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LeanBiome Weight Loss Review – Can This Supplement Really Help?


Losing weight is a challenge for many people.  This is not exactly something that can be argued about ? as sadly many of us will try and fail to get in the groove of things like exercise and dieting with very disappointing results.  

In fact, it can be downright difficult to shed those extra pounds, especially if you don’t have the time or money to invest in a costly gym membership or diet plan.  The stark reality is that we simply are left to feel powerless not knowing where the answer lies.  Except this is where LeanBiome Weight Loss can apparently help.

This if you are only just hearing about it is a supplement that promises to help you lose weight quickly and easily without all the fuss.  Or so they say – of course, this is not the first product to make such huge claims.

This is actually the 3rd product now I have come across like this after both Biofit and SlimFitGo.  All of which are probiotics for weight loss – something which definitely does seem to be a thing that works but how about this one?  

Does the LeanBiome weight loss supplement really live up to the hype? 

Well, let’s see now.

Can This Supplement Really Help?

In this video above from the Mayo Clinic, it talks about how probiotics can indeed aid with weight loss but how about this supplement?

According to the official website, this product can help you lose weight by:

  • Reducing your appetite
  • Boosting your metabolism
  • Increasing fat burning
  • Enhancing energy levels

All are different areas that can help with improving bodyweight troubles but are these claims true?

Judge for yourself by checking out the LeanBiome weight loss website below;


I think there are some very interesting points here but let’s analyse this all a bit more closely.

*Please keep reading

Lean For Good LeanBiome Weight Loss Review – Can This Really Help?

lean for good leanbiome weight loss supplement


Product Name:LeanBiome
Manufactured By:Lean for Good
Company Owner:Unknown, although lists Meghan See as the Brand Ambassador.
Company Based In:Nashville, TN, USA
Usage:For correcting gut health issues, boosting the metabolism and reducing cravings.
Directions for Use:Take one capsule a day with a glass of water in the morning before breakfast.
Things to Note:#Vegetarian and vegan-friendly
#Gluten, Soy and Dairy Free
#180 Days Money Back Guarantee
Ingredients In Short:#Lactobacillus Gasseri
#Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
#Lactobacillus Fermentum
#Green Select Phytosome
Expected Results:2-3 months after taking every day
Price:$59.00 or Multi Buy Discounts Available on 3 or 6 Bottles

Do I Recommend?: 

Honestly, I will just share the facts I can’t speak from my own experience because what works for one person will not work for another.  I’ve also reviewed two very similar supplements to this and I would probably instead recommend something from a more transparent company.  

I would probably recommend instead either MicroBiome+ or something else entirely such as Lean Optimizer.  I think weight loss can be very complicated but I will say that there are supplements out there that work.  Basically, giving the body what it needs to carry out certain functions is what works whether this is through gut health or another area completely.

FTC Disclosure: So before I continue – Please note that this article contains affiliate links.  This means that some links within this post could lead to me earning a commission.  This will not mean that you will pay any more and also if I feel that a product is not the best available I will make this clear in my review and suggest whatever else I feel is the better alternative.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact me at chivs86@dynamicIdeas4life.com

I will be happy to help in any way possible but for now, let’s take a LeanBiome Weight Loss – What even is it?

What is Lean for Good LeanBiome Weight Loss?

what is leanbiome meghan see weight loss

Now, if you wish to you can skip straight to the sales page here and this will tell you everything there is to know about this product.   I will try my best throughout the course of this review to elaborate a bit further but if you would like to you can go straight there.

Anyway, so the LeanBiome supplement is a popular weight reduction solution for people attempting to reduce weight and prevent further health issues that come from being overweight. 

According to the manufacturer, this probiotic pill may be taken by anyone over 18.  It comes in a bottle of 30 capsules and contains 9 different strains of probiotics – as well as Inulin which is a prebiotic fibre. 

I will cover each one of these ingredients in another section of this article but just quickly in case, you’re curious – here is what is inside this product.

Lean Biome probiotics for weight loss

As you can see from reading this LeanBiome is a Probiotic and Prebiotic blend (a Synbiotic formula).  This also includes a patented Green Tea extract {Green Tea Phtosome} and the capsules these come in are vegan-friendly.  These are also patented DRcaps capsules that are specially designed to transport probiotic bacteria through the gut safely and past the acidic environment of the stomach.

I will discuss this further soon but hopefully, this gives you some idea about what LeanBiome Weight Loss actually is all about.  

For anyone looking to shed a few pounds, this is definitely a brand that talks the talk but who really is this company?

Who Are Lean For Good?

who are lean for good

Seriously, I had never heard of Lean for Good until I come across the LeanBiome weight loss supplement.  I can see from their website that they are a company based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA and their brand has been around since 2021.

 Other than this what is clear about Lean for Good is their brand ambassador is lifestyle coach Meghan See. 

Someone who claims that by using Lean for Goods products and especially LeanBiome she was able to shed an incredible 240lbs – after being at her heaviest as big as 420lbs. 

I mean I really don’t know how true this is – maybe I have misread something but yes apparently she was on Oprah talking about her weight loss.

Her website shares a couple of links to interviews she has done about her weight loss journey I will share one from LogicalLosers.com below;

Also, as well as LeanBiome there are two more products by Lean for Good which is LeanBody Pro and Lean Supreme.   One is a kind of MCT oil supplement and the other is a Green Juicing powder with over 50 ingredients.  

I think they do recommend taking them together but I think this is just to make more money from LeanBiome.  Seems a bit convenient to me as these other 2 products are offered as upsells but maybe they work I haven’t actually tried them.

Although I do know that generally speaking, I have come across similar products like this that are very popular. 

Check Out My Main Page For Probiotics and Weight Loss – Reviews and Articles ⏬

So Is Lean for Good LeanBiome a Scam?

Really it depends on what you mean by a scam I think.  I would say that I think the LeanBiome sales page is deceptive because there is no information provided about the actual employees of this company other than Meghan See.  

I really don’t understand this but from what I can gather Meghan See is definitely a LEGIT businesswoman.

You can follow Meghan See on Instagram and watch her videos on Youtube if you’re interested.  

Plus she also has a website called SeeMeghanShrink.Org where you can hire Meghan as a lifestyle coach.

But besides this, there really is zero information about anyone else involved with the company.   

I mean this seems quite a bit more legit than the other weight loss probiotics I’ve covered here on this website.  Although maybe not –

You do get the feeling that maybe Meghan is not the brains behind this product line.

Take her away and this is really kind of the same as the others. 

Like I actually have said that I feel that the legitimacy of this product (and the others) is boosted by its 180-Day Empty Bottle Return Guarantee.  

I will explore this in more detail further down but as credibility goes this is your chance to try this product and get your money back if it doesn’t work.  This is the same as both BioFit and SlimFitGo but anyhow…

What Claims Does LeanBiome Make?

The approach used by LeanBiome is that it has created a natural, one-of-a-kind probiotics supplement that is only available from its official website.

Inside It contains a unique combination of ingredients that address the underlying reason for abdominal fat, weight gain, and general health.  This proprietary treatment works by stimulating a fat reduction in the body by correcting Gastro Intestinal inflammation and other GI issues. 

This weight loss pill is made up of nine scientifically proven probiotics and Greenselect Phytosomes, which have both been shown to be safe and effective. 

Inside the LeanBiome weight loss supplement, these components are toxin-free and have no side effects.  Plus the probiotics inside LeanBiome are blended in precise proportions to keep their unique characteristics that each work together to balance the gut flora. 

These assist healthy digestion and natural weight reduction by promoting lean bacteria (good bacteria), which helps eliminate stubborn fat accumulation around the stomach, thighs, and other regions. 

Furthermore, LeanBiome components help people feel fuller for longer.  Plus the DRcaps capsules are specially designed to keep the probiotic bacteria alive in transit until they can be safely released into the gut environment.  This includes the time it has to spend in the stomach acid.  Something that is known to kill probiotics within other products.

I don’t know how true this is [READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE] but anyway…

How To Take LeanBiome for Weight Loss

Now, if you are actually interested in giving LeanBiome Probiotics a try – each box of LeanBiome has 30 vegan-friendly pills inside, which is a one-month supply.  To achieve substantial weight reduction and improved digestion, it is recommended that these tablets be taken on a daily basis.

This should be done for around 3 to 6 weeks to start seeing results. Although to really benefit they say 2-3 months is the actual time frame. 

However, the amount of time for effects to show depends on a number of circumstances, and in such a situation, it is advisable to maintain a balanced diet and light exercise to ensure that the benefits last.

It is really like any dietary supplement they are not designed to replace healthy eating and exercise. They are meant to boost the effects these actions already have on your body by providing more advanced nutrition etc.

How Does LeanBiome Weight Loss Work?

about leanbiome probiotics for weight loss

So, the primary mode of action for LeaniBiome Weight Loss is to reduce fat storage in the body by blocking the enzymes responsible for its synthesis. It also suppresses appetite and boosts metabolism to facilitate faster weight loss. 

The nine different probiotics present in this supplement work together to improve gut health and digestion. Something which in turn, prevents constipation, bloating, and other digestive disorders.

Plus if Lean For Good and Meghan See are to be believed LeanBiome is a safe and effective weight loss supplement that can help you achieve your desired body weight. 

However, it is important to remember that this supplement should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and light exercise for best results. 

So, if you’re looking for a little help in your weight loss journey, LeanBiome may be the right choice for you!

Side Note:

Now, this is totally down to you if you try this product or not.  If you are still trying to decide whether this is a good idea – I do really understand.  So many products are just a total waste of time and money ?

Really I have come across plenty – they are everywhere ? but seriously if you need help with weight loss I have a few free ebooks with recipes and home exercises if you would like to try these instead for free.

Just sign up to receive my emails below and I will send you the download links ?

Anyhow so I know I briefly covered this already but let’s take a look at the ingredients a bit more closely.

What Are The Ingredients Used in LeanBiome?

The main ingredients present in LeanBiome are as follows:

i.)  Lactobacillus Gasseri (L. Gasseri) 25mg (10 Billion CFU)

This is a popular probiotic used in a lot of probiotic supplements it is also added to fermented foods such as yoghurts because of its positive effects on gut health.  In practice, some of its possible benefits include helping the body break down food, extra absorption of nutrients, and fighting off “bad” bacteria that might cause diseases. [R]

In one study published by the British Journal of Nutrition, Japanese scientists found that out of a group of 210 volunteers those that took L. Gasseri significantly reduced” their overall body weightBMI, and waist size. 

Plus, also the amount of dangerous visceral fat around their organs.  It was concluded that the average American Woman weighing 170 lbs could lose 15lbs in 3 months by just supplementing with this probiotic strain alone and nothing else.

ii.)  Lactobacillus Rhamnosus (L. Rhamnosus) 10mg (5 Billion CFU)

This beneficial microorganism can be found in the gut and has a wide range of health benefits. Lactic acid, which these bacteria create, protects the stomach from harmful germs while enhancing digestive health and promoting weight reduction by reducing hunger and cravings.

In another study by the British Journal of Nutrition that was taken at Laval University Canada, it was found that the female volunteers who took L. Rhamnosus each lost an average of 9.7 lbs over a 12-week period.

iii.)  Lactobacillus Fermentum (L.Fermentum)

This is included in a proprietary blend with 6 other probiotic strains.  I will take a look at a couple more of these below.  In total, this blend makes up to 10mg (5 Billion CFU).  So obviously these strains are less prevalent than the two mentioned above but anyhow so Lactobacillus Fermentum.

This is a probiotic strain that helps to normalize gut flora and alleviate gastrointestinal problems. It also aids in the maintenance of liver health by lowering cholesterol levels.

One clinical trial in Winnipeg, Canada found that taking L. Fermentum led to a 3% decrease in body fat in only 43 days.

iv.)  Bifidobacterium Bifidum (Incl. In Propietary Blend)

This probiotic strain has been shown to reduce fat storage in the body and suppress appetite. B. Bifidum is a beneficial bacteria that can help the body to produce both lactic and acetic acid. Besides this it is also known to help absorb nutrients, break down food and fight off diseases.

v.)  Bifidobacterium Lactis

This microbe creates lactic acid, which improves gut health and aids in the absorption of nutrients. 

It also aids in the treatment of digestive problems, including constipation, and promotes significant weight reduction.

vi.)  GreenSelect PHYTOSOME® 

This ingredient is derived from green tea extract and is a powerful antioxidant that helps to detoxify the body. 

It also has thermogenic properties that promote fat burning and weight loss.

GreenSelect Phytosome is a patented ingredient derived from green tea extract and is a powerful antioxidant that helps to detoxify the body.  It also has thermogenic properties that promote fat burning and weight loss. 

In addition, this ingredient also helps increase energy levels, which further aids in burning calories.

vii.)  Organic Inulin from Chicory Root

This is a prebiotic fibre found in many supplements.  This not only helps stem probiotic growth but also helps to nurture the gut environment.  Many people recommend fibre-rich foods to help circumvent gut health issues and Chicory Root is a great example. 

Inulin is the most active component of Chicory and is a great addition to any Probiotic blend.

Quite a mixture here and this does look like it could possibly help but seriously…

What are the Benefits of LeanBiome?

So, firstly I would recommend visiting the LeanBiome website – to really see for yourself what they have to say about what their product’s actual benefits are.  I think they explain it a bit better than I do but from my viewpoint, I will quickly summarise what I feel these benefits are in my own words. Just for anyone that wants to know – here is a quick summary;

i.)  Better Gut Health, Increased Energy and Weight Loss

I can not speak for everyone that takes LeanBiome but based on some reviews I have read this supplement not only helps with losing weight but also improves gut health and increases energy levels.

ii.)  Vegan-Friendly Delayed-Release Capsules

This means that instead of the capsules dissolving once they reach your stomach acid and some of these lean bacteria not making it all the way before they can even get to work…

Rather they are transported in an advanced and uniquely protective acid-resistant coating that acts like an armoured vehicle – Which means all the good guys survive your stomach acid, and arrive safely in your gut microbiome where they’re then released to work their magic to improve your gut health and to help you lose weight.

iii.)  Better Mind and Mood – Concentration, Clarity and Focus

Another possible benefit of LeanBiome and definitely something that can really help by taking probiotics is your brain function.  Very strange this one but our gut is known as the second brain – it is a secondary nerve centre. 

Maintaining a healthier gut in turn can help with many brain-related issues including concentration, focus and clarity.

Also Anxiety they say can be another thing that this can help with.

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iv.)  180 Days Money Back Guarantee – Try Risk-Free

If you have any concerns as to whether Lean For Good LeanBiome for Weight Loss really works I think really is them putting their money where their mouth is.  If you purchase LeanBiome weight loss and after maybe 1 or 2 months if you are not noticing any changes you can contact Lean Biome for their advice.

Then if you are still taking LeanBiome after 3, 4 or even 5 months – providing you have kept the empty bottles Lean for Good will arrange a refund for you.  Apparently, no questions asked! 

Just remember – Don’t Throw Away The Empty Bottles Until You Have Finished Everything In Case You Need To Claim Back a Refund!

Is LeanBiome Weight Loss Safe?

As is the same with any kind of health supplement one might wonder what the associated risks of taking them are.  For anyone new to taking probiotics you may find that your body needs time to adjust but according to Lean For Good, LeanBiome is very safe to take.  

I can not say for definite this is true.  They wouldn’t be the first health and wellness company to exaggerate the truth but in their words, you should not have any problems.  Mostly because LeanBiome is designed so it doesn’t trigger any common allergies such as gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, eggs and shellfish/crustaceans.

Plus it is also free of GMOs and BPAs.  See the screenshot below.

is leanbiome safe to take

Who Can Take LeanBiome?

One question that is not answered on the Lean For Good website is who can actually take the LeanBiome weight loss supplement. 

Many supplements for many different things usually suggest that no one under 18 nor any pregnant or nursing mothers should not take their products as a precaution.  Likewise, anyone with preexisting health problems should consult with a physician first before taking.

It does not say whether or not this is the case with LeanBiome but it is probably safe to assume the same applies.

Other Products By Lean For Good

lean for good, leanbiome, leanbodypro and lean supreme

As mentioned earlier in this review Lean For Good also produce two other products;

i.)  Lean For Good LeanBodyPro

LeanBodyPro is an advanced MCT Oil formula with a chocolate flavouring designed to provide the body with healthy fats that are beneficial for weight loss.  This formula also contains B Vitamins (B5, B12 and Folate) alongside L-Theanine which help to even further boost the metabolism.  

However, this should not be taken if you have an allergy to Coconut.  MCT Oil is pretty much always sourced from Coconut so if you have a tree nut allergy that means you can eat Coconut do not buy this product.

ii.)  Lean Supreme Super Green Juice Powder

LeanSupreme is a 57 Ingredient formula created with 5 different blends including herbs, fruit and vegetables, probiotics enzymes and mushrooms.  

It is apparently a sweet-tasting powder that easily mixes with water and it is said to be the final piece of the weight loss puzzle when taken alongside LeanBiome and LeanBodyPro.

Although, please be aware if you are allergic to Gluten and Soy this product may not be safe.

Final Verdict ?‍⚖️

Now, taking everything into account LeanBiome looks like it could be beneficial for weight loss and improving overall gut health.  I personally am in full support of using probiotic supplements.  My view is if you suffer from metabolic diseases such as obesity or even if you are just overweight that your gut environment is likely not going to be very healthy.

I would always recommend that you look at eating healthy first by including more fibre and whole foods into your diet.  Although not just this but also probiotic foods such as yoghurts and preserves.  

You should find that this and adequate exercise alone should go some way towards achieving your weight loss goals but supplements if you can afford them are a great addition to enhancing your diet and nutrition.

LeanBiome I think could be one to try as you can get your money back if things don’t pan out.  There is a lot to be desired here I think but otherwise, I would also recommend taking a look at Biome Breakthrough by Bioptimizers or MicroBiome+

Both to me seem to be more reputable but then LeanBiome does have the advantage of being completely Vegan-Friendly – if you are vegan this could be the best option I think.  I know Biome Breakthrough is not vegan-friendly and MicroBiome Plus is not so much targeted towards people wanting to lose weight.


What I Don’t Like

I think there are a number of good points about the Lean for Good LeanBiome Weight Loss supplement.  Pretty much anyone they say is safe to take them, there are several health benefits and there is a whole 6 months to claim your money back if you rightfully feel this product has not worked.

Although, besides this, there are things I don’t like.   The website I think is better than others but who is the real creator and owner of this brand?  Is it Meghan See and who even is this Woman?

Why do they not include information such as who is this product for and who can take this?  I will say that Lean for Good has responded to my support request email which is good but still, their data is somewhat limited.

Lean for Good LeanBiome Pros and Cons

What Are The Pros

  • May Help Lose Weight
  • Can possible help improve heart health and brain function
  • Stomach acid-resistant capsules
  • Possible benefits for gut health
  • 180 Days Cash Back Guarantee
  • FDA and cGMP Approved
  • Vegan and Allergy Friendly
  • Discounts Available

The Cons

  • Limited Company Infomation
  • Lack of Reviews 
  • Available Only Online
  • Price is a Possible Issue
  • Empty Bottles Must Be Returned For Refund

Customer Reviews

Besides those that have been shared [HERE] on the LeanBiome Weight Loss website, I have not found any really legit reviews for this product.   I think it is just how the website is set up but this is a bit suspect if you ask me. 

Although the company is only around a year old so perhaps more reviews will be published online in future.

Also, one thing that does seem legit is the Lean for Good brand does have official social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.  Plus Meghan See has her own Youtube channel and personal website.

Where To Buy LeanBiome Weight Loss

To purchase LeanBiome Weight Loss simply visit the website by clicking here.

Multi Buy Discounts Available;

where to buy LeanBiome + Discounts

LeanBiome FAQs

Does LeanBiome Really Work?

Apparently yes but just be aware that results may vary from person to person.  

For Best Results How Long Should You Take LeanBiome For?

It is recommended that you take LeanBiome for a period of 2-3 months.

What Are The LeanBiome Side Effects

There are no reported side effects from taking LeanBiome Weight Loss

Can You Buy LeanBiome from Amazon?

No, LeanBiome Weight Loss is sold exclusively through their own website.

Who Is Meghan See?

Meghan See is the brand ambassador for Lean for Now but has been involved with the company since it was formed in 2022.  If you visit her website SeeMeghanShrink.org you will see that she offers her service as a lifestyle coach with many favourable reviews.

Is LeanBiome The Best Supplement For Weight Loss?

It could be for some people but it wouldn’t be my recommendation unless you were somebody that suffered from poor gut health but even then I would (If you are not vegan) recommend Biome Breakthrough by Bioptimizers.
Otherwise, I would recommend Lean Optimizer or CHEATmeals by HFL Solutions

Can Probiotics Really Help with Losing Weight?

Check out the video by Mayo Clinic I shared towards the beginning of this post.  Lots of studies have concluded that they can and that an unhealthy gut biome with the wrong kinds of bacteria can be responsible for more visible health issues.

Your Feedback

So what do you think of LeanBiome Weight Loss?  Do you think it is the real deal?  How about taking probiotics to help lose weight?  What about this?  Or perhaps you have tried supplements to help with weight loss before.  Did they help or not?

Please share your feedback, questions and comments below and I will look to respond within the next 24 hours. 

Many thanks for reading.  Please give this post a share if you have found it helpful.

#StayDynamic because you are worth it 

Alex B. Chivers

Contact us at chivs86@dynamicideas4life.com 

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