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6 Fitness Exercises for Home Workout – No Equipment Necessary!

Hello Everyone, today we are going to discuss the potential benefits of working out at home.  More so, 6 Fitness Exercises for Home Workout that you can try out right now.  If you like today, or if not later on.   You can do these exercises anytime you like but before you take a read of this post to see what these are.  More to the point see if any of these can help you.

Now, in case you are wondering.  Here are a few reasons why these exercises may be beneficial for you.

  • You have a full-time job.
  • You are a parent.
  • Your body is in bad shape.
  • You have a disability of some description.
  • You don’t feel confident about going to the Gym.
  • You cannot afford a gym membership.

So, quite relatable I think.  I could probably fit the criteria for 4 of 6 of these.  They’re quite common things for us to have to deal with.  I’d say most people will qualify for at least one of these six points.  If you don’t already take part in some form of exercise during the day.  I’d definitely recommend you keep reading.

6 Fitness Exercises for Home Workout

So just to elaborate on this a bit further.  This article is for anyone that fits into the following categories;

i.)  Those that Work Full Time

Do you leave home at 8 am for your daily commute to work?  Start work at 9 then finish at 5 pm?  Or do you get home at 6 depending on the traffic?  Then after you need to cook and then eat.  Not much time in your day to make a trip to the Gym.

ii.)  Do You Have Children?

If you work and you have children, do you do the daily commute to work plus the school run?  Along with everything else that comes with having your own family.  Which leaves not a lot of time to get to the gym.

iii.)  No Beach Body

OK, so let’s say you have three children.  The youngest is six months old and you can’t face the gym because you feel that your body has not gone back to how it was before your pregnancy.  You see other women that have beautiful body’s in your opinion.  Which you want to be like.

iv.)  You Have A Physical Disability

Because you have a slight physical or mental disability you feel people are looking at you.  It makes you feel very uncomfortable, and anxious. So going to the gym is not an option you want to consider.

v.)  You Feel Too Old

So you are not any spring chicken anymore.  You want is to be a bit fitter but at your age, the gym is the last place you want to be. It is not that you can’t use the equipment but you just will feel out of place.

vi.)  You Can’t Afford Gym Membership

Maybe it isn’t that you are embarrassed to go to the gym or don’t have time.  You just can’t afford to pay for it.

These are all valid reasons why you might want to try Fitness Exercises for Home Workout.

How To Get Started –

6 Fitness Exercises for Home Workout Overview

To get started a good idea is to look for videos for each of the 6 fitness exercises I am about to share.  You may be OK following my instructions but if not type the exercise names into YouTube see what you can find.

Now, overall one of the benefits here is you do not need any equipment.  You can do it effectively with just your own body weight.  The only thing you might need should you choose to use it is an exercise video. 

Plus most video programs come with a meal plan and support included.

You can get videos for beginners, intermediate and experienced.  The exercises can be done at any time.  Plus compared to a Gym membership this is much more affordable.  There are many other benefits to working out in this way as well.  You will feel more alert, motivated and a lot happier.

If you suffer from any form of anxiety or depression you will find it helps tremendously to alleviate your symptoms.  So with that being said let’s move to the first set of exercises. 

The first 2, will be exercises using your own body weight.

6 Fitness Exercises for Home Workout

1# – The Plank

This exercise can be completed regardless of what level of fitness you are.  The muscles it targets are the Abdominal, Obliques and Glutes.  You should hold this position for 20 to 60 seconds.

Do this 3 times for best results.

One very important thing to note is that you should be looking down at all times.  This is so you do not hurt your neck.

  A lady in the plank position

2# –  Squats

How to do a perfect squat?  OK, so from a standing position,

  1. Stand with your feet a bit wider than hip-width and toes facing forwards.
  2. Bend at the knees and push your hips back towards your feet.
  3. Sit into the squat position as if you were going to sit on a chair.
  4. Keep your feet flat on the ground,
  5. Push your chest out, shoulders back and abdominal muscles pulled into your belly button.

You can start off by doing 10 squats in a set

Over time build it up to 5 sets, then add more As you become stronger.

The Squat exercises the Thighs and the Glutes, as well as the Ankles, Back and Calves.

A lady showing the correct Squat position

Now, for some more beginner exercises…

3# – Lunges.

To do a lunge you need to step forward and then push your knees towards the floor.  Stop a couple of inches before your knee hits the floor. This exercise can be done in various different ways.

You can bounce up and down in the position shown in the picture below.

Or you can return to a standing position and step forward again into the lunge position hold it for 20 seconds and then repeat.

Do five sets of ten.

Lunges work Glutes, Hips, Hamstrings and Thighs. They are very good for weight loss.

The correct Lunge position

4# –  Bent Knee Push-Ups

A bent knee pushes up is recommended when you have not exercised for a long time.  Or when you have an injury involving your wrists or shoulders.  They are also helpful if you have arthritis or carpal tunnel.

This is an easier way to do a push-up.

Start by kneeling and then place your hand’s shoulder-width apart on the floor. Bend your arms until your chest touches the floor and then push your upper body back up into the starting position.

Do 5 sets of ten.

Muscles used chest, triceps and shoulders

Bent Knee Pushup Picture

5# – Squat Jumps

How to do a squat jump.  So, from a standing position, stand with your feet a bit wider than hip-width with toes facing forwards.  Then bend at the knees and push your hips back towards your feet.

Sit into the squat position as if you were going to sit on a chair.

Keep your feet flat on the ground, chest up shoulders back and abdominal muscles pulled into your belly button.  Then jump up straight with your arms above your head.

i.)  Jump Squat Benefits

This exercise helps you to burn fat and calories, it also tones your bottom, your legs and your abdominal muscles.

You should only do 4 sets three.

Squat Jump Images

6# – Single Leg Stand

Stand up straight, arms by your sides, lift your foot off of the floor by bending the knee.

This exercise uses your glutes, calf muscle and helps a great deal with balance.  Do it for 20 seconds then switch legs.

You can do this exercise anywhere.  Even when cleaning your teeth, or waiting for your washing machine to finish (just don’t fall over ?)

Single Leg Stand Image

6 Fitness Exercises for Home Workout


So, these 6 Fitness Exercises for Home Workout I have shared with you would equal a full body work out.  If you did them all in one day then the maximum amount of time needed would be 20 minutes to complete all six.

You can do them as many times a week as you wish.  Depending on what your ultimate goal is.

Every one of the exercises is suitable for a beginner. Intermediate or advanced exerciser.

No expensive equipment is needed. Just your own body weight.  Although using the right supplements may help as well.


Thank you once again for reading.  I hope you have found this information useful.  If, you know anyone else who would also benefit from these exercises then please feel free to share it.

If, you have any questions then please leave them below and I will be happy to get back to you.

Stay Dynamic x Because your worth it.

Alex B Chivers.

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14 thoughts on “6 Fitness Exercises for Home Workout – No Equipment Necessary!”

  1. This is a really good way of keeping fit regardless of your busy schedule, keeping fit is basically one of the top priority to every individual but due to busy schedule a lot might not be able to meet up their plans so here in this article is a home fitness workout that will go a long way to helping you keep fit…..thanks for sharing

    • Anyone can do simple exercises to keep fit, fitting them in can be done even when watching the tv. Sitting on the couch. Thank you very much for your imput, it was great to hear from you.

  2. Wow! This is just what I needed!

    I am a mother and I work full time! I don’t really have time for excercises, my excercises are the stress I go through everyday! I was thinking of buying my personal gym at home but the prices on a the high side . With this information you have shared I think I will be able to do some few excercises. I will save your post so I learn some of the samples given. Thanks

    • Hey it’s great to hear from you. I agree about the price of home Gym equipment. To be honest you can get fit and feel wonderful just using your own body weight. Have fun exercising.

  3. Hello there! This is an amazing article you’ve got here. This article just motivated me to resume my workout at home which I stopped a month ago because of my schedules and procrastination.

    Thanks for sharing this with me, I’ll go and download those videos I deleted before and start exercises again beginning from tomorrow.


    • Thank you very much for the comments. I’m extremely pleased it has motivated you to start exercising again.

      The best thing about videos are the convenience of doing them at home at your own pace and not needing any other equipment.

  4. Hi Lisa – I enjoyed reading your post. Fitness is an important part of my life, I am a very different person when I don’t make time to exercise. For me, it’s transformative. I have more energy, motivation, and find myself in a better emotional state when I exercise.  I completely agree with the points you highlight on the benefits of working out at home, especially with my  long working days and commute. I have a 2 hour commute so when I get home I am pretty much drained and struggle at times to get to the gym. The great thing about videos is that you can build a library with a variety of workouts and you can mix it up based on your mood. The one challenge I have with working out at home is the distractions…tv, food, kids. Any tips on how best to focus and avoid distractions? Thanks. 

    • Hello Jeff,

      Working out does the same for me, it makes me a lot more motivated, happier and fitter. Having a library of different videos also helps so you don’t become bored of the same old same old. In order to fit it all in , I would do the plank just before showering, when making food you can do squats and squat jumps, standing on one leg when cleaning your teeth. If you make it a routine coupled with or before another activity then you don’t get distracted.

      Thank you for reaching out, let me know if you want anything else answered.


  5. I place a great importance on working out but due to the current stay at home order, I’ve been unable to hit the gym and the only option I have is to workout from home. I find the fitness routines featured on this post quite helpful as there are some I didn’t know about before. I’ll add them to my home fitness routine and hopefully, it’ll help me stay in better shape. 

    • Many thanks for reading and commenting. It is a very difficult time at the moment with the pandemic. Keeping our bodies fit is a great way to keep our minds fit. I’m happy you found some benefit from it.

  6. These are some great exercises to do while at home. This is what I focused on as well during the lockdown. Thankfully I’ve been able to get back to the gym over the past couple of months, but being able to keep somewhat active at home really helps not only your physical self, but mental self as well. Thank you for putting together this at-home work full body workout!

  7. With the pandemic right now, all we can do is to do these home exercises you provided here to stay physically fit and occupied as well. We all know how lockdown affected us all mentally.

    This post reminded me to do these exercises again, till the time I can go back hitting the gym again without mask like we used to. Here in Korea, you can still go to the gym but it is a requirement to wear a mask, which sucks.

    Anyway, this post served as a reminder for me. Thank you.

    • Hi Mina, yes totally doing any kind of home exercises is very important and if there are people that feel like they can not go outside this can definitely help for sure. I’m glad this post has been helpful for you and hopefully, it can encourage you to work on your fitness again. It’s shame you can’t go Gym without a mask on – I know I should be a bit more professional writing about this kind of thing but that is just dangerous I think. I bet people are passing out all over the place.


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