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Benefits of Restful Sleep for Weight Loss and Anti Ageing

Hello Guys;  Alex here and today I have decided to take a look at the Benefits of Restful Sleep.  For both Weight Loss and for Anti Ageing.  I have decided to write this article as after recently rewriting a couple of posts here on this website, that both broach this subject, I felt like this was something I’d like to take another look at.

These recently updated posts if you are interested are as follows;

1.)  Best-Ways-to-Boost-your-Immune-System and
2.)  Resurge Supplement:  A Pill to Reverse Ageing

Anyway, what both of these posts say within in a nutshell is about the Benefits of Restful Sleep (Deep Sleep) and how important it is.  To not only just sleep in the first place but to get the right kind of sleep.  As, when we do many different processes occur including the correct regulation of hormones, the release of HGH, and the regeneration of damaged cells.

Then from a weight loss and anti-ageing point of view, there are many other things that happen.  Certain mechanisms that can improve our health for the better, and it’s some of these things that today I will be looking into within this post;

Benefits of Restful Sleep for Weight Loss and Anti Ageing

Table of Contents:benefits of restful sleep for weight loss

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Anyway, with that in mind let’s now begin by looking at the Benefits of Restful Sleep for weight loss and anti-ageing…

Benefits of Restful Sleep for Weight Loss and Anti Ageing

Benefits of Restful Sleep

1# – What is Restful Sleep?

Now most people… Actually, maybe make that everyone has heard the saying “A Good Night’s Sleep”.  It is probably because we will all have had at one time or another one of those nights.  When even though we go to bed to sleep the next day we feel like absolute rubbish.   This is not restful sleep.

What is restful sleep though, to be clear, this is when we sleep without any problems for sure but to elaborate on this a bit further restful sleep is actually a term that is coined for a phase of our sleep cycles.  If you’ve heard of deep sleep or SWS {Slow Wave Sleep} this is the same thing.  It is something that occurs known as NREM Delta Sleep ~ the 3rd & 4th stages of our sleep cycles.

To explain this better I will share with you this diagram below;

Benefits of restful sleep NREM delta

So, to get Restful sleep we must first sleep through the first 2 cycles {NREM Alpha & NREM Theta}.

#Note:  NREM, if you’re wondering, is an acronym for Non-Rapid Eye Movement (REM).

Anyway,  so during Restful sleep in its first cycle this will last around 45 to 90 minutes but in a usual night, there will usually be shorter cycles after.  Each will be followed periods of REM sleep this when we remember our dreams and when we are usually most likely to wake up.

Benefits of Restful Sleep for Weight Loss and Anti Ageing

2# – How Restful Sleep Can Help?

The benefits of restful sleep are maybe more than most would think.  With Weight Loss for example if you are overweight then restful sleep can help by boosting the regulation of hormones such as Leptin and Insulin.  Also, by replenishing energy levels this can make us feel more active, and more able to commit to exercise.

Other than this deep sleep can increase blood flow to our muscles and repair damaged bone and tissue.  The anti-ageing effects of deep sleep are because of cellular regeneration. Whilst another important thing about getting this type of sleep is it strengthens the immune system.  There aren’t actually many bodily functions it does not help with.

It is certainly fair to say that we need deep sleep not only to feel healthy but to some extent to keep us active, and to feel alive.  However, it may be worth noting as well that not everybody does get the right amount of restful sleep.

For instance, a sleep condition does exist called shallow sleep syndrome.   This is where people sleep so lightly that they do not get restful sleep.  This I wrote about before in my resurge article but for anybody interested, I will look into this again here…

Benefits of Restful Sleep for Weight Loss and Anti Ageing

3# – Factors that Can Disturb Restful Sleep

Benefits of Restful Sleep

i.)  Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking

Both Illegal and legal over the counter drugs can affect our quality of sleep.  Alcohol can be very much the same.  In fact, alcohol can be very bad as it can affect the release of the sleep hormone Melatonin and it can cause mucus to thicken in our airways.  Much like if you are a heavy smoker this can affect our breathing in much the same way.

If you either drink alcohol, take drugs or smoke and you keep waking up in the night this is not good.  Each time you are waking up potentially you are resetting the whole sleep process, and going straight back to Alpha.

One good example here is Sleep Apnea.  There are actually different types of Sleep Apnea but maybe the main type is Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  This is very much like what happens when we drink alcohol.  Because our throat muscles relax more mucus is produced as an immune response and this is what stops us breathing.

Also, the 2nd type of Apnea is when our brains do not signal our throat muscles to help us breathe whilst we are asleep.  In both situations, this can cause us to keep waking up repeatedly because we are starved of oxygen   This affects Restful sleep because much the same as what I’ve said above.  People who can not breathe will be woken up as a natural response to a lack of oxygen.  Which affects the sleep cycle because it has to start over again and again.

iii.)  Shallow Sleep and Sleep-Wake Cycle Disorders

Firstly to understand sleep-wake cycle disorders this is usually to do with the body clock or circadian rhythm.

a.)  The body clock is our natural programming for the hours we are best suited to sleep, and…

b.) The Circadian Rhythm is natures own sleep cycle.  If you think about the morning chorus when the birds start singing.  This you might find is always at the same time.  Dependant on the time of year.

So, sleep-wake disorders are caused by our body being out of sync with our body clock.  For instance, somebody with a sleep-wake cycle disorder may wake up infrequently causing interference to the regular cycle of sleep.  It is very much like the things I mentioned above to cycle into the deep sleep you need to go through the other cycles first.

Shallow Sleep Syndrome is not exactly the same.  You could actually have a regular synchronized sleep pattern but when you do feel asleep you don’t actually cycle into a deep sleep.  You may sleep for 8-9 hours straight but still not go through the Delta phase.  This is due to Melatonin not being released in high enough levels during the early stages of sleep.  Much like someone with Insomnia but to a lesser degree.  Hence the name shallow sleep syndrome.

Benefits of Restful Sleep for Weight Loss and Anti Ageing

#4 – More About Weight Loss and Anti-Ageing

Benefits of restful sleep for weight loss

For anybody that is looking to lose weight, there are certainly some different things to consider.  Why you want to lose weight, how you plan to lose weight, and what options do you currently have.  Although, one thing that is also worth looking into, maybe more so is finding out what the root cause of your body weight issues is?

You can maybe, to begin with firstly looking into your eating habits.  Do you eat more than what you consider to be normal?  and also what kind of foods do you eat?  Is this a lot of junk food and fizzy drinks?  Or how about your meal times – do you eat square meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner or is it a snack here and a snack there?

I would say these are all very important things to consider.  But If you feel you are eating when you shouldn’t really need to then this could be because of Leptin Resistance.  This is a condition when we feel hungry when we actually don’t even need to eat.  It has very much to do with the relationship between the hormones Leptin and Ghrelin.

To best explain this I will share this screenshot below;

what is leptin resistance

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So, Leptin Resistance this is caused by the Leptin Hormone not reaching the hypothalamus part of the brain to tell it that enough energy has been stored.  Instead, the brain will keep signalling to release the hunger hormone Ghrelin which makes us still feel like we are hungry even when we really shouldn’t be.

It also may be worth noting that the stress hormone cortisol attacks Leptin as well as other hormones, and this is another factor that causes Leptin signals to fail.  In this case, restful sleep can be very good as it can decrease cortisol levels and also correctly regulate the Leptin Hormone.  Not to mention improve metabolic function which can also help burn calories.

Insulin is very important in this respect as well.  Its main role is to regulate the metabolism of fats, carbs and proteins by glucose absorption.  This is essential for burning calories and this is another one of the benefits of restful sleep for weight loss.   Actually, both Leptin and Insulin need restful sleep for their correct and proper regulation.

For this to happen when we sleep from the pituitary gland our brain releases another hormone called HGH {the human growth hormone}.  It is actually the release of this hormone which is most important about deep sleep.  This is what makes children grow and what helps am adults body to repair damaged cells and tissue.

Bone health, joint health, blood pressure, cardio rhythm and HORMONE REGULATION all need HGH.  Also, the Anti-Ageing aspect of restful sleep is to do with the release of HGH as well because of the part it plays in the replenishment of damaged cells.  About the weight loss aspect though…

Benefits of Restful Sleep for Weight Loss and Anti Ageing

#5 – Resurge for Deep Sleep and Weight Loss

resurge supplement facts

If you are overweight and you have sleep trouble than one thing you might want to consider is John Barban’s Resurge Supplement.  This is a popular supplement sold on Clickbank that is made with a mixture of herbal extracts, minerals and chemical compounds to help you sleep better.

See ingredients below;

  • Ashwagandha Root Extract (10mg); Found in the Eastern parts of India. Said to be able to reduce cortisol levels, along with both stress, and anxiety as a result.  For the user, It may ensure a more relaxed mental state.
  • L-Theanine (200mg); is added to resurge as it is known to relieve stress and regulate blood sugar. As, well as this it also provides support to the cardiovascular system.
  • Arginine and Lysine; Resurge contains 1200mg each of Lysine and Arginine. These natural ingredients increase the amount of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) that is released whilst sleeping.
  • Zinc (15mg) and Magnesium (50mg); Magnesium especially is found in many sleep supplements with zinc because it helps with melatonin production.  Both minerals are added to resurge for this reason.
  • Melatonin (10mg) and Natural Amino Acid HTP (100mg); Finally if youโ€™re wondering how Resurge will help you sleep, well maybe the most important ingredients are these two. Firstly, Melatonin (10mg), known for inducing deep and restful sleep plus 100mg of amino acid HTP, which is added to enhance the performance of the melatonin.

#6 – Resurge Review โ€“ Pros + Cons:

resurge review pros and cons

For somebody looking to try Resurge, there is a lot of attractive claims.  if you are fortunate enough for this supplement to work then this should make you a very happy customer.   Although, I say fortunate as like any supplement for sale on the market there are no guarantees that something like Resurge will definitely work but considering its potential effects here are the Pros + Cons;

#I – Pros Of Resurge:

  • Effortless Weight Loss:  Maybe one of the most attractive claims about Resurge is that it does not require the need for exercise or dieting.  For senior citizens with weaker bones, this might just be what makes Resurge stand out.
  • Increased Energy:  This is something that definitely a good night’s sleep can most certainly help with.  Whether the claims of increased metabolic activity are true or not.  What certainly is (I believe) is that for the sleeping aspect of Resurge (If this can definitely help you sleep) then (I think) it can definitely boost energy levels.
  • Stress Relief and Relaxation:  This is true I think makes Resurge well worth the money.  If this can reduce the stress caused by the high levels of cortisol that flood our brains on a regular basis then this is definitely a good selling point.  Stress is one of the biggest killers worldwide and its negative impact on our body is a proven fact.
  • Improved Digestion:  Digestive issues are commonplace for many adults. Diarrhoea, indigestion, and nausea are all health problems linked to digestion.  So, this is another area where restful sleep may help.  This is because one of the processes that occur during delta sleep is the hardwiring of our metabolism. Also, restful sleep can…
  • Eliminates excessive cravings:  OK, so back to what I was saying about Leptin Resistance.  Well, this supposedly another benefit of Resurge it can help remedy Leptin signal blockages.  By getting restful sleep this can totally transform our body in this respect by safeguarding our natural appetite functions.

Oh and another thing about Resurge is it is easy to use, and apparently, it has zero side effects.   Well, I am a bit confused here actually but I will try and elaborate on this a bit further;

#II – The Cons Of Resurge:

  • Itโ€™s an Adult-Only Supplement:  Contrary to what I’ve said above about Resurge it is not meant for anybody under the age of 18 years, and it is also not recommended if you’re pregnant, or breastfeeding.  This is because if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and taking Resurge by default your baby is essentially taking resurge as well, and as babies are under the age of 18 this is why.
  • Not Recommended for Patients Taking Medication:  Again contrary to what I said about Resurge having zero side effects it still says on the label to not to take Resurge if you are already taking other medication.  Also, it says to consult with a GP before taking, and…
  • It Must Be Taken According to the Instructions on Label:  Resurge should be taken according to the correct dosage.  Taking more likely won’t lead to an overdose but it is still recommended not to take more than 2 caps at once!

Finally, one last thing I feel I should honestly tell people about Resurge.  Now, this might be different for you if you place an order but I have seen that some customers have reported that their orders have taken a while to arrive.  This might just be Its biggest flaw I think.

Update:  Resurge recently released a video about the late orders ~ it is apparently due to COVID

I know this probably may sound off-putting but truth be told I didn’t want this post to be too biased towards Resurge.  It seems like a good supplement to me but I just wanted to put this out there – and I also wanted to share a couple of other products that I feel might be a good alternative.

#7 – Resurge Vs. CogniBiotics Vs. Sleep Support Plus

Firstly before I continue if you would like to purchase Resurge or even just find out a bit more information Click on the Image Below to visit Resurges website / Sales page.  This is the current deal they are doing on 1,3 or 6 bottles.

resurge price breakdown

But,  if you would like to try something else from a company that (I think) is more trustworthy than I would definitely consider Cognibiotics by Bioptimizers.  This is not labelled as a Deep Sleep supplement like Resurge it is a Probiotic Mind Mood Enhancement Supplement but its claims from a health point of view are much the same as Resurges I would say.

See this screenshot below to see what I mean;

cognibiotics for sleep
See these last 2 lines.  Can help with energy levels, weight loss, skin and hair health, digestion and even anti-ageing.

This is definitely some competition against Resurge.  I think the company is more trustworthy also.  Plus the best thing is they offer a whole 1-year warranty as well, and they sell a good selection of other top quality products which is good.  Not to mention that they have a proper website.

cognibiotics banner Exactly why  I have reviewed nearly all of Bioptimizers products so far here on this website.  Because I think they are that good.  Also, they are actually based not too far away from me.  Their head office is in Peterborough which is maybe 50 miles away up the motorway from where I live.

Anyway, I would definitely recommend the whole range of Bioptimizers products – lots of good ones.

But moving on.  I would like to share something else also.

This is…

Sleep Support Plus by Vitapost.  

This is made by another company that I feel I can trust that also has its own proper website.  You can contact this company fairly easily as well, and they are always on hand for any questions you might have.

Now, I have reviewed a few of Vitaposts products so far and I think I will definitely review more.

As for this one, I think this actually worth taking a look at, and I actually think this might be better than Resurge.  The reason why I think is that It has almost all the same ingredients as Resurge, except Arginine, Lysine and Zinc but in there place there are other ingredients such as Chamomile, and probiotics such as L-Tryptophan and L-Taurine.

It is also $20+ cheaper for one bottle.  Resurge is $49 and this is just $27.99

See ingredients label here;

whats inside resurge

It is not quite the same as Resurge but I know which one I’d rather buy.

Finally;  If you would like to buy Sleep Support Plus or find out more information then click the following;

Order Sleep Support Plus

Final Thoughts;

Wow, shocked how long this article has become but glad I got to cover what I have.  So, in summary, if you are overweight and looking old beyond your years.  Ask yourself if you are getting enough of the right kind of sleep.  If you don’t think you are then maybe looking into finding a solution to your sleep problems instead of your actual weight loss goals.  I am not trying to give you bad advice but…

This may very well just surprise you.

I mean to be fair I would always recommend first looking at things like your diet first and not expecting to take supplements and hope that a miracle is going to happen but then again I do believe that if you get the right supplement then they can help.  If you want to try Resurge, Cognibiotics or Sleep Support Plus these are no different.

I actually say the same thing about all supplements almost.  Yes, some are snake oil but with every one of them that I have ever come across I have seen that they offer a warranty.

So, if your supplement doesn’t work do what needs to be done and get your money back.

It may be a little disheartening sure but on the other side of the coin, you may actually get the results your looking for.  You don’t know until you try – do your research first for sure but if you want a solid answer then there is only one way to find out…

Try the supplement out and see if it works for you.

That is all.  But before I wrap this article up…


Once again thanks for your time if you’ve read this far into this very long article.  Hope you’ve enjoyed reading.  I’ve definitely  outdone myself this time put it that way but if you have found this content helpful

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Also any questions, any feedback you’d like to leave I’d be more than happy to try and answer.  See comments section.

and with that in mind.

Kind regards

Yours Sincerely

Alex Chivers

benefits of restful sleep for weight loss

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5 thoughts on “Benefits of Restful Sleep for Weight Loss and Anti Ageing”

  1. Hello Alex, I am so pleased I found your article as I have been struggling with both.  Sleep and weight loss.  I could also use some tips for anti-ageing and I have certainly found them here.  Having read your article, I think I might be suffering from shallow sleep syndrome.  I see that you recommend Resurge for deep sleep and weight loss.  Do you use this product?  Do you have any other recommendations to help me overcome shallow sleep syndrome? I also checked out your article on Aloe Vera with the recipe.  That is so handy, thank you.

    • Hi Trevor,  I would actually try out Sleep Support Plus over Resurge as it is $22 cheaper and I’ve heard resurge can be slow with delivery.  Although I have read feedback of people buying Resurge just for insomnia so I really think it can help with sleeping but It is just the price and the delivery times which cause me concern.

  2. Great input Alex,

    Mucus thickening in airways due to alcohol, yes I did actually experience that quite a number of times. Waking up with a hangover is normal, but the mucus really bothers me as it’s quite uncomfortable and people are asking me “Dude, why is your voice like a rockstar?” or even asking me if I’m okay. 

    I never knew it’s a side effect of alcohol before sleeping, how many hours do you think should we last drink before going to bed?

    • Hi Riaz,  I wish I knew as I regularly suffer from this if I drink but in my experience, it isn’t so bad if I don’t drink a lot and also if you drink on consecutive days this can cause it also.  Sometimes I found using vix can help but the actual issue is our muscles relax in our throat and the thickening mucus is an immune response.


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