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What Can Cause Brain Fog? ~ NeuroActive6 ~ Improve Brain Health!


Hello All,  Today we are going to discuss What Can Cause Brain Fog? ~ This will be my NeuroActiv6 Review for 2021.

So, do you suffer from brain fog? A feeling of woolly-headedness. Problems with concentration, and do you have trouble focusing?

OK, but what is brain fog?  Is it age-related?  Who does it affect? How does it make you feel?  I will try my best to answer all these questions and more.  Whilst also following up with my actual Neuro Active 6 review.

We will also look at what Neuro Active 6 contains. How it can help. The pros and cons. Plus my final thoughts on whether I think NeuroActiv6 is worth the money.

Now, before we continue – I would just like to mention that this post contains affiliate links. I do not work for NeuroActiv6 and you will not pay any more or less by using my links. If you do though I may receive a commission. Please just think of this as something that keeps me in Coffee whilst I’m writing and researching for posts like this one.

what cause brain fog

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What Can Cause Brain Fog? ~ NeuroActive6 Review 2021 ~
Improve Brain Health Formula!

Table of Contents

    What Is Brain Fog?

    According to Wikipedia Clouding of Consciousness, also known as brain fog or mental fog, is a term used in conventional medicine denoting an abnormality in the “regulation” of the “overall level” of consciousness that is mild and less severe than a delirium (acute confusional state). The sufferer experiences a subjective sensation of mental clouding described as feeling “foggy”. This definition was written about by aberlechiropratic.com

    After reading lots of different opinions there seem to be no age-related reasons. This condition can affect you at any age, but it is more common in people over 50.

    Who Does Brain Fog Affect?

    There seems to be no difference between men and women suffering from brain fog. Both sexes can suffer. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you are an athlete, a mother, a businessman, a student or a Road sweeper. Brain fog can be experienced by anyone and everyone.

    Studies suggest a vast amount of the population have this issue.

    How Do You Feel?

    Your mind feels like it is full of cotton wool and things don’t make sense anymore. Others say it takes away their mental focus and concentration

    it can affect your short term memory and make you feel anxious and disorientated.

    You can feel irritated, confused and have sleeplessness.

    The medical profession also states these symptoms can be related to other conditions. Although, you generally will know if you have Brain Fog, or not. It’s just one of those things.

    What is NEUROACTIV6?

    Neuro Active 6 is a drink made from powder that you mix yourself. It contains 36 different superfoods that are all plant-based. Studies have shown the ingredients can help you to fight the effects of Brain Fog, how it can boost brain power, enhance your mood, restore energy levels, and nourish and protect your brain.

    Neuroactive 6

    What It Contains

    This is a list of the main ingredients: Turmeric contains Curcumin and one of the health benefits is helping to have a better brain function. Grapeseed Extract contains polyphenols which act to help to relieve stress, Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb that studies have shown can help with memory issues by increasing brain function. B Vitamins namely B12 and B 6 can help to stimulate mental energy. A study carried out in 2016 on B vitamins showed just how important they are to brain function. They help to prevent damage to the brain and increase the number of neuro signals. This is why the ingredients are included in promoting healthy and improved brain function.

    Citicoline. is a chemically-extracted molecule that has effects on neuroplasticity: the ability of the brain to regenerate to create new connections. While it is traditionally used to treat degenerative brain disease, it can also be useful in promoting increased neural connections for people with healthy brains.

    Coffee Fruit extract surprisingly contains no Caffeine. It’s a fruit that can help with increasing the levels of neuroprotein in the brain. Thus helping it to stay young and active

    Neuro Active 6 also contains Organic Mediterranean Berries, organic fruits and organic vegetables which are all superfoods. They have all been chosen for the number of polyphenols that they contain. Which helps to prevent ageing of the brain, and also protects it from daily risks of damage.

    How Can it Help You?

    It increases focus and clarity by increasing your mental speed and alertness. The ingredients help to Fight brain fog and mental fatigue, improving mental capacity providing clearer and faster thinking by promoting BDNF production and restoring energy. (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) (BDNF),

    It, Gives you an elevated mood, Naturally improving your general well-being by supporting healthy cortisol levels and raising DHEA levels in the body. (dehydroepiandrosterone) (DHEA)

    Boosts energy levels.

    Contains antioxidants and superfoods that make you look and feel younger, also promoting cellular repair.

    Slows cognitive decline, by delivering the Neuro-Nutrients, Flavanols, and Anthocyanins that restore your brain, and helps to keep it healthy.

    Pros and Cons ✅❎


    • the drink contains all-natural plant-based ingredients.
    • Contains clinically tested ingredients
    • The product is made on FDA approved premises.
    • Organic berries, fruits and vegetables
    • Gluten, Dairy and Soy-Free
    • Non-GMO + Vegan Friendly
    • Very low caffeine content
    • Research and Science-based product
    • Mostly positive reviews


    • Would maybe be better if it was in tablet form instead of powder.
    • May take a few weeks before you feel the benefits/effects.
    • One of the biggest complaints by customers is it is too sweet.

    My Final Thoughts

    The product is made by Naturalcell.Neuro Active 6 contains a wide range of organic ingredients that offer a huge amount of benefits for brain health.it is full of superfoods and add in some added vitamins which have been shown not only to maintain healthy brain function, but also to increase brain activity, neuroplasticity, and mental energy. 

    What sets this product apart from the others is the quality of the ingredients used and the scientifically-backed evidence behind every part of the drink mix. Every ingredient has unique, brain-boosting properties that have been confirmed by recent studies.

    This makes it a great product for anyone suffering from a slow brain, brain fog, lack of concentration or for those simply looking to perform better in everyday tasks that involve thinking or remembering.

    Neuro Active 6 is a new product of this kind and it comes highly recommended. To read reviews from real customers check out Amazon: https://amzn.to/2C5hPaO. There are a few on the website as well but on Amazon there is something like 300 reviews. Both positive and negative. The overall score is 4.2 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐


    Before I go. I wish to thank you for reading this review. If you have any questions or you have tried Neuroactiv6 and would like to share your experience please leave us a comment below.

    Do you know anyone who may find benefits from this, then please feel free to share this post.

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    Look after yourself because you are worth it.

    Stay Dynamic x

    Alex B. Chivers


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    1. Hello there, thank you for sharing this very informative article with us, I understand that for a post as this, alot if conscious, calculated and delibrate effort to put this together, this has broaden my knowledge about brain fog and also thank you for recommending NeuroActive6. I don’t know much about it but from your review of it I think it will be very useful.

    2. Hello dear, I am Really glad that you shared this information with us, I was searching online when I saw your post, I believe I have been enlightened more about brain fog, I think your article was great,  I’ll surely do some recommendations, I think my wife will love this article she works in a pharmacy, thanks for the info.

      • Many thanks for reading and leaving me a comment. If you feel people will get benefits from it the feel free to share. Thank you.

    3. This is a major situation that affects both boys, girls anybody irrespective of your gender, age e.t.c

      Thanks for sharing so much knowledge and information about this challenge. This informations are really useful and insightful. Thanks for your recommendation on what to manage such situations, I think they’ll help.

      The Neuro Active 6 is a great idea.

    4. Hello there, nice article you have there on”brain fog”.

      I found it very helpful.

      The description you gave on brain fog seems familiar. I usually find it difficult to concentrate or focus on a thing when am thinking, I feel like there is something blocking me from accessing the information, could this be classified has brain fog as well? Just wanted to confirm. Thanks

      • Hey Lizzy,  I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. It’s great you found it helpful.

        yes it could be considered as brain fog. Do you have any other symptoms?

    5. Can I have brain fog even if I’m still not in my 50’s? I was wondering since I often have times when my focus is scattered and I couldn’t settle in only one task. I’ve heard that it also has to do with too much carbs in the body, and that I need to lessen carbs in order for my body to function well. Any thoughts on this?

      • Hi Dominic, I have friends not in their 50’s who suffer from brain fog. I’m not sure about the carbs, when I was on a keto diet (low carbs) I didn’t have any better mental clarity although some report that they have. I guess it depends on the individual. Many thanks for your questions and comments.

    6. Hi Lisa. This product is like fuel for your brain. Before you use NeuroActive6, must you first visit a medical doctor? Can the medical profession test for brain fog through a blood test? I am over 60 and as we all know it is time for more focusing and concentration. If it does what it says, I will buy it and test it and will give you feedback.


      • Hello Gilliam,  thank you for reading my article. I would recommend speaking to a doctor because you never know if the ingredients in the product may not agree with anything you are already taking. That would be awesome to get some feedback.

        Kind regards 



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