of an argument against buying this product.  I realise that I could be listening to the wrong people here for sure and that Exogenous Ketones Supplements may actually work for some people at least but for this post, I really want to look into the truth about these products in a bit closer detail, and what exogenous ketone actually are.

So, let’s get started here…

What Are Exogenous Ketones Supplements and Do They Really Work?

What are exogenous ketones

If you have never heard of Exogenous Ketones before these usually come in two different forms Ketone Esters and Ketone Salts.  Ketones are naturally occurring chemicals created in the liver that play a role in converting fats into energy.  The ketogenic diet gets its name from ketones as during ketosis our body starts to use ketones to burn fats instead of the glucose that comes from carbohydrates.

As for the Exogenous part of the name.  This means something that is created outside of the human body, so as you may assume these types of ketones are made synthetically.  Usually by adding BHB (BetaHydroxyButrate) to Minerals such as sodium and magnesium.  Or in the case of ketone esters by binding ketone bodies to an alcohol molecule.

2# – Why Take EK’s and Are They Safe ⁉

bhb salts and keto diet

The main thing what probably springs to mind when somebody says ‘Ketones’ is probably the keto diet, and weight loss.  Indeed people do buy exogenous ketones to lose weight.  Products such as Keto T-911 are sold exactly for this purpose but actually, there are other reasons why people take EK’s as well.  

These include using for athletic performance.  Exogenous ketones are used by athletes because after prolonged periods of physical activity Oxygen starts to run out in the muscles.  And as a result of the production of Lactic acid increase which makes muscles feel sore and weak.  Exogenous ketones are used because they reduce lactic acid production. 

Another reason is that people take EK’s alongside the keto diet whilst fasting to speed up ketosis and reduce negative side effects such as keto flu.  This may not be safe though for a number of reasons.

BHB salts for one may cause an imbalance of electrolytes so it is advised to speak to a GP before taking them.  Also, taking EK’s can cause extreme stomach aches for some people, and another very important thing to note is if somebody has kidney disease then exogenous ketones may actually be dangerous because of the effect they have on electrolyte levels.

3# – The Truth About EK Supplements ?

One reason somebody might begin taking Exogenous Ketones is that they cannot follow the strict rules of the keto diet, and as a result fail to reach a state of ketosis.  

Now, taking EK’s will certainly increase the count of Ketone bodies, and even still when in the presence of Insulin but whether the ability of EK’s to mimic ketosis actually works has not officially been proven.  Early studies and research has been done but till more studies are taken still questions remain over the effectiveness of EK supplements.   

It is for this reason that in the USA Exogenous Supplements such as BHB salts are NOT FDA approved.  This is according to Healthline which is a leading authority online on matters of health.  Although I have noticed some products that say they are bottled in a GMP approved facility.  In fact, I did see a supplement on Amazon with an FDA approved stamp on the bottle so some question marks there.

4# – EK Supplements Customer Reviews ⭐⭐⭐

So, there is a lot of reasons that someone should be wary of Exogenous Ketones Supplements but in contrast, if you check the reviews on Amazon for instance there are people out there that take these with positive results.  Of the reviews I read were Rastenix Ketoburn and Vitamin Bounty Burn on Keto.

Users from what I could gather reported increased energy levels, improved ketosis and loss of appetite.  For me, this says it all really.  As much as I decided to write this post to rip on Phygate Labs Keto T-911, (which I wrote about a couple of posts back), It has made me realise that there actually may be something to using these types of supplements.

To me on Amazon if a product listed for sale has a good amount of positive reviews I think this says a lot about it.  Some supplements on there DO NOT have such good reviews but then there is a good deal of BHB supplements on Amazon with 4+ stars.  Some even with the Amazon choice badge, and this to me says that the guys on Reddit and Quora which I spoke to in regards to BHB supplements may not be 100% right.  

Although in their defence what they say about the Keto diet being the correct way to things as opposed to taking EK’s I think I can agree.  As long as Keto is done properly then surely naturally reaching ketosis is better than taking any supplement.

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My Final Thoughts on Taking Exogenous Ketones

Well, I definitely didn’t get to this point of writing this post thinking what I thought I would.  In some respects, there is a lot of things that I would like to reassess about my post for Keto T-911.  The company Phygate labs I think I may not be a very trustworthy company.  Another product of there’s Tinnitus911 which I reviewed I think is very suspect also.

Anyway, without drifting too far away from the topic I think that Exogenous Ketones if they are used correctly, could be beneficial alongside the Keto Diet.  I don’t think they should be used as an excuse to still keep eating carbs as normal and most certainly SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN without advice from your GP.

My recommendation if you do take them would be to search on Amazon for either Rastenix Ketoburn and Vitamin Bounty Burn on Keto plus any others that have 1k plus reviews and at least 4 stars.

Also, one of the company’s that I am quite fond of that make supplements called Vitabalance (aka Vitapost) do a BHB Salt supplement of their own called Keto Trim.  This is on Amazon but has no reviews although there is a handful on the Keto Trim website.  The price is good I think and the warranty but I also think that other than the fact that this company has a very well put together website I can’t really speak for this product’s effectiveness.

You can see for yourself if you like by clicking the button below to visit their official website…

Keto Trim Weight Loss Support


Finally, before I go, many thanks for your time.  It is a pleasure as always.  If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment/feedback it will be great to hear from you.  You can also contact me at alexc@dynamicideas4life.com

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What Are exogenous ketones

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