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How to Deal with Anxiety or Depression?


Hello Again, Today we are going to be looking at How to Deal with Anxiety or Depression? and some ways you can help yourself and others.  These two disorders affect a very large part of the population. They also account for a lot of days off of work each year.

You can suffer from Depression at any age, and it is much more common than people might think.  In fact, during the recent COVID-19 pandemic cases have risen dramatically.  As for anxiety, this is also another common condition and both together are for many unfortunately intertwined.  In this article, I will explore both conditions and what help is available.


Also, just before I continue I just wanted to add that this is the 3rd post in my new series on Mental Health.  Recently,  I also published 2 other articles – 1.)  How Tiredness and Depression Are Linked, and 2.) The Signs and Symptoms of  Depression

How to Deal with Anxiety or Depression?

Anxiety and depression are often confused because some patients show physical ailments such as headaches and chronic pain rather than the usual symptom of altered mood; therefore, it is not surprising that it can be difficult to get to the root cause of the problem.

People become anxious for a lot of very different reasons and it is not very well understood by the medical community.

When people have an anxiety attack, they tend to hyperventilate and the more they panic the worse it gets, which makes it even harder to breathe. The best thing you can do is find a paper bag or something similar for them to breathe in and out of, stay with the person until they are calm and breathing normally again. This can take up to 30 minutes depending on the severity of the attack.

Other symptoms can include, dizziness, sweating chest pains, and tachycardia.


Anxiety Disorders.

Some anxiety disorders-can happen when You have phobias. If you were agoraphobic for instance, you would always avoid tight spaces such as getting on the bus or train or walking through crowds.

Acrophobia can be so acute that you don’t ever leave your house, I cannot imagine what that must be like can you?

Some have social phobias where they are terribly afraid of people in authority, their boss stops by to say hello and that’s it there in panic mode. Speaking to a shop assistant or someone they don’t know a definitive no.

Helping with these types of disorders is usually to be prescribed with Benzodiazepines such as Diazepam. In the normal course of events, you don’t take them for extended periods of time because they are highly addictive.



Depression can be a very serious disorder that is generally associated with changes in your mood, you also suffer from loss of interest or pleasure in things you previously enjoyed. Sadness and hopelessness also play a large part.

Depressed people may also suffer from problems in their sleep patterns, appetite, and weight, the ability to concentrate is also affected. The symptoms can be so severe that they affect your social life and being able to work, this causes a lot of distress to the sufferer. Lavender can help you to sleep and it also helps when you are anxious.

Depending on the severity of the condition as to what the treatment could be. Antidepressants are the most common. But by no means are they the only way. There are many other alternatives available to you such as natural remedies, vitamins, and diet changes.


Exercise and Diet.

Exercise of any kind can help with both of these issues for many positive reasons.

If you just walk for 20 minutes a day 5 days a week or whatever you can manage and you continue for 3 weeks you will have formed a habit, once this has been achieved You can do it for a longer period. The benefits are many-fold, for example, you will lose weight and this will make you feel better about yourself. You will no longer feel so lethargic and it also helps with concentration, Believe me when I say I know how hard it is to have to force yourself to do it. On the flip side, I always feel better after it has been achieved. If walking is not for you then do some other kind of physical exercise.

Eating Junk food as you know is very bad for your health when you have Anxiety and you are Depressed it can make it worse because of the amount of fat and sugar it contains, these tend to affect you more. Vegetables, fruit, and fish help to lift your mood.

Changing your diet for healthy options will have you feeling better in no time if you stick to it, if you like dark chocolate I have good news, it is recommended to eat 2-3 pieces a day to Help to lift your spirits up. I love dark chocolate I have to be very disciplined to only eat 3 pieces.


Having Anxiety and Depression makes it a little harder to treat, this doesn’t mean it is impossible. Doctors will often try a few different methods of treatment to see what works best for you. One thing for sure they will definitely speak about diet and exercise. Set yourself little goals each day and when you achieve them you can then make them a little harder, doing this gives you something to aim for and focus on. Therefore making you feel more positive. It also improves concentration.

One thing you really need is a support network made up of people you trust, they will recognize your symptoms and Help you before they take over, and let’s face it talking feels great once you get started.

When my daughter was suffering I used to get her to stand in front of the mirror and tell herself she was beautiful. After, a while she began to see herself in a better light.

You are very important to the surrounding people never ever forget that.

I want to thank you for reading this, I hope it has helped you out, feel free to leave me a comment or ask any questions. I will always reply to you.

If you know somebody else who could benefit from reading this then please feel free to share it.

Take great care of yourself always and stay safe.

Stay Dynamic x

Alex B. Chivers

Information source:

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