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11 Important Foods To improve Blood Flow and Circulation


Hi Everyone,  For today’s post 11 Important Foods That improve Blood Flow and Circulation.  

I have been thinking about this one since my post about L-Arginine and my last post about Tinnitus.  From my research here I learned that restricted blood flow and poor circulation is a cause of low blood pressure.  What I found interesting about this was other health problems including tinnitus, and erectile dysfunction could occur as a result.

The list is actually as long as Giraffes neck.  Although I knew about a lot of these other problems before including thrombosis, lightheadedness, fainting, pins & needles, and pale skin.  

Anyway, I thought that 11 Important Foods That Improve Blood Flow and Circulation would be a good topic.

So, let’s dive in and find out what these are; 

11 Important Foods That improve Blood Flow and Circulation

11 important foods that improve blood flow and circulation

How To Tell If You Have Poor Circulation 

or Restricted Blood Flow

The easy answer to really tell if you have restricted blood flow or poor circulation is by visiting a doctor so they can run some tests.  However, any weakness, aches, pains or swelling could indicate if you have this condition.  

Most people will usually be able to tell if something is up in this department but of course, knowing what to look for always helps.  Like any condition, there is signs and symptoms with some more prevalent than others for self-diagnosis of restricted blood flow or anything else similar. 

Find out more in the next section below… ⏬

Signs and Symptoms of Poor Circulation

signs and symptoms of poor circulation

If you suspect that you might have poor circulation or restricted blood flow you might be able to identify by some of the following signs and symptoms.  See this table below to see whether this may be something that affects you;

Swollen veins and arteries
(varicose or “spider” veins)
Heavy Feeling In Legs and FeetUlcers
Skin DiscolorationSwollen Legs and Feet (Thrombosis)Aches and Pains
Split, Weeping SkinPelvic Pain and DiscomfortMuscle Cramps
Restless Legs and FeetToe Nails Stop GrowingBlood Clots
Numbness and Tingling
(Pins and Needles)
Lack of Hair Growth Around Legs and FeetCold Hands or Feet

There is probably a lot more than this as well but hopefully, this gives you some idea of what you might be dealing with.    Please note I am not a trained medical professional this is information found elsewhere on other websites.

Now, You may wonder…

How To Treat Restricted Blood Flow?

Once you are certain that you have this condition, or even if you just suspect that you might there are a few courses of action you could consider.  Firstly there are lifestyle changes.  Get more exercise, stop smoking, minimize your alcohol intake, check your medications, eat healthily and avoid stressful situations.   Those are the basics.

This is the first thing to consider and further to the point of eating healthy certain nutrients through either food or supplements should be considered.   For instance, foods that contain L-Arginine are highly recommended.  

Mostly, because these foods are high in Nitric Oxide which helps to vasodilate (loosen) the muscles of blood vessels.  For a lot of people, this very well might be the likely culprit but there is another – Inflammation. 

I mention this as when considering your nutritional options you should also look to try foods that can help bring down inflamed parts of the body.

Something many people suffer from and they do not even realise.  To recover from inflammation usually involves flushing away toxins and free radicals that prevent the body from doing its job of healing the affected areas.

So, how to treat restricted blood flow / poor circulation?  You should look for foods with nitric oxide content and for those that detox the body and reduce inflammation.  

Below I will share my top 11 important Foods to improve blood flow

Garlic To Detoxify and Boost NO

First on my list, the vampire killer itself.  Garlic is a rich source of Sulphur and a type known as DMSO.  This is essential for the body’s waste management system.  It picks up toxins, and heavy metals, like a magnet and quickly flushes them away.

This allows for not only the body to repair from inflammation but also helps to increase Nitric Oxide in the blood. 

Primarily it works to help synthesise the important amino acid L-Arginine and to help increase blood vasodilation.

How Does Cayenne Pepper Help Circulation?

how does cayenne pepper help circulation

Cayenne Peppers contain a chemical compound called Capsaicin.  Capsaicin elevates blood flow to tissues by bringing down circulatory strain and invigorating the arrival of nitric oxide and various other different vasodilators. 

Vasodilators are compounds that help to expand the blood vessels, permitting blood to flow through more without any problem.  It is also found to reduce the build-up of plaque inside the walls of our arteries and another great thing is it improves the strength of our blood vessels.

Turmeric For Reducing Inflammation

This powerful spice has a long history in both the practices of Ayurveda and TCM [Traditional Chinese Medicine].  Interestingly if taken with Capsaicin (see above) this makes the Curcumin inside Turmeric multiple times more effective. 

Not only this but even Turmeric on its own is known to bolster blood circulation and open the blood vessels.

According to some studies Turmeric and its most active chemical compound, Curcumin works in 3 important ways.  For one it reduces oxidate stress, two it helps target inflammation and three it as well helps boost nitric oxide levels.

Ginger Lowers Blood Pressure

Ginger is actually very similar to Turmeric.  It also has a long history of being used in TCM and Ayurveda and is good for blood circulation. 

The other thing is it positively reduces high blood pressure that negatively impacts blood flow. 

It can also help as it is a powerful antioxidant that targets oxidative stress and generally it helps as well to detox the body.


Spinach and Leafy Greens

Spinach and leafy greens for poor circulation

Another good tip here.  Spinach, Collard Greens, Kale, Rocket and other leafy greens are great for blood flow and circulation.  This is because each leaf is rich in Nitrates ie. Nitric Oxide.  Which is essential for the production of the amino acid L-Arginine. 

Of course, this is very good for strengthening our Blood vessels and for allowing our blood to flow more freely.  But as well this Spinach and other Greens are a rich source of Iron too, as well as other important vitamins and minerals.

Iron, I haven’t yet mentioned in this article but this is one of the main building blocks for blood cells. 

Just ask Popeye and he will tell you.  If you want to be strong eat plenty of Spinach and Leafy Greens.

Now, let’s forget about Popeye for a second if Leafy Greens aren’t for you try…

Beetroot and Deep Red Veggies

Yes, so Beetroot, Raddish, Red Cabbage and other Deep Red Vegetables are also packed full of healthy Nitrogen compounds.  Whether they are better, the same or less effective than leafy greens for improving blood flow is debatable. 

However, it may be of advantage to those that prefer these kinds of vegetables.

Really, they are very similar in effect and you can definitely assume that adding either of these types of veg to your diet can help.  The Nitrates found inside all of these plants are exactly what is needed for your blood flow and circulation.

Nut, Seeds and Legumes

nuts, seeds and legumes for improving blood flow

Whether it is nuts such as… Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Pecans or Pistachios;
Or Seeds including Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Flax Seeds or Chia Seeds;
Or Legumes and Pulses such as Cashews, Soya Beans and Kidney Beans…

The amazing thing about all of these is they are packed full of electrolytes including Magnesium, Zinc and Potassium.

As far as Blood Flow and Circulation goes Magnesium and Zinc are very significant.  These important trace minerals are required by the human body for many different functions because of the electrical nature of the human body.  

We need these to help regulate the blood plasma and to keep the PH (acid/alkaline) level of our blood in a normal range. For this reason, a diet that supplements these minerals is an absolute must.

Ginkgo Biloba For Vein Health

You most likely have heard of Gingko Bilboa because of its popularity as a dietary supplement.  It is an extract from the Chinese Maidenhair tree and it is found in many brain health supplements.  

But the reason I have added to this list is that it helps open up blood vessels.  Of course, it is another plant high in Nitrates important for creating Nitric Acid and L-Arginine.   I don’t really need to keep repeating why this is so good, but Its effects on cellular function and blood flow circulation are demonstrated very well.

Find out more by watching the following video;

Now, What else is there to consider.  This is the only food missing from my picture at the beginning by the way, but… 

Pomegranate Juice Is Good For The Arteries 

Pomegrante juice is very good for artery health

I remember when I first tried Pomegranate around 8 years old.  I thought I was cool and different when I brought it up at school the next day but fast forward 25+ years and I must say it wasn’t something that really grew on me. 

In fact, the last time I tried Pomegranate I did not enjoy it at all but each to our own.

Anyway, I probably should try getting used to the taste of Pomegranate because it is very healthy.  It is packed full of powerful Polyphenols and also you guessed it is also a dietary source of Nitrates.  So, yes it promotes better circulation by loosening the blood vessels and it is also another food recommended for detoxing.  [Read More Here]

Oily Fish For Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Oily Fish To Help Improve Blood Flow

Eating any kind of Fish is definitely an acquired taste.  It’s not exactly what you would call everyone’s cup of tea.  Myself, I do like fish but I just draw the line having to gut them.  Tried it once – never again.  So, I much prefer either sardines out of the tin or cooked by someone else.  I could write a funny story here but I won’t.

Now, in all seriousness

Oily fish is very healthy.  What is inside these Fish Oils is believed to be the most potent source of long-chain omega 3 fatty acids.  Beneficial for reducing inflammation and also beneficial for the creation of NO.  A key ingredient for better blood flow. and circulation   More so, supplementing with Fish Oils is proven to lower systolic blood pressure.  

Red Wine For L-Arginine

Nice little rhyme here.  It is not deliberate lol but this one may shock you.  Even though a doctor might recommend you give up Alcohol this is definitely the exception to the rule.   Although in moderation Red Wine is recommended for better heart health.   It increases healthy HDL cholesterol, lowers the risk of heart disease and the polyphenols inside protect the lining of blood vessels by reducing the build-up of plaque inside the arteries.

Indeed, this might sound like an old wives tale but there are, 100%, studies that support this and it is not as crazy as it sounds.  Also, RESVERATROL a compound found in Red Wine has very significant anti-inflammatory effects.  There are in fact many health benefits of Red Wine.  The French are living testament to this and if drunk responsibly it is very possible it may help with improving blood flow and poor circulation.

In Conclusion – My Top 11

Important Foods to Improve Blood Flow

So I hope you found this interesting.  11 Important Foods To improve Blood Flow and Circulation.  These are definitely some that you can try out.  They are all quite similar I would say (mostly).  There is a couple not so much but a recurring theme here is vasodilation.  The loosening up of blood vessels through the amino acid L-Arginine which is made by Nitric Oxide. 

 All of these foods including Red Wine are sources of Nitrate and Arginine.

You should find these dietary tips very helpful but of course, another route you can go is with dietary supplements.

There is two I believe that are worthy of a mention;

Please Note: 

I am an affiliate of both products.  If you purchase I may receive a commission.  The price you pay will not be affected.  Also, I have carefully researched both products and can assure you of their quality.  Based on the most reliable sources online.

1# – Blood Flow Optimizer By HFL Solutions and Dr Sam Robbins

Now, I recommend this as I have (I feel) very good reasons to do so.  You have 1-Year Satisfaction or your Money Back Guarantee. 

The price is very fair with extra discounts available for multi-buy and subscription. 

Plus the formula itself is very unique and many customers will testify about its quality.

I have not finished a product review yet but if you would like to find out more visit the website here.

2# – L-Arginine Plus By Elements Of Healthcare

The offer is nowhere near that of the HFL Blood Flow Optimizer but I have a great reason for recommending this.  And it isn’t because of the fruity flavours this is available as.   I would show you a screenshot right now if I was allowed to but if you visit Amazon.com [Through this Link] you will see there is an Amazon Choice Badge, 1200+ reviews and 4 and 1/2 Stars. 

It is very popular indeed and is not only a supplement for L-Arginine but also L-Citruline as well. 

Read my review [Here] or Visit the Elements Of Health Care Website [Here] Instead. 

Your Feedback

What do you think of my 11 Important Foods To improve Blood Flow and Circulation?  Would you choose any different?  Are there any that you would take away?  What is your experience with heart health problems?  Especially those discussed in today’s article. 

Is there anything you would like to add?

Please do let us know in the comments 

Also, do you know anyone that might find this content helpful? 

If you do please help us to circulate this information by sharing it with them and any other friends and contacts on social media

Many thanks and hope to see you all again very soon.


Alex B. Chivers

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