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Can Exercise Help With Depression?


Hello All, today we are going to discuss, can exercise help with depression.  This will be the 4th post in my mental health series.  The previous 3 posts you can check out below;

As you probably know, depression is a mood disorder that affects millions of people every year.  It’s something that needs to be talked about a lot more.  It can have serious consequences if left unchecked.

Can Exercise Help With Depression

Can Exercise Help With Depression?

Table of Contents

    1# – Why is Exercising so Important?

    A big symptom of being depressed is lethargy. It can make you want to sleep all the time ? Which is not good for you.

    You may never seem to want to do anything, and have no motivation – whatsoever!

    Doing exercise every day is a real effort I know. Even with myself, I have to force myself to do it. Although, when you have managed to do it. You will feel so much better. It can give you a real sense of accomplishment. Which can help greatly improve your mood, and it lifts you up to help you face your day with less stress.

    It gives you a feel-good factor.

    why exercising is so important

    2# – What Type of Exercises?

    Do an exercise that you enjoy, that way it will help motivate you to get started.

    The start is the hardest part because of what you are going through, but If you can get yourself to just do 5 minutes in the beginning. This will soon lead to 10 minutes, then 15 minutes and so on.

    The chemicals in your brain will change when exercising and this helps you to feel much more positive.

    It is also very good for the rest of your body and your general health.

    Me I like to walk and do low impact exercises. You can find some free videos on YouTube

    3# – Medication or Exercise?Can Exercise Help With Depression?

    can exercise help with depression

    This is a good question. While Antidepressants have their place and many thousands of people take them. All around the world. Exercising can make you feel just as good if you do it on a regular basis. I don’t mean to put you off antidepressants but please just hear me out.

    Some people find more benefits from doing walking, then jogging, yoga, working out at home or going to The Gym.

    You can take vitamins and other natural remedies as well, you must do what makes you feel better. Some types of depression are very hard to treat, so always speak to your doctor about what will be best for your particular condition.

    4# – How Long Do You Need to Exercise for?

    There are no hard and fast rules on this. You can walk for 20 minutes a day (3-4 times a week) then on the other days maybe do some aerobics. Or anything else that takes your fancy. Maybe you like to go jogging or do some dancing to your favourite music.

    As, long as you do something most days you will see a huge difference in the way you feel.

    Housework is considered exercise, hoovering, pegging washing up, making the beds are all types of physical activity. Plus having a tidy living space should also help lift your mood.

    Even going out and doing the garden, cutting the grass with a lawnmower, weeding, planting and watering.

    There are so many things you can do. Just use your imagination…


    There are a lot of people in the medical profession who prescribe exercise before they dish out medication. This means there is definitely something to it. The body releases endorphins when you are active and that gives you an all-natural high.

    There is nothing to say you can’t take tablets and exercise either. I’m not personally a big advocate for medication myself but this could make the issue go away sooner. Plus if you continue with the physical exercise it could help it not to come back again later.

    Just give it some thought. Even if you don’t feel comfortable exercising remember walking is good as well.


    Many thanks for reading, I hope this has helped you. If you think it could be of help to someone else than Please share. Also, please like and subscribe if you’d like to be kept up to date with future posts.

    If you would like to share your experience with this topic, leave me a comment or a question and I will get back to you, I love nothing more than hearing from my readers.

    Take great care of yourself because you are worth it.

    Stay Dynamic x

    Alex B. Chivers

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    14 thoughts on “Can Exercise Help With Depression?”

    1. Very informative. That is a bit issue and there a lot of confusing in relation to depression. It is so serious. I’m glad see sites like this and given tips how to overcome it. Definitely, exercise plays a huge part, actually for all of us. For me is a must and is part of my day. I love walk and be in nature. It really makes difference. Well-done and keeping posting.

    2. Excellent article, Lisa! Depression runs rampant in my family, and it affects the children in my family as much as the adults. There are so many levels of depression, and many people assume that if you’re not crying on the floor in the fetal position, then you’re not depressed. There are many fully functional depressed people who smile, go to school/work, and engage in all of their usual activities, but they are suffering inside. We definitely need to take time to better understand depression, better understand how it can actually look, and to help one another. God bless you!

      • Thank you, as you have said a lot of people who suffer keep it all inside, the best way to deal with it is to let it out and exercise can help a great deal.
        Stay safe.

    3. Hi Lisa,

      Great article. Thank you. I am really against taking those strong tablets for depression as it comes with long lasting side effects. There are some pills that which is difficult to stop once someone start taking. So exercise is definitely better and I love the fact that there are people like you who will teach this to the world.

      • Hi Rajith,
        Thank you for the comments. There are many addictive tablets for sure. I’m a great believer in doing things differently and changing within yourself.

    4. Hey Lisa,
      Nice article. Working out is definitely antidote to depression. Some days I just don’t feel like working out, but I find out after I push through I feel much better. Just like you wrote the start is the hardest part. The great news is that it doesn’t need to be an extremely hard workout to be helpful. Sometimes a simple walk in the park will do the job.

    5. Lisa,
      I know exactly how you feel. I am not a fan of getting started on an exercise program. I do however love to hike in the woods and even a good stroll around town always makes me feel better. I definitely prefer exercise over man-made chemicals.
      I tried anti-depressants once. Was not a good fit for me.

      • There are many people that feel the same way as you. Any kind of exercise can make you feel happier and when you feel happy it gives you a great all over feeling of wellness.

    6. One thing I find is that I don’t do a weekly shop so most days I have to go out and exercise. I know plenty of people who seem lifeless because they don’t do any form of exercise. They take medication and sit on the couch if my doctor gives me something that makes me permanently drowsy I will stop taking it. for depression sometimes the best cure is a good walk or cycle. Nothing can improve your mental health like a little fresh air and change of surroundings.

      • Thanks Chris, Totally agree. Depression is horrible but I don’t think anti-depressants are always the answer. What’s worse for some they can become a serious habit. Exercise is hard for some people to get there head around but definitely helps. The worse thing for me about COVID has been I haven’t been able to go swimming like before but prior to this I always felt much better going for a swim so I totally believe this is a thing.


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