BiOptimizers P3-OM Probiotics Product Review 2020

Product Name: BiOptimizers P3-OM Probiotics

Creator: Wade T Lightheart

Rating:  4.5/5 Stars

Price:  $49 (1 bottle), $97 (2 bottle), $147 (3 bottle)

Short Summary:  biOptimizers P3-OM is a Proteolytic Enzymes and Probiotics supplement with an enhanced formula of L. Plantarum.  It’s main benefits of taking our improved health, weight loss, building muscles and resolving digestive issues.

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  1. Introduction
  2. What are Probiotics?
  3. What is BiOptimizers P3-OM?
  4. BiOptimizers P3-OM Ingredients
  5. How BiOptimizers P3-OM Probiotics Work
  6. Advantages of P3-OM
  7. P3-OM Side Effects
  8. How and When to Take BiOptimizers P3-OM?
  9. Who Can use P3-OM Probiotics?
  10. BiOptimizers P3-OM Pros and Cons
  11. What Some Customers are Saying about P3-OM

BiOptimizers P3-OM Probiotics Review 2020

BiOptimizers P3-OM Probiotics


Have you ever seen someone losing weight quickly like butter melting away?  Seen this person within days has done so well whereas other people simply haven’t? Is this you?  Are you finding it extremely difficult to burn even just a few pounds, even whilst eating a diet of fresh vegetables and fruits?

So many questions?

Also, have you ever thought why it is so challenging for our body to maintain a healthy immune system for extended periods, and what is everybody else’s secret is?

Well, there are tons of bacteria living in our bodies. You must understand first that not all bacteria that are found in our bodies are harmful or dangerous. If you want to stay healthy and fit, then you must ensure that the right number of good bacteria in your organization must be higher compared to harmful bacteria.

That is basically the answer, and to understand how to target these harmful bacteria than it is a good idea to understand what ProBiotics are.  What BiOptimizers p3om is – is a type of Probiotics product.

What are Probiotics?

what are probiotics

So, Probiotics are the good bacteria present in our body and comprise around 70% of our whole immune system.  They are essential to keep your immune system working for more extended time periods.

A weak immune system can lead to many harmful diseases and has many other side effects.  Probiotics are good bacteria that help our body in fighting with various other harmful bacteria and protects our body from many dangerous diseases. They keep our digestive system healthy and keeps our bodies in the best shape.

What is BiOptimizers P3-OM?

BiOptimizers P3-OM Probiotics

I’ve already answered this question above but in a bit more detail P3-OM is a transient probiotic supplement that helps our body to get rid of harmful bacteria fast by supplying our body with good bacteria.  It is essentially yes a bacteria supplement.  Think of it as a commercial Bee colony that imports extra bees in for improved results.

An odd way of thinking about it but there you go.  Probiotics naturally play a vital role in improving the overall well being of a person. This supplement, in particular, helps in boosting the body’s metabolism, by burning away excess sugar which results in faster burning of fats and clears all the blockages in our body.

It also increases the protein digestion ability of our body, which results in more rapid muscle gain. It is made superior to other recommended probiotics as it uses a patented process (patent #: 5,895,758) to intensify the effects of one of its ingredients L. Plantarum’s abilities.

Another significant advantage of P3-OM is that you get all these benefits by just consuming these capsules without disturbing your daily diet or work routine.

BiOptimizers P3-OM Ingredients

P3-OM Nutritional Information

The main ingredient of P3-OM is as mentioned above L.Plantarum.  Short for Lactobacillus Plantarum OM.  The other ones that are labelled are stabilized rice bran, and vegetable capsule (plant cellulose with water).

How BiOptimizers P3-OM Probiotics Work

P3-OM supplies our bodies with an abundant amount of good bacteria that not only detoxify our body and get rid of unwanted toxins but also can help to lose weight quickly and build muscles.

A single capsule of P3-OM includes 250 mg of Lactobacillus Plantarum, which is the prime ingredient in the product.

Advantages of P3-OM

Some very interesting claims here.  The first is these are proteolytic which means they breakdown proteins.  Anti-Tumoral (may reduce tumour size) and Anti-Viral.  Then also Anti-retroviral which means it has abilities to target such illnesses as
the Rauscher virus, and the T-Lymphotropic virus.

The probiotics inside p3om can survive where other bio supplements can’t in the human digestive system and in stomach acid.  Which in turn helps to ferment different types of carbs and sugars.  Making it very useful for targetting insulin resistance and inflammation.  Plus it has shown to be an effective treatment for IBS, bloating and excessive gas.

Increases intestinal permeability and may treat depression by metabolising certain vitamins and minerals to a higher capacity.  Healthy gut, healthy mind.

By breaking down proteins it can aid in muscle growth by increasing amino acids and help with recovery after intense workout sessions.   By and large, this can help enhance mental clarity, focus and ultimately the immune system.

P3-OM Side Effects

Until now, many customers used this product, and there aren’t any reports of significant side effects. However, some customers reported that they had an upset stomach, but their quantity was almost negligible.

Almost all customers were able to make it a part of their daily routine very quickly without any problem. It is made up of all-natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about the side effects.

How and When to Take BiOptimizers P3-OM?

One of the most essential benefits of p3-om is that you don’t have to give up on your existing diet or work routine. A single bottle contains around 12 capsules. It is recommended that a healthy man should take one capsule each day before having his meal at night. You can also consult your doctor or nutritionist to get a better idea about the product usage.

Who Can use P3-OM Probiotics?

Anyone who wants to improve his body health can use this product. There are many health benefits, such as a better digestive system, weight loss, and muscle gain, etc. So anyone who wants to benefit from this product can consume it.

BiOptimizers P3-OM Pros and Cons


Enhanced Patented Formula
100% Money Back Guarantee 365 days
Effective Treatment for Weight Loss
Boosts Muscle Growth
Improves Digestion and Gut Health
Good for the Immune System


Available Only Online
Not a Quick Fix – Needs Time to Work
Contact Physician if Taking with a Serious Health Issue
Not Affordable for Everybody

What Some Customers are Saying about P3-OM

On the P3-OM sales page, there are several reviews from happy customers.  Even more so on the Amazon sales page, it has 117 customer reviews at the time of writing this.  4 are negative;  1 is from a customer who received the original formula from 2008 instead of the 2.0 Version.  Another customer says pretty much the same – expired product.

Then another customer says this doesn’t work at all, and the final one says that they did an experiment with coconut water that didn’t have the desired effects.

Also, there are 2 mid-range reviews on Amazon as well of people saying this did not work, but the thing I did note that each customer was contacted by biOptimizers to resolve their issues.

By and large, though the reviews are very positive, and the small percentage of negative reviews are really as to be expected with any product.  Finally, on Amazon they have given biOptimizers P3-OM an Amazon choice badge.


P3-OM probiotics do an excellent job when it comes to cleaning your body from toxins and harmful bacteria. It performs comparatively better than all other probiotics present in the market, and this product is completely vegan, so anyone can consume it. Now you can stay more fit and healthy with the use of this product.

Not only this but biOptimizers also offers a full 365-day return policy so if you are for whatever reason unhappy with this product.  As long as you haven’t opened more than one bottle you can claim a refund for up to 1 year.

Bioptimizers refund policy

Finally, if you are interested in purchasing biOptimizers P3-OM there is a couple of options available;

1.)  Subscription price;  1 Bottle ($49), 3 Bottles ($97), 5 Bottles ($147) with Free Shipping.

*If you read the small print it says you will be charged again and sent a resupply 1 month after your initial order but also that you can cancel anytime without penalty.

P3-OM Recurring

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Order Here<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

2.)  One time; 1 Bottle ($69), 3 Bottles ($117), 6 Bottles ($297)

P3-OM one time order

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Order Here<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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6 thoughts on “BiOptimizers P3-OM Probiotics Product Review 2020”

  1. Thank you for this very thorough explanation about the importance of probiotics.  I will be honest, I have always been a firm believer to try to get my vitamins naturally through food. I have rarely tested any sort of supplements, besides a few times when I was really suffering from stress and fatigue.

    I also have tried clenses to cleanse my body which do help a little but I am unable to maintain a long cleanse as I am a very unhappy person. lol 

    I have been recently prescribed to take vitamin D and follic acid because I am pregnant. I understand that every vitamin has its purpose and we need to make sure we are feeding our bodies. 

    I have enjoyed reading your article. As with all supplements, there are so many options out there it is hard to figure out which are quality ones.  Your article really makes me feel that BioOptimizers Ps-OM woud be very high-quality product to try.

    Thanks you.

    • Hi Cynthia,  Yes I do get the impression that Bioptimizers products are good quality.  I reviewed maybe 3/4 of their products now and there are a lot good reviews.  This one I think actually stand out for me though it seems to have a real edge over the competition in terms of quality.

  2. Your review of the Bioptimizers P3-OM probiotics is something I have been looking into getting. My immune system is compromised and I also need to lose some weight. Do you have any idea how long it takes to work? Do you know if it is Gluten free?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Lisa,  Yes I believe it is Gluten Free.  The results according to some reviews have been reasonably fast for some but I think it’s different for different people;  See link if you would like to read more:

      Also you mention about Gluten there is a 2nd product that may interest you;  Gluten Guardian

  3. Nice review you have there on ” Bioptimizers P3-OM probiotics products” 

    It is really needed by everyone since it fight against bacteria in the body and it is totally vegan, no chemicals! But my only challenge is not everyone can afford it and it is only available online. But there are so many benefits attached to it, it is somehow worth the stress. Thanks.

    • Thank you Lizzy.  Yes, it can be a lot to spend $49 for 1 bottle but it is a safe bet I would say.  Plus there is a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the product for 1-year.


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