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10 Energy Nutrition Hacks to Increase Vitality


Hi, Guys for today’s post 10 Energy Nutrition Hacks to Increase Vitality.

These will be a selection of different ideas that can increase energy levels for a healthier body.


While working out is crucial to your plan, nutrition plays an integral part in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. As you train regularly, whether to lose weight or increase muscle mass, your body will crave more nutrients to support your goals.

Indeed, maintaining an exercise schedule will improve your vitality levels over time. But in reality, your diet controls everything that happens within your body. It’s all about inputs, how they’re processed internally, and what you get out of them as a result.

So, with this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of tips and nutrition hacks you need to know in order to increase your energy and vitality levels. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what needs changing in your diet:

10 Energy Nutrition Hacks to Increase Vitality

10 Energy Nutrition Hacks to Increase Vitality

  • 1# – Don’t Ignore Those Carbs:
Complex Carbs Are Essential in Your Diet

Carbs tend to have the worst reputation when it comes to losing weight and eating healthy. While those found in processed food, usually known as simple carbs, can be damaging to your health, complex carbs should be included within your daily intake.

Go for whole grain food options, like brown rice, oatmeal, lentils, chickpeas and any non-starchy vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. They’re essential in the slow release of glucose which provides you with energy.

  • 2# – Control Your Caffeine Intake:
Control Your Caffeine Intake

We all know you cherish that morning cup of coffee like it’s a lost relative. It’s enriching, can give you an extra boost when you wake up, and is just fun to have every now and then. However, relying too much on caffeine can have its detriments.

Caffeine can lead to increased levels of blood pressure; and depending too much on it will definitely make you feel fatigued when you haven’t had enough. Also, caffeine tends to make people irritable when too much of it is consumed. Everything is permissible in moderation.

  • 3# – Include Ginseng in Your Diet:
Ginseng Can Help Increase Vitality

Not a lot of people know this, but ginseng can help tremendously in increasing vitality and energy levels. According to research, it’s been proven that it lowers oxidative stress. This is due to some components in it, like oligopeptides and polysaccharides.

  • 4# – Measure Sugar in Everything You Consume:
Measure Your Daily Intake of Sugar

There’s a really simply equation that can help you stay on top of your sugar intake. Whenever you see a product and it has x grams of sugar, just divide the number by four and you’d get how many teaspoons it has. So, for instance, 20 grams of sugar are approximately 5 teaspoons of sugar. If you go about it this way, you’ll stay on top of your sugar intake when it’s included in products you consume.

  • 5# – Vitamin D is the Way to Go:
Vitamin D Supplement

Are you not feeling energetic enough? You might actually just be lacking Vitamin D in your diet. It’s known that Vitamin D deficiency can cause fatigue and low energy levels on the long run. You can get the vitamin from food options like salmon or any other oily fish. You may also use cod liver oil or simply supplement the vitamin within your daily intake.

  • 6# – Hydration is Key:
Hydration is Key

You lose a lot of water when you work out on regular basis. Dehydration may result in poor circulation of blood and an inexplicable feeling of dizziness. Make sure to drink at least two liters of water. You may also spice things up to encourage yourself to drink more; add lemon slices, cinnamon, cucumber or apples to your water bottle. It feels like drinking juice without the extra calories.

  • 7# – Sleep Like an Elephant!
Having Good Sleep is Important

Working out and leading a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand with having a goodnight sleep. Your body is repaired overnight and your brain is rebooted while your dream of those gains. Not having enough sleep can make you feel tired all day long, no matter what you do. So, set your priorities straight if you really want to see a change in your life and vitality.

  • #8 – Ordain Your Life with Cinnamon:
Cinnamon for Energy Levels

Cinnamon can help you balance sugar levels throughout the day, which in return will keep your energy more stable for when you need that extra push. It also works as an anti-bacterial and can help tremendously in reducing blood pressure. Aside from that, it tastes like heaven!

  • 9# – A Lemon a Day is All You Need!
A Lemon a day for Vitamin C

When it comes to Vitamin C, a lemon is all you need to get your recommended daily intake. It helps you fight diseases, repair body tissues and improve your immune system. Add a lemon to a cup of green tea and you’ve got the best of the two worlds!

And that’s it for now, everyone. We hope that these simple tips have helped you in reshaping your healthy lifestyle and maintaining good energy levels throughout your days. Always remember to balance your diet and include as many options as you can that would increase your vitality.

In Conclusion;

I hope you have enjoyed reading my top 10 Energy Nutrition Hacks to Increase Vitality. These are all sensible ideas I would say – don’t worry about eating carbs for one. If you read my Cinderella Solution post this highlights this pretty well I think. Just look up carb pairing!

Control your Caffeine and Sugar intake that is common sense. Get plenty of Vitamin D – this actually comes from Sunlight so again very justified.

As for drinking plenty of water and getting the right kind of sleep – come on this will definitely help increase energy and as for the others adding Lemon, Ginseng and Cinnamon to your diet can all help as can many plants, herbs and minerals. Just follow these steps and see what they can do for you?

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